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What Does Cough Variant Asthma Sound Like

How Do I Manage Exercise

Cough-Variant Asthma (Asthma #6)

There is no cure for asthma triggered by exercising or sports. Treatment focuses on preventing and relieving symptoms.

To avoid an episode, you should warm up for at least six minutes before starting exercise. Ask your provider to recommend the best warmup routine for your age and fitness level.

Your provider may recommend one medication or a combination of several medications. Some drugs open your airways while youre experiencing exercise-induced asthma. Other medications prevent an episode. These medications include:

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Asthma Is A Complex Condition

Occasionally, people with asthma experience what are known as silent symptoms. This is where the signs of the tightening of the airways dont result in the familiar asthma sounds of wheezing and coughing. If you or someone you live with, work with, or care for experiences silent symptoms, it is important they consult a doctor for an ongoing Asthma Action Plan. People around the person with asthmasuch as co-workers, school teachers or daycare educators should know about the silent symptoms so they can respond if needed. Asthma can start at any age, and can be more of a problem when it starts in older adults. Dont assume if you never had asthma as a child that its not possible to develop symptoms now. Being breathless is not a normal part of getting older, it should always be checked out by a doctor.

When To See A Doctor For A Dry Cough

An occasional dry cough is rarely a cause for concern, but persistent coughing can indicate an underlying medical condition that may be more serious. A dry or sometimes tickly cough is a cough that does not bring up any phlegm or mucus. Dry coughs may cause a tickling sensation and are often due to irritation in the throat.

Asthma: Not all diagnosed with asthma will experience a dry cough. Cough-variant asthma does not produce classic symptoms, like shortness of breath or wheezing. Instead, a chronic and dry cough is the main symptom. This cough is especially likely after exposure to irritants like cold air or ambient smoke.

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Why Does My 17 Year Old Son Cough All The Time

My 17 year old son coughs VERY frequently, if he is not coughing then he is clearing his throat. I had him tested for asthma and the Dr. said he was fine. Hes been through antibiotics but they do nothing, because he is not sick. He is an athlete and is healthy except for the constant cough. What could this be? Loading

Cough Variant Asthma: Causes And How To Treat It Naturally

Easy Treatment for Asthma &  Cough

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed*** and may vary from person to person***.

Most everyone has a general idea of what asthma is, or at least the different signs of it. But did you know there is something called cough variant asthma? In fact, theres a chance you might know someone who has it but has never been properly diagnosed. To keep you informed, were going to take a closer look this unique asthma type that is quite common in children. Well examine cough variant asthma symptoms such as chronic dry cough, the various cough variant asthma treatments for adults and kids, and cough variant asthma natural treatments you can use in the comfort of your own home.

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How Is Cough Evaluated

Your medical history is the first step in figuring out if your cough is related to asthma.3 Questions your health care provider may ask include:

  • Are you a current, former, or never smoker?
  • Are you taking an ACE inhibitor?
  • Are you exposed to irritating chemicals at work or at home?
  • What situations make your cough worse?

Signs that cough is asthma-related are that it is worse in the cold, while exercising, or at night. If your provider suspects that you have asthma, you may be asked to do spirometry. Spirometry is an important lung function test to evaluate how much and how quickly you can exhale air. The test is usually done before and after taking a medication that opens the airways . Asthma is likely if medications are able to open the airways.

If it does not seem like asthma is the cause of your cough, your provider may recommend doing a chest x-ray. The chest x-ray could be used to identify injuries or stretching of the airways, abnormal masses or nodules in the lungs, pneumonia, or tuberculosis.3

Why Do I Have A Rattling Cough And Shortness Of Breath

may also be associated with chest tightness and wheezing, which can persist for five to six weeks, Dr. Otsu adds. Wheezing is when your breaths make a whistling or rattling sound because your airways are blockedits common in those with asthma. When your breathing is a bit labored, you may also experience shortness of breath.

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What If I Have Asthma And Coronavirus

Though asthma does not in itself put you at greater risk to contract coronavirus, those individuals with some forms of asthma may be at risk for complications and may get sicker from coronavirus. The Surgeon General of the United States, recently brought this to the attention of the American public. However, according to the CDC, this concern applies only to individuals with persistent moderate to severe asthma though there is no published data that actually supports this assertion at this time. Fortunately, the vast majority of individuals with asthma have intermittent asthma meaning they have infrequent symptoms and use a rescue inhaler less than 2x/week not including preventative use before exercise. Individuals with moderate persistent asthma are usually on a maintenance inhaler which contains moderate to high doses of inhaled steroids with or without long acting bronchodilators. Individuals with severe persistent asthma are on higher doses of inhaled steroids with or without biologic therapy and have significant limitations in lung function.

Since coronavirus can infect your respiratory tract , the COVID-19 respiratory virus, like other respiratory viruses like influenza, can precipitate an asthma attack and possibly lead to a viral pneumonia and in the worse case acute respiratory failure from ARDS .

