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Where Can You Buy Asthma Inhalers

Asthma Inhaler Type: Dry Powder Inhaler

How to correctly use an asthma inhaler

Dry powder inhalers are used for control medications such as long-acting beta-agonists and inhaled corticosteroids .2 These inhalers cannot be used with a valved holding chamber or spacer. To use these inhalers, you must be able to breathe in forcefully enough to draw the medication into the lungs.

Figure 4. Dry powder inhalers

Instructions for dry powder inhalers vary by device, so reading the instructions for your inhaler is especially important. Some product websites also have videos with a demonstration. General guidelines for using a dry powdered inhaler are:2,3

  • Do not shake your inhaler.
  • Load a dose according to the instructions for your device. You may need twist the inhaler or slide the cover. Each device is different.
  • Turn away from the inhaler and exhale.
  • Put your mouth around the mouthpiece.
  • Breathe in rapidly and deeply for 1 to 2 seconds.
  • Hold your breath for 10 seconds.
  • Rinse out your mouth with water and spit it out, especially if you are taking an inhaled corticosteroid. Rinsing helps to prevent thrush . It also reduces the amount of medication you swallow.
  • How To Stop An Asthma Attack Without An Inhaler

    When you have asthma, you usually use your inhaler to feel better. But if you get an attack in an area where you can’t get your inhaler, fortunately, some things can help you breathe better when your medication is out of reach. Here are the suggestions.

    • Sit upright- Sitting upright help to keep the airways in the lungs open. Avoid lying down during an asthma attack, as this may worsen your symptoms.
    • Stay calm- Try to stay calm while having an asthma attack. Do not panic, as this can worsen your symptoms.
    • Focus on your breathing- There are different methods for practising o your breathing so that you are ready when the movement arrives. Such strategies may also help when you are not having an attack.
    • Get away from the triggers- Some things around you can make your condition worse. If you are having an attack, or even if you are not, make sure you stay away from the following things as much as you can:

    -Cold air

    -Preservatives in foods and drinks

    -Some drugs like beta blockers, naproxen sodium, ibuprofen, and aspirin.

    -Drink Caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee- A coffee, tea or soda, or drinks containing caffeine can help your airways open. However, more research is needed to understand if caffeinated beverages can permanently help with asthma symptoms.

    Are Ventolin And Salbutamol The Same

    Ventolin and salbutamol are fundamentally the same thing. Salbutamol is the name of the medication, whereas Ventolin is a brand of salbutamol manufactured by GSK. Salbutamol may be used to refer to the active ingredient inside the inhaler, or to the inhaler itself. Whereas Ventolin only refers to a specific brand of inhaler. Salamol is another brand of salbutamol inhaler.

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    Get Asthma Inhalers Online

    Asthma inhalers are available online, but only with a prescription. If you are experiencing asthma symptoms and believe you might benefit from an inhaler, make an appointment to see a healthcare provider.

    An in-person exam is required for a new diagnosis of asthma or if you are experiencing shortness of breath or severe symptoms.

    If your doctor determines that an asthma inhaler is appropriate for you, they will give you a prescription that you can fill at your local pharmacy or an online pharmacy.

    Rules For Asthmatics: Avoid Sudden Movements And Walk More

    Buy Ventolin Inhaler Online

    Main Rules Rule 1: Try to Neutralize pollen In many cases, patients with asthma react to pollen, they have allergic reaction. Therefore, for season of flowering plants which may be hazardous to prepare in advance for 1.5-2 months before it starts. For this desensitization course performed treatment, reducing sensitivity to allergens that cause reaction. If time for treatment is skipped, the only reliable way to go anywhere else from here. Rule 2:

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    Is Asthma A Medical Condition

    Asthma is a non-communicable disease affecting adults and children and is the most common chronic condition among children. It is a chronic disease that causes inflammation and narrowing of the airways in the lungs. If this lung disorder is left untreated, you will have repeated attacks of asthma symptoms. Mild attacks can resolve without treatment, but appropriate treatment usually helps them to resolve more quickly.

