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How To Calm An Asthma Attack

How Does Asthma Make You Feel

Stop an Asthma Attack Without an Inhaler

When you think of asthma, the symptoms that most likely to come to mind are shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, and tightness in the chest. Fatigue and exhaustion are not usually referenced as common asthma symptoms. However, people with asthma often report feeling tired. Asthma can cause fatigue.

What Should I Do If I Have A Severe Asthma Attack

A severe asthma attack needs immediate medical care. The first step is your rescue inhaler. A rescue inhaler uses fast-acting medicines to open up your airways. Its different than your normal maintenance inhaler, which you use every day. You should only use the rescue inhaler in an emergency.

If your rescue inhaler doesnt help or you dont have it with you, go to the emergency department if you have:

  • Anxiety or panic.
  • Bluish fingernails, bluish lips or gray or whitish lips or gums .
  • Chest pain or pressure.

Are There Complementary Asthma Treatments

Of course, there are. Non-medical remedies exist that you can explore to better manage chronic asthma symptoms.

Besides placebo medications, breathing exercises, and even acupuncture the use of an indoor air purifier is effective in fighting harmful airborne pathogens responsible for triggering respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

A good example is VBreathe Tasman.

VBreathe is an intelligent, portable all-natural indoor air purifier and detoxifier our world-first patented combination of HEPA filtration and VActive Natural Gel technology that improves indoor air quality and fights harmful pathogens indoors.

We have pivoted to calling it an all-natural air purifier and detoxifier for several reasons:

  • VBreathe rid your living space off mould, viruses, bacteria and other harmful airborne pathogens lurking indoors.
  • VBreathe can detect second-hand tobacco smoke, harmful PM2.5 particles, and carbon monoxide in the air thanks to the in-built smart sensors.
  • VBreathe contains an all-natural VActive Gel with a unique blend of Australian essential oils and expels it into the air to reduce harmful airborne pollutants.
  • VBreathe uses our proprietary anti-bacterial coating to trap and reduce indoor microbes and toxins.
  • This device is also independently tested to capture up to 97% of ultrafine particles . VBreathe Tasman, combined with asthma medical treatment, can prove effective in managing chronic asthma.

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    What Happens If Iignore My Asthma

    It may be tempting to ignore your asthma to seeif it will go away. However, ignoring your condition will not make it go away,and it could make it difficult for you to control your asthma. Having poorcontrol over your asthma can be dangerous, and it may mean that you will bemore affected by it over the long term.

    What Is An Asthma Action Plan

    Asthma Inhaler Use in Schools :

    Your healthcare provider will work with you to develop an asthma action plan. This plan tells you how and when to use your medicines. It also tells you what to do if your asthma gets worse and when to seek emergency care. Understand the plan and ask your healthcare provider about anything you dont understand.

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    What Are Natural Remedies For Asthma

    With all the studies on alternative medicine and natural remedies, you may wonder if there√Ęs a natural cure for asthma. Unfortunately, there is no cure for asthma at this point. In fact, you should avoid any treatment or product natural or otherwise that claims to be a cure for .

    Some natural therapies may help you manage symptoms of asthma. For instance, a negative response to emotional can cause an asthma attack. Some natural relaxation remedies like deep , progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, and can help relieve stress.

    Other findings suggest that plays a role in easing asthma symptoms. For example, omega-3 fatty acids found naturally in high-fat like , mackerel, and cod may help your body fight . Whether this may help people who have is still unproven.

    Reliever And Preventer: Know Your Asthma Medicine

    There are two main types of asthma medicines: preventers and relievers. The preventer will help you manage your asthma and is for continuous daily use. The preventer reduces the asthma inflammation in your lungs whereas the reliever quickly opens your airways and is to help you when your symptoms get worse.

    Proper use of your asthma inhaler and a good inhalation technique makes all the difference in breathing better. Using your preventer accordingly will help you control the inflammation in your lungs and make it easier for you to breathe. Make sure you understand the instructions given by your doctor or nurse, and follow them. Keep your reliever with you in case your asthma symptoms get worse.


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    Caffeinated Tea Or Coffee

    The caffeine in black or green tea and coffee is believed to help treat asthma. It works similarly to the popular asthma medication theophylline, which opens up the airways.

    A 2010 research review, the most recent available, found that caffeine may slightly improve breathing function in people with asthma for up to 4hours.

    Still, there isnt enough evidence to show whether caffeine can improve asthma symptoms.

    Get Away From Your Triggers

    How To Survive An Asthma Attack | Without Inhaler Or Medicine 10 Tips

    This may seem obvious, but it may be difficult to do during your attack. Try to get as far away as possible from whats triggering you without over-exerting yourself. Dont be afraid to ask for help if you cant get there on your own.

    If possible, choose a place with filtered, temperature-controlled air and shade.

