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How To Make A Homemade Inhaler For Asthma

Suggested Essential Oil Inhaler Blends

In addition to the blends shown below, many diffuser blends can be used as a basis for inhaler blends. Just be sure that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the safety for each essential oil that you intend to use in your inhaler blend and keep the number of drops to no more than 15 per inhaler.

How To Make A Steam Inhaler Jar To Beat Congestion

Get fast relief from congestion.

Jill Nystul

Has anyone elses family been experiencing a seemingly never-ending cycle of colds? It seems like every time one of us starts feeling better after a head cold, another person starts sniffling and sneezing. But when your main symptom is a stuffy nose, it can seem like overkill to take cold medicine So I set out to find a more natural solution to help ease all of the stuffy noses around here. And I managed to find just the thing!

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This steam inhaler gives you the benefits and relief of a humidifier and a diffuser, all contained in one little mason jar. The steam, much like in a warm-air humidifier, helps to loosen mucus and phlegm. It also helps reintroduce moisture into your nose and throat, which helps your body fight off germs and bacteria more effectively.

In addition to the steam, this handy little jar also contains beneficial essential oils. These four essential oils have a combination of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help open your airways and get you breathing easier.

Heres how you can make your own steam inhaler jar at home!

What Happens During Asthma Attacks

Asthma attacks may start as minor but if not managed effectively, can turn dangerous. During an asthma attack, the airways become swollen and constricted more than usual. Breathing properly becomes quite tough. Some signs of an asthma attack are:

  • Wheezing while breathing in and out
  • Extremely rapid breathing

Read More on Asthma Causes & Triggers

How To Make A Himalayan Salt Inhaler Diy

Step by step instructions with photos, showing you how to make your own healthy, therapeutic Himalayan salt inhaler.

Using a salt pipe is a quick and easy way to get the benefits of this amazing, healing product directly into your lungs and then on into your bloodstream. It gives a really fast fix for colds and bronchial issues.

Before you get started, you may be aware that Himalayan Salt can be used on and in your body in many different ways. And you might like to browse some beautiful, healthy Salt Therapy products

References To Studies Included In This Review

5 Must Have Medical Devices for Medical Preppers

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Include Ginger In Your Diet

Just like garlic, ginger has anti-inflammatory qualities too. A study conducted in 2013 showed that ginger supplements were able to ease symptoms of asthma. Having some ginger daily can help you get some relief. Add ginger to your tea during winters. You can also add ginger while cooking your food and reap its benefits.

Diy Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Betty Gabriel

What is the one small ingredient which can turn the taste of your food from okay to delicious? Yup, that is salt. Salt is not confined only to make your food tasty but it has several other health benefits as well. Even doctors recommend their patients to spend more time on beaches. The salty air helps clear their respiratory system. 

Studies have proven that people who work in coal mines do have certain health issues whereas people working in salt mines have comparatively healthier respiratory systems and their skin looks much younger. Those who can not go to mines or salt rooms can get the benefits of salt at home with the help of salt inhalers.

This Asthma Group Suggests Making Your Own Spacer With A Plastic Bottle

Asthma is a global disease, but its impacts arent.

For one thing, its linked to a variety of factors, including air pollution, smoking, and insufficient medical care, that are more severe in poorer countries.

The effects can be seen in mortality rates. According to the Global Asthma Network, age-standardized asthma mortality is highest in Fiji, the Philippines, and South Africa. While asthma deaths are low overall, these are preventable.

One reason people, mainly older adults, are still dying of asthma is that in resource-strapped places, its hard to access preventers. So these medical systems are likely to focus on relievers instead. Thus, in low-income countries, according to the Global Asthma Report 2018, the huge majority of asthma patients are being treated only on an emergency basis. At that point it may already be too late. One policy implication is that preventive medicines and care should be provided for free or at subsidized rates to affected people who couldnt otherwise afford them.

But while asthma inhalers themselves are complicated to manufacture, and heavily marketed, one accessory doesnt need to be costly. In fact, according to the Global Asthma Network it can be made using commonly found and discarded objects.

