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What’s Good For Asthma

Will Medicine Help Me Sleep Better


Yes, if you have nighttime asthma symptoms. Many people wake up with asthma symptoms such as coughing or wheezing. You can control nighttime symptoms by taking asthma medicines as directed by your doctor.

Removing triggers where you sleep may help you sleep better. Many people are allergic to dust mites and mold found in bedding materials. Using mattress or pillow encasements can help contain those allergens. Dehumidifiers can also be helpful to reduce the humidity in your home that dust mites and mold need to exist. Using air cleaners in your bedroom may also help reduce your exposure to allergens and irritants .

What Are The Different Types Of Asthma Medicines And Treatments

There are four types of asthma medicines and treatments:

  • Quick-relief medicines These medicines work quickly to relieve sudden symptoms. You take them as needed and at the first sign of symptoms.
  • Controller medicines These medicines help control asthma by correcting the underlying changes in the airways, such as swelling and excess mucus. They can be one or a combination of medicines.
  • Combination of quick-relief and controller medicines These medicines are used for both short-term relief and control.
  • Biologics This type of treatment targets a cell or protein to prevent swelling inside the airways. They are for people with certain types of persistent asthma and are given by injection or infusion.
  • The difference between these asthma treatments can be confusing. It is important to understand what each treatment does and how they help your asthma. Learning how to use each correctly can you help keep your asthma well-controlled. Always take your medicines as directed by your doctor and follow your Asthma Action Plan.

    Asthma Uk Community Forum

    I have seasonal asthma which is worse when summer is hot and pollen is high. Im interested to know if sauna or steam rooms help? My local gym has both and someone has recommended I try them.

    With most things in life it depends!

    Some asthmatics say it really helps, others find they are a trigger! Personally I find that I usually feel tight whilst inside but a lot better once a leave , however I very rarely use them.

    Sorry to not be more helpful but best thing to do it try it out. Leave your pump outside jic, and go in. If you find it really triggers you, leave, have your pump and never go back. If you find it helps then its worth doing. Good luck and fingers crossed!

    Absolutely not for me, for either. But thats because it makes my chest worse. I expect for others it does help though.

    Do you have to pay extra for them? If not then I agree with Emma to try! If you do then maybe try at home I really cant do steam rooms but I also find inhaling with steam and even a hot steamy shower difficult. If those are an issue for you too, then maybe steer clear of trying the steam room if you have to fork out for it

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    Is Humidity Or Dryness Best For Asthmatics

    Many doctors actually avoid recommending dehumidifiers to asthmatic patients, simply because they can make the air excessively dry if used at the wrong time.

    As Dr. David Edwards, FEND Inventor, pioneering aerosol scientist, and Harvard University faculty member, notes, while humid air can be bad for asthmatics, dry air can actually be worse. “At low humidity, the upper airways, which necessarily hydrate inhaled air, can dry out, slowing cilia beat frequency that is critical for clearing inhaled debris, and stressing cells,” he says. “Low humidity also promotes breakup of mucus into respiratory droplets, which can carry inhaled contaminants deeper into the airways where they can promote respiratory illness including bronchoconstriction.”

    Edwards points to a peer-reviewed 1977 study from the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology that found that exercise-induced asthma occurs more frequently in dry air than in humid air. The study even noted, “High humidity of inspired air could be the reason why EIA is less prevalent in swimming, as compared with other modes of exercise.” In other words, it’s more important to avoid dryness than humidity as an asthmatic. In fact, a little moisture in the air can actually help to ease the symptoms of asthma.

    Top 10 Herbs For Treating Asthma

    Whats Good For Wheezing Baby

    Asthma is a respiratory disorder characterized by episodic constrictions and inflammation of the bronchial tubes. It can be acute or chronic, and both children and adults can have this problem.

    Some 26 million Americans suffer from asthma, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

    Asthma attacks occur when there is an obstruction in the flow of air in the lungs. Common triggers are allergies, air pollution, cold air, humidity, respiratory infections, strong emotions, stress, physical activity, sulfites and preservatives in food, and certain medications.

    The exact cause of this disorder is not known, but a number of factors increase your chance of developing asthma, such as genetics, an existing allergic condition, obesity and excessive smoking.

    Common symptoms of asthma include wheezing , coughing, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing. The severity of symptoms ranges from minor to serious and even life threatening.

    You can control the symptoms with lifestyle changes, dietary changes, medicines as well as herbs. In fact, many herbs can help treat and prevent asthma attacks.

    Here are the top 10 herbs for treating asthma.


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    Are There Natural Remedies For Asthma Attacks

    The typical treatment for an asthma attack is a quick-acting inhaler with medication. Sit upright and take slow, steady breaths. Try to stay calm. Follow the asthma action plan that youâve set up with your doctor. If your breathing doesnât get better or if youâre so short of breath that you canât talk, get medical help right away.

    Some breathing exercises can help with symptoms of an asthma attack.