    What Are The Symptoms Of Asthma

    The symptoms of asthma include:

    • feeling breathless
    • a tight chest, like a band tightening around it
    • wheezing, which makes a whistling sound when you breathe
    • coughing, particularly at night and early morning
    • attacks triggered by exercise, exposure to allergens and other triggers

    You may have one or more of these symptoms. Symptoms that are worse during the night or with exercise can mean that your asthma is getting worse.

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    Alternative To An Inhaler: Nebulizer

    A nebulizer is a machine that turns the asthma medication into a fine mist. A nebulizer can be used for rescue medications and control medications. Nebulizing can be expensive and time-consuming. The machines are bulky. For these reasons, nebulized medication is mainly used for people who cannot use a metered-dose inhaler with a valve holding chamber and face mask.The advantage of using a nebulizer is that the person can breathe in and out like normal. The nebulizer can be used with a mouthpiece or snug-fitting face mask.2

    General guidelines for using a nebulizer are:3

  • Wash your hands before you start.
  • Assemble the machine, tubing, medicine cup, and mouthpiece or mask.
  • Pour the medication into the medication cup.
  • Place your mouth around the mouthpiece.
  • Turn on the machine.
  • Take normal breaths through your mouth.
  • Continue for about 10 minutes, until the medicine cup is empty or the mist stops.
  • Rinse out your mouth with water and spit it out, especially if you are taking an inhaled corticosteroid. Rinsing helps to prevent thrush . It also reduces the amount of medication you swallow.
  • What type of asthma inhaler do you use? Do you use a spacer or valved holding chamber with it? Let us know in the comments below!

    Stress: A Serious Asthma Trigger

    Asthma how-to: How to use an inhaler with a spacer and mouthpiece

    Stress is an integral part of modern life. The more you are nervous, the harder it becomes to breathe, there is wheezing and coughing. Is there a connection between stress and asthma attacks? Yes, scientists say. Though stress does not cause asthma, it can worsen the condition of people who are already suffering from this disease. During periods of stress and anxiety, asthma attacks occur more frequently, and it becomes more difficult to control the

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    How Do You Use A Ventolin Inhaler

    When Ventolin is prescribed by your doctor, they will give you explicit instructions on how to use it. It is important that you follow the instructions exactly.Generally, the following five basic steps are to be followed to use a Ventolin inhaler:

    Before using your Ventolin inhaler, it is important to breathe as slowly as possible and settle down the rhythm of your breathing.

    • Stand or sit upright
    • Remove the Ventolin inhaler mouthpiece cover, gently squeezing the sides with your thumb and forefinger to pull apart
    • Shake the inhaler four/five times
    • Hold the Ventolin inhaler upright, with the thumb on the base below the mouthpiece
    • Breathe out as far as comfortable
    • Place the mouthpiece in your mouth, between your teeth and close your lips around it
    • Breathe in through your mouth and then press down on the top of the canister (whilst still breathing in steadily and deeply
    • Hold your breath and remove the inhaler from your mouth

    If you need to take another puff, wait about a minute and a half, and always replace the mouthpiece cover following use.

    Young users may need help to operate the inhaler.

    Weak-handed users may find it easier to hold the Ventolin inhaler with both hands.

    Useful information about Asthma can be found at Asthma UK.

    4 puffs a day is the maximum dosage. Consult a doctor before taking more puffs, in case of any difficulty in its mechanism or operation, you can use the Salamol Easi-Breathe inhaler.

    Which Ingredients Can Cause An Allergic Reaction

    It is rare to have a severe allergic reaction to this medication, unless you have a specific allergy to any of the active or inactive ingredients. Symptoms of a severe allergic reaction are facial swelling, trouble breathing, hives/rash and dizziness. If you notice these symptoms please do seek immediate medical attention and stop taking the medication.

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    Do I Need To Keep A Ventolin Diary

    Its useful to keep a diary to record how often you take your Ventolin medicine. You should include where and when you take it and any other factors you think are important such as if you were exposed to a trigger such as cold air or smoke. This can help you to identify triggers and allow your doctor to get an accurate picture of how well managed your asthma is.