The Able Spacer

With these caveats in mind, how can you actually turn a .5-litre plastic bottle into a spacer?

The Global Asthma Report 2018 gives the following steps:

Therapies To Help Manage Stress

Stress is a common asthma trigger. As well as talking therapies, there are quite a few different treatments to choose from to help you deal with stress and anxiety.


Theres good evidence to say that yoga can help with stress and flexibility and could improve quality of life. Because of this theres a good chance it could benefit your asthma indirectly, bringing down stress levels which can bring on symptoms. 

There have been some studies on yoga breathing too , which suggest it might be helpful for asthma symptoms. But more research is needed to confirm this, and at the moment asthma guidelines feel theres not enough to recommend it.

How To Make Homemade Spacer Devices For Asthma

Inhaled asthma medications such as bronchodilators, are the most effective way to rapidly reverse the narrowing of an asthmatic childs airways. Inhaled medicines are typically administered with a metered-dose-inhaler , and for children, with a medical device attached called a spacer. The spacer helps the child coordinate the press and breathe action of the MDI so he can inhale the medicine properly. Spacer devices, which cost approximately $30 US dollars, can be too expensive for parents who live in countries like South Africa. So the South African adaptation of the National Institutes of Health guidelines for the care of children with asthma, recommends that parent make their own spacer devices using a plastic bottle.

Things Youll Need

  • Thin steel wire about 12 inches long
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Clean, empty plastic drinking bottle
  • Metered dose inhaler

How to Make a Homemade Spacer Device

Tips & Warnings

Make Changes To Your Diet

There is no specific diet for asthma patients but the exclusion and inclusion of a few elements in your diet can make a considerable change. Being overweight has been known to affect and trigger asthma symptoms. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. To reduce the inflammation around your airways, consider sources rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and beta-carotene. Omega 3 found in salmons, mackerels are also known to help with inflammation. If any particular food seems to make your symptoms much worse, make a note and avoid consuming it.

Severity Of An Asthma Attack

Mild asthma is fairly common and usually can be addressed with natural remedies. Its good to know the symptoms of each stage though, so you know when to seek a doctors care.

  • Mild slight wheezing and difficulty breathing but adequate air intake. This can be intermittent or persistent .
  • Moderate conspicuous wheezing, respiratory distress at rest, use of abdominal muscles to breathe. These flare-ups can make regular activities and sleeping difficulty.
  • Severe obvious respiratory distress, blue skin , absent breath sounds.
  • Respiratory Failure severe respiratory distress, lethargy, confusion, sweating, low blood pressure.

If you or someone you know is having an asthma attack that resembles severe or respiratory failure, call 911 right away.

Emergency Asthma Treatment At Home In Case Of An Attack

Homemade Inhaler For Asthma

  • Do not lie down
  • Sit up straight and try to calm down
  • Take a puff from a reliever every 30 to 60 seconds
  • Breathe in through the nose and out through pursed lips
  • Breathe in through nose with hands placed on the belly and exhale
  • Try sipping warm back tea or coffee
  • Try to inhale the vapour of eucalyptus essential oil from a diffuser

Try the natural home remedies for asthma and witness your symptoms get diminished. Try to maintain an asthma diary. Write down about your symptoms when you experience them, foods that seem to trigger the symptoms, where you were and what you were doing before your asthma flared up, how often you have to use your inhaler, if at all, and other such details. It will help you and your doctor to get a better insight and control your asthmatic symptoms more effectively.

Disclaimer: The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the readers situation. 

Inhaler Recipes For Body Mind & Spirit

There are 24 essential oil inhaler recipes and labels below.  Ive grouped them into 4 main categories:

  • Inhaler Blends for Body Support: immune support, headaches, seasonal allergies, motion sickness, clear breathing, and upset stomach
  • Inhaler Blends for Energy & Happiness:  motivation,wake up, fatigue fighter, uplifting, and gratitude
  • Inhaler Blends for Calm & Focus: grounding, calming, stress relief, tuned in, and get focused
  • Inhaler Blends for Comfort & Cravings: curb your cravings, beat the binge, comfort, confidence, and creativity

    Therapies Where More Evidence Is Needed

    You may have come across chats or claims online that talk about vitamins, salt therapies and CBD oil being the answer for asthma. However, theres not always enough convincing evidence to recommend them. 

    Vitamin D 

    Low levels of Vitamin D have been linked to asthma attacks in both adults and children. Theres been some interesting research looking at the effects of Vitamin D on asthma control, with one study finding that taking it reduced the risk of asthma attacks.

    However, this was a small study, and more research is needed to know who might benefit most, and what dose of Vitamin D can make a difference to people with asthma.

    There’s also more research needed into how Vitamin D supports the immune system. This could mean fewer colds and infections making asthma symptoms worse. 

    Asthma UK is funding more research into vitamin D to see if it can help people with steroid-resistant asthma get more benefits from their steroid treatments.

    People with difficult to control asthma can consider asking their GP for a blood test to check their Vitamin D levels. If Vitamin D is low they can get advice on replacing it,  says Dr Andy Whittamore.

    Vitamin D is also important for keeping bones healthy, says Dr Andy Whittamore. Since women with asthma are more likely to develop osteoporosis, your GP may talk to you about taking a supplement if youre at risk.


    Acupuncture involves putting very fine needles into specific points on the body.


    Salt pipes and salt caves

    Contact Doctor During Office Hours

    • Don’t have written asthma action plan from your doctor
    • Use an inhaler, but don’t have a spacer
    • Miss more than 1 day of school per month for asthma
    • Asthma limits exercise or sports
    • Asthma attacks wake child up from sleep
    • Use more than 1 inhaler per month
    • No asthma check-up in more than 1 year
    • You have other questions or concerns

    Try Himalayan Salt Therapy

    Some asthma sufferers swear by salt therapy for their symptoms. Salt caves or  are two ways of experiencing salt therapy. Theres not much information about salt therapy for asthma. However, one study published in Pneumologia does say it could be beneficial . Salt therapy seems to be safe, so it may be worth a try.

    Inhaler Recipes For Nasal Congestion

    There are many different oils and blends you can try for nasal congestion.  If this is your first time trying oils for congestion start with a single oil like and then try combinations or buy a premade blend.

    My daughters like Olba Oil Blend to use in their inhalers that we found on . They have we bought before we figured out we could just buy the oil and reload the inhalers.

    Homemade Asthma Nebulizer: A New Use For Recycled Water Bottles

    My wife and I recycle nearly everything: cans, glass, aluminum, plastic, and paper/cardboard. We have a huge compost pile for leaves, lawn trimmings, twigs, and pine needles. Of course it is highly-enriched when we clean the chicken coop.

    We are on well water and fortunately, our deep well produces an adequate amount of cold, fresh, and untreated water. My only guilt is that I love ice-cold bottled water in those plastic bottles. I find them perfect to partially freeze and find them convenient when traveling. Since my bout with kidney stones, I am forced to drink a gallon or so of water per day. Working outside, I find it easier to grab a few cold bottles from the fridge and bring them with me to the garden.  I cant drink out of the hose, since this is untreated, irrigation water.

    We dont throw away the plastic water bottles. I envision a time when I will refill them from our well water , and just use them over and over. At this time, most of these bottles just go in the plastic recycling bins.

    I have a lot of asthmatic patients mostly children. In order for kids to use a hand-held MDI for albuterol or inhaled corticosteroids, they must have a spacer a chamber-like device where the medicine is sprays, and the child can easily inhale it without having the coordination to time their inhalations with the spray.

    Supplies Needed:

    • Discarded, but clean, small plastic water bottle
    • Roll of duct tape
    • Sharp knife


    Video: Yoga Teacher Julia Explains How Yoga Is Helpful For Asthma

    Transcript for Yoga teacher Julia explains how yoga is helpful for asthma

    0:00 Im Julia White. Im a yoga teacher and aromatherapist, and I specialise in teaching yoga to people with asthma.

    0:06 When I was younger, growing up, my younger sister had asthma and it was managed,

    0:11 but she used to get quite bad asthma attacks so either the doctor would be called out or she would be hospitalised.