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    Causes Of Wheezing In Babies And Children

    Newborns breathe only through the nose, so when they are congested or in the wrong position, they may make a wheezing or squeaking sound.

    As long as they are breathing at a normal rate and the chest is not caving in, this is nothing to worry about.

    If a babys chest begins caving, they are breathing rapidly, or wheezing is associated with an illness, they should be taken to a doctor or pediatrician.

    When the airways narrow due to irritation, illness, or a blockage, air moving through them can make a squeaking sound.

    Some people experience other symptoms as well, including discomfort when breathing or a choking sensation.

    Causes include:

    What Is An Asthma Attack

    Asthma is a chronic disease that affects the lungs. During an asthma attack, the airways become narrower than normal and can cause difficulty breathing.

    The severity of an asthma attack can range from mild to very serious. Some asthma attacks may require prompt medical attention.

    The preferred way of treating an asthma attack is to use a rescue inhaler, which contains medication that expands your airways.

    But what if youre having an asthma attack and dont have your rescue inhaler available? There are several things that you can do while you wait for your symptoms to subside or for medical attention. Read on to learn more.

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    Tips From Other People With Asthma

    If your asthma is keeping you awake at night, youre not alone.

    In our recent sleep survey, 45% of people told us they have difficulty sleeping because of their asthma at least once a week, and nearly 50% said theyd had an asthma attack at night.

    Here are some of the things that people tell us help them get a good nights sleep, which our nurses agree might be helpful:

    • Ease a dry throat with a glass of water
    • Try a nasal saline rinse or use decongestants to unblock a stuffy nose
    • Take regular exercise
    • Relax in the evening using mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises or yoga
    • Avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening.

    If you find reading about other peoples experiences useful, or have some advice to share, join the conversations on our HealthUnlocked forum.

    Is your child disturbed by symptoms at night? Read our advice on asthma and your childs sleep.

    Symptoms Of An Asthma Attack

    How to stop an asthmatic cough quickly

    Signs that you may be having an asthma attack include:

    • your symptoms are getting worse
    • your reliever inhaler is not helping
    • you’re too breathless to speak, eat or sleep
    • your breathing is getting faster and it feels like you cannot catch your breath
    • your peak flow score is lower than normal
    • children may also complain of a tummy or chest ache

    The symptoms will not necessarily occur suddenly. In fact, they often come on slowly over a few hours or days.

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    Lie On Your Left Side With A Pillow Between Your Legs

    If youre a side sleeper with asthma, lying on your left side may help particularly if you have gastroesophageal reflux, also known as heartburn, which can trigger asthma especially at night. Sleeping on your left side uses gravity, the shape of the stomach, and the angle of the connection between it and the esophagus,which can reduce reflux. Lying on your left side with your head elevated may be enough to keep you comfortable through the night, but if its not, experiment by adding a pillow between your legs.

    Adding the pillow may keep your spine stable throughout the night and may improve your sleep posture, which can help you breathe easily.

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    Why Might Someone With Asthma Be Without An Inhaler

    However, this doesnt mean that everyone with asthma has an inhaler with them at all times. Often when someone has been living without symptoms for a long time, they may assume that their asthma has gone, and so get out of the habit of carrying one. Some people might develop symptoms suddenly for the first time as an adult, with no preparation. Others might just sometimes forget. Unfortunately, not having an inhaler wont stop an attack.

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    Who Can Get Asthma

    Anyone can develop asthma at any age. People with allergies or people exposed to tobacco smoke and secondhand smoke are more likely to develop asthma.

    Statistics show women tend to have asthma more than men, and asthma affects Black Americans more frequently than other races.

    When a child develops asthma, healthcare providers call it childhood asthma. If it develops later in life, its adult-onset asthma.

    Children do not outgrow asthma. They may have fewer symptoms as they get older, but they could still have an asthma attack. Your childs healthcare provider can help you understand the risks.

    What To Do If You Have An Asthma Attack

    Asthma Symptoms & Treatments : How to Handle an Asthma Attack

    If you think youre having an asthma attack, you should:

  • Sit upright and try to take slow, steady breaths. Try to remain calm, as panicking will make things worse.
  • Take 1 puff of your reliever inhaler every 30 to 60 seconds, up to a maximum of 10 puffs.
  • If the ambulance has not arrived within 15 minutes, repeat step 2.
  • Never be frightened of calling for help in an emergency.

    Try to take the details of your medicines with you to hospital if possible.

    If your symptoms improve and you do not need to call 999, get an urgent same-day appointment to see a GP or asthma nurse.

    This advice is not for people on SMART or MART treatment. If this applies to you, ask a GP or asthma nurse what to do if you have an asthma attack.

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    Clear Out Cockroaches And Ladybugs

    Cockroaches are one of the worst allergy and asthma triggers, says Lee, and getting an exterminator to eliminate them is worth your while. But another insect trigger you may not know of is the ladybug. And ladybugs cross-react with cockroaches, Lee adds. Whenever ladybugs arrive in droves, they settle around the house and then break down into a dust-like powder thats a powerful allergen. It might sound mean, especially to seemingly innocent ladybugs, but Lee recommends that you vacuum them.