    Can You Buy Inhalers Over The Counter In Boots In Uk

    Buy Asthma Inhalers Online at Favorable Rates

    I am visiting my parents tomorrow and my asthma has been really bad lately my inhaler is pretty low and I dont have time to order a new one here. I heard that some inhalers eg Ventolin, are available over the counter. Is this true?

    Oh this happened to me when I was visiting my parents and didnt have one and had a really bad attack. I went to the chemist and they prescribed me an emergency one and just faxed my Doctors for the prescription.

    If you have proof it is prescribed then you can get an emergency prescription from a pharmacy. Most supermarket ones are open at weekends.A repeat slip, pharmacy label on box or sometimes just the inhaler, worth a try.

    I had the same experience as Mrs recycle. Went in to chemist explained and they gave an inhaler after contacting doctors surgery.

    no, salbutamol is prescription only.I have heard that chemists might be able to give one inhaler as a stop gap. but not sure how that would work if away from home, i.e. not your usual chemist.

    Yes, ASDA do and Superdrug do if youve got a copy of your prescription. ASDA I didnt need a script but had a consultation with the pharmacist. This was pre- electronic prescriptions though so maybe they can access those now, I dont know.

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    Can I Buy Ventolin Over The Counter

    Asthma is a serious condition that requires regular monitoring. Therefore, Ventolin is only available on prescription so you cannot buy it over the counter. If you have an asthma diagnosis and have used a Ventolin inhaler in the past, then you may be eligible to order one online with Dr Felix. Simply fill out our online consultation so one of our doctors can assess it.

    How To Cope With Ventolin Side Effects

    After taking Ventolin you may experience a shaky feeling or an increased heart rate. This is not serious and should subside within a couple of minutes, or hours at most. Make sure you are taking the correct dose and drink plenty of fluids. If you experience dizziness, headaches, a dry mouth or throat, a cough or nausea on a persistent basis then report these side effects to your GP.

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    Ventolin Vs Steroid Inhalers

    Ventolin is a reliever inhaler, designed to be used only when symptoms become troublesome. Ventolin is fast-acting and acts straight away to improve breathing. Preventer inhalers typically contain steroids and should be used every day to prevent asthma symptoms from occurring. Preventer inhalers do not treat an asthma attack.

    What Can Trigger Asthma

    Using a metered dose inhaler (inhaler in mouth)

    A trigger is anything that irritates the airways and brings on the symptoms of asthma. These differ from person to person and people with asthma may have several triggers. Common triggers include house dust mites, animal fur, pollen, tobacco smoke, exercise, cold air and chest infections. When you come into contact with a trigger, asthma causes the tubes inside your lungs to narrow, preventing air from moving in and out of your lungs as it should do. Narrowing air passages cause sufferers to wheeze and cough as they gasp for breath.

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    How To Use Salbutamol

    Salbutamol is effective only if it is inhaled into the lungs where it is active. Inhaler technique is usually explained in asthma clinics. See also demonstration videos for metered aerosol, dry powder, and breath actuated inhalers, and the ‘patient information leaflets’ supplied with the inhalers. Metered aerosol inhalers can also be used more easily with a spacer device. This is a tube, usually made of plastic, that your inhaler inserts into and the medication can be breathed in over several breaths from the other end. This enables the medication to be breathed into the lungs correctly which is useful if there are issues with the technique of using the inhaler or during an asthma attack.

    Ventolin Evohaler

    Ventolin Evohaler is a ‘metered aerosol‘ and delivers 100mcg of salbutamol per puff when the end of the inhaler is pushed down. You can use 1 or 2 puffs when needed up to 4 times a day.Ventolin Evohaler Patient Leaflet

    Ventolin Accuhaler

    Ventolin Accuhaler is a ‘dry powder‘ inhaler. Breathing in through the mouthpiece of the device causes release of salbutamol from a preloaded blister inside the inhaler. Each blister contains 200mcg of salbutamol mixed with lactose particles. You can use 1 dose up to 4 times a day when needed. Accuhaler’s do not use aerosol and have a much lower carbon footprint than Evohalers.Ventolin Accuhaler Patient Leaflet

    Salamol Easi-Breathe

    Everything You Need To Know About Asthma In Children

    Asthma spares no one: neither young nor old people. Childhood asthma often develops before the age of five. In the United States, for example, the disease affects 10-12% of children and their number is steadily increasing. Asthma in children: Causes There are many factors of the emergence and development of the disease, but psychologists distinguish eight main asthma causes: Presence of any, even the most minor allergies heredity frequent diseases caused by air-borne infections low

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    Asthma Inhalers Medications & Treatment Options

    Asthma is a chronic condition affecting our respiratory system that results in difficulty breathing. Treatment usually involves short-term relief and long-term control.

