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How Many People Die From Asthma Each Year

Do Men Or Women Have Higher Rates Of Asthma

Losing Laura: Each Day #10TooMany People Die from Asthma
  • Women are more likely to have asthma than men. 9.8 percent of women have asthma, compared to 6.1 percent of men.1
  • Women are more likely to die from asthma than men.7
  • Boys are more likely to have asthma than girls. 8.4 percent of boys have asthma, compared to 5.5 percent of girls.1


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Asthma Research

Reducing The Burden Of Asthma

Asthma cannot be cured, but good management with inhaled medications can control the disease and enable people with asthma to enjoy a normal, active life.

There are two main types of inhaler:

  • bronchodilators , that open the air passages and relieve symptoms and
  • steroids , that reduce inflammation in the air passages. This improves asthma symptoms and reduces the risk of severe asthma attacks and death.

People with asthma may need to use their inhaler every day. Their treatment will depend on the frequency of symptoms and the different types of inhalers available.

It can be difficult to coordinate breathing using an inhaler especially for children and during emergency situations. Using a spacer device makes it easier to use an aerosol inhaler and helps the medicine to reach the lungs more effectively. A spacer is a plastic container with a mouthpiece or mask at one end, and a hole for the inhaler in the other. A homemade spacer, made from a 500-ml plastic bottle, can be as effective as a commercially-manufactured inhaler.

Access to inhalers is a problem in many countries. In 2019, only half of people with asthma had access to a bronchodilator and less than one in five had access to a steroid inhaler in public primary health-care facilities in low-income countries .

How Many People Die From Asthma

  • On average, ten Americans die from asthma each day. In 2019, 3,524 people died from asthma. Many of these deaths are avoidable with proper treatment and care.7
  • Adults are five times more likely to die from asthma than children.7
  • Women are more likely to die from asthma than men, and boys are more likely than girls.7
  • Black Americans are nearly three times more likely to die from asthma than white Americans.7

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What Should I Do If I Have A Severe Asthma Attack

A severe asthma attack needs immediate medical care. The first step is your rescue inhaler. A rescue inhaler uses fast-acting medicines to open up your airways. Its different than your normal maintenance inhaler, which you use every day. You should only use the rescue inhaler in an emergency.

If your rescue inhaler doesnt help or you dont have it with you, go to the emergency department if you have:

  • Anxiety or panic.
  • Bluish fingernails, bluish lips or gray or whitish lips or gums .
  • Chest pain or pressure.

Smoke Residues From Marijuana Aggravate Asthma Symptoms

Asthma Capitals: Asthma

Although cannabinoids have therapeutic effects in asthma patients, asthma and smoking weed is not the best combination. When it comes to vaping vs smoking cannabis, vaping is better as there are no harmful combustion derivatives released by smoking. It is recommended for asthmatics to use edibles, oils, and vape rather than smoke cannabis.

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How Common Is Insect Allergy

People who have insect allergies are often allergic to bee and wasp stings and poisonous ant bites. Cockroaches and dust mites may also cause nasal or skin allergy symptoms.

  • Insect sting allergies affect 5 percent of the population.13
  • At least 90-100 deaths occur each year in the United States due to insect sting anaphylaxis.14


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Allergy Research

How Common Is Asthma

  • Approximately 25 million Americans have asthma. This equals to about 1 in 13 Americans, including 8 percent of adults and 7 percent of children.1
  • About 20 million U.S. adults age 18 and over have asthma. 1
  • Asthma is more common in adult women than adult men.1
  • It is the leading chronic disease in children. 2 Currently, there are about 5.1 million children under the age of 18 with asthma. 1
  • Asthma is more common in boys than girls.1

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% Of American Adults Are Diagnosed With This Condition According To Cdc Asthma Statistics

About 19.2 million Americans over 18 struggle with asthma. Although asthma is more prevalent among children, adults are more likely to die due to this condition. Based on the stats, the death rate was highest among people over 65 , followed by people between 35 and 64 . Death rates were lowest among people between 25 and 34 and people between 18 and 24 .

Asthma Morbidity & Mortality

How does asthma work? – Christopher E. Gaw

There are just under 25 million people living with asthma in the United States, including:

  • 5.5 million children under the age of 18 10
  • 19.2 million adults 10

Of those who have ever had a diagnosis of asthma, many reported at least one or more asthma attack including:

  • 51.6% of children 9

In 2017 3,564 people died from asthma 11:

  • The asthma death rate is highest among people over the age of 65 11
  • Adult females have a higher rate of death than males 11
  • Among children, boys are more likely to die than girls 11
  • Blacks are two to three times more likely to die from asthma than all other racial or ethnic groups 11

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Medical Certification Of Cause Of Death In The Uk

The UK system utilises a medical certification of cause of death with two parts. Part I is for reporting disease related to the chain of events which directly leads to death . Part II should only include diseases that contributed to the death but did not directly cause it . The World Health Organization International Classification of Diseases -10 codes are then allocated, by national statistics departments, according to an algorithm, which in some cases where asthma is entered in part II of the MCCD results in asthma being classified as the underlying cause of death .

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Compared To Men Women Are More Likely To Suffer From Asthma Due To Hormones

Women can also experience worse asthma symptoms and more frequent attacks. Likewise, women who develop asthma after menopause will probably have problems with controlling their condition. On top of that, women with asthma that are older than 65 are at a higher risk of experiencing a life-threatening asthma attack.

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Practical Implications Of Fatal Drug Anaphylaxis Data

  • Drug-induced anaphylaxis is the most common cause of fatal anaphylaxis in most regions where data are available, but is rare relative to nonanaphylactic causes of mortality.
  • The incidence of fatal drug anaphylaxis may be increasing, in contrast to other causes of fatal anaphylaxis.
  • People older than 50 years with pre-existing cardiovascular morbidity appear to be at highest risk for fatal drug anaphylaxis, and drug administration errors account for a significant proportion of cases.
  • Beta-lactam antibiotics, muscle relaxants given at general anesthesia, and injected radiocontrast medium are the commonest reported triggers of fatal drug anaphylaxis.

Who Strategy For Prevention And Control Of Asthma

CDC H1N1 Flu

Asthma is included in the WHO Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of NCDs and the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

WHO is taking action to extend diagnosis of and treatment for asthma in a number of ways.

The WHO Package of Essential Noncommunicable Disease Interventions was developed to help improve NCD management in primary health care in low-resource settings. PEN includes protocols for the assessment, diagnosis, and management of chronic respiratory diseases , and modules on healthy lifestyle counselling, including tobacco cessation, and self-care.

Reducing tobacco smoke exposure is important for both primary prevention of asthma and disease management. The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control is enabling progress in this area as are WHO initiatives such as MPOWER and mTobacco Cessation.

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Why Do More Boys Outgrow Asthma Than Girls

Although a recent study found that boys were more likely than girls to outgrow asthma, Rachelefsky says there isnât enough research to make any conclusions about gender and the progression of asthma.

Panettieri says more girls develop asthma after the onset of puberty boys develop it before.

âItâs not that boys outgrow it, but now there are more women with it,â he says.

Some studies have suggested that hormonal differences may factor in to a higher prevalence of adult asthma in women.

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How Many People Died From Asthma In Each Uk Region In 200812

England: Death rates for asthma in the West Midlands and the South East were higher than in other parts of the UK. The South West had the lowest asthma mortality rate.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: Asthma death rates were similar to the UK generally.

Asthma mortality ratios by UK regions, males and females, 200812

Relative risk of death from asthma, by local authority district , 200812

Relative risk is used in medical research to compare risk in different groups of people. In the maps we show the risk of an area relative to the average for Scotland, England and Wales. Here we show whether the group of people living in a particular area have a risk of dying from asthma that is lower or higher than the average. Because of the way relative risk is calculated there must always be some areas above average and some below average.

You can find out how these figures were calculated.

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What Are The Warning Signs

Being aware of the warning signs of severe asthma and a severe asthma attack are crucial, so that you can take action quickly.

The symptoms of severe asthma include:

  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain.

Sometimes the symptoms of severe asthma can get worse or more frequent prior to a severe asthma attack occurring. For example, you may find that asthma symptoms are being more disruptive to your daily life or usual activities, or you may be needing to use your inhaler more often than usual. You could also find you are having bad asthma at night.

If you become aware that your usual symptoms are worsening, speak to your doctor or asthma nurse. A review of your medication may be beneficial and a change in regime could help to prevent a severe asthma attack occurring.

If a severe asthma attack does occur, then the key warning signs for you or other people to look for include:

  • Developing a blue tint on the face, lips or fingernails
  • Rapid breathing
  • Extreme shortness of breath unable to inhale or exhale fully
  • Unable to speak in full sentences
  • Confusion or agitation
  • No relief from using a reliever inhaler.

If these symptoms occur, go to hospital or seek emergency medical attention immediately. A severe asthma attack is a medical emergency. If you dont seek treatment, your life could be at risk.

Emergency contacts

When you need to call for emergency help, every second counts. Knowing what number to call to summon help is crucial.

