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Can A Humidifier Help With Asthma

Everlasting Comfort Humidifier For Asthma And Allergies

This Everlasting Comfort humidifier work with essential oils as well as has a 6-liter tank capacity with 50 straight hours runtime. Also, the Everlasting Comfort humidifier is more budget-friendly plus super high mist output and works with rooms up to 500 square feet.

This machine provides great value to people with asthma if you look at all these factors as well as improves home air quality. Moreover, you dont need to worry about filter replacements for this machine since this humidifier comes without a filter.

However, refilling this machine can be a bit cumbersome as theres no carrying handle attached to it. But youll quickly find a technique that works best for you.


  • No filter for water purification.

Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier

If you are on the lookout for a humidifier that can output a lot of mist, then the Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier is a winner.

The 1.5-gallon storage tank could run up to fifty hours on a very low setting, but due to the high-volume output, you will likely be refilling the unit twice daily if you intend to use it on the highest setting.

Refilling is relatively mess-free and is pretty easily done without splashing water; however, the tank is large and, therefore, heavy when filled. There is no handle, so it can be challenging to move from your sink to the central unit.

The large tank means everlasting mist

Not needing any filters is a significant bonus as finding replacement parts for a humidifier can become near impossible as the years go by.

The tray for adding essential oils is also welcomed for making your rooms smell lovely and assisting with destressing and getting a peaceful night of sleep.

Heavy, especially with a full tank
Automatic shut-off
Rooms up to 500sq. ft.

Our Verdict

If you have a particularly dry house with very low humidity, then the Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier might be the answer to your problems.

Sure, there is a sizeable 1.5-gallon water tank, but even more important is the serious amount of misting output that this machine is capable of handling.

Can A Humidifier Help My Asthma

Along with medication, there are certain lifestyle modifications that those with asthma can put in place to help limit exposure and flare-ups. Everything from dry air to humidity can leave you wheezing or triggering asthma symptoms, so you may be wondering whether or not a humidifier could help you. Before getting a humidifier there are a few things that asthma and allergy specialists can recommend to ensure that you get the most from this home product.

Buyer’s Guide To Asthma Humidifiers

There are numerous humidifiers on the market, and all purport to be the very best. However, not every humidifier will be best for your specific needs. Below we have included a few key factors that you should look out for, so take the time to consider what aspects will be beneficial to your situation.



Humidifiers are available in cool mist, warm mist, and ultrasonic varieties. Each has its own pros and cons:

Energy Efficiency


Auto Shut Off

To stop your humidifier from burning out, having an auto-shutoff button is a must. Unless you are a severe Type A personality and check your humidifier like clockwork, or are a robot, then you will inevitably forget to refill the machine in time.



The size of the water tank will determine how often you might need to refill it. You also want to check the coverage capacity to see how large of a room the humidifier is meant to cover. If you have an open-plan house, then you might well need to have a few humidifiers to increase the moisture levels to where you are more comfortable.  The can up the humidity in a room up to 500 square feet.





Check if the humidifier needs filters. Though these are a bonus as they can clean the air at the same time as misting, it will be an added expense and hassle always to have them in stock.






Ease of Cleaning





Best Humidifiers For Asthma In 2021

Why You Need a Humidifier for Asthma

As a respiratory disease, asthma causes inflammation and narrowing of the lungs airways, which are called bronchial tubes. Unlike acute diseases that affect the lungs, asthma is a chronic condition; therefore, those who have it usually experience symptoms off and on throughout their entire life. In rare cases, children can grow out of asthma when they become adults, and some people can go for years without experiencing any asthma attacks.

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Unfortunately, asthma is incurable, but this disease can be managed with medication and by avoiding triggers. Many people also successfully alleviate the severity of their asthma symptoms by incorporating homeopathic solutions into their treatment plan, such as using a humidifier at home.

What Is A Humidifier

A humidifier is a tool used for adding moisture to the air. These devices are extremely useful in dry areas and can be helpful when dryness provokes irritation of certain areas of the body, such as the skin and nose.

