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Nebulizer For Asthma For Sale

Who Will Be Using The Nebuliser

Portable Ultrasonic Mini Inhale Nebulizer Atomizer Asthma Machine

For patients with severe breathing difficulties, such as COPD, or asthma patients, nebulisers with a higher level of nebulisation are better because they deliver higher levels of the nebulised active ingredient.

For babies and children, a quieter nebuliser that forms a smoother mist may be more pleasant and less disturbing when the medicine is inhaled.

When treating patients with multiple respiratory tract diseases, a nebuliser which can produce different particle sizes is recommended.

Nebulisers for babies and children

Nebulisers for children and adults

  • Use to treat lower airway conditions
  • Instant therapy in your pocket
  • Get relief from any angle or position

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Nebulizer

  • Easy To Use: It does not take much time to use a nebulizer machine especially in emergency cases like when having an asthma attack.
  • Time Saver: Extensive breathing treatments can be cumbersome and consume too much time. Portable nebulizing machine offers quick relief in the dire times.
  • Multiple Medications in One Go: Several crucial medicines may be delivered to the patient at the same time.
  • Safe for Use for Children: Pediatric nebulizers are specifically created nebulizer compressors for asthmatic children who are not old enough to use inhalers properly.

Nebulizers are effectively used in the treatment of respiratory ailments like cystic fibrosis. Buying a nebulizer for asthma and other ailments is a safe way to ensure you or your loved ones breathe better.

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What Disease Are You Using The Nebuliser For

The various respiratory tract diseases affect different parts of the respiratory system. The droplet or particle size is decisive for ensuring the location where the droplets are deposited upon inhalation, and thus for the part of the respiratory tract that is treated. Larger medicine particles are deposited in the upper respiratory tract. Some examples of upper respiratory tract diseases are a runny nose and chronic sinusitis. Smaller medicine particles reach the lower respiratory tract. COPD, asthma, bronchitis and bronchiolitis are examples of lower respiratory tract diseases. It is therefore important to choose a nebuliser which supplies the correct particle size for the disease being treated.

Nebulisers for upper airway treatment

Nebulisers for lower airway treatment

  • Use to treat lower airway conditions
  • Instant therapy in your pocket
  • Get relief from any angle or position

What Is A Nebulizer Machine

Asthma Nebulizer Machine For Sale

Nebulizer, also known as breathing treatment machine or asthma machine, is designed to provide quick relief from respiratory illnesses by delivering medication to the lungs in a mist form. In certain cases, they are more effective than metered-dose inhalers and used most commonly in the treatment of asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD , and other respiratory ailments. A breathing machine includes a nebulizer machine or medicine cup, a compressor, tubing, mouthpiece, and tubing connectors. The nebulizer cup contains the liquid medication into which the compressor pumps air through the tubing to aerosolize the medicine. Find various breathing treatment machine and related products from experienced manufacturers like Graham Field, Respironics, DeVilbiss, and many more.

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Who Can Use A Nebuliser

People who live with a respiratory illness can use a nebuliser. While inhalers are more commonly used by those with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , there are situations where nebulising will be more effective. This can include emergencies where you may need a higher dose of medication to breathe or require antibiotics for infection control, or if you have a severe respiratory illness, such as acute asthma, and require stronger nebuliser medication.

Nebulisers may be recommended if you have cystic fibrosis or bronchiectasis, or if you have arthritis which makes using inhalers difficult. They are also the preferred method for babies and young children to ensure they get the full dose of medication to the lungs.

How Does A Nebuliser Work

A nebuliser is a medical device used to change liquid medication into a fine mist that can be inhaled through the mouth. It does this by pumping compressed air or ultrasonic vibrations through the liquid to convert it into a spray that is easier to breathe in through a mouthpiece or face mask. Nebulisers can be battery-powered or electric and come in both portable and table-top versions.

They differ from inhalers which are small, handheld devices that asthmatics use to inhale their medication. Inhalers are often used with spacers as this helps to deliver the medication to the lungs properly, instead of the back of the mouth. Nebulisers also help increase delivery of the drug to the lungs – all you need to do is breathe regularly and the vapour will be sent directly to the lungs. This makes nebulisation a great option for small children and those who struggle with inhalers.

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What Is A Nebulizer

Nebulizer is a device that turns liquid medication into a mist so a person can inhale it into their lungs. The device sends the mist through a tube connected to a mask or mouth piece. Treatment can take 510 minutes or more.

Nebulizer machines may help with respiratory conditions, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease .

A doctor may prescribe the use of a nebulizer to infants and young children, since they cannot use metered dose inhalers.

How To Select The Right Nebuliser

Top Selling Nebulizers | Best Nebulizers for 2022

There are many different types of nebuliser, which each satisfy different requirements. The question is, which nebuliser is right for me? Choosing the right nebuliser depends on the nature of your ailment or the symptoms of your child. When selecting a nebuliser for your baby, different factors play a role to when you are choosing the right nebuliser for yourself. Other important aspects to consider are how often, how intensively and where you will be using the device.

