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Can Ice Cream Cause Asthma Attack

Alternative Pet Ideas For Children With Asthma

Learn about Asthma Attack | The real enemy of Yuzuru Hanyu | Athlete with asthma

If your children love animals but cant keep a household pet, here are some other ways they could feel connected to an animal:

  • Sponsor an animal through a zoo, safari park or charity scheme.
  • Get your child a substitute pet such as an interactive toy like a Furby or Little Live Pet, or an animal app. Virtual pets let children feel like theyre caring for an animal without the risk of triggering asthma symptoms.

What Allergies Cause Asthma

Inhaled allergens. The most important allergens for people with allergic asthma appear to be those asthma triggers that are inhaled. Hay fever or seasonal allergic rhinitis occurs when a person comes in contact with an allergen or a substance that they are sensitive to. Common inhaled allergens include:

Medical experts recommend that all people with allergies and asthma try to identify possible inhaled allergens that may trigger asthma symptoms.

If you can avoid coming in contact with the substance you are allergic to , you may be able to prevent symptoms of an asthma attack.

Food allergies. Food allergies rarely cause , yet they can cause a severe life-threatening reaction called . The condition can lead to symptoms that include trouble breathing, , an itchy , low blood pressure, and . The most common foods linked with allergic symptoms are:

  • Bottled lime or lemon juice

If you suspect that certain foods may be the cause of your , discuss it with your doctor. You can have allergy skin testing to find out if you are allergic to these foods.

Should I Avoid Milk And Other Dairy Products

No. The milk myth the idea that milk makes mucous or that dairy products trigger asthma has been busted by scientists for some time. In fact, cows milk and other dairy foods very rarely trigger asthma symptoms in people without milk allergy. There have even been studies, both in Australia and overseas, that suggest if you have a regular intake of dairy products in childhood, you are less likely to develop asthma.

Concern about mucous is one of the most common reasons why people with asthma avoid dairy products, but its a misconception. The milk=mucous idea comes from the mouth-feel associated with milk some people confuse the coating that milk can leave on the back of the throat with mucus, but there is no evidence that milk increases mucous or narrows the airways.

Unfortunately, most Australians are missing out on the health benefits that come from consuming milk, cheese and yogurt as they dont include enough dairy foods in their diet. It is estimated that eight out of 10 Australian adults and most Australian children need to increase their intake of the dairy food group in order to meet the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

So unless diagnosed with a specific allergy or intolerance to dairy foods by your doctor, there is no reason to restrict or remove dairy foods from your diet. The best way to achieve good asthma control is to follow a written asthma action plan developed with your doctor.

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The Different Types Of Pollen

  • Tree pollen is a common hay fever trigger. Its the first pollen to be released during hay fever season, and levels are typically highest from late March to mid-May.
  • Around 95% of peoples hay fever is triggered by grass pollen, which tends to be highest between mid-May and July. In fact, theres strong evidence that when grass pollen levels are high, people with asthma are more likely to need hospital treatment.
  • Hay fever can also be triggered by weed pollen, which is highest from the end of June until September.

Food Additives And Asthma

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Food preservatives, food colorings, and flavoring agents have been found to cause asthma attacks in some people, so make sure to read food labels. Sodium bisulfite, potassium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite, potassium metabisulfite, and sodium sulfite are all potential triggers. Sulfites are the most common, Zitt explains. “Some people have trouble with delicatessen meats that are high in nitrites, while others may experience asthma symptoms from monosodium glutamate or from yellow food coloring containing tartrazine. Still, he adds, the scientific evidence regarding some of these potential triggers remains in dispute.

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Reduce Your Exposure To Asthma And Allergy Triggers

Thanks to your symptom diary, you may realize your asthma worsens at night and in the morning. This means there could be a trigger in your bedroom, such as the wall-to-wall carpet, dust mites in your bedding, or pet dander in your pillow. Experiment with changes to your environment, such as replacing the flooring, covering your pillow and mattress with dust-mite-proof cases, and keeping pets out of the bedroom. Such efforts may allow you to reduce your exposure and minimize your symptoms naturally. Allergists are experts at helping to identify environmental triggers and how to eliminate or avoid them.

What Are The Symptoms Of Cold Urticaria

  • Itchy, red skin and welts on skin that has been exposed to cold.
  • Reaction worsens when the skin warms up after its removed from the cold.
  • Swelling of lips when eating or drinking something cold
  • Swelling of hands when holding something cold
  • Swelling of the tongue or throat

In severe cases, there is a whole-body response that includes fainting, swelling, a racing heart and shock. This can happen when theres full skin exposure, such as bathing or swimming in cold water.

If you experience red, splotchy skin and welts after exposure to cold, seek out a diagnosis from a board-certified allergist or dermatologist.

