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What Does An Asthma Cough Sound Like

What Does Asthma Cough Sound Like In Child

What Does Wheezing Sound Like?

Asthma is one of the major illnesses affecting children across the world. It is a chronic disease that not only affects children but also adults despite their gender, race, or nationality. Up to 18% of children in a particular country suffer from asthma. In the United States of America, around 9 million kids are living and battling asthma, while at least 18 million were told to have asthma. The sound of cough in asthma children is similar to the cough we used to hear. The only thing is that asthma might have other symptoms that may accompany the cough such as noisy breathing or in medical terms is also known as wheezing. Doctoroncall is a platform where you can learn more about asthma or any other diseases.

The number of new cases of asthma especially among children is increasing in certain countries including China. Certain factors are identified to be the culprit behind the increasing new asthma cases. The factors are:

  • Increase exposure to an indoor allergen
  • Air pollution
  • Climate
  • Toxic agents in the environment

Entertainment via television, computers, tablets, and other modern gadgets are holding children more indoor sitting without enough physical activity. This lack of activity and hours of sitting affects lung function and capacity. Indirectly, a sedentary lifestyle may cause more children to suffer from asthma.

The symptoms of asthma are:

  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid breathing
    • Dust
    • Irritants like perfume, hairsprays, nitrogen dioxide, or paint
    • Stress

    How Is Each Condition Diagnosed

    Doctors can use a spirometry test to diagnose asthma.

    Doctors can diagnose asthma by taking a health history and asking about a persons symptoms, such as when they become worse or better.

    Doctors can then conduct breathing tests to see if someone is likely to have asthma.

    Several different tests exist, but a common one is known as spirometry.

    Spirometry involves a person blowing into a sensor that measures how fast and hard they are exhaling their breath.

    How forcefully a person can exhale is usually reduced if they have asthma.

    A doctor may consider asthma over bronchitis if someone has had a cough that goes away but keeps returning.

    An exception is when a person has chronic bronchitis, often because they smoke. Asthma is also often unresponsive to cough medications.

    A doctor will diagnose bronchitis by:

    • taking a medical history
    • listening to the lungs
    • considering symptoms

    A doctor may also order a chest X-ray to ensure symptoms are not related to pneumonia. They may consider a further round of testing for asthma if the symptoms do not improve in 1 or 2 weeks.

    Do I Have Greater Risk For Getting Coronavirus If I Have Asthma

    In a time when asthma symptoms may be flaring due to weather changes and seasonal spring pollens, people with asthma may worry whether their asthma may put them at risk for getting coronavirus . It can be confusing because both asthma and coronavirus share symptoms of cough and shortness of breath. The good news that the chance of getting coronavirus for anyone with asthma is really no different than for someone without asthma. Getting coronavirus comes down to an individuals exposure to suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus or to symptomatic carrier of SARS-CoV-2 virus . Therefore, to reduce your risk of getting coronavirus whether you have asthma or not, practice the social distancing, hand washing, mask and glove protection, and surface disinfection that has been promoted by the CDC and public health and infectious disease experts .

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    Productive Cough Vs Dry Coughs

    What Is a Productive Cough?

    A productive cough is a cough that results in mucus, phlegm or blood being expelled from the lungs or upper airway.

    In many cases, a productive cough develops during a common ailment such as flu, cold, sinus or respiratory infection. Whenever mucus or phlegm drains down the throat or develops in the lungs, it blocks air passage and must be removed. The body then forces you to cough, producing the foreign body and clearing the airway.

    What Is a Dry Cough?

    A nonproductive or dry cough is the result of an inflamed or irritated throat or upper airway. The body reacts by trying to clear the airway with a cough, but since there is nothing in the airway, this is often counterproductive, causing further irritation.

    A dry cough may develop as part of common disease processes such as cold, flu or sinus infection. Other common causes are:

    • External irritants: fumes, smoke, smog, allergies
    • Internal irritants: mucus, stomach acid
    • Chronic conditions: asthma, COPD or other causes like medications or lung disease.

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    Identify Your Child’s Cough

    What does asthma cough sound like in child?

    Does your child have a cough that worries you no end? Why not listen to the sound of these coughs online to see whether any of them sound familiar. If your child’s cough persists, however, you should get him/her to a doctor immediately.

    Wheezing cough

    Does your child sound as if he/she is breathing through a piece of plastic tubing? Your child’s wheezing could be related to bronchitis, or even asthma.

    Inflammation of the bronchi can either be acute or chronic. However, children are mainly affected by acute bronchitis. This condition is caused by viruses or bacteria and is characterised by coughing, the production of mucus-containing sputum, and narrowing of the air passages.

    This is what a wheezing cough sounds like:


    Croup is an acute viral inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tracts, which is accompanied by harsh, difficult breathing.

    Croup often develops in the evening or night and, if it is not severe initially, might worsen during the night. It affects children between the ages of six months and three years.

    The primary difference between stridor and croup is stridor is a sign of airway obstruction, whereas croup is a syndrome that can cause stridor.

    StridorThis cough is typified by a harsh, raspy, high-pitched sound when inhaling. The noise heard on breathing is when the trachea or larynx is obstructed. It tends to be louder and harsher than wheezing. Stridor may be caused by the inhalation of a foreign body, or could be related to croup.

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    Care Advice For Asthma Attack

  • What You Should Know About Asthma:
  • Over 10% of children have asthma.
  • Your child’s asthma can flare up at any time.
  • When you are away from your home, always take your child’s medicines with you.
  • The sooner you start treatment, the faster your child will feel better.
  • Here is some care advice that should help.
  • Asthma Quick-Relief Medicine:
  • Your child’s quick-relief medicine is albuterol or xopenex.
  • Start it at the first sign of any wheezing, shortness of breath or hard coughing.
  • Give by inhaler with a spacer or use a neb machine.
  • Repeat it every 4 hours if your child is having any asthma symptoms.
  • Never give it more often than 4 hours without talking with your child’s doctor.
  • Coughing. The best “cough med” for a child with asthma is always the asthma medicine. Caution: don’t use cough suppressants. If over 6 years old, cough drops may help a tickly cough.
  • Caution: if the inhaler hasn’t been used in over 7 days, prime it. Test spray it twice into the air before using it for treatment. Also, do this if it is new.
  • Use the medicine until your child has not wheezed or coughed for 48 hours.
  • Spacer. Always use inhalers with a spacer. It will get twice the amount of medicine into the lungs.
  • Asthma Controller Medicine:
  • Your child may have been told to use a controller drug. An example is an inhaled steroid.
  • It’s for preventing attacks and must be used daily.
  • During asthma attacks, keep giving this medicine to your child as ordered.
  • Allergy Medicine for Hay Fever:
  • Fluids – Offer More:
  • Types Of Coughs In Children Toddlers And Babies

    What does your childs cough mean, and should you seek medical attention? We broke down eight different types of coughs you should know.

    Most coughs are caused by a respiratory condition, such as a cold, influenza, or asthma. Sometimes, however, they can signal something more serious like whooping cough or pneumonia. Read about eight different types of coughs in toddlers and children, and determine if you need to visit the doctor.

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    Can A Cough Last For Weeks With Long Covid

    The doctor may recommend flu shots, and other preventative measures to ensure that you dont get colds and flus in the first place. People with long COVID-19 have reported that their cough can continue for weeks or months and be accompanied with ongoing breathlessness and loss of stamina. We will be writing a new blog post about this soon.

    Can A Person With Asthma Have A Dry Cough

    Sounds of Asthma – Wheezing Lung Sounds

    Asthma: Not all diagnosed with asthma will experience a dry cough. Cough-variant asthma does not produce classic symptoms, like shortness of breath or wheezing. Instead, a chronic and dry cough is the main symptom. This cough is especially likely after exposure to irritants like cold air or ambient smoke.

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    Why Does My Cat Wheeze And Have Difficulty Breathing

    Feline asthma Just like in people, some cats lower airways can become inflamed when triggered by allergens, resulting in wheezing and difficulty breathing. Laryngitis Infectious processes, trauma, and even tumors can cause inflammation in the back of the throat, resulting in breathing changes.

    Recent Posts

    Is Your Childs Cough Or Wheeze Because Of Asthma

    Coughing and wheezing are both quite common in babies and young children. Usually theyre due to a virus such as a cold.

    But how can you tell if its their asthma, or if theyre coughing and wheezing because of a cold or virus theyve picked up?

    Coughing or wheezing is more likely to be your childs asthma if:

    • theyre coughing or wheezing more at night or early in the morning
    • their cough or wheeze wont go away or keeps coming back
    • they wheeze without other cold symptoms
    • they have a dry cough
    • they cough or wheeze after running around, laughing or being in the cold
    • they have other symptoms too, such as breathlessness, a tight chest or a tummy ache
    • they cough or wheeze more when they come into contact with triggers like pollen, dust mites, pets, or pollution.

    Your child’s reliever

    If your child is using their reliever inhaler three or more times a week, see their GP or asthma nurse. It’s a sign that their asthma is getting worse.

    Not yet diagnosed? Coughing and wheezing are typical symptoms of asthma, and often the first one parents notice. Find out more about how asthma is diagnosed.

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    What Is Good Asthma Care

    Your doctor or nurse will tailor your asthma treatment to your symptoms. Sometimes you may need to be on higher levels of medication than at others.

    You should be offered:

    • care at your GP surgery provided by doctors and nurses trained in asthma management
    • full information about your condition and how to control it
    • involvement in making decisions about your treatment
    • regular checks to ensure your asthma is under control and your treatment is right for you
    • a written personal asthma action plan agreed with your doctor or nurse

    It is also important that your GP or pharmacist teaches you how to properly use your inhaler, as this is an important part of good asthma care.