Consider the following questions when deciding on the right nebuliser for you:

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

For people with COPD, there is no evidence that nebulisers are more effective at delivering drugs than handheld inhalers as part of your usual treatment. But you may use a nebuliser in hospital for a short time if you have a severe flare-up. Your consultant may decide to arrange a nebuliser for you to use at home in some circumstances. Read more about how COPD is treated.

Where Can I Buy Nebulizer Machine

HPFY has a huge range of nebulizers and nebulizer supplies that cater to all needs and are easy to use at home. The Nebulizer Machine in store from top manufacturers offers many benefits, choose the one that fits your needs and be assured of quality at a low price. They are from top-selling manufacturers like Drive Medical, Medline Industries, Respironics, etc.

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What Is The Difference Between An Aerosol Inhaler And A Nebulizer

Nebulizers turn liquid medication into an aerosol or mist that can be easily Nebulized and breathed in. Nebulizers are often used for young children, the elderly, or people with respiratory issues like asthma or COPD. Nebulizers are also useful for anyone who has trouble using an inhaler correctly.

Inhalers measure and release a specific amount of medication into your mouth and throat. Inhalers are portable and easy to use. You can carry an inhaler with you everywhere you go. Inhalers are often used for people with asthma or COPD.

Nebulizers and Inhalers both deliver medication to the lungs, but they do so in different ways. Again you always should check with your doctor to determine what kind of medication you should be using with your nebulizer or if you should just be using saline.

The Nebulizer You Can Take Anywhere

Quiet Inhaler for children Asthma Inhaler Portable mini nebulizador ...

Nebulization therapy is a drug delivery therapy where the nebulizer turns liquid medication into a mist that is then delivered to the lungs through inhalation therapy. The TruNeb portable Asthma nebulizer machine is designed to be used at home and on-the-go. Its perfect for people who have difficulty using a traditional nebulizer machine or who need to travel with their medication.

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Types Of Nebulizer Machines

Jet nebulizers: The most common of nebulizer machines, jet nebulizers use air compression to generate enough air to go through a short tube, into a nebulizer cup that holds the liquid medicine and converts the liquid into a mist for inhalation. Jet nebulizer machines are available at home, portable, and pediatric units just for kids. They are generally bigger and louder, and the medicine mist particles tend to vary in size. The machines are durable and typically less expensive to replace parts.

Ultrasonic-Vibrating Mesh nebulizers: These nebulizer machines use ultrasonic waves and are extremely quiet. The sound waves hit the liquid medicine and turn into a mist to be inhaled. These nebulizer machines are primarily portable units that are suitable for all age ranges. They are generally smaller and quieter with more consistent medical mist particle sizes. They provide faster treatment times as compared to jet nebulizers. These machines tend to be more expensive and while easy to clean and maintain, the parts may also be expensive to replace.

Home Nebulizers: These machines are the most commonly used type of nebulizer machines. While they have to be plugged into a wall outlet and are not portable, they have proven to be very reliable throughout the years. Another big advantage is the price as they are the least expensive type of nebulizer available.

Why Should You Use Nebulizer For Asthma Treatment Instead Of Inhaler

Because inhalers require a certain amount of coordination for the medication to reach your lungs, there is a lot of room for error. If you dont use your inhaler correctly, you may not be getting your entire dose of asthma meds.

With a portable nebulizer machine, you simply keep the mouthpiece or mask to your mouth and breathe in the mist. Using the mask makes it harder to lose the medication, meaning its a more accurate dose of your asthma meds each time you use it.

The biggest downside of nebulization therapy is portability. TruNeb fixes that issue with the best portable nebulizer on the market. Our device is just slightly larger than the average inhaler, making it just as convenient to take on the go.

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Nebulisers For Babies And Children

Nebulisers are particularly beneficial for children and babies who are unable to use an inhaler correctly as they ensure they get the full dosage of their medication into their lungs simply by breathing normally. Shop our children’s universal nebuliser kits by Able with bowl, mask and tubing included. We also have the Philips Respironic Lite Touch Mask for 1-5-year-olds with a soft, contoured cushion for less leakage and the Ecomed Breathe Eazy spacer and mask for babies to make taking puffers and metered dose inhalers easy and stress-free.

Check with your paediatric professional first to see which type of nebuliser is best for your child.

What Are The Side Effects Of Using A Nebulizer

Cheap online asthma nebulizer review

The authors of a 2018 article observe that nebulization therapy allows the medication to start working immediately, because the medication goes directly into the lungs.

Side effects are rare, and if they occur, they are not as severe as those that people may experience when taking oral medication.

The researchers also note that individuals are more likely to develop side effects from the drug itself rather than from the nebulizer.

However, individuals who are concerned about their condition or medication should not stop their treatment without consulting a doctor. This can help prevent potential asthma attacks.