    • Pursed-lip breathing. This slows your breathing and helps hold your airways open longer so your lungs work better. With your mouth closed, breathe in slowly through your nose. Then breathe out through your mouth, with your lips pursed like youâre whistling, for twice as long.
    • Belly breathing. This technique uses the same steps as pursed-lip breathing. But as you breathe in, focus on the movement of your belly. Picture it filling with air like a balloon. It may help to keep your hands on your belly so you can concentrate on the air going in and out.

    Do I Have To Wear Face Masks On Public Transportation

    Masks are still required for travel on all public transportation even if you are fully vaccinated.

    As of Aug. 27, 2021, the updated mask guidance from CDC says that masks are still required on planes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation. This includes traveling into, within, or out of the United States and in U.S. transportation hubs such as airports and stations.

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    Will Medicine Help Me Breathe Better When I Exercise

    Yes. Exercising, particularly in cold air, may cause airway swelling or exercise-induced bronchoconstriction . Quick-relief asthma medicines, taken before exercise, usually control this. If you need repeated doses of quick-relief medicine during and after exercise talk with your doctor. Your medicines may need to be adjusted. Thanks to these medicines, many Olympic and professional athletes have successful sports careers even with their asthma.

    It is important for everyone, including people with asthma, to be as active as possible for good health. Talk with your doctor about how you can be physically active while keeping your asthma well-controlled.

    Helps In Fighting Against Sinus

    Dr Oz – Salt Inhaler Custom

    Many people struggle with the common yet extremely unsettling ailment of sinus. While many people find it extremely difficult to get rid of it with the help of steam inhalation this symptoms of this affliction can be alleviated and also if it is regularly used then there are chances to permanently cure it.

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    How Humidifiers Can Help With Asthma Symptoms

    Individuals living with asthma are well aware of the precise balance of humidity they require in the environment to breathe properly. If the air is too dry, one set of symptoms will crop up, and if the air is too humid, a whole new set of problems is ready to appear.

    While asthma is a chronic condition that should only be treated by doctor-prescribed methods, there are a number of benefits in humidifiers for asthma afflicted individuals, so long as the unit is carefully selected for its environment and properly maintained.

    Work With Your Doctor To Get Your Asthma Under Control

    For most people with asthma, it’s possible to achieve good asthma control. If you have a lot of asthma attack or a lot of symptoms, your asthma is probably not as controlled as it could be. See you doctor, and ask for help getting control of your asthma.Signs you have good asthma controlYour asthma is under control if:

    • You have daytime asthma symptoms three times a week or less
    • You don’t miss school or work because of asthma symptoms
    • Your asthma doesnt get in the way of exercise and physical activity
    • Symptoms disturb your sleep only one night a week, or not at all
    • You need your rescue medicine less than four times a week

    Signs your asthma is not controlledYour asthma is out of control if:

    • You wake up at night because of coughing, wheezing or feeling short of breath more than once a week
    • Your rescue medicine doesn’t work quickly or completely to relieve your asthma symptoms
    • You are using your rescue medicine more than three times a week
    • Your asthma symptoms are stopping you from doing regular activities like exercise

    To take the guesswork out of managing your asthma, use an asthma action plan. Your asthma action plan tells you:

    • What symptoms you should watch for
    • What your symptoms mean
    • How to adjust your medication according to your symptoms
    • When to call the doctor or 911

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    Tips And Lifestyle Change For Controlling Asthma

    The pollutants indoor and outdoor are responsible for triggering asthma attacks. You may not do much about the environmental pollution outside. But you can certainly control the pollutants and irritants at your home. Here are some of the tips to help you lessen the frequency of asthma attacks in your life.

    • Make your home a no smoking area.
    • Its advisable to discard all the chemical-based cleaning products at your home. There are simple and natural ingredients like baking soda and certainly essential to help you clean your home.
    • Do not use aerosols at home if you are an asthmatic. Its also advisable to avoid petroleum-based beauty products.
    • Using a water filter can save you from chlorine in tap water.
    • Vacuum clean your carpets and furniture on a regular basis to avoid dust mites.
    • Use a dehumidifier in damp areas, and fix water leaks to reduce mold.
    • Use bed sheets and pillowcases that are made of non-allergic materials.
    • Keep your furry pets out of the room. Its better to brush your pets regularly to remove and manage the fur.
    • Cockroaches are allergic triggers. Keep good hygiene in and around your home so that theres no epidemic of cockroaches.

    Do Asthma Medicines Have Side Effects

    spinach have antioxidant propierties, are good for sight ...

    Yes. All medicines have side effects. Tell your doctor how you are responding to the treatment and if you have any side effects. Follow up often with your doctor so you can control your asthma with the least amount of medicines and with the fewest side effects.

    Medical Review: June 2021 by S. Allan Bock, MD Maureen George, PhD, RN, AEC, FAAN and Sumita Khatri, MD, MS

    References1. Bonds, R., Asawa, A. and Ghazi, A. . Misuse of medical devices: a persistent problem in self-management of asthma and allergic disease. Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, 114, pp.74-76.e2.

