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What Benefits Can I Claim With Asthma

What Medical Evidence Does Ssa Consider For Asthma Disability Benefits

New VA Disability Presumptive Conditions for Asthma, Rhinitis & Sinusitis | VA Benefits | theSITREP

In order to evaluate your disability, the SSA needs medical evidence that documents the severity of your asthma. Medical evidence that documents your asthma disability includes important items.

For example, the medical evidence should include your medical history. Additionally, the records should include the physical examination findings from your doctor. Also, you will want to send in the results of chest x-ray imaging .

Additionally, the SSA requires pulmonary function tests , including descriptions of any prescribed treatment and your response to it.

They also state the following:

  • If you use supplemental oxygen, then we still need medical evidence to establish the severity of your respiratory disorder.
  • Imaging refers to medical imaging techniques, such as x-ray and computerized tomography. The imaging must be consistent with the prevailing state of medical knowledge and clinical practice as the proper technique to support the evaluation of your asthma.
  • Pulmonary function tests include:
    • pulse oximetry .

    If you do not have these tests, then it is possible for the SSA to send to you to see one of their doctors for an asthma disability examination. SSA calls this a Consultative Examination. Find out more about Consultative Examinations here.

    How Can You Medically Qualify For Asthma Disability Benefits

    Asthma can make it impossible to work, especially if you work in an industry where there are often pollutants in the air.

    The Social Security Administrations Blue Book contains a list of the conditions that qualify for disability benefits. It has a listing for asthma. To meet the requirements you must have a diagnosis of asthma and it must be severe enough to require intensive treatments and make it impossible for you to work. The SSA considers intensive treatments to be:

    • intravenous bronchodilator
    • antibiotic administration
    • prolonged bronchodilator therapy in a hospital, emergency room or similar setting

    If you dont meet the requirement for intensive treatment or if your asthma flares arent prolonged or daily, you can still qualify for Social Security disability benefits under Medical Vocational Allowance.

    The Social Security Administration Lists Asthma As A Disability Under Section 303 In Order To Meet The Requirements Of This Listing You Must Have:

    • An FEV1 value that is low for your age, gender and height . This is a measurement taken from a pulmonary function test that calculates the amount of air a person can force out of their lungs in 1 second.
    • Three instances of complications or exacerbations which require hospitalization of at least 48 hours each. The hospitalizations must be 30 days apart.

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    How To Apply For Disability Because Of Asthma

    You have several options when it comes to applying for Social Security disability benefits. You can apply for benefits online or by phone at 800-772-1213 . You can also apply for disability in person by contacting your local Social Security office.

    You should submit any medical records, doctors’ reports, and recent test results you have. Don’t worry if you don’t have everything. Social Security will help you gather any documents you’re missing.

    Paying For Your Medicines

    Stop PMSing Roll

    Most adults with asthma will need to pay a prescription charge for their medicines.

    If you need to take a lot of medicines, paying for each item individually could get quite expensive. You may find it cheaper to get a prescription prepayment certificate. This is where you pay a one-off charge for all your prescriptions over a 3- or 12-month period.

    You will not need to pay for your medicines if you do not normally pay prescription charges. For example, all under-16s are entitled to free prescriptions.

    Read more about prescription costs to find out if you’re entitled to help with your prescription charges.

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    What Is The Difference Between A Cold And The Flu

    The common cold is a name given to minor infections in the nose and throat. The flu is a more serious disease caused by viruses that are different from cold viruses. Flu and cold infections are both very contagious.

    With the flu, it is common to have a fever, headache, body aches, and weakness. With a cold, these symptoms are much less common.

    If you are not sure if you have a cold or the flu, refer to the Public Health Agency of Canada chart, IS IT A COLD OR THE FLU?.

    This condition is caused by the inhalationof potentially hazardous substances which include:

    • Solvent vapours

    Exposure to these is likely to resultin asthma. This condition can be treated and possibly reversed but prolongedexposure may lead to permanent lung damage.

    Occupational asthma often developswithin 6 months to a year but in some cases it occurs within a few weeks.However, there have been cases where asthma has only developed after20 years of exposure.

    Our Firm Can Help You Win Your Asthma Disability Case

    If you have asthma, then you may need to hire an attorney to help you win your SSDI case. In order to hire Cannon Disabilit, all you need to do is call. Or, you can contact us on this website. We offer a free review of your case over the phone. And, it doesnt cost anything to call us. Better yet, it also doesnt cost you any upfront money to hire us.

    Why? Because you only pay us an attorney fee if we win your asthma case. This is a contingency fee. It means if we win your SSD case, you pay the attorney fee out of your back benefits. If you do not win, then there is no attorney fee to pay.

    If there are costs in your case, then you pay those costs. Typically, those costs are less than $100. Once we win, you pay your attorney free from your back benefit. For instance, to hire most lawyers, you have to pay upfront. We dont work like that. You dont have a job. Therefore, the only way to pay us, is for us to win your case. That is our goal. We want to win your asthma benefits case.