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Is A Nebulizer Better Than An Inhaler

Nebulizers are not necessarily better than inhalers, but are simply different and used in different situations, even if they are similar. While both of these medical devices are used to administer medication to the lungs, they each have situations where they are better.Inhalers are used when medicine needs to be quickly administered to the lungs for just a short period of time. For example, if you are having an asthma attack, using an inhaler to deliver steroidal medicine to the lungs quickly can provide instant relief. If, on the other hand, your lungs have been damaged and need consistent exposure to a medication to help with the healing, a nebulizer is the best choice. Since nebulizers provide a steady mist of the medicated air, you can breathe it in consistently over the course of several minutes, or even longer.As with any medication or medical device, you should talk to your doctor or a CVS pharmacist to make sure you are using the right device at the right times. For many people, having both a nebulizer and an inhaler available is key to optimal respiratory health.

Portable Nebulizers Or Table Top Nebulizers

We offer two types of asthma breathing machine – a hand-held or portable nebulizer that can be carried around all the time and a tabletop type called the home nebulizer machine.

  • Portable Nebulizer- If you are regularly on the go then a portable nebulizer will give you peace knowing you have an emergency system in your bag. The hand-held nebulizer is small in size, runs on battery and provides convenient portability. It is small enough to easily fit into your bag or purse while you are on the go. DeVilbiss Traveler Portable Compressor Nebulizer System and Pari Trek S Portable Compressor Nebulizer, and Flyp Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer, Drive Power Neb Ultra Compressor Nebulizer are lightweight and apt for people with an active lifestyle.
  • Table Top Nebulizer – If not a frequent traveler and wishing to be economical, then you can opt for the table top nebulizer. It is larger in size and works only after being placed on a table or stable surface and plugged into a wall. It is more versatile in nature. The Pulmo-Aide Devilbiss Nebulizer is a tabletop one with a built-in nebulizer holder and four-pole motor design. The InnoSpire Elegance is also a perfect example that efficiently works with the proven SideStream aerosol technology and provides fast, reliable and efficient drug delivery to patients at home.

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Where And How Often Will The Nebuliser Be Used

If you want to use your nebuliser very frequently, you should choose a sturdy nebuliser with a high nebulising effect, which is suitable for intensive use.

If treatment is required at different times during the day, a lightweight and portable nebuliser is recommended.

If you are travelling a lot, a fully portable nebuliser, i.e. a mesh nebuliser, is the best choice for you. Similar in size to an inhaler, portable nebulisers are battery-powered but deliver optimum performance and flexibility.

Home-based nebulisers

Here’s the technical checklist when purchasing a nebuliser:

  • Technology: membrane or compressor
  • Users: adults, teenagers, children or babies
  • Sound level: quiet or low-noise
  • Pathology: upper, middle or lower respiratory tract.
  • Particle size : large particles for upper respiratory tract, smaller particles for lower respiratory tract. Patients with different diseases nebuliser that can produce different particle sizes.
  • Nebulisation rate: the higher the rate, the more medication the device can administer per minute.
  • Place of use: flexible for use on the go, frequent use throughout the day required, mesh nebuliser offers maximum flexibility

Tangxia Cordless Personal Nebulizer

home health asthma nebulizer inhaler portable automizer children care ...

This Tangxia nebulizer uses mesh technology, which produces fine mist so that people experience immediate results.

The device may be suitable for individuals of all ages, as well as those with shortness of breath, sinusitis, cough, or fever.

Additionally, a person can use the machine when lying down or sitting.

Pros and cons

Pros of this nebulizer include:

  • quiet operation
  • low residue levels
  • food-grade material

However, according to some reviewers on Amazon, the device takes time to vaporize and can rust. Others also claim that the manual is not informative enough.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Nebulizer

People who require the use of a nebulizer may wish to consider some of the most important features of these devices:

  • Usability: Devices with high nebulization levels target severe breathing problems. Individuals who need a nebulizer for a child may consider choosing one that operates quietly and comes with a pediatric mask. They can also check the machines size to ensure that it is suitable for the child.
  • Frequency of use: People who travel a lot may opt for a nebulizer machine that has a portable design and uses batteries.
  • Noise levels: Some devices provide more discrete operation, with low noise levels.
  • Ease of use: Many brands produce nebulizers that are easy to use, as they have a one-button feature and an automatic shut-off function.
  • Medication delivery: This depends on a persons condition, as some individuals require high doses of medications. A nebulizer should come with a medication reservoir that can accommodate the required amount of the drug.

Below are some frequently asked questions about nebulizer machines:

So Whats The Best Nebulizer

Its the most frustrating answer but the most honest it depends! if you are looking to purchase a nebulizer ,you should be asing yourself the following questions:

Why am I buying a nebulizer? If its for asthma, youll most likely want a nebulizerwith smaller particle rates and better pressure

If its for COPD, youll want partcles in range of 5-8 um .

Youll also want to ask yourself do I need to travel or not to determine if you need a battery-powered nebulizer or a plug-in.

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