When Should I See My Healthcare Provider About Eib

Is Coughing a Sign of Asthma? | Family Allergy and Asthma

If you or your child has symptoms of exercise or sports-induced asthma, call your provider. Several conditions have symptoms that are similar to EIB. Its essential to get evaluated.

If you or your child has severe shortness of breath or trouble breathing, seek immediate medical attention. Call 911 or go directly to the emergency room.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Many people with exercise-induced asthma play sports, enjoy a range of activities and live an active lifestyle. People of all fitness levels, including Olympic athletes and marathon runners, manage asthma and excel at their sports. If you or your child has EIB, be sure to include a warmup routine before exercise. Keep an eye on pollen counts and air quality before you head outside. Talk to your provider about medications that can help you breathe easier. With lifestyle changes and prior planning, you can stay active and exercise safely.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 03/17/2021.


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Trouble Breathing: How To Tell

Trouble breathing is a reason to see a doctor right away. Respiratory distress is the medical name for trouble breathing. Here are symptoms to worry about:

  • Struggling for each breath or shortness of breath
  • Tight breathing so that your child can barely speak or cry
  • Ribs are pulling in with each breath
  • Breathing has become noisy
  • Breathing is much faster than normal
  • Lips or face turn a blue color

Productive Cough Vs Dry Coughs

What Is a Productive Cough?

A productive cough is a cough that results in mucus, phlegm or blood being expelled from the lungs or upper airway.

In many cases, a productive cough develops during a common ailment such as flu, cold, sinus or respiratory infection. Whenever mucus or phlegm drains down the throat or develops in the lungs, it blocks air passage and must be removed. The body then forces you to cough, producing the foreign body and clearing the airway.

What Is a Dry Cough?

A nonproductive or dry cough is the result of an inflamed or irritated throat or upper airway. The body reacts by trying to clear the airway with a cough, but since there is nothing in the airway, this is often counterproductive, causing further irritation.

A dry cough may develop as part of common disease processes such as cold, flu or sinus infection. Other common causes are:

  • External irritants: fumes, smoke, smog, allergies
  • Internal irritants: mucus, stomach acid
  • Chronic conditions: asthma, COPD or other causes like medications or lung disease.

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Identifying Your Asthma Triggers

  • 1Learn about common triggers. Coughing can be triggered by a variety of substances like allergens and irritants . Other common asthma triggers include:XTrustworthy SourceNational Heart, Lung, and Blood InstituteResearch and education center within the National Institutes of HealthGo to source
  • Medications: these may include aspirin, other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and nonselective beta-blockers
  • Chemicals used to preserve foods: usually the sulfites found in a number of foods and drinks
  • Upper respiratory infections: such as colds and other viral infections of the lungsXExpert Source
  • Disrupted Sleep Difficulty Exercising And Some Other Signs Can Indicate You Might Have Asthma

    Natural Ways to Manage Cough Variant Asthma at Home

    Along with its short-term symptoms, asthma can cause other problems or disruptions.

    Because symptoms often become worse at night, asthma can disrupt sleep or cause insomnia. Poor sleep, along with daytime asthma symptoms, can make it hard to complete work or school tasks, as well as day-to-day chores.

    Asthma can make exercise challenging or impossible, which may put you at risk for a host of other medical problems.

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    Over time, if asthma is not properly treated or controlled with medication, it can cause airway remodeling, when the airways become scarred or permanently deformed. This can make breathing and treatment even more difficult.

    Asthma is also associated with a greater risk for anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders. If you see patterns of any of these problems or complications, its important to talk to your doctor to get to the root cause of the problem.

    And remember, asthma symptoms do not look the same in everyone. Each person with asthma is unique and so are their symptoms, Dinakar says.

    In some people with asthma, symptoms are very mild and seldom show up. In others, symptoms may be severe but situational, for example, after running hard or while going to bed. In others, symptoms are always around and may make everyday life difficult.

    With additional reporting by Quinn Phillips and Markham Heid.

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    How To Tell If My Cough Is From Coronavirus Or Asthma

    Unfortunately, people can have both asthma and coronavirus. Here are a set of tips to help understand the symptoms that you feel.

  • Typical coronavirus symptoms include fever , joint or muscle aches and pain, as well as dry cough and significant shortness of breath. Asthma usually does not cause fever unless accompanied by a respiratory infection and usually does not cause the muscle and joint symptoms typical of coronavirus.
  • Individuals with asthma often wheeze and feel tightness in the chest. These symptoms are less frequent with COVID -19.
  • For those who have had asthma for years and have gone through flares, their symptoms are very familiar. If some of your chest symptoms are atypical for you and you have fever as well, it is worth speaking with your Asthma Center physician as to whether you have COVID 1- 19 and be tested as well as getting your asthma under control. COVID-19 can exacerbate your asthma and it is important to remember andindividual with asthma can experience symptoms from both an asthma flare and from COVID-19.
  • Seasonal asthma during the spring may be related to tree and grass pollen, and may also be coupled with allergies in the nose, throat, eyes and ears. With those individuals having typical allergy symptoms in the context of cough and even shortness of breath without fever, the latter symptoms are most likely allergy and asthma and not coronavirus. Coronavirus rarely causes sneezing, runny or stuffy nose. Both conditions can cause loss of smell.
  • Can A Person With Asthma Have A Dry Cough

    Asthma: Not all diagnosed with asthma will experience a dry cough. Cough-variant asthma does not produce classic symptoms, like shortness of breath or wheezing. Instead, a chronic and dry cough is the main symptom. This cough is especially likely after exposure to irritants like cold air or ambient smoke.

