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Carolina Allergy And Asthma Rock Hill

Outlook For Chronic Cough

Meet Dr. Anusha Vadlamudi, an allergy, asthma, and immunology specialist at The Everett Clinic

Most causes for chronic cough can be treated effectively by your physician through medication, home remedies, and lifestyle changes. Minor symptoms can be managed with proper hydration and adhering to your treatment plan. A chronic cough will typically disappear once the underlying problem is addressed.

Why Does Pollen Cause Allergies

In individuals with pollen allergies, when pollen is breathed in through the respiratory system, the immune system thinks the pollen is a danger to the body. It starts making chemicals to fight the pollen, causing an allergic reaction. Histamines released as a part of this reaction lead to the symptoms of allergies like a stuffy nose, watery eyes, and sneezing.

Stop Suffering With Bothersome Nasal Symptoms

Allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, is when you experience inflammation, nasal congestion and itchy, sneezy and runny nose due to an allergic reaction to environmental substances. These can include pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold and more. Well develop a personalized treatment plan to reduce inflammation and symptoms using medications, environmental control measures and immunotherapy, when its appropriate.

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Different Types Of Pollen Allergies

Various types of pollen exist and may affect people differently. Some of the common types of pollen allergies include:

  • Trees such as oak, cedar, or birch
  • Grasses such as Timothy or Bermuda
  • Weeds such as ragweed or pigweed

The most common pollen allergy is to grass. However, everyone reacts differently, and some individuals may have symptoms when trees begin to flower, while others may deal with worsening symptoms when grasses begin growing.

Some individuals with pollen allergies may find that they are sensitive to certain types of foods, a condition called oral allergy syndrome. Its important to talk to your allergist about how your pollen allergies could impact the foods you eat.

Dont Let Allergies Keep You Indoors This Fall

Carolina Asthma And Allergy Center Rock Hill South Carolina

There are lots of fun things to do in and around Charlotte, NC during the fall months. Activities include everything from hiking to hayrides and apple picking to collecting an array of colorful fall leaves. Other activities include:

  • Fishing & visiting local lakes, rivers, & streams
  • Tailgating at local football games
  • Going to the U.S. National Whitewater Center
  • Hitting one of the many local greenways on bikes or by foot.
  • Experiencing some of the many outdoor festivals.
  • Planting fall bulbs in your garden that you can enjoy in the spring
  • Trying out many of the outdoor breweries & restaurants.
  • Visiting many of the farmers markets & fruit stands.

Unfortunately, what keeps many from enjoying these activities, is often seasonal allergies. You want to be outdoors, but your fall allergies are curtailing your outdoor time and stealing your energy. Thats where we can help.

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Why Do I Keep Coughing Even Though Im Not Sick

Even if you are not currently sick, there are many conditions that can cause of a lingering cough. Besides infection, most coughs are the result of postnasal drip, asthma, acid reflux, or blood pressure medication. A physician can use your medical history and diagnostic tests to pinpoint the reason behind your cough.

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First Care Medical Clinicrock Hill South Carolina

First Care Medical Clinic Monroe is a full-service medical facility, providing medical care on a walk-in or by-appointment basis. Conveniently located off I-77 near the city center, we service not only the City of Rock Hill, but the surrounding communities of Fort Mill, Tega Cay, Catawba, Edgemoor, York and Chester. We also service tourists visiting the Carrowinds theme park area.

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Were Turning 70 And Ready To Celebrate

This year we are proud and excited to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Carolina Asthma & Allergy Center. We are grateful to have been a part of the Charlotte regional community for so long. It truly is hard to comprehend how our practice has transformed in these past 70 years. Over that time, weve constantly added to our numbers physicians, staff, locations and, of course, patients. And weve also seen tremendous progress in the advancement of treatment, medicine and technology. We continue to grow in our area of specialty care each year, which allows us to better care for our patients and their families.

Our practice began with the first specially trained allergist in Charlotte, in 1952, in a small office with a few staff. The Charlotte Allergy Clinic grew from there, ultimately becoming Carolina Asthma & Allergy Center. Today, Carolina Asthma & Allergy Center is Charlottes largest asthma and allergy practice comprised entirely of Board-Certified physicians. Our physicians deliver patient-focused care to all ages. We are committed to educating the patient as well as the caregiver, improving quality of life, and maintaining our own high standard of expertise and care.

All of the doctors that have been a part of Carolina Asthma & Allergy Center over the years have been great examples of hardworking, dedicated and caring physicians. We continue that legacy today, led by these expert, devoted physicians:

About Carolina Asthma And Allergy Center Pa

The Long Haul Consequences of COVID 19 Asthma, Allergies and All Conditions

Carolina Asthma And Allergy Center, PA is an allergist & immunologist practice located inRock Hill, SC.

Our Facilities

Carolina Asthma And Allergy Center, PA has been registered with the National Provider Identifier databasesince April 19, 2007and its NPI number is1871710855.

Book an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please call 327-2355.

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What Is A Pollen Allergy

Pollen is a common cause of seasonal allergies and once pollen season hits, many people suffer from an allergic reaction that experts refer to as seasonal allergic rhinitis.