I Had No Idea Asthma Could Be Fatal

How Many People Die from Smoking Each Year?

Thelma Doswell describes her husbands sudden death from the disease and urges sufferers to use their inhalers

As a year-long national review into asthma is launched, Thelma Doswell describes her husbands sudden death from the disease and urges sufferers to use their inhalers

At 7.50am, Gary Doswell left for work in his car as usual, texting his wife Thelma on the way.

What do you fancy doing tonight? he tapped.

She phoned him back and the couple chatted about their plans for that evening. They ended their conversation as they always did, saying: Love you.

Minutes later, on April 7 2011, Gary, from Hythe, Southampton, was dead.

Hed driven into the side of a lorry after suffering a fatal asthma attack. He was 35.

For Thelma and their family-of-eight, his death came as a bolt from the blue. Shocking statistics show that one person dies from asthma every eight hours.

But a new national review, that will investigate the cause of asthma deaths, is hoping to reduce that number to two or three every year so that cases like Garys will become few and far between.

For the first time, all asthma deaths in the UK are being scrutinised for 12 months until January 31, 2013.

Funded by the Department of Health and led by the Royal College of Physicians, the National Review of Asthma Deaths aims to understand why people die from asthma and how deaths can be prevented.

Too many people die of asthma in the UK and we have some lessons to learn.

Asthma facts

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How Many People Get Sick From Asthma

  • In 2016, asthma accounted for for 9.8 million doctors office visits4
  • In 2018, asthma accounted for 178,530 discharges from hospital inpatient care and 1.6 million emergency department visits.5,6
  • Black Americans are five times more likely than white Americans to visit the emergency department due to asthma.6

Practical Implications Of Fatal Food Anaphylaxis Data

  • Fatal food anaphylaxis is rare, such that it adds little to overall mortality risk, even in young people known to have food allergy.
  • Reliable identification of patients at increased risk of fatal food anaphylaxis is not currently possible, but patients with isolated egg allergy or no asthma appear to be at lowest risk, and risk is highest in the second and third decades of life.
  • Features of food anaphylaxis and its management associated with fatal outcome are upright posture and delayed use of epinephrine.
  • Given the rarity of fatal food anaphylaxis, our inability to reliably stratify risk, and the limited evidence that specific interventions reduce fatality riskquality of life considerations should play a key role in driving treatment decisions for people with food allergy.

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About 55 Million Children In The Us Have Asthma

Symptoms of asthma in children include shortness of breath, frequent coughing that can be triggered by a viral infection, exercise, or cold air, wheezing, and chest congestion. Keep in mind that the symptoms wont always be the same. They can become better or worse in the future.

Even though childhood asthma is incurable, it can be controllable with the proper treatment.

Signs You Actually Have Severe Asthma

Over 1,000 Asthma Patients

Breathing is just one of those things you take for granted until it feels like every inhale or exhale is a struggle. Unfortunately, people with severe asthma have to deal with breathing issues way more often than anyone should, and it can be completely terrifying.

Asthma is a respiratory condition that affects the airways that extend from your nose and mouth to your lungs, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute . When youre exposed to triggers like animal fur, pollen, mold, exercise, and respiratory infections, these airways can narrow, restricting your airflow. This can then make the muscles surrounding your airways constrict, making it even harder to breathe, and cause your airways to produce more mucus than normal, further compounding the problem. All together, this can lead to asthma symptoms like shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing , and chest tightness or pain, according to the NHLBI.

Like most health conditions, asthma severity runs along a spectrum, Emily Pennington, M.D., a pulmonologist at the Cleveland Clinic, tells SELF. Some people have cases where they experience minor symptoms here and there . Others can have asthma that is basically an ever-present problem and might result in scary asthma attacks, which is when symptoms ramp up in severity and can even become life-threatening.


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Asthma Uk’s Press Office Can Provide Facts And Statistics About Asthma Including Prevalence Deaths And Hospital Admissions

If you use any of the statistics below, please attribute them to Asthma UK

Key facts for journalists

  • 5.4 million people in the UK are currently receiving treatment for asthma: 1.1 million children and 4.3 million adults .
  • Every 10 seconds someone is having a potentially life-threatening asthma attack in the UK.
  • On average, 3 people die from an asthma attack in the UK every day
  • Around 200,000 people in the UK have severe asthma, this is a debilitating form of the condition that doesnt respond to usual treatments and can cause people to be in and out of hospital
  • The NHS spends around £1 billion a year treating and caring for people with asthma.
  • In 2016/17 there were 77,124 admissions to hospital for asthma in the UK.
  • In 2017 1,484 people in the UK died from an asthma attack in the UK


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