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    What Are The Symptoms Of A Cold

    When youve got a mild cold, the only symptoms might be a runny nose, mild sore throat and cough, and general fatigue. If your cold is more serious, you may also have body aches, and all over pains, a fever, trouble sleeping, and your cough and sore throat may be worse.

    While some of these symptoms are the same as other conditions, you wouldnt usually experience aches and pains, or a sore throat with allergies.

    Which Is The Most Common Cause Of Chronic Cough

    What Asthma Looks and Feels Like

    The following causes, alone or in combination, are responsible for the majority of cases of chronic cough: Postnasal drip. Asthma. Gastroesophageal reflux disease . Infections. Blood pressure drugs. Chronic bronchitis.

    If allergies, asthma and the conditions listed above have been ruled out by your allergist, then your chronic cough may be due to other reasons like: 1 Bronchiectasis 2 Infection 3 Blood pressure medications 4 Cystic fibrosis 5 Laryngopharyngeal reflux 6 Sarcoidosis 7 Lung cancer

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    Natural Treatments For Cough Variant Asthma

    With cough variant asthma, there are multiple treatment routes you can take, and a few of them are natural treatments. If you are unsure of how these natural remedies may interact with any medications you may be taking, consult your doctor first before trying them. And as with any herbal remedy,you should also be mindful of any potential allergies.

    Some promising cough variant asthma natural treatments include:

    Can A Cough Last For Weeks With Long Covid

    The doctor may recommend flu shots, and other preventative measures to ensure that you dont get colds and flus in the first place. People with long COVID-19 have reported that their cough can continue for weeks or months and be accompanied with ongoing breathlessness and loss of stamina. We will be writing a new blog post about this soon.

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    Other Reasons For Cough And Wheeze In Children

    Colds and viruses

    Children can have as many as eight colds in a year. Their immune system is still developing and colds often bring coughs along with them. This is because when your child has a cold, mucus can run down into their throat and coughing is a way to clear it.

    Most coughs due to colds and viruses are not serious and clear up within about three weeks. But see your childs GP if the cough goes on for longer, your child has long coughing bouts several times a day, or they vomit when they cough.

    Viral wheeze

    The most common reason why children wheeze is colds and viruses. GPs call this viral wheeze.

    As long as your child is not distressed or struggling for breath, this is usually nothing to worry about. It should stop in two to three days once your childs fought off the virus.

    But if your childs not sleeping well, theyre off their food and drink, or they seem irritable, call your child’s GP and ask for a same day appointment.


    Croup is a viral infection of the larynx which causes a distinctive barking cough and a harsh, grating sound on breathing in . Your child may also wheeze.

    Babies and toddlers are more likely than older children to get respiratory infections like croup.


    Bronchiolitis is caused by a virus that makes the airways in the lungs swell and narrow which is why your child will cough and wheeze. Theyll also need to make more effort to breathe.

    Hay fever

    Cigarette smoke

    Find out more about support available to help you quit.

    Treatment Options For Acute Bronchitis

    What does asthma cough sound like in child?

    Options for the treatment of acute bronchitis in individuals who have asthma include:

    • Analgesics, such as acetaminophen , ibuprofen , naproxen , and aspirin
    • Antibiotic therapy is given only if the infection is likely caused by bacteria
    • Bronchodilators via a nebulizer or metered-dose inhaler if wheezing if present
    • Chest physical therapy or postural drainage to promote coughing up mucus
    • Humidifier to increase moisture in the air
    • If you are a smoker, treatment to help you quit smoking
    • Increased hydration to thin mucus
    • Oxygen therapy

    There are several types of asthma, all with similar symptoms, such as difficulty breathing and chest tightness. The different asthma types vary in their triggers and underlying causes, and some may have additional symptoms. While they are similar, an accurate diagnosis is needed for optimal treatment.

    Asthma subtypes include:

    • Occupational asthma
    • Glucocorticoid-resistant asthma

    Its possible to have more than one type of asthma, such as non-allergic and nocturnal. And most people who have asthma will experience exercise-induced bronchoconstriction at some point.

    Asthma is also classified by severity, and the severity may change over time. Most asthma types can range in severity.

    Your diagnosis may include the type and severity of your asthmafor example, you could be diagnosed with moderate-persistent occupational asthma or intermittent allergic asthma.

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