There are different health uses of humidifiers:

  • Dry skin

Unfortunately, overuse of humidifiers can worsen respiratory symptoms.

Is It Safe To Use A Humidifier Around Kids

This depends on your perspective and to some, how old your kids are. Keeping a humidifier around the house with kids who suffer from asthma and allergies can be enormously helpful for their physical wellbeing and even their mental health. Its easy to become run-down in mood when your physical health is low.

However, if you have a warm-mist humidifier, keeping hot water around or a humidifier that lets off a hot steam could be dangerous as they can cause burns if spilled. If your children are rambunctious, clumsy, or simply small, it might be wise to use one that doesnt heat the water too much before release.

In case you’re looking for baby-friendly humidifiers .

Do Humidifiers Help With Allergies And Asthma

Yes, humidifiers do help with the allergies. They simply make the environment non-conducive for allergens. Also, a humidifier can help to reduce respiratory symptoms and improve the health of the mucous membranes of the airway. Besides, humidifiers increase the relative humidity in the air. And this increase in moisture may help with your asthma. 

Room Humidifiers Help With Asthma Symptoms

For those with asthma, breathing can be difficult during a flare-up due to constriction of the breathing muscles and the inflamed airways filled with thickened phlegm, causing a person to feel as if they cant catch their breath. Room humidifiers can help keep these symptoms of asthma in check and may decrease how many flare-ups you have. Room humidifiers will ease the discomfort of a dry nose, throat or mouth thanks to the added moisture it adds back into dry air. Those with chronic breathing conditions will be more comfortable thanks to room humidifiers!

Ready To Purchase The Right Humidifier For You

Do humidifiers help with asthma? We think the right humidifier can make a positive difference to asthmatic symptoms like breathing discomfort, chest tightness, difficulty in sleeping, nasal dryness, and so on.

Using a humidifier and being aware of the triggers that cause your asthma can go a long way to reducing the frequency of attacks. 

However, if you have any questions about our humidifiers or any of the other high-quality products we sell, please contact us, and well be happy to help. To read about other interesting topics, check out our other blog articles for some comfy reads.

What Type Of Humidifier Is Best For Asthma

You have a variety of options for boosting your homes humidity. They range from portable and inexpensive to permanent and pricier. What you choose depends on how severe the problem is, what degree of maintenance youre willing to uphold, and what your budget is. Lets talk about a good humidifier for asthma sufferers.

How To Choose The Right Filter

Only air purifiers that remove small particles will help asthma symptoms. If possible, it should meet HEPA requirements, which means it will filter very small particles. For best results, make sure your air purifier can filter and sanitize the air.

Some types of air filters have two filters: one for gasses and one for particles. These filters together will help you get the best clean air.

You should also make sure your purifier is the correct size for the room where you want to clean the air. You may need multiple air purifiers if you want to purify a large room or more than one room.

Some air purifiers produce a type of gas called . Be sure to avoid these products. The ozone can irritate your lungs and make your asthma worse. In addition, this type of purifier only sanitizes the air and doesnt remove particles from it.

Be aware that while air purifiers can reduce mold particles and odors, they cant solve a mold problem. If you have mold in your house, take steps to clean it directly. You may need someone else to do this so that it doesnt lead to an asthma attack.

Other ways to help reduce allergens in your home include:

When You Need A Dehumidifier

Humidifier for Asthma: Pros and Cons

Moisture in the air helps asthma sufferers breathe easier; however, too much humidity can also be harmful for your health. This is where a dehumidifier comes in.

High humidity levels create an environment thats ideal for mold, and mold is a high trigger for asthma attacks. A dehumidifier works to absorb the excess moisture in your homes air and reduce the amount of surfaces that can harbor mold growth.

Overall, controlling your homes humidity levels is a  great way to prevent asthma flare-ups. Continue reading to learn more about other health benefits of humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Does Humidifier Help With Copd Asthma And Other Lung Problems

Can Humidifier help with COPD, Asthma or other Lung Problems?

Before we answer this question let us know how humidity does affect your airways and lung condition!

Health care experts believe that there is a number of things that can trigger COPD and asthma.

Bad weather, temperature, altitude, and humidity are some of these.

According to Lung Institute optimal weather condition which is neither excessively hot nor extreme cold is good for your lungs.

When it comes to humidity, an ideal environment with 30 to 50 percent of relative humidity levels is good for airways and comfortable breathing.

Quick Content!

What Is Better For Asthma Warm Or Cool Mist Humidifier

Both cool-mist and warm-mist humidifiers can be helpful in allergies and asthma but it can be different from person to person and their breathing tendencies. Although, in general, if a person is comfortably breathing in a sauna, then a warm mist humidifier is a good choice otherwise cold mist humidifier is better.

How Does A Humidifier Work

At a very basic level, most humidifiers use a fan and a wick filter. The filter soaks up water, drawing it from the basin towards to the top where the fan is located. The fan uses air to assist with evaporating the water it disperses the vapor into the room.

According to iFixit, Evaporative humidifiers have the added benefit of being self-regulating, meaning that when the humidity in a room is already at a sufficient level, the evaporation process will naturally slow down, as its more difficult for water to evaporate in a humid environment.

Room Humidifiers For Asthma Sufferers

Those with asthma know how difficult life can be. The chronic condition should only be treated by a medical professional, but there are a number of things one can do to help alleviate the symptoms. Room humidifiers can be very beneficial for asthma symptoms since asthma suffers know that how important humidity is in order to breathe better. If the air is too dry, asthma symptoms can act up and if the air is too humid, a totally new set of symptoms appear. Essentially, when it comes to humidity, balance is key.

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

This warm mist humidifier is perfect for dry winters. The warm mist coming out of the humidifier makes breathing easy, soothes the nasal passage and throat, and give relief from congestion and other asthma symptoms. It makes the breathing comfortable. The humidifier emits 95% bacteria free mist that helps asthma and allergic patients. The humidifier comes with a medicinal cup that can further help to gain maximum benefits from it.

Pros1. The warm mist makes the atmosphere of the room comfortable.2. Small and portable.

How Does A Humidifier Help With Asthma

Asthma symptoms can be alleviated by better quality air which is why humidifiers can make a remarkable difference in the management of this chronic disease. Asthma can cause nasal passages to become dry and a humidifier can moisten these airways, allowing for stronger breathing.

Symptoms of asthma can be maintained by the use of humidifiers and may even limit the number of asthma attacks an individual experiences. The devices can ease dry throat and mouth discomfort through humidity, as well as lessen the stress of an individual who suffers from asthmatic symptoms, lessening worries of a flare up.

Maintaining a comfortable nasal cavity can keep stress at bay and minimize symptoms, as your mind isnt constantly triggering your muscles to contract in response to stress.

Why Do People With Asthma Buy Humidifiers

When you have asthma, the airways that supply oxygen to the lungs become constricted. This makes it harder to breathe and can lead to wheezing and even coughing. At night, you want to be able to get a good nights sleep, and the inability to breathe can significantly impact this. A humidifier outputs extra moisture in the air which will make it easier to breathe. The extra moisture softens the airways, putting less stress on the delicate tissues. As well, when air has more moisture in it, it also means that it will have more oxygen in it. This means the lungs dont have to work as hard, giving you a much more peaceful slumber.Keep in mind that these devices can not only help with asthma. Many people buy humidifiers for dry skin hydration, especially during the winter season. Others use humidifiers for cough and sinus problems relief. In a word, these devices are so versatile you cant help but getting one.

Best Humidifiers For Allergies And Asthma

8 Best Humidifier for Asthma 2020 â Top Picks and Reviews

Summer months are dry and hot, the air brings a lot of allergens with it, and this can cause a lot of respiratory issues such as asthma to people with respiratory symptoms. The fans make it even worse by circulating the dry air throughout the room, whereas the air conditioners remove any moisture from the air.