    Quick-relief medications are used when one experiences an asthma attack and are usually taken through an inhaler or a nebuliser. However, it only provides temporary relief. Long-term medication is required to reduce the number and severity of asthma symptoms.

    There is currently no cure for asthma but once asthma control is sustained, asthma medication can usually be reduced.

    Keep Your Inhaler Clean

    ? Buy Qvar Inhaler Online

    Look at the hole where the medicine sprays out of your inhaler. If you see powder in or around the hole, clean your inhaler. First, remove the metal canister from the L-shaped plastic mouthpiece. Rinse only the mouthpiece and cap in warm water. Let them air-dry overnight. In the morning, put the canister back inside. Put the cap on. DO NOT rinse any other parts.

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    How To Use Your Asthma Inhaler

    You will find 2 common types of inhalers. Each inhaler will have a button you press to release the dose, and a mouthpiece, so you can breathe in the dose.

    • Metered dose inhalers: These inhalers require you to have a good technique, as when you press the inhaler, the dose comes out through the mouthpiece. You must breathe it in properly to get the full dose. Spacers are often used with these inhalers to make it easier.
    • Dry powder inhalers: These inhalers contain medication in the form of dry powder. You have to release the dose into the inhaler and then breathe in deeply to get the dose. These are easier to use as the dose stays in the inhaler until you breathe it in.

    You should use your asthma inhaler as prescribed by your doctor. You should use a preventer inhaler every day, even if you have not had symptoms for a few days. The dosage can be different depending on how your asthma symptoms are at the time. Only stop taking an inhaler or lower the dose if you have been told to by your doctor.

    Usually, a preventer inhaler will be taken 1 to 2 times a day. Your reliever inhaler should be used whenever you have symptoms and the amount of puffs you take will depend on how much you need.

    Your inhaler comes with a patient information leaflet, which lets you know how many puffs is safe in a day. If you miss a dose, never take a double dose. Instead, wait until your next dose is due and carry on as normal. If you are needing your reliever inhaler a lot, speak to your doctor.

    Which Inhaler Is Right For Me

    Our registered doctors will assess your online form to check that you have chosen the right inhaler. Most people will be prescribed a reliever inhaler to use when symptoms happen. If you need to use your reliever inhaler three or more times a week you may be prescribed an additional inhaler to help prevent symptoms from occurring. It is important to understand how and when to use your inhalers and to follow these instructions.

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    Asthma Spacer & Inhaler Overview

    There are some important things to consider when choosing an asthma spacer inhaler for everyday use. If the spacer is for a child under 4-5 years of age, choose a spacer with an attached mask or one that allows for a mask attachment. This version is ideal when ongoing treatment will be administered and the child is young and still growing. This allows the spacer device to get maximum use interchanging the mask size as needed when a child outgrows mask. Also, for child and adult users alike, look for a spacer with minimal effort to put the device together for everyday use after cleaning, etc.

    There are various materials used to create MDI spacers. Metal chamber spacers such as the PARI Vortex minimize static charge and administer even more consistent medication delivery. Asthma spacers are also designed for quick disassembly to be cleaned monthly or as needed. Itâs even recommended to have the spacer chamber checked by a pharmacist every six months to ensure the valve is working properly and void of cracks. Check the manufacturer if the device should be replaced every year.

    Itâs important to properly clean the inhaler spacer. Some devices require more cleaning and maintenance than others. Some inhaler devices require the device to be primed to reduce static build-up before treatment. There are spacers made with new antistatic polymer plastic that do not require the device to be primed like AEROCHAMBER Plus.

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