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    Benefits You Can Claim For An Occupational Disease

    Workers who develop diseases have access to the same benefits as those who suffer injuries. These include compensation for:

    • Medical costs This includes medication, hospitalization, doctors visits, the cost of traveling to appointments.
    • Temporary disability If you need time off to recover, you typically get two-thirds of your average weekly wage prior to the injury. Paralysis and other severe injuries may result in benefits of 80 percent of your average pre-injury wages.
    • Permanent impairment When your treatment is complete or you only have six weeks of temporary disability benefits left, your doctor will determine whether you have any lasting impairment. If you can do some type of work, your doctor will assign an impairment rating. This will determine how long you can get permanent impairment benefits of 75 percent of your temporary total disability rate. This will be halved if youre earning at least as much as you did before your injury.
    • Permanent total disability If you cant do any type of work, you will be eligible for permanent total disability benefits at the same rate as your temporary total disability benefits. These benefits will continue until youre 75 years old. If you dont qualify for Social Security benefits, youll receive permanent total disability benefits for the rest of your life.
    • Vocational rehabilitation If you cant return to your usual job, you may be eligible for vocational counseling, training, and other help in finding a new job.

    Do Not Panic And Initiate The Legal Process

    Asthma VA Disability Claims and Ratings

    The application and appeal process are undoubtedly complicated. Legal professionals know disability law, eligibility criteria, documents needed, and other things that can be complex for the average person to understand. If you choose to hire a Social Security disability lawyer, they will handle everything on your behalf and talk to responsible authorities to strengthen your case.

    We can represent you and ensure that you have open lines of communication with the Social Security Administration, ensuring that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

    Practice Areas

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      Sat Sun: Closed

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    Your Medical Records Should Include Results From The Following Tests:

    • Spirometry test measures how much air a person can breathe in and out of the lungs and how quickly they can exhale. A spirometry test should also be done when not having an attack to create a baseline measurement.
    • Arterial blood gas studies measures oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood.
    • FVC test results the amount of air a person can forcefully and quickly exhale after taking a deep breath.
    • FEV1 results the amount of air a person can force out of the lungs in one second.
    • Your medical records must also show you are following at-home treatments like using an inhaler.

    Va Disability Rating For Asthma: Basic Eligibility Criteria

    In order to be eligible for an asthma VA rating, a veteran must meet three criteria by law:

    • #1. Medical diagnosis of Asthma in a medical record
    • #2. Your Asthma was caused or made worse by your active-duty military service
    • #3. Persistent and recurring symptoms of Asthma

    If you think you have a respirator condition such as asthma, but dont have a medical diagnosis, pick-up the phone and call the VA mental health facility nearest you to make an appointment right away!

    If youre trying to increase your VA disability rating for asthma, you need to prove to the VA that your symptoms are now worse and warrant a higher rating by law.

    The #1 best way to increase your VA rating for asthma is to get a private independent psychological evaluation and tell your uncomfortable truths about the severity of your symptoms.

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    About Asthma And Disability

    What Is Asthma?

    Asthma is a type of chronic obstructive lung disease . It is a chronic inflammatory disease of the breathing or bronchial tubes . Muscles in the bronchial tubes constrict due to irritation, which can be an innate problem or can be caused by inhaling certain substances. In addition to constriction, inflammation causes swelling and excess mucus that further narrows the bronchial tubes. The combination of constricting muscles and inflammation obstructs the flow of air in the lungs. Asthmatic attacks can cause shortness of breath, chest tightness, wheezing, and coughing.

    Asthma can also be called asthmatic bronchitis, chronic asthmatic bronchitis, or reactive airways disease. Asthma frequently begins in childhood or adolescence, but can occur at any time in adult life.

    Figure 1: Diagram of the bronchial tubes and lungs.

    Severity of Asthma Attacks

    Asthma attacks can be mild and infrequent, responding to an inhaled bronchodilator. They can also be frequent and severe enough to be life-threatening. A diagnosis of asthma alone does not mean you are entitled to Social Security disability benefits. When properly treated, people with asthma have participated in the Olympics, professional sports, amateur sports, and school-related sports without danger or difficulty.

    Treatment for Asthma

    Asthma Attack Triggers

    Related Conditions

    Cold Weather And Asthma

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    Cold weather is a common trigger for asthma symptoms.

    There are things you can do to help control your symptoms in the cold:

    • carry your reliever inhaler with you at all times and keep taking your regular preventer inhaler as prescribed
    • if you need to use your inhaler more than usual, speak to your doctor about reviewing your treatment
    • keep warm and dry wear gloves, a scarf and a hat, and carry an umbrella
    • wrap a scarf loosely over your nose and mouth this will help warm up the air before you breathe it
    • try breathing in through your nose instead of your mouth your nose warms the air as you breathe

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    How To Apply For Social Security Benefits If You Have Severe Asthma

    My dad is one of the 24 million Americans who grew up with asthma. He is also allergic to pollen – which made working as a groundskeeper on a golf course pretty challenging. In May, hed sometimes be unable to work for a full week at a time.

    My dad was able to manage his asthma and allergies with medication and a quick-relief asthma inhaler. He was never hospitalized due to an attack. Yet if his asthma was worse, he may have not been able to work at all.

    If you or a loved one has severe asthma not controlled with medication, you may be too ill to earn a living. Fortunately, there are resources available if you qualify. The Social Security Administration offers help for people who are unable to work because of severe asthma.

    How Can I Medically Qualify for Benefits?

    When the SSA receives your application for disability benefits, it will compare your illness to its medical guide, known as the Blue Book. The Blue Book lists hundreds of disabilities that potentially qualify for benefits. The Blue Book also notes the required test results and/or symptoms needed for approval.

    Asthma is listed in Section 3.00Respiratory. There are two ways to qualify:

    Medically Qualifying Without the Blue Book

    Older Americans have a better chance of approval. They are less likely to be retrained for a new position. If you havent gone to college, you will also have an easier time qualifying.

    How Can I Start the Application Process?

    Va Disability Rating For Asthma Detailed Va Rating Criteria

    DC 6602 VA Disability Rating for Asthma, Bronchial: VA Rating

    FEV-1 less than 40-percent predicted, or FEV-1/FVC less than 40 percent, or more than one attack per week with episodes of respiratory failure, or requires daily use of systemic high dose corticosteroids or immuno-suppressive medications


    FEV-1 of 40- to 55-percent predicted, or FEV-1/FVC of 40 to 55 percent, or at least monthly visits to a physician for required care of exacerbations, or intermittent courses of systemic corticosteroids

    FEV-1 of 56- to 70-percent predicted, or FEV-1/FVC of 56 to 70 percent, or daily inhalational or oral bronchodilator therapy, or inhalational anti-inflammatory medication

    FEV-1 of 71- to 80-percent predicted, or FEV-1/FVC of 71 to 80 percent, or intermittent inhalational or oral bronchodilator therapy

    *Note: In the absence of clinical findings of asthma at time of examination, a verified history of asthmatic attacks must be of record.

    VA Disability Ratings for Asthma

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    Occupational Asthma In A Bakery/flour Confectioners Could I Claim

    Yes. In the paragraph above, we explained that both bakery and flour confectioners and vehicle paint technicians had the largest number of new cases saw by chest physicians in 2016. Not only this but in accordance with 2007-2016 SWORD data, bakery and flour confectioners experienced the second-highest rate of occupational asthma, with 37.1 per 100,000.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us today for more information on making a claim.

    Occupational Asthma Statistics Uk

    New VA Respiratory Presumption: Particulate Matter and Burn Pits

    The graph below shows some asthma statistics from the HSE. In 2019, there were around 174 new cases of occupational asthma reported by doctors. However, these were only doctors who were participating in the SWORD scheme. This scheme is within The Health and Occupation Reporting network.

    This figure is largely in line with the gradual increase of cases of occupational asthma. The actual figure could be larger, as there are doctors who were not participating in the SWORD scheme. Therefore, these figures would not have been reported.

    Occupational asthma compensation claims compensation statistics

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    Va Disability Ratings For Asthma

    Asthma, also called bronchial asthma, is a respiratory condition in which a persons airways become inflamed, making it difficult to breathe. When the airways become inflamed and narrow, some people may cough, wheeze, or experience shortness of breath. Severity ranges from person-to-person and can be minor or very severe.

    Can I Get Compensation If I Get Occupational Asthma

    If you have been professionally diagnosed by a doctor as having occupational asthma, you may be eligible for a payout. The severity of your condition will determine the level of benefit you will receive. This is something we will discuss in further detail in this guide.

    How is your asthma assessed? Well, the doctor will use a scale, which is from one to 100 per cent, with 100 per cent being the worst possible case of asthma. If your disability is deemed over the 14 per cent mark, you could have compensation awarded.

    It is vital to claim as soon as possible, as payments do not begin from the moment you were diagnosed, but from the day you started your claims.

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    What Your Disability Application Should Include

    In order to maximize your chances of receiving disability benefits for asthma, your application should contain detailed medical-records that clearly show the extent of your asthmatic condition. Make sure you include documentation of every asthma attack that required hospitalization, as well as the treatment that you were required to undergo while in the hospital. Your medical-records also should demonstrate the treatment and how it may have failed to make your situation better.

    At Disability Expertts of Florida, we believe that every case should be evaluated based on its individual merits and are here to help you apply for disability benefits.

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    A Long Term Disability Attorney Can Help

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    Getting approved for long term disability for asthma can be challenging. Your insurance company may be skeptical of the severity of your symptoms, or not understand the ways your symptoms impair you from working.

    Having an experienced long term disability attorney can go a long way in getting your benefits approved. A long term disability attorney will know how best to substantiate your asthma disability claim with the evidence your insurance company seeks.

    Avoid fatal mistakes and get it right the first time by calling Riemer Hess LLC, Attorneys at Law, to arrange a consultation: 212-297-0700.

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