    Asthma Action Plan

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    Keep Your Home Well Aired

    Keeping your home well aired can help to reduce exposure to some common indoor triggers. It means any fumes from fires, cookers, cleaning products, paints, aerosols and sprays are cleared away more quickly. And it helps prevent problems like damp and mould.

    It also helps keep humidity down which is good news if youre worried about dust mites which like humid conditions.

    Opening windows, using fans

    Opening windows and doors is important for helping indoor fumes and dust escape. Some windows have small vents built into them known as trickle vents, which you can keep open. But it can also let in outdoor triggers like pollen and air pollution.

    Weather and season can affect indoor and outdoor pollution. So take care on high pollution or pollen days if these are triggers for your asthma. And remember to open windows in winter, when there are typically higher levels of pollutants in your home because of using gas appliances and fires more.

    Watch out for dusty fans or extractors or youll end up blowing dust all round the room.

    Air filters

    Some people tell us having an air filter or air purifier helps them with their asthma symptoms. However more research is needed to show whether this works.

    Air filters cant remove all allergens and even a few left behind can trigger asthma symptoms, says Dr Andy. And for something like second hand cigarette smoke, the best advice is always not to smoke in the first place, particularly around children.


    Signs Symptoms And Complications

    How often signs and symptoms of asthma occur may depend on how severe, or intense, the asthma is and whether you are exposed to allergens. Some people have symptoms every day, while others have symptoms only a few days of the year. For some people, asthma may cause discomfort but does not interfere with daily activities. If you have more severe asthma, however, your asthma may limit what you are able to do.

    When asthma is well controlled, a person shows few symptoms. When symptoms worsen, a person can have what is called an asthma attack, or an exacerbation. Over time, uncontrolled asthma can damage the airways in the lungs.

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    Causes Of Wheezing In Babies And Children

    Newborns breathe only through the nose, so when they are congested or in the wrong position, they may make a wheezing or squeaking sound.

    As long as they are breathing at a normal rate and the chest is not caving in, this is nothing to worry about.

    If a babys chest begins caving, they are breathing rapidly, or wheezing is associated with an illness, they should be taken to a doctor or pediatrician.

    When the airways narrow due to irritation, illness, or a blockage, air moving through them can make a squeaking sound.

    Some people experience other symptoms as well, including discomfort when breathing or a choking sensation.

    Causes include:

    Buy Essential Oils For Breathing Problems

    What happens during an asthma attack

    Kshrey deals in different kinds of natural products such as attars, essential oils, absolute oils, carrier oils, fragrance oils etc. We strive to keep the ancient philosophy alive, where natures gifts such as plants and its parts were being utilized for various health concerns. Today, We are globally acclaimed for our highest quality of pure and natural essential oils made by traditional extraction techniques. We produce a number of essential oils such as lavender, lemongrass, ginger, thyme, peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, and many more by procuring raw material grown in its natural habitat. Above mentioned, natural oils are considered as the best essential oils for Asthma.

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    Steam Inhaler Vs Humidifier

    Be it humidifiers, vaporizers, aromatherapy diffusers, or steam inhalers, all of them have a similar function, i.e., to introduce moisture into the atmosphere. However, the mechanism and goal of each product differ from the other. Humidifiers and steam inhalers serve the same purpose , but they vary slightly.

    Humidifiers involve no heating element and increase the humidity levels in the air without increasing the temperature. Steam inhalers are a type of vaporizers, which increase both humidity and temperature in the air. Steam inhalers can release the humidity directly into the sinuses and lungs of the user, whereas humidifiers break water into tiny particles that can be inhaled. Steam inhalers are effective in giving short-term results, unlike humidifiers.

    Lets now take a look at the 10 electric best steam inhalation machines you can buy.


    These are the 10 best steam inhalers available on the market right now. If you havent tried it yet, pick a product from the list and try it out yourself to see the results. Lets now look into the benefits of steam inhalers.

    Should I Still Wear A Face Mask

    While COVID-19 cases continue to rise, wear a face mask in public places to protect yourself and others, even if you are fully vaccinated. It is especially important that you wear a face mask if you are immunocompromised or are at risk of severe disease due to other health conditions.

    According to the CDC, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is airborne and spreads from person to person the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is airborne and spreads from person to person. It can spread through droplets from your nose or mouth when you breathe, talk, sing, yell, eat, sneeze, or cough. You are most likely to catch it if you are not fully vaccinated and less than 6 feet from someone who is infected.

    Studies have shown many people have COVID-19 and dont show symptoms. Or they may have the virus a few days before they show symptoms. The purpose of wearing a face mask is to keep you from spreading COVID-19 to other people if you are not fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated people with delta variant breakthrough infections can spread the virus to others. This is especially important in places where you will be close to people, like while shopping, in a waiting room, or on public transportation. In Missouri, two hair stylists had COVID-19 and served 139 clients. Both the stylists and the salon clients wore face masks. None of their clients got COVID-19.

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