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Best Air Filters For Asthma

Three Of The Best Air Purifiers For Controlling Asthma

AF BEST Air Purifier for Asthma with HEPA & Active Carbon Filters for Allergies removal

The Airfree P40 is the perfect choice for use in small to medium rooms, especially bedrooms as it is completely silent in use and requires no maintenance or replacement filters ever. Most importantly however, the P40 is independently proven to destroy viruses, bacteria and microorgansims to a higher degree than any other technology – Choose this model if your room is no larger than 40 cubic metres and you do not plan to move the air purifier around on a daily basis. If your room is larger than this, then there are a full range of other Airfree models for different room sizes all the way up to 150m3.

Unlike the Airfree units above, the Blueair units utilise a Hepa filter to trap the airborne pollutants and allergens. In order to suck these particles up quickly the machine uses a powerful fan motor which gets to work within minutes of turning it on. This means it is a great option if you want to use it in the living room during the day and then perhaps move it to the bedroom at night. All Blueair units have a unique Hepasilent mode which makes them virtually silent for night time use. All Blueair units also carry a full 5 Year Warranty and have full AHAM and Energy Compliant Accreditation.

Are Molekule And Dyson Air Purifiers Worth The Money

You may have heard of another air purifier called Molekule, which grabbed headlines for its attractive design and proprietary filtration technology back in 2017. But the Molekule presents a complicated problem: Its maker claims its proprietary PECO air filter destroys airborne particles much smaller than 0.03 micrometer, but it filters air at such a slow rate that, even if the company’s claims are accurate, it cleans the air very inefficiently compared with HEPA air purification models .

Molekule was forced by the National Advertising Board of Review to retract misleading claims it made in its advertisements.

We have tested but don’t currently recommend the $499 Molekule Air Mini Plus as a result of these problems, as well as a 2020 decision by the National Advertising Review Board to force a retraction of many of Molekule’s misleading advertising claims. That said, the air purifier does appear to address a problem that most HEPA filtration cleaners simply don’t: the presence of gaseous pollutants in the home. Such pollutants have plenty of sources, whether from paint, furniture, cleaning solutions or even some composite boards. For that reason alone, Molekule’s eye-catching brand is worth keeping tabs on — especially since the company merged with AeroClean, a pathogen elimination technology company, in October 2022.

Still have more questions about air purifiers and whether you’re ready to buy one? Check out our full air purifier FAQ for more info.

What Is The Best Air Filter For Asthma

An ideal air filter for asthma would be a powerful HEPA filter, such as the True HEPA filter, which can clean up allergens, dust, and other causes of difficulty in breathing. HEPA filters can also be combined with a carbon filter so that any additional odor can also be removed from the air.

  • Could lessen more allergens due to its finer filtering system
  • Found in many air filters

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Dont Store Paint Or Chemicals Indoors

Although you may have your paints, cleaning chemicals, and pesticides stored inside containers, they can still release volatile organic compounds into the air which can irritate your respiratory system. Therefore, its best to keep these products stored outside or in a garage or basement area thats far away from your breathing area. For areas where this is not possible, consider getting one of the best chemical air purifier units to clean the air of these toxins.

What Does Hepa Mean

Best Air Purifier for Asthma 2022  Latest Reviews for Breathing Issues

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air and refers to the fact that HEPA filters let air pass through with little resistance while quickly capturing almost all the particles the air is carrying. The technology was developed during World War II and designed to trap radioactive and other dangerous particles in the labs developing the atomic bomb. Read more in How HEPA filters work.

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Other Air Purifiers We’ve Tested

In addition to our picks above, other HEPA cleaners such as the $100 Levoit Core 300, the $74 Bissell and the $100 GermGuardian all offer only so-so power for their prices. The IQAir HealthPro Plus wasn’t among the devices we tested, in part because we were looking at more affordable options. But IQAir’s $799 air cleaner is one of the few devices on the market to contain multiple kilograms of activated carbon, which will filter out odors and gaseous pollutants much more effectively than most consumer air cleaners under $1,000.

The Holmes air purifier is a cheap option for your desktop.

Two devices feature an ionic filter: the Coway AP-1512HH mentioned above and the $175 Sharp FPK50UW. The Sharp’s CADR rating is only 259 square feet, which is significantly lower than Coway’s and not great for the price.

Use Your Home Exhaust Fans

You can eliminate a lot of asthma triggers that are kicked up into the air while cooking by turning on the stove exhaust fan. If you dont have one of these, opening the nearest window can also help. This same advice applies to the bathroom during and after a shower, however, the purpose of the exhaust fan in this location is to extract moisture that can irritate asthma and cut down on the production of mold spores.