    0:17 And then, one day, she had an asthma attack. She was at home alone and she had to call the ambulance.

    0:23 The ambulance came, they tried to revive her and they couldnt so she died of an asthma attack at the age of seventeen.

    0:28 At the age of thirty, I was then diagnosed with asthma myself.

    0:33 Obviously, went to the doctor, got diagnosed, was given various inhalers, managed it that way,

    0:39 but then realised I had to do something about it myself, as well as taking my medications.

    0:46 And thats when I decided to take a really hard look at my life and decided to train to become a yoga teacher.

    0:54 The good thing about yoga is that anyone can do yoga. You know, yoga isnt just an exercise.

    0:59 The most important part for me is the breathing.

    1:01 If you can connect with your breath, and move with your breath, then thats essentially what yoga is.

    1:09 And the other thing is the posture; because when we have asthma attacks, and you hunch and obviously,

    1:23 So, the other thing with yoga is the posture, so it helps open up the chest, which helps to open up the breathing.

    How To Make Your Own Essential Oil Inhalers

    Homemade Inhaler Spacer

    Inhalers are really easy to make.

    Just purchase these  and add the essential oils to the cotton piece in the nasal tube.

    Add 2-10 drops of oil to the tube depending on the strength you want.

    The great thing about making these inhalers is thatyou can refresh them at any time.

     Simply open the tube and add more oils.

    Risk Alerts Watch Out For These If You Have Asthma

    Royal jelly and propolis risk of asthma attacks

    Royal jelly and propolis are both made by bees. There is evidence that taking royal jelly has caused very serious side effects in some people with asthma who have allergies.

    These have included asthma attacks, breathing difficulties, anaphylactic shock and even death.

    Although serious side effects from propolis have not been documented in the same way as for royal jelly, we still advise caution and recommend that people with asthma and allergies should not take royal jelly or propolis. If youre thinking about taking them we strongly suggest you discuss it with your GP or asthma nurse first.

    Herbal remedies

    If youre planning to try herbal medicine, its very important to seek advice from your GP or asthma nurse first because some herbs have been shown to have serious side effects.

    For example:

    • St Johns Wort, must not be used by anyone taking theophylline as it can reduce the effectiveness of the medicine and cause asthma symptoms to get worse.
    • Butterbur is an unlicensed herbal remedy. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency advises people not to take any herbal products containing butterbur to treat conditions like asthma, hay fever, and cough. Butterbur can cause serious side effects, including liver toxicity and organ failure.

    Anyone can report any suspected side effects of herbal medicines via the Yellow Card scheme.

    Here Is How To Make Your Salt Inhaler:

    Find a Good Looking Salt or Pepper Shaker

    Make sure it has decent sized holes

     Pierce holes in the bottom plastic stopper

     You may need more holes, or larger holes

    Fill your shaker with Himalayan Salt pieces

    Small chunks of salt work best. They just need to be large enough so they dont fall through the bottom holes. But, small enough so there is a lot of surface area to give you plenty of salt particles to inhale. The best salt crystals to use can be purchased here.

    And there you have it! You have just made a Himalayan Salt pipe for next to nothing. Now you will be able to make a few more to share among family and friends.

    Homemade Himalayan Salt Pipe!

    And if you cant be bothered to make a salt inhaler yourself well they are VERY inexpensive to buy: You can get a good one here

    Humidifiers And Air Filters

    Wheezing can be triggered and exacerbated by low humidity and airborne particles that cause constriction of the bronchioles. A humidifier adds moisture to the air, particularly during winter months, and can aid with sleep by reducing mouth and nasal dryness .

    Some humidifiers are equipped with HEPA filters that can remove pollen, dust, and other irritants from the air. Alternatively, you can buy a separate multifilter air purifier equipped with both a HEPA filter and an activated charcoal filter.

    Choose an air purifier that’s the appropriate size for the room it will be used in and has a fine particle rating of 2.5 , meaning it can remove some of the finest airborne particles.

    The 7 Best Air Purifiers for Allergies of 2021

    Essential Oil Inhaler Blends

    Essential Oil Inhalers are a wonderful way to experience the benefits of essential oils when you are away from home or when you are not able to use a diffuser. They are portable, convenient and discreet. This blending and recipe tutorial explains how to make your own inhaler blends. To learn what inhalers are and to learn more about their specific benefits and challenges, please begin by reading AromaWeb’s Guide to Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Inhalers and also AromaWeb’s Guide to Eco-Friendly Essential Oil Inhaler Alternatives.

    Criteria For Considering Studies For This Review

    Types of studies

    Randomised clinical trials including open and blinded study designs.

    Types of participants

    Children under 18 years with acute exacerbations of wheezing or asthma presenting to an ED or equivalent care setting.

    Types of interventions

    Intervention: Rapid acting beta 2agonists via MDI given attached to homemade spacers. Combination treatment with anticholinergic agents was permitted. Controls: The same bronchodilator therapy delivered with commercially produced spacers. Combination treatment with anticholinergic agents was permitted.

    Types of outcome measures

    The primary outcome measure was the need for hospital admission.

    Secondary outcomes

    Secondary outcomes measures were changes from baseline in peak expiratory flow rate , forced expiratory volume in one second , oxygen saturation , respiratory rate , clinical scores, and physical signs, such as dyspnea, accessory muscle use, and wheezing. Other secondary outcomes measures were intensive care unit admission rates, emergency department length of stay, need for additional treatment upon completion of the intervention protocol, and adverse effects such as heart rate , dysrhythmia, tremor, and nausea.

    Why I Picked These Ingredients:

    Dead Sea Salt is famous for its therapeutic, mineral-rich quality. It is antiseptic and rich in magnesium and other trace minerals. It was found that people who worked in mineral rich salt mines didnt get colds and asthma the way other people did. The salt is antiseptic and encourages freer breathing, reducing swollen sinuses.

    Eucalyptus is very useful for colds and chest congestion. It is expectorant, antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory. It is useful for bronchitis, sniffles, sinus congestion, and hoarse scratchy throat. *See below for specific contraindications for the use of Eucalyptus in children.

    Lavender is antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, calming, antispasmodic. It reduces headaches, and is especially useful for tension headaches and sinus headaches. It reduces nasal congestion.

    Tea Tree oil is antiseptic, antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic. It is decongestant, reducing nasal congestion and chest congestion, and stimulates immune system to heal the body.

    Marjoram is sweet smelling. It is antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, calming, relaxing. It calms coughing and bronchial spasms through its anti-spasmodic action. It clears mucous from the lungs, and relieves pain.

    Some Rosemary essential oils contain ketones and should not be used by children under 10 or by pregnant women.

    How to use:

    Buy Himalayan Salt Products

    There is a wonderful range of Himalayan Pink Salt products available, from the salt itself in various sizes of grains, to stunning Salt Lamps that give off negative ions, among other health benefits and much more.

    Use this gorgeous and healthful salt in and on your body and also around the home, and just watch your health transform!

    Here is a small selection of gorgeous and therapeutic Salt Lamps from   These are FairTrade products that you can use with confidence.

    Instructions If You Have A Plastic Inhaler Assembly

    Medical inhalation

    • Put on a pair of surgical/exam gloves .
    • In a tiny bowl, combine the essential oils for your chosen blend.
    • If you do not want the inhaler to be intensely aromatic, you can blend approximately 5-15 drops of Fractionated Coconut Oil into your essential oil blend to dilute it. You will need to experiment with the dilution to achieve the aromatic strength that you desire.
    • Drop the wick into the bowl.
    • Using your tweezers, rotate the wick around so that it fully absorbs the essential oil blend.
    • Once all of the essential oil is absorbed, use the tweezers to carefully pick up the wick and drop it into the wick enclosure .
    • Firmly press the end cap onto the bottom of the wick enclosure.
    • Screw the outer cover onto the wick enclosure.
    • Add a label to your inhaler.
    • Keep the cover on the inhaler anytime that you are not actually using the inhaler.


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