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Review Your Existing Treatment Plan

If youre already taking steps to manage your asthma and allergies, review your plan with your doctor at the start of the year. Discuss what is and isnt working for you, including any lifestyle or economic barriers you face. Also, the allergists at Allergy & Asthma Specialists are on the forefront of prescribing biologic drugs for asthma, eczema and hives that are acclaimed as life changing. For the medications you are currently prescribed, ask questions to make sure youre taking them correctly, and review your inhaler technique with your doctor. After all, the medicine wont work if it doesnt reach your lungs.

How Do You Know If Food Is One Of Your Asthma Triggers

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If you think certain foods trigger your asthma symptoms or your childs symptoms, talk to your GP or asthma nurse as soon as possible. This is important because an asthma attack triggered by an allergic reaction to food can be worse, particularly for children.

Your GP or asthma nurse can help you work out if youre allergic or sensitive to certain foods. They can:

  • refer you for an allergy test to confirm or rule out any food allergies, usually a skin prick test
  • help you identify foods youre sensitive to that dont show up in allergy tests by supporting you to keep a food and symptom diary, which you can review at your appointment
  • support you in excluding certain foods or food groups for a while, and reintroducing them safely to see which foods trigger asthma symptoms
  • confirm or rule out anything else which could be making your asthma worse, such as acid reflux
  • update your asthma action plan with new food triggers, and any action you need to take if your asthma symptoms are triggered by food.

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Spring Has Sprung Dont Let Your Allergies Spring Up

Each year, as the weather warms up and temperatures rise above 50 degrees, seasonal spring allergies hit. Why? Because thats when plants begin to bloom, releasing their pollen into the air. The allergy season hits its peak between March and June, so its important to start preparing for it now.

What causes spring allergies? An allergic reaction happens when your immune system mistakes allergens for dangerous substances and produces antibodies to fight them. In the spring, tree pollen starts to appear in the air in the beginning of February, and its joined by grass pollen later in the season. These are two of the worst offenders for triggering spring allergies. When your body tries to fight allergens like pollen with antibodies, it produces histamine, and thats what leads to allergy symptoms. Spring allergens typically produce respiratory reactions like sinus congestion, runny nose, post-nasal drip, sneezing, coughing, itchy or watery eyes and, sometimes shortness of breath.

You dont have to wait until your spring allergies symptoms are making you miserable to take action. Preparing for allergy season ahead of time can help you get ahead of it and that will mean fewer allergy symptoms. If youve never seen an allergist, do it so youll know what your allergies are and how to treat them. Here are some ways to prepare for springtime allergies.

It Can Cause Esophagus Damage And Lead To Esophageal Cancer

While acid reflux is more of a discomfort than a serious health risk, you do need to be vigilant about whatâs going on in your digestive tract, especially if you experience frequent acid reflux. According to the NIH, 5% of people with symptoms of GERD may develop Barretts esophagus, a risk factor for developing esophageal cancer wherein the esophageal cells transform into cells akin to those in the intestines. And in general, GERD patients are more at risk for esophageal cancer, so itâs important to see your doctor regularly.

Abass A. Toriola Complaints

Coughing is your bodys natural way of eliminating unwanted stuff from your airways. So, its not necessarily a big deal when you cough sometimes after eating or drinking it simply means your body is trying to prevent some particles from going down into your lungs.

Coughing after eating or drinking can be very frustrating. Worse, if you have to go into several bouts of coughing every time after eating certain foods, it means something is wrong with the way your body handles such foods. And you need to find out the cause, since it could be a sign of some serious health problem. Ice cream and cold drinks are notorious for this.

Here are 6 common causes of coughing after eating ice cream and cold drinks.

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Lisa And Veronicas Story

It was the end of May, chilly for the Chicago area, and my 14-year-old daughter Veronica decided she wanted to go swimming at her best friends house. The thermometer of the pool read only 68 degrees, but Veronica and her friend were eager to wear their new swimsuits and have some fun.

The girls polar plunge took only 10 seconds they immediately gave up on swimming and decided to lie out in the sun on the deck.

As Veronica exited the pool, I noticed her legs were bright red and splotchy. She wiped her legs dry, but the splotches soon turned into itchy welts. I took her home, drew a warm bath, and gave her Benadryl. The welts went away soon after.

I figured her reaction was some type of histamine response, so I called an allergist for an appointment. After testing, the allergist diagnosed Veronica with cold urticaria.

Essentially, cold urticaria means cold hives. Its the bodys histamine response to a cold stimulus. We learned that cold air could trigger a reaction. Living in the Midwest where long, harsh winters are common, we knew wed need a well-thought-out plan for prevention. We invested in the warmest of outerwear and we carry epinephrine auto-injectors wherever we go in case she experiences a severe allergic reaction.

Fortunately, Veronica has remained hive-free since that pool incident although we now vacation in only the warmest of places, where we are confident the water temperature will always be warm.

Lisa Pavalon

How Can I Tell What Causes And Triggers My Asthma

Healthy Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Figuring out what was going on around you when you had an attack is the first step to identifying your triggers.

