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Are Humidifiers Good For Asthma

Tips To Use Humidifiers Effectively

Humidifier for Asthma: Good or Bad? | Tita TV

There are debates over whether or not humidifiers are great for those who have asthma since the levels of moisture in a home might get too high and it makes a good environment for the dust mites to grow and live.

Aside from that, once not maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, humidifiers can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Therefore, its essential to use a humidifier properly.

It is crucial to clean your humidifier on a regular basis so bacteria and mold wont develop that can be dangerous to ones health.

Use water with low content of minerals to prevent the buildup of minerals.

If you plan to store your unit for a long period of time, make sure that its dry before storing it and clean it properly before using it again.

Sinusitis And Other Upper Respiratory Infections

Moving on, just as asthma leads to the inflammation of the lining of the airway, sinusitis determines the inflammation in the mucous membranes that line the sinuses. Due to this inflammation, the mucous membranes will secrete more mucus.

This is why its essential to treat sinusitis or prevent it so that it doesnt aggravate asthma.

What Is The Ideal Air Moisture Level

According to the Mayo Clinic, youll want to maintain a moisture level of about 30-50% when looking to alleviate asthma or allergies. However, according to some sources, 40-60% is ideal, and you may have a personal preference as well depending on your individual needs.

Every person is different, and some individuals may suffer more from dry skin or nasal passages, and some may suffer more from other afflictions due to asthma symptoms. If you keep a humidifier around, be certain to maintain the device to ultimate optimization to keep your air at a healthy humidity level.

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A Clean Humidifier Is Essential

While humidifiers can definitely be helpful to asthma sufferers, it needs to be stated that they can also be very detrimental if theyre not used properly or cleaned regularly.

The type of water you use in the humidifier can actually lead to the dispersion of harmful microorganisms into the air you breathe.

As a study conducted by the US National Center for Biotechnology Information proves, distilled or demineralized water is the best choice for use as it limits the amount of undesirable material being dispensed into the air.

Neglecting to clean the humidifier on a regular basis will likely lead to the proliferation of germs, which are then dispensed into the air via steam. To get the most use out of a humidifier, make a point to clean it at least once a week.

You dont need to run out and buy a specific type of cleaner for this chemical disinfectants can actually leave behind a residue thats harmful to breathe in once theyre aerosolized by the humidifier, reports Markham Heid of TIME.

Instead, just use simple dish soap and warm water. Be thorough in your cleaning in order to ensure that any mould and bacteria that has been growing in the humidifier is removed.;

But Hold Onhumidifiers Can Still Help Asthma Sufferers

Is a humidifier good for someone with asthma?

Whilst we cant ignore the dangers of having a dirty humidifier in your home, other studies show that when used in conjunction with air purification devices, you can actually get all the benefits of a humidifier without the negative side effects of adding toxic allergens to the air.

If you already use a humidifier, you might be interested in learning more about how an Air Purifier can help reduce the risk of adding more airborne allergens to your indoor air. If so, Check out our guide on Asthma and Allergy air purifiers.

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Cautions When Using Humidifier For Asthma

Here are few important things to know when you decide to use a humidifier:

  • Humidifiers can worsen asthma if you use it nonstop or at high speed by making the air very humid.
  • If you use tap water in your humidifier then airborne minerals from water may also irritate your lungs.
  • Humidifiers can also make asthma worse if you dont clean it regularly or properly. Because a dirty humidifier accumulates bacteria and fungi.
  • Avoid cleaning your humidifier with chemicals containing products or bleach.

Is A Dehumidifier Right For Your Asthma

Depending on where you live, a dehumidifier may be needed year-round, or just during a certain season. Removing some of the moisture from the air may improve your asthma symptoms, prevent mold growth, and discourage the increase of dust mites.

Curious about other ways to manage the air within your home? Read about air purifiers and humidifiers.

Editor’s note: A dehumidifier can remove mold spores from the air and prevent new mold from growing, but it will not remove existing mold.4,5 If you are regularly exposed to existing mold, talk to your doctor about how this may be affecting you.

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Room Humidifiers For Asthma Sufferers

Those with asthma know how difficult life can be. The chronic condition should only be treated by a medical professional, but there are a number of things one can do to help alleviate the symptoms. Room humidifiers can be very beneficial for asthma symptoms since asthma suffers know that how important humidity is in order to breathe better. If the air is too dry, asthma symptoms can act up and if the air is too humid, a totally new set of symptoms appear. Essentially, when it comes to humidity, balance is key.

How The Best Humidifier For Asthma Works

How Does A Dehumidifier Help With Asthma? | Ebac Dehumidifiers

Before you can buy a humidifier for a child with asthma, you need to know how it works. If you have been thinking about what you should get between dehumidifier or humidifier for asthma, this information might help you.