A humidifier could be your best purchase to eradicate this issue. It simply brings back the lost moisture from the air and makes it easy to breathe. Similarly, a humidifier can also benefit you during cold weather, when the air dries out your nose, lips, and lungs.


  • Lifestyle Tips For Asthma

    Keeping your homes air at an appropriate humidity level may help, but its not enough to control asthma completely.

    If you have asthma, your doctor has probably prescribed controller and rescue medications for you. Its important that you follow your doctors directions and continue to use any asthma prevention medications you are prescribed, even when your symptoms are under control.

    In addition to taking your prescriptions, these tips may help you to better manage asthma:

    • Identify and avoid asthma triggers, such as pollen, animal dander, and dust mites.
    • Do not smoke or vape.

    How Do You Combat Asthma

    The first step in combating asthma is to visit your doctor and develop a course of treatment that works for you.  Your doctor can help determine what makes your asthma worse, and what medicines and treatment options are best for you.  You will likely need medication for your asthma that your doctor prescribes.  

    In addition to medication, you can do your part to avoid known allergens and triggers that cause you to have asthma attacks, and you can create an environment at home that promotes breathing easier.  One way to do this is by using a humidifier.

    What About Dehumidifiers & Can It Help In Asthma

    Dampness and humidity in the air can occur in any type of climate, regardless of whether it is hot or cold outside. Breathing in heavily humid air can lead to respiratory distress, which worsens asthma.

    While humidifiers add water to the air, dehumidifiers are devices that remove the water from the air. Using a dehumidifier can help in bringing down the humidity inside a home in an overly humid climate. Dehumidifiers also decrease the buildup of dust mites and mold in the house.

    If you already have mold present in the house, a dehumidifier wont be able to remove it, but it can reduce or prevent the additional growth of mold.

    Dehumidifiers can help people with asthma in the following ways:

    Aennon Cool Mist Humidifier

    This is a cool mist humidifier with 2.8 liters of capacity. It is a multi-tasking humidifier and can be used as a nebulizer, humidifier, air purifier, Ionizer, and an aroma diffuser. The device is automatically shut-off when the reservoir is empty. It comes with a seven color LED light that creates a soothing and calming effect at night. Its 360-degree nozzles let you direct the mist in a specific direction. The Humidifier comes with a high-quality filter that eliminates the foul smell and keeps the air in room fresh.

    Pros1. 360-degree nozzle for directing mist at a specific place.2. Small and portable, suitable for all kinds of rooms.3. Comes with an aroma diffuser.4. Comes with a high-quality filter.5. LED nightlight.6. Auto shut-off when the reservoir is empty.


    But Now We Have A Breakthrough

    Recently manufacturers in the indoor air business have become aware of the problems associated with dirty humidifiers and the allergens they might be spreading around our home and have come up with a great solution. A 2 in 1 air purifier and humidifier device that both adds humidity to the air, whilst also cleaning it ensuring the device itself is not adding any impurities to the air. Naturally it will still need cleaning from time to time, but this breakthrough in modern technology for all allergy sufferers.

    We cant recommend buying one of these combi devices enough. They are fantastic and solve all the problems associated with regular humidifiers. 

    If you do suffer from asthma and allergies. If you would like to see some of the units we recommend, then check out our other post about it: humidifier and air purifier products.

    Will A Humidifier Reduce Asthma Symptoms

    Probably, but not absolutely. If your home is already right about in the ideal humidity range than introducing more humidity via a whole-home system can actually hurt rather than help. But that is a far less common issue than dry air. If your home is too dry, as most Orlando homes are, then yes, a humidifier could be just what youre looking for!

    • Dry skin and nasal passage irritation
    • Heaviness in the air and shortness of breath
    • Allergy triggers from dust and pollen

    How Does The Air Become Dry

    Youve probably noticed during cold months the frigid air dries out your skin and nasal cavities, this is because the humidity in wintertime is low. As you crank up the heat in your home, it increases the temperature but not the humidity, causing the air to become painfully dry in some cases, even causing skin around knuckles and joints to crack.

