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Florida Lung Asthma And Sleep Specialists Polynesian

Welcome To Ourflass Family

Andres Endara Bravo, MD | Cleveland Clinic Indian River Pulmonary, Sleep Medicine Specialist

At Florida Lung, Asthma & Sleep Specialists , we believe in a patient-oriented, holistic approach to healthcare in the fields of pulmonary disorders and sleep medicine. We are also involved in various approved clinical trials and research aimed at advancing the treatment of pulmonary disorders. Providing quality care is our top priority and as the healthcare industry evolves we promise to continuously offer the most current treatment options and services available.

We have five offices conveniently located in Clermont, Orlando, Polynesia, and Poinciana. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our practice through our website, and we look forward to the privilege of participating in your care.


Fax: 407-515-8584

Our Promise To You

Our promise to all of our patients is that you will fully understand your condition, prognosis and treatment plans. We will be using non-technical terms to review your results and management plans with you. We vow to empower our patients to take control of their health by providing all-encompassing care and patient education.


Video Chat With Your Doctor!

We are excited to announce a new service for patients to have virtual visits with their doctor on the go! Skip the waiting room and commute to our office with our Telemedicine service.

Sleep Studies

About Florida Lung Asthma And Sleep Specialists Pa

Florida Lung Asthma And Sleep Specialists, P.a. is an internist established in Kissimmee, Florida specializing in Internal Medicine with a focus in pulmonary disease . The NPI number of Florida Lung Asthma And Sleep Specialists, P.a. is 1316228364 and was assigned on September 2011. The practitioner’s primary taxonomy code is 207RP1001X. The provider is registered as an organization and their NPI record was last updated 2 years ago. Florida Lung Asthma And Sleep Specialists, P.a. operates as a single speciality business group with one or more individual providers who practice the same area of specialization. The authorized official of this NPI record is Fortune Alabi Md

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Covid19 Vaccine Truth And Consequences: Great Case Studies

The Vaccine Is Your Shield and Weapon to Protect Your Family From COVID19.

In the words of a nurse who recently got vaccinated, I got the COVID vaccine because I want to hug my mom. Needless to say, I was surprised when she said she wasnt sure if she wanted to get it. She was nervous about the side effects that she had heard about.

The nurse went on to explain, Shes also over 65 with insulin-dependent diabetes and hypertension. I havent hugged her in 16 months. When I explained that shed be able to see her grandchildren and me after she was vaccinated, she understood. I wouldnt tell my mother to get a vaccine if I thought it would negatively affect her in any way. I really want to hug her.

Consequences in Vaccine Case Study Number 2

Another nurse shared her experience with the vaccine decision in this manner: I got the COVID vaccine because the vaccines benefits are greater than the known risks of the vaccine. 90 to 95 percent effective at preventing infection sounds pretty great to me. And she shared her sensitive reaction very candidly,

The injection site pain, chills, malaise, and myalgias, which I experienced were not that great. But, they were short-lived . All of it was still better than what Ive seen from actually getting COVID.

Case Study Number 3: Vaccine and Future Effects

Follow Our Brave Nurses Example: Take Your Vaccine.

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The Vaccine And An Under

Did you know experts are continuing to study the vaccines ability to keep people from spreading the virus that causes COVID-19?

The COVID19 vaccination is basically a safer way to create immunity than just catching the disease. And yes, we have heard that casual attitude among some people. They want immunity by just catching the virus.

This is not smart behavior. They are either very healthy or part of a younger group. Therefore, they think theyll just catch it accidentally without wearing a mask or social distancing. They are gambling they will get only a week-end-flu version of the disease, or be asymptomatic. Lets consider a few important points here:

1. Risky Business:

Only You Can Help Stop COVID19 With Our Strongest Weapon: The Vaccine.

You have no idea how could the virus could affect you. It causes serious, life-threatening complications. You cannot predict how COVID-19 will affect you, regardless of your age or activity. And dont forget, in the meantime, you could spread the disease to friends, family, and others.

2. Not-so-Much Natural Immunity:

It is true that Getting COVID-19 gives you some natural immunity. At present, we believe that natural immunity often lasts about 90 days. The vaccine works differently to give you longer, stronger immunity. Read on to understand how. But let us now state, We agree with the CDC that the risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19 far outweighs any benefits of natural immunity.

Covid19 Vaccine: A Powerful Weapon In Your Arsenal

Meet Dr. Prashanth Kanagarajah Archives

Your COVID-19 vaccination will be an important weapon in stopping this pandemic. The health providers at FLASS are asking you to take a personal part in this battle for the health of the family, nation, and world. Getting the Vaccine is a step beyond wearing your mask, washing your hands, and maintaining social distancing.

We deeply believe we must add the power of public vaccination to our observance of all the other CDC recommendations. This is necessary in order to defeat this hideous disease. Remember, the mask may protect you from getting infected. However, the Vaccine prepares your immune system to fight the virus when and if you become exposed. And the vaccine prevents you from personally being an unwitting spreader of the disease.

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Vaccine: Key To Victory Against The Virus

Ultimately, it is the combination of getting the vaccine and following the CDCs guidelines that will help us defeat the coronavirus. We cannot win the battle against COVID-19 without using all the weapons science has given us.

Worried about the soreness in your arm? lets look at the recent words from Dr. Joyce A. Williams. Dr. Williams wrote a blog at the famed KevinMD site, documenting reasons nurses are taking the vaccine.


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