    How To Control An Asthma Attack When Caught Without An Inhaler

    Breathing is so automatic for most people that we hardly ever give it a second thought. If you have asthma, or if your child has asthma, though, you never take breathing for granted.

    When you suffer from , your airways narrow and swell and can even produce extra mucus, all of which make breathing difficult. Asthma can also cause lots of wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath.

    This is especially true if you experience a full-blown asthma attack. Most people with asthma try to keep a rescue inhaler with them so they can have quick access to medicine such as albuterol, which can control their symptoms.

    But what if you have an asthma attack while you dont have your inhaler with you? This can be a dangerous situation, but at Sulkowski Family Medicine, weve learned a few tips over the years that can help you out. Heres what we recommend:

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    Breathing Training For Athletes: Apply The Principle Of Specificity

    Strength athletes need to dial in proper breathing and bracing for maximal strength:

    • Practice 360-degree breathinga full, deep breath where the whole torso expands in all directions.
    • Manage intra-abdominal pressure, which stabilizes the spine and allows the athlete to lift more weight.
    • Create a strong abdominal cannisterbracing or contracting ALL of the core musculature, and then forcing the diaphragm down with a deep breath, producing intra-abdominal pressure.

    For the endurance athlete, increasing efficiency and going longer without fatigue are key. Building strength in the breathing muscles can decrease the respiratory metaboreflex, so therell be less fatigue in the working arms and legs.

    Consider what happened during your last cardio workout. You probably started huffing and puffing a little bit, right?

    If you consciously slowed and deepened your breathing, youd use more of your lung capacity, increasing the oxygen supply to your working muscles.

    You can increase the work capacity of the respiratory muscles by controlling the speed and depth of your breath during lower-intensity cardio.

    Try doing one long, slower workout every week breathing through your nose. Or breathe through a straw in your mouth for five minutes during your warmup.

    Giving our clients control over their breath and their bodies is a critical piece of teaching resiliencesomething we want for all our clients regardless of their goals.

    Goodbye To Nocturnal Triggers

    How to Help During an Asthma Attack

    Whatever triggers your asthma symptoms during the day could also become problematic at night. Dust mites are known to exacerbate night-time asthma symptoms, and they love to get buried in the bedcovers. So, its a good idea to vacuum every corner of your bedroom regularly and to wash your bedding on a high heat.

    Is the temperature in your room too hot or too cold? For some people temperature can be a night-time trigger. If youre experiencing a dry cough, you could consider installing a humidifier. Another common night trigger can be a high pollen count but thats easily fixed by keeping windows shut firmly and taking an allergy medication.

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    Practicing Buteyko Breathing Technique

    This is also a system of breathing exercises. Buteyko Breathing Technique focuses on breathing out through the nose and not the mouth. Breathing out through the mouth can dry up the mouth and the airways very fast resulting in more problems. Practising and using BBT also makes you less prone to suffering from respiratory infections. Buteyko Breathing Technique can also be instrumental in decreasing your asthma symptoms with the help of slow and gentle breathing through the nose.

    Using A Natural Remedy Arsenal For Asthma

    Asthma symptoms are a nuisance at best and dangerous at worse. Luckily there are some natural remedies for asthma that can help you prevent the onset of asthma symptoms for you or your child, and make daily life more enjoyable.

    Do you or a family member suffer from asthma? What remedies work best for you?

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    Watch How To Help Someone Who Is Having An Asthma Attack

    What is asthma?

    Asthma is a medical condition that affects the airways the tubes that carry air in and out of the lungs. When someone has an asthma attack, these tubes become narrowed, making it difficult to breathe in and out.

    How can I tell if someone is having an asthma attack?

    People with asthma should be able to let you know if they are having an attack.

    Someone having an asthma attack will have difficulty breathing and speaking, and may cough and wheeze. They may be very anxious and distressed as they struggle to breathe.In some cases, their lips, earlobes and nail beds may turn greyish-blue because there isnt enough oxygen in their body.

    What sort of medication will someone with asthma use?

    Someone who has asthma will normally have an inhaler that their doctor has prescribed. They may also have a spacer, which makes the inhaler more effective.

    If someone is having an asthma attack they should know how to use their inhaler and spacer but they may need your help in finding them.

    What does an inhaler look like?

    Inhalers can come in many different sizes and shapes. Inhalers to relieve asthma attacks are usually blue. Inhalers that prevent asthma attacks may be brown or white.

    How do you use an inhaler?

    If a person has asthma they should know how to use their inhaler, they may need your help getting it for them. They should take it as normal. If that doesnt help they can take one or two puffs every 30 or 60 seconds until theyve had 10 puffs.


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