Your doctor may also do blood testing or ask you to use a device called a peak flow meter. It measures how much air you exhale and how quickly it comes out. It can alert you to changes in your breathing and the onset of asthma symptoms.

Ask your asthma doctor if using a peak flow meter would help you narrow down the causes of your asthma.

It can be tough to identify them all, and they can change. For example, you might not have been bothered by tree pollen when you were a child, only to have a problem with it as an adult.

Even when you know your triggers, you might have a hard time avoiding them in certain situations. For example, you may notice that your workplace is cleaned with a cleaning product that bothers your lungs.

Thatâs why itâs so important to work closely with the doctor who treats your asthma. They can help you think of strategies to avoid triggers, or at least cut down on the amount of time you spend near them. They can also make sure you have the right medication when an asthma attack does strike.

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Sinusitis And Other Upper Respiratory Infections

Much like asthma causes inflammation in the lining of your airways, sinusitis causes inflammation in the mucus membranes that line your sinuses. This makes the membranes put out more mucus. If you have asthma and your sinuses get inflamed, your airways may too. Prompt treatment of a sinus infection can relieve asthma symptoms.

Hay Fever Pollution Hot Weather And Thunderstorms

Lots of people find their hay fever is worse when theres high pollution, especially when hot weather makes pollution worse. Pollution molecules stick to pollen grains, so they hang about in the air longer and are harder to get out of your airways.

Thunderstorms can also cause your symptoms to flare up, because they smash pollen into tiny bits that go deeper into your lungs.

These three steps will reduce your risk of an asthma attack from pollen combined with heat and/or pollution or thunder:

  • Make sure you carry your reliever inhaler. If you need to use it three or more times a week, book an urgent GP appointment.
  • Try to stay away from the trigger dont go out, or exercise, in the heat or if pollution is high. You could use a weather app on your phone to get weather and pollen alerts.
  • Take hay fever medicines to help reduce the allergic reaction thats making your asthma worse see our hay fever treatments page.
  • Next review due March 2023

    Donate today and help do 3 amazing things for people with asthma

    Asthma UKs mission is to stop asthma attacks and cure asthma. We do this by funding world leading research, campaigning for improved care and supporting people to reduce their risk of a potentially life-threatening asthma attack. Will you help us do all this and more?

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    Asthma Eczema And Allergies

    My asthma is under control now and has been for 20 plus years. I only have to take salbutamol once in a while. One of those puffers will last me a year so Im not reliant on it at all. My breathing is much better than when I was young.

    My eczema has been good and bad my whole life, the last five years seem to have been horrible with red skin syndrome. But in the last six months, Ive seemed to have it under control. I still get red patches here and there, but I have it under control doing wet wraps.

    My allergies I have to always be careful with. I have grown out of some food allergies, at the age of 16 I was able to start having dairy products. Finally! I was able to eat ice cream and have pizza! But I knew that I would not grow out of my nuts and fish allergies. Those are not going away and I will always have to be on guard when eating out.

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    Is There Such Thing As A Hypoallergenic Cat

    Ice Cream Taste Test Tournament (Day 4)

    If you suffer from allergy induced asthma brought on by exposure to cats, but really want to care for a kitty of your own, you may want to consider a hypoallergenic breed. There is certainly no guarantee that these breeds will prevent your asthma attacks, however these cats have been specially bred to produce less of the problematic Fel D1 protein and may be a better choice for you.

    Here are a few breeds of hypoallergenic cats that you may want to find out more about:

    • The need for inhaler frequently

    Contact Oklahoma allergy and asthma clinic, OKOA for allergy treatment.

    **Disclaimer: The information on this page is not intended to be a doctors advice, nor does it create any form of patient-doctor relationship.

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    How Do Triggers Make Asthma Worse

    When you have asthma, your airways are always inflamed and sensitive. They react to a variety of external triggers. Contact with these triggers is what causes asthma symptoms. Your airways tighten and get more inflamed, mucus blocks them, and your symptoms get worse. An asthma attack can start right after exposure to a trigger or several days or even weeks later.

    Reactions to asthma triggers are different for each person and vary from time to time. Something may bother you but not others with asthma. You might have many triggers while they have none. And while avoiding triggers is a good way to control asthma, the best way is to take medications and follow treatments exactly as prescribed by your doctor in your asthma action plan.

    The Asthma Is Usually Linked To Allergic Rhinitis

    Environmental allergies can affect your airway in unique ways:

    • Allergic rhinitis affects your nose and sinuses, and may cause sneezing, congestion, and an itchy nose and eyes.
    • mainly affects your lungs, and may cause coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath or rapid breathing.

    But when you have allergic asthma, youll likely develop both sets of symptoms at once.

    In children, the signs can be more subtle, notes Dr. Purcell. Kids may say theyre too tired to play, but parents should check for wheezing or coughing. If the other kids are running around playing, and your child wants to sit on the sidelines, he or she may be having trouble breathing, he says.

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