First, you might want to avoid ultrasonic humidifiers because they cause white dust.

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Using Hard Water Or Tap Water

Many manufacturers recommend using only pure, clean water in their humidifiers. There are a few reasons for this.

Unfiltered tap water can contain higher levels of minerals and other particles than purified or distilled water.

Minerals from hard tap water can build up in the machine, causing it to wear down faster than expected.

The humidifier can also push these minerals into the air, and a person may inhale them. The particles may also settle around the room as dust.

Lifestyle Tips For Asthma

Keeping your homes air at an appropriate humidity level may help, but its not enough to control asthma completely.

If you have asthma, your doctor has probably prescribed controller and rescue medications for you. Its important that you follow your doctors directions and continue to use any asthma prevention medications you are prescribed, even when your symptoms are under control.

In addition to taking your prescriptions, these tips may help you to better manage asthma:

  • Identify and avoid asthma triggers, such as pollen, animal dander, and dust mites.
  • Do not smoke or vape.

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What Are Common Asthma Symptoms

Symptoms of asthma are coughing, a tight chest, wheezing and shortness of breath. The symptoms of asthma may range from mild to severe. Asthma affects children and adults and currently does not have a cure, but the disease is manageable. One home remedy that some people may find helpful is using a humidifier. But is a humidifier safe for everyone with asthma? Continue reading below to find out.

Which One Should You Get

Are Air Humidifiers Good For Asthma And Allergies?

Great for Big Rooms: Air Innovations Cool Mist Digital Humidifier with Aroma Tray. If you want to humidify a bigger room, choose this one. It has a big receptacle for water that will also enable this to work seamlessly and continuously. You can rely on it to clear up the air in a bigger room without emitting a loud noise or consuming too much energy.

Easiest to Fill: KOIOs Upgrade Top Fill Humidifier. If you dont something too complicated, get this one. It has an easy top fill design. Refilling isnt tedious and difficult. The touch button controls are also easy to manipulate.

Versatile Choice: Homedics Cool & Warm Mist Tower Ultrasonic Humidifier. If you cant decide between a cool and warm mist function, get this one instead as it can offer you both. It has a large water tank and features antimicrobial properties that prevent microorganisms from thriving in the tank.

Great for Small Rooms: Homasy Humidifiers with Anti Bacterial Stone. This is ideal for bedrooms. It has a big capacity and has a powerful filtering system that will keep harmful microorganisms at bay.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Humidifier for Asthma

When buying a humidifier for asthma, make sure you keep the following factors into consideration first:

Quiet Operations. You still would want to make sure it runs quietly. You dont want the humidifier to produce an annoying sound that can disrupt your sleep at night.

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An Air Purifier Vs An Air Filter

An air purifier is different than an air filter, which traps pollutants by forcing the air through a filter. While both devices trap and filter out pollutants, only an air purifier sanitizes the air.

An air filter may be part of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system or be portable.

Several types of filters may be used in both devices, including:

  • washable

An air purifier can take these triggers out of your home by trapping them in the filter. It works by bringing in air and trapping these small particles, then releasing the clean air. An air purifier also sanitizes the air around it.

However, studies have found mixed or inconclusive results as to whether or not air purifiers help asthma symptoms.

According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers , air purifiers may be less effective than regular air filters, as they often dont trap particles as well as air filters. If the allergens arent trapped effectively, they may be redistributed on surfaces closer to the purifier.

Other studies have a different opinion. For instance, a 2018 study found that air purifiers are effective for helping to relieve asthma symptoms, especially for children.

According to a 2016 study, air purifiers may be better at getting rid of some allergens, like smoke, but less effective at reducing other allergens, like animal dander.

Overall, how well an air purifier can help with asthma symptoms depends on the:

Humidifiers For Eczema Asthma And Allergies

If you constantly struggle to find remedies for your eczema, asthma and allergies, a humidifier can help your dry nose as well as your dry skin. The cool, moist mist humidifies the air to keep skin and tissue hydrated.

There are so many humidifiers on the market that you might be wondering which one to purchase. In this article, we help you decipher the best features of humidifiers for eczema, asthma and allergies.

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Keep The Humidity At 43% Or Above

The main reason for this is to avoid flu and colds, which trigger asthma attacks. Now, research has shown that the flu virus can survive in lesser humidity, but if you get the humidity level to 43 percent, it; will not survive.

Thus, when a member of the family contracts flu, raising the humidity level will protect the other members of the family from the virus.