During the spring and on into the summer and fall, plants start releasing tiny grains of pollen, which is a very fine powder. Theyre designed to help fertilize other plants, but these tiny pollen grains are lightweight and small enough to travel via the wind, as well as via birds, insects, and other animals.

Unfortunately, when you breathe in this pollen, your body may view it as a threat, which triggers the immune system and can cause an allergic reaction. For some people, even a few grains of pollen are enough to provoke a reaction.

Inhaling pollen releases water-soluble proteins onto the lining of the respiratory system. Usually, those proteins are harmless. However, they can be mistaken by the body for harmful substances. When this occurs, the body reacts to the perceived threat by creating substances called IgE antibodies. They attach to mast cells within the body, which release histamine, the substance responsible for the symptoms of allergies.

Reduce Your Allergic Symptoms With Immunotherapy

For severe or poorly controlled allergies , your Carolina Allergy & Asthma specialist injects you with small doses of the allergens to which youre sensitive in order to help your body develop a protective response and reduce symptoms. We also offer oral immunotherapy when appropriate.

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Tips To Reduce Exposure To Pollen Triggers

Beyond taking medications to treat seasonal allergies, you can take measures to reduce exposure, prevent symptoms, or treat your allergy with home remedies.

  • Delegate tasks like pulling weeds or mowing the lawn to others to avoid contact with allergens.
  • Avoid hanging laundry outdoors as pollen may stick to towels and sheets.
  • Stay indoors when its windy and dry. Its better to go outside after it rains since rain helps clear the pollen from the air.
  • Remove clothing and shower after being outdoors to remove pollen.
  • If you do outdoor chores, wear a pollen mask.

Best Allergy Medications For Your Child

Carolina Asthma And Allergy Center Hickory Nc

The best medication for your childs allergies is the one prescribed by his/her doctor. Even for over-the-counter medications, you should get advice about which are suitable for your childs symptoms before starting them.

To better understand your childs options, here are some recommendations and key points about allergy medications.

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What Is Chronic Cough

An occasional cough is normal, even necessary, to clear microbes from the lungs. Other times, coughing is the result of a short-term illness and lets up after a few days or weeks. This helps prevent infection and inflammation.

A chronic cough, however, is one that lasts for eight weeks or longer and can even take years to go away. In children, a cough lasting four or more weeks is defined as chronic. This threshold ensures that the cough is likely not due to a cold or respiratory infection.

Breathe Easier With Expert Care For Asthma

Asthma can be terrifying, whether it affects you directly or your precious child. Thats why you need informed, experienced and specialized care. We use todays most advanced tools and methods to evaluate lung function, determine the type and severity of asthma, measure the extent of inflammation, and develop a personalized plan to manage the disease and prevent attacks.

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How Do I Know If My Cough Is Serious

Your cough is serious if you experience chest pain, coughing up blood, difficulty breathing, fainting, fever, or vomiting. While coughing is a natural part of your bodyĆ¢s response to infection, these signs indicate that something more serious is going on. Seek a doctor immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

When To See A Doctor For Pollen Allergies

“Latex Allergy 101” webinar with Kevin Kelly, MD

If youre not sure whats causing your allergies, or if your allergy symptoms are interrupting your daily life, it might be time to see an allergist. Allergists are specially trained to help patients diagnose and treat allergies and other immune issues. Contact the Carolina Asthma & Allergy Center today to book your appointment.

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How We Can Help

There are many different types of allergies, and asthma related areas. We provide custom treatment plans for each patient based on individual needs. Click below to find out more about each area of practice we treat:

  • Allergy Services
  • Common variable immune deficiency
  • Specific / Selective antibody deficiency

Allergy Medication For Toddlers & Children

Managing your kids allergies can sometimes feel like a balancing act. Though you want to give your child medication for symptom relief, you may feel concerned about keeping him/her safe and healthy during the process.

Knowing how and when to administer your kids medication is vital for managing allergies. This starts with fully understanding allergy medication for toddlers and children, including risks, dosage and more. To help you out, our experts at Carolina Asthma & Allergy Center have put together key information about allergy medication for children.

Note: All allergy medication should be prescribed by a board-certified allergist and administered according to official directions. Be sure to ask your doctor about your childs medication if you have questions or are unsure how to proceed.

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What Does Asthma Do To Your Body

Have you ever experienced an involuntary sensation of breathlessness? Your chest tightens as your lungs struggle to find air, and you search your pockets for relief in the form of an inhaler. For many people, this occurrence is the result of a common lung disease called asthma. Your bodys bronchial tubes are responsible for moving

At Carolina Asthma & Allergy Center, were committed to providing the highest quality asthma and allergy care in North and South Carolina. To better serve both states, our Rock Hill allergy and asthma location is located near the South Carolina border, making it easily accessible to South Carolina residents in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and Lake Wylie as well as North Carolina areas such as Pineville.

We have five medical experts on hand at our Rock Hill office, including S. Nicole Chadha, MD Roopen R. Patel, MD Susan I. Hungness, MD Glenn W. Errington, MD and Natasha Laungani, FNP-C. All of our physicians in Rock Hill are board-certified in Allergy and Immunology.

Youll find our shot room at our Rock Hill office as well, which is open until 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. This is for our allergy patients dealing with skin allergies, food allergies, insect allergies, and more. Our patients who need allergy treatment or asthma treatment can set up an appointment for any day of the week until 5 p.m. with one of our specialists. The phone number for our Carolina Asthma & Allergy Center, including our Rock Hill office, is 704-372-7900.

World Class Expertise For Adults And Kids

Christina J. Collura, DO, MPH

Welcome to Allergy & Immunology at Crystal Run. If youre suffering from asthma or allergy symptoms, you need the world-class expertise of our Allergy & Immunology specialists. Serving the areas of Middletown, NY, Rock Hill, NY, West Nyack, NY and beyond, they work to diagnose, treat, and manage allergies, asthma, and immunologic disorders, including primary immunodeficiency disorders in both adults and children. At Crystal Run, we work with you to create an allergy management plan designed for your specific condition a plan that will not just treat your symptoms, but help stop them from happening in the first place.

Some common conditions treated by an allergist include:

  • Allergic disorders including but not limited to:
  • Indoor and outdoor allergies including pollen, pet, mold and dust mite allergies
  • Contact allergies including plant, metal, latex, etc.
  • Insect allergies

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Fighting Fall Allergies In Charlotte Nc

Battling fall allergies has several levels of treatment. Following are a few ways to help take control of your fall allergies.

  • Buy a dehumidifier. If you feel your home is damp, this might be the action you need to take. Dust mites and molds are most active in a moist environment. Dehumidifiers take moisture out of the air and dry air is inhospitable to mold and dust mites.
  • Rid your skin of pollen and airborne allergens. When you are done with outside activities, wash pollens off your hair and skin. Changing shoes helps prevent tracking of allergens throughout the house, changing clothes near the door to your home also helps keep contaminants at bay.
  • Keeping windows and doors closed when pollen is high. The last thing you want is that cooler breeze bringing pollen into your home.
  • Take an over-the-counter antihistamine or allergy nasal spray. Patients should discuss with their doctor which OTC medicine is best for them.
  • Take a test. If non-prescription medication doesnt provide you relief, consider seeing one of our 18 board-certified allergists at any of our 14 office locations. We would love to partner with you to help you find relief.
  • Tracking the local pollen levels. We post pollen & mold conditions on our website daily so the community can keep tabs on the local conditions.
  • The Importance Of Diagnosing Your Kids Allergies

    The first step to correctly using allergy medication is to get an expert diagnosis. Self-diagnosing your childs allergies could lead to treating the wrong condition or using the wrong medication. Its best not to risk it.

    If you think your child is showing signs of pediatric allergies, schedule an appointment with a top allergist near you. This doctor will diagnose your kids symptoms and create a care plan, which will include clear directions about which medications are best for your childs situation.

    Getting a proper diagnosis and care plan from an allergist is the surest way to keep your child safe from medication risks.

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    What Allergy Medicine Is Safe To Give Your Child

    To start, you should follow the allergists instructions about any medications. The two most common types of allergy medicines for children include antihistamines and .

    Antihistamines work to block the chemical histamine and prevent allergy symptoms before they start. In contrast, decongestants are aimed at clearing blocked nasal passages to get symptom relief.

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    Tips For Giving Allergy Medication To Kids

    Holly Smith, Nurse Practitioner from Pulmonary

    Giving your kid allergy medication should be taken seriously. As you learn how to safely administer medication to your child, keep in mind the following tips:

    • Just because the medication is for children doesnt mean its suitable for your childs age. You should always consult the directions and follow the dosage instructions for your childs age. Read the label carefully and check the expiration date, too.
    • Work to reduce your kids exposure to allergens. Preventing exposure can stop allergies from happening in the first place. Avoiding the outdoors at certain times of day and bathing your child before bed to get off any pollen are just two ways to avoid allergens.
    • Try some home remedies to get symptom relief. A saline solution for your childs nose can clear up blockage and alleviate congestion. Or you might try a cold compress for itchy eyes.
    • Get the timing right for medication. The time of day and frequently are factors for effectively administering allergy meds. Antihistamines work quickly but may cause drowsiness in kids. Nasal sprays, on the other hand, take time to kick in.
    • Keep an eye out for reactions. After you give your child allergy medication, be watchful about any side effects. Though some may be mild, its good to track any side effects, so you can keep looking for the best allergy medication for your child.

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    Per Cdc Guidelines All Patients And Visitors Must Wear A Face Covering Inside Our Offices Thank You

    We kindly request that patients bring no more than one person inside our waiting room to your shot appointment. We do understand that parents may need to bring children. We are taking temperatures of everyone entering our offices including children and our staff to ensure we all remain as safe as possible.

    To save you time and to protect the health of everyone, please review the following screening questions prior to your appointment. If your situation requires rescheduling your appointment, please call our office immediately: 704-372-7900.

    For more information on Carolina Asthma & Allergy Center and COVID-19, please .


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