    What Can I Do At Home To Treat Wheezing

    Kids Dry Cough: 7 Causes and Tips for Relief

    There are a number of ways you can improve your wheezing:ยท

    • Breathing exercises have been shown to help relax your airways if youre asthmatic. Practice yoga breathing preferably in a moist, humid environment. If youre not familiar with prayanama breathing, any slow, deep breathing exercises will help expand your lung capacity and relax your airways.
    • Drink hot herbal tea. The warmth and moisture of the tea will help relax your bronchial tubes. Some studies show green tea to have antibacterial properties as well.
    • Dont smoke. Smoking irritates your lungs and inflames your airways. Avoid second-hand smoke as well.
    • Use an air purifier with a HEPA filter to eliminate potential allergens in your home.
    • Vaporize your air with a vaporizer or humidifier.

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    When To Take Your Cat To A Vet

    If you suspect your cat may have asthma, it is best to err on the side of caution. Take them to the vet right away before the condition worsens. If your cat is coughing or wheezing, it may be indicative of a serious health issue and should be treated immediately.

    In the event of a feline asthma attack:

    • Remain calm. Your cat may become more stressed if they sense panic
    • Administer bronchodilator or medication
    • Move your cat to a cool, well-ventilated area
    • Take your cat to the vet

    Being aware of the signs and symptoms is the first step in ensuring your cats safety. Learn more about the AeroKat* chamber and how it can help administer your cats medication safely and effectively.

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  • Cat Cough: Causes Sounds And What To Do About It

    We all know that cats are independent creatures. But, we still like to cuddle and spoil our feline friends as though theyre our own children. Cats might not be as dependent or obedient as dogs, but we still adore them and their mysterious ways.

    Cats rarely show pain or discomfort. So, if you notice that your pet kitty is showing a clear sign or symptom of pain, a sneeze, or an abnormal cough, youll be on high alert.

    Why is my cat sneezing and coughing?!

    In this article, well be delving into the potential symptoms and causes of your cats cough and what you can do about it.

    Read on for helpful information, advice, and resources to help you take care of your beloved feline friend.

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    Really Gross Wet Cough

    Your child’s had a cold for a week now, and it’s getting worse. His cough is wet and phlegmy, and his breathing seems to be faster than usual.

    The Likely Cause: Pneumonia, in which a virus or bacterium invades the lungs, causes them to fill up with fluid. “Because the child is trying to get the fluid out of his lungs, a pneumonia cough tends to be pretty ugly,” says Dr. Lonzer. “This is the hacking-up-goobers one.”

    Pneumonia Treatment: Your pediatrician may be able to diagnose pneumonia with a physical exam but might need to send your child for an X-ray. She may do an oxygen-saturation test to check for a low oxygen level. If the doctor determines from the test results that the pneumonia is bacterial, she’ll prescribe antibiotics viral pneumonia has to run its course. Pneumonia can usually be treated at home, but if it’s severe, your child may need to stay in the hospital for a few days.

    Do Goats And Sheep Make The Same Noise

    What Asthma Looks and Feels Like

    Are you serious? You cant differentiate between the looks and sounds of a sheep and goat? Well, let me make it easy for you!

    The sounds of sheep and goats are both called bleat as both sounds are like bee, meh and maa. However, the looks of both are a lot different.

    • The tail of the goats is short and pointed upwards. The sheep have a warm coat that is why their coat is used as wool for sweaters.
    • Sheep like to eat plants like grass that are at their hooves level and not tall. On the other hand, goats can eat tall plants by standing on their back legs.

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    What Causes A Cat To Cough

    Next, well go through the most common causes of cat cough and what they sound like. This will help you identify your kittys symptoms and know what might be causing your precious animal to sound unwell.

    Here are the most common cat cough sounds and the illnesses that cause them:

    Cat Cough Sound
    Wheezing cough Heartworm, Asthma

    Pay close attention to what your cats cough sounds like, as this will help you diagnose potential problems and find a solution.

    Identifying Your Asthma Triggers

  • 1Learn about common triggers. Coughing can be triggered by a variety of substances like allergens and irritants . Other common asthma triggers include:XTrustworthy SourceNational Heart, Lung, and Blood InstituteResearch and education center within the National Institutes of HealthGo to source
  • Medications: these may include aspirin, other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and nonselective beta-blockers
  • Chemicals used to preserve foods: usually the sulfites found in a number of foods and drinks
  • Upper respiratory infections: such as colds and other viral infections of the lungsXExpert Source
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    What Does Kennel Cough Sound Like In Puppies

    Coughing in puppies can sound a little bit different than large or small, full-grown breeds.

    Puppies will show the same signs and symptoms of kennel cough as an older dog, but they will have a high pitched, persistent, honking cough and gag than a fully developed dog.

    This video shows a nine-week-old puppy with kennel cough. If you compare this furry babys honking cough to the big boys in the videos prior, youll notice this puppy sounds more like a squeaky toy than a goose.

    Puppies need extra loving care when it comes to kennel cough. They are more susceptible to the transmission of kennel cough because:

    • They have adorable baby underdeveloped immune systems and havent had the chance to build them up yet.
    • They havent yet had all of their vaccines.


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