If you live in cold and dry places, you should get a humidifier. A warm mist humidifier should be a good choice for you because it will help dispel the cold too. Besides, in the boiling process, many viruses will be killed.

Of course, the optimum humidity level can differ from place to place, with some places requiring higher, and with some requiring low.

What we mean is, if your place has 50 percent humidity, you cannot very well go running a dehumidifier to lower the humidity level, can you now?

Another thing that you should know is that too much humidity can cause mold growth, paint peeling and keeping the house in a constant state of dampness.

Experts recommend to keep the humidity at 50 percent maximum. If it goes any higher than that, it could be more harmful than helpful.

Why Is It Important For Asthma Sufferers To Keep Their Humidifier Clean

7 Humidifier Benefits For Baby With Asthma Cold And Allergies

For people who have asthma, bacteria and viruses may cause illnesses that can exacerbate their symptoms. Even the presence of mold can cause an asthma attack.

A dirty humidifier can create the perfect conditions for bacteria, mold and viruses to grow and thrive, which can quickly to a life-threatening situation for those whose asthma is severe.

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Ucareair Cool Mist Humidifier

The best humidifier I found is the UCAREAIR Cool Mist Humidifier. I love this humidifier as it has a capacity of 2L, meaning it can run for hours before the water needs topping up. However, if you forget to top it up, the machine turns itself off, which means its totally safe being left on while Im not home! With an ultra-silent motor too, I cannot fault this humidifier.

Cold Air And Unexpected Changes In Temperature And Humidity

People suffering from asthma are already used to noticing how their symptoms change with the weather. So, what is it about cold weather that makes it aggravate the severity of this widespread condition?

When the cold air enters the airways, this could make them go into spasms, triggering common asthma symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, as well as tightness in the chest. At the same time, when the temperatures are lower, the incidence of flu and other sinus infections is much more widespread, which can further cause discomfort as we discussed above.

That isnt to say that a high humidity level could be beneficial for asthmatics. As a matter of fact, there are dangers if the humidity levels are higher than normal, as well. To be more specific, some people experience a worsening of their symptoms when the weather is too damp. This is why you should be careful, in this respect.

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What Are The Factors That Indicate Whether Your Asthma Is Set

If youre having trouble deciding whether your asthma is triggered by the levels of humidity in your surroundings or not, here are some quick tips that might help in resolving this query:

  • For starters, check to see whether your asthma improves when the weather changes to hot and humid.

  • If youre living in a basement unit/room then chances are the quality of air would be a lot more;dry than ideal for asthma patients. It is better to invest in a humidifier to control the humidity levels in such a room.

  • If youre living in an enclosed space with not much natural light or ventilation and if youre constantly having breathing problems such as coughing, tightness in chess, or shortness of breath. Such a place is ideal for germs and dust particles in the air which may be triggering your asthma.

  • What Is Better For Asthma Warm Or Cool Mist Humidifier

    Is A Humidifier Good For Asthma? ⢠

    Both cool-mist and warm-mist humidifiers can be helpful in allergies and asthma but it can be different from person to person and their breathing tendencies. Although, in general, if a person is comfortably breathing in a sauna, then a warm mist humidifier is a good choice otherwise cold mist humidifier is better.

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    Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Humidifier For Asthmatics Allergies

    When selecting a good humidifier for any lung-related problems, there are some essential factors you may need to check out for:

    • Type:

    Type of humidifier talks about choosing between warm and cool mist humidifier when shopping for the best humidifier for asthma and allergies. Both can keep the air moist, however regardless of which you want to go for, ensure your humidifier has a humidistat for easy control

    • Humidistat:

    Humidistat is an essential aspect of your unit. This is because it controls the level of humidity in your home.

    • Size or capacity:

    The size of your unit is also essential as well, but the efficiency of your humidity should not be compromised. There are portable sized humidifiers/ tabletop humidifiers that are good for your small space. They can be carried about when traveling by asthmatic patients.

    • Maintenance:

    A good humidifier allows for easy assembling and disassembling for cleaning and maintenance. A humidifier with ultraviolet light prevents the growth and spread of fungi and mold

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    I Needed An Air Purifier For My Asthma

    I could smell the smoke in my office and knew I was in trouble. My eyes were burning, my throat was sore, my nose was running and my lungs felt like they were on fire. I used my inhaler but was still struggling to breathe. I wished I had a portable air purifier in my office as I did at home.

    I quickly left the office and headed home where we have several portable air purifiers. In my family of 5, all 5 of us have allergies, and 4 have asthma. So we do all we can to keep our home allergy and asthma friendly.

    I found out that every store in our county of 2,400 square miles was sold out of air purifiers! That’s how thick the smoke was from the forest fire.

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