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Molekule Air And Air Mini: The Worst Air Purifiers Weve Ever Tested

In the summer of 2019, we purchased a Molekule Air and tested it. We bought an Air Mini that fall and tested it in February 2020. At the time we tested the Molekule Air, the company claimed that its scientifically-proven nanotechnology outperforms HEPA filters in every category of pollutant.

Our tests proved otherwise. And by mid-2020, that language had been withdrawn, after many of the companys claims were ruled against in a case before the National Advertising Division and upheld in a later appeal before the National Advertising Review Board. The Molekule Air turned in the worst performance on particulates of any purifier, of any size, of any price, that we have tested in the eight years that we have been producing this guide. The Air Mini outperformed it, but thats not saying much: It still produced the second-worst performance weve ever seen.

Guide author Tim Heffernan asked Molekule CEO Dilip Goswami why the language was removed. He answered, The point about in all categories is that we see a device that outperforms across all of the categories. Right? So were not trying to say that individually, on any particular metric, we would be number one. Right? What were saying is, when you look across all the categories, we outperform HEPA. Right? And thats what were attempting to convey with that. And soits fair to say that we needed to re-examine some of the language to make sure that its saying what were intending to say.

How Could You Recognize Whether Best Air Filters For Asthma Suit With You Or Not

6 Best Air Purifiers For Asthma & Allergies

Some of you may be reluctant to select one of the best air filters for asthma, to be honest. The main reason is that you didnt study that before. There are pretty lots of factors that must be considered when investing in best air filters for asthma. You are expected to count on our expertise in best air filters for asthma to make the right choice.

Along with these factors, we also include some questions concerned by many customers. Its beneficial for you to look through these:

  • How can you choose the best one? Which factors?
  • What are the practical benefits this product brings about?
  • Where if for you to ask for help with product problems?
  • Which line of this product is most loved in the market?
  • Why should you invest in this product? Does its value worth it?

Nowadays, best air filters for asthma is among the most valuable items users tend to collect. The information sources on the Internet are also essential and available for you to get consulted. The proliferation of many websites and forums helps you have access to the buying guides more straightforward.

So now we move on to the significant factors related to best air filters for asthma you must keep in mind:

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Levoit Core 300 The Best Budget Air Purifier

You dont have to bust the bank to get your hands on a high-quality air purifier, and this model is solid proof of that.

With the Levoit Core 300, you get a HEPA filter, quiet operation, and a sleek design at a bargain price.

So, if you arent keen on spending that much money on an air purifier but would still like to prevent asthma attacks in the future, this could be the model you need.

For its size and price, I was genuinely surprised at how silent it is.

It operates at just about 24dB.

So, you can quickly leave this air purifier on all day and all night without worrying about any noise.

On top of that, you can turn off the display light while the air purifier is running, making it easier to sleep in the same room as the air purifier.

This model comes with a 3-stage HEPA filter.

So right out of the box, it can reduce a significant amount of asthma triggers in the air causing your respiratory problems.

You can also switch out the filters depending on your needs, giving you more flexibility to customize the unit as per your needs.

Aside from the HEPA filter, you can also get pet, smoke, and toxin filters specifically designed for the Core 300.

So, if you have pet allergies, you can switch out the filter to have an animal in the house even if you have allergies.

Or, if you live in an area with wildfires, you can switch out the filters as needed to allow the air purifier to capture smoke before you breathe it in.

To start, this is a reasonably small model.

If Youre Concerned About Vocs: Austin Air Healthmate Hm400

If you live in an environment with consistently high levels of both particulate pollution and volatile organic compounds , we recommend the Austin Air HealthMate HM400. Like our other picks, it uses a true-HEPA filter that efficiently captures particulate pollutants such as pollen and smoke. But unlike them, it also employs a truly effective adsorbent filter that efficiently captures gaseous pollutants including volatile organic compounds such as formaldehydea common component in the glues and foam padding used to make furnitureand, more broadly, odorous gases like those produced by pet urine, fresh paint and wood finishes, and car engines. Most of our picks have token adsorbent filters, amounting to a few ounces in contrast, the HM400 has 15 pounds of adsorbent. In our past testing, it reduced a heavy load of ethanol vapors to 13% of the starting point within 20 minutes the nearest competitor we tested did only half as well, and the rest were marginally or simply not effective. Its exceptional performance in this area is a big part of why FEMA and the Red Cross chose Austin Air units for deployment at Ground Zero and the surrounding areas in the aftermath of 9/11. All that said, in most parts of the country, simply opening your windows every few days is an effective way to flush any VOCs.

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The Ongoing Cost Of Air Purifiers Making The Filter Last

Something to really consider is the replacement of filters. You cant wash or reuse a HEPA filter. They will last a long time, but they will eventually clog up. Good units will often alert you when it is time to replace the filter.

Check what it costs to replace the units HEPA filter and its lifespan, before purchasing a model. It can add up to a couple of hundred dollars a year. So, its an important factor and may help you decide one over another

If youre using the air purifier a lot, then naturally it will use up the filters faster. It may be worth your while investing in a longer-lasting filter system.

Oransi Ej120 Air Purifier

10 Best Air Purifiers For Asthma and Allergies [2019 Updated]

The Oransi EJ120 Air Purifier is a real competitor for the iQair HealthPro Plus as the best air purifier for asthma. It is another air purifier that specifies particle removal down into the range of ultra-fine particles. Unfortunately it stops short of specifying down into the range of particle sizes most easily absorbed into tne human blood stream.

It is also the only other air purifier to specify noise at each airflow and here it has some real advantages. At the top airflow both the iQair and Oansi are equally loud. In fact so loud that you will not be able to tolerate either for very long. However for an airflow of around 200 cfm the iQair HealthPro Plus produces a sound level of 54db whereas the Oransi EJ120 only 33db so the Oransi is only producing about 1/4 of the noise of the iQair HealthPro!

Warranty 10 years

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What Should I Expect To Pay Size Counts

Buying them is relatively easy, most appliance stores stock them. However, when air gets bad like bushfire smoke, they may become an unexpected expense that you hadnt budgeted for. Its better to plan for your purchase, so you dont get caught out.

The prices may range between $300 to $500. Keep in mind that paying top dollar doesnt guarantee youre getting the best model.

CHOICE tended to find that the bigger the model, the bigger the fan, the bigger the filter, and the bigger the air space it can clean, more quickly. This is important if bushfire smoke gets inside. It is important to note that the smaller models may lack the oomph to be effective. Models should be large enough to be floor standing units.

Most air purifiers have a room rating size. It will give you a guide for your room.

You want a good range of fan speeds, which ramp up to help clear out trapped smoke quickly at peak periods, and down to a gentle fan for while you sleep at night.

What Else Can You Do To Reduce Common Household Allergens

If your filter isn’t due for a replacement or you aren’t yet convinced of the benefits a higher MERV rating has to offer, we suggest you begin altering your everyday behaviors to create a cleaner environment for yourself and your family. There are many easy changes you can make that will offer major advantages to your health and reduce common indoor allergens. Here are some top tips to help you get started:

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More About The Best Air Purifiers For Asthma Brands

Rabbit Air offers the best air purifier for people who suffer from asthma. This company was founded in 2004 and is solely dedicated to helping improve the quality of air for people inside their homes. Ranked as one of the fastest-growing companies between 2009-2012 by INC. magazine, you can trust that the products they produce are exceptional in every way.

The company also prides itself on offering an amazing customer service experience. One of the major benefits youll receive after a purchase is 24-hour care. They can be contacted via phone, email or live chat to help you with any issues you may have while using their product.

We know that a lot of companies advertise this same level of customer service, but most often fail to meet our expectations. However, with Rabbit Air, you can rest assured that youll get connected to someone whos dedicated to helping you with your needs.

This company has a hard-earned reputation for being friendly, helpful and honest every step of the way.

Blueair is another top-notch leader in air purification for asthmatics. Formed in 1996, it designed an air purifier that was quickly adopted by the healthcare field. Many hospitals, medical clinics, and daycare providers use their products to clean and sterilize the air within their facilities.

For more than 20 years, Blueair has been known for manufacturing some of the best air purifiers in the world.

The Vista 200 is a great air purifier for small rooms and personal spaces.

Asthma And Room Air Cleaners

Best Air Purifier for Asthma (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide) Top Air Purifiers for Asthmatics

Can air filters help prevent asthma symptoms? Maybe. Room air cleaners remove small particles that are in the air near the air cleaner. However, room air cleaners don’t remove small allergen particles that are caused by local disturbances, such as the microscopic house dust mite feces that surround a pillow when your head hits it . You inhale these allergens before they ever get near the room air cleaner. Room air cleaners take 5 to 15 minutes to remove such temporary local sources of dust and allergens.

Wall-to-wall carpets also provide a massive source of allergens, which simply cannot be removed by vacuuming or the use of a room air cleaner. However, these accumulated allergens remain in the carpet until disturbed. Vacuuming carpets, which uses a beater brush, causes very large amounts of allergens to be thrown into the room, even if a HEPA vacuum cleaner is used. Room air cleaners are also unlikely to be adequately effective if the source of the allergens remains in the home, such as a cat, dog, bird, or hamster.

Room air cleaners only work for the room in which they are placed. Since you spend eight hours in your bedroom every night, this should be the first room in which to locate a room air cleaner. However, you may also spend several hours each day in your kitchen, TV room or office, so you may need a separate room air cleaner for each of these rooms.

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