    Additionally, if your home isnt properly insulated, it can wind up pulling outdoor air in, causing it to become even more dry and uncomfortable and losing more humidity in the process.

    Maintenance Is The Key To Controlling Asthma Symptoms

    What Is The Best Humidifier For Asthma?

    The best way a humidifier can be beneficial for someone with asthma problems is to maintain it properly. Humidifiers that arent cared for may become a thriving place for viruses, bacteria, mold and other susceptible factors that can contribute to other breathing issues. All of these can be dangerous to health. Here are some important things for asthma suffering individuals to remember:

    What Is The Ideal Air Moisture Level

    According to the Mayo Clinic, youll want to maintain a moisture level of about 30-50% when looking to alleviate asthma or allergies. However, according to some sources, 40-60% is ideal, and you may have a personal preference as well depending on your individual needs.

    Every person is different, and some individuals may suffer more from dry skin or nasal passages, and some may suffer more from other afflictions due to asthma symptoms. If you keep a humidifier around, be certain to maintain the device to ultimate optimization to keep your air at a healthy humidity level.

    How Humidifiers Can Help With Asthma

    More recent studies have shown that humidifiers, in combination with other air filtering devices , can be very effective for softening the symptoms of asthma. According to this NCBI study, a combination of air purifiers and humidifiers, or dehumidifiers, can work wonders for asthma. They recommend placing several of these devices into various rooms of your home for the best results.

    So how exactly can humidifiers help with asthma?

    • Humidifiers will make your air more humid, which will help you alleviate the dryness in your respiratory system, while also opening up the whole respiratory system.
    • Asthma is caused by involuntary constriction of breathing muscles, and due to dryness in the respiratory system. Both of these symptoms can be controlled via a humidifier. If the air is too dry, then your respiratory system will not be able to take in the air, which will only make the problems worse.

    Another has been conducted, and this one tells us the importance of having a clean humidifier in order for it to be effective. In dirty humidifier tanks and filters, bacteria and fungi will inevitably start to grow, and once they enter the air, they will cause severe problems, especially for asthmatics and other allergy sufferers.

    Although humidifiers alone might not be sufficient for controlling asthma completely. There might still be some other particles left in the air that can mess with your respiratory system, for which an air purifier can be very effective.

    Humidifier Vs Dehumidifier: Which Is Better For Asthma

    For people with asthma, managing the humidity levels in their homes can make a significant impact on their overall health. Having too little humidity inside the house can cause your throat and nose to become dry, increasing the irritation. This makes colds worse, and asthma becomes more challenging to control. On the other hand, having too much humidity will allow allergens such as mold and dust mites to thrive, triggering an asthma attack. Very humid air also makes it difficult to breathe, putting a lot of strain on the respiratory system and triggering an asthma attack. This is why maintaining the right humidity level inside your home or office can significantly help in reducing your asthma symptoms. Read on to find out more about should you use a humidifier for asthma?

    What Is The Best Type Of Humidifier For Asthmatics

    A humidifier for an asthma sufferer should only disperse water into the air by evaporation. You may think that all humidifiers use evaporation to get water into the air. However, this is not the case please see the diagram below and this for further details.

    If using a portable humidifier, asthmatics should not use an ultrasonic humidifier or cool mist humidifier. This is because these humidifiers can transmit water droplets directly into the atmosphere . The same also applies to an impeller humidifier. Also in the room temperature water of these humidifiers, bacteria and fungi can grow. If these humidifiers have bacteria and fungi growing in the water, these will be breathed in by the asthmatic person and potentially irritate or even infect the airways. So a dirty humidifier is a potential threat to an asthmatic.

    Both a warm mist humidifier and an evaporative humidifier use evaporation alone to get moisture into the air .

    Other impurities in the water in the humidifier can also be a problem. Using distilled water in the humidifier can lessen this risk, but it is safest to use a warm mist humidifier or an evaporative humidifier.

    So in general the best type of humidifier for an asthmatic is a warm mist humidifier. However, if you have children or pets, then to avoid injury to them from steam or boiling water, it would be best to opt for an evaporative humidifier.


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