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Can You Smoke Weed With Asthma

How To Determine If You Are Buying A Moldy Weed


There is no need to worry about the possibility of getting a moldy weed if you choose to buy your stash from a credible cannabis club, marijuana dispensary, or coffee shop. Unfortunately, being worried about a moldy weed is inevitable since mold does not single out between neophytes and professionals, all it needs is excellent conditions, even after harvest.

The inappropriate storage of a cannabis seller may lead a jar loaded of weed into a shaggy turmoil of fungus. Wet weed is a breeding environment for fungus and allurement for mold.

Even after a cautious and slow drying, preferably, in simple paper bags, the final step is the curing and most often where it all happens wrong.

Another undesirable feature of a moldy weed is its smell. There are times that it can be associated with hay, although something is always mortifying when the smell of a moldy weed. It will be helpful to give your chosen stash a puff also while you are doing your inspection. Many known cannabis sellers are not too particular on customers who are very touchy and feely with the menu.

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Should You Smoke Medical Marijuana For Asthma

Now that weâve gone through and discussed some of the main benefits, well now focus on the potential long-term risks of smoking with asthma:

  • Large fluid-filled sacs otherwise known as bullae may easily develop in your lungs if you smoke cannabis. Considering the fact youâre already dealing with asthma, we can imagine this is the last problem youâd want to deal with.
  • Over time, the bullae may develop into pneumothorax, otherwise known as a collapsed lung, which is a life-threatening condition.

The short-term risks arent too pretty, either. They could easily aggravate your asthmatic symptoms and make your daily experience a lot more miserable. These are what youll likely experience if you arenât careful with your smoking habit:

  • Wheezing while exhaling

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It Can Weaken Your Immune System

Certain immune cells found in your lungs are critical to keeping your lungs healthy by fighting off bacteria and viruses.

Smoking marijuana dampened the effect of these immune cells, according to a 2016 study published in Frontiers in Pharmacology. This may make pot smokers more vulnerable to infections.

People with asthma are already more likely to get respiratory illnesses, experience more severe symptoms, and take longer to recover.

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Are There Any Adverse Reactions Of Marijuana Use For Asthma

Unless you experience an allergic reaction to marijuana, there isnt any evidence that marijuana on its own causes adverse effects on asthma patients. The only adverse reaction that you can experience would be the usual side effects that are caused by high-THC strains, such as heightened anxiety, paranoia, cottonmouth, and red eyes. If you use strains that are higher in CBD, the risk of experiencing these side effects will be lower.

Vaping Or Smoking Kratom

Do You Get Higher When You Cough While Smoking Weed ...
  • It seems that most people who have tried to smoke kratom say that it lessens the effect significantly. It appears that this may be connected to the alkaloids in kratom breaking down at a low heat level, which causes most of the effects to be lost. There have also been a few companies who have tried launching kratom vape products. The goal was to make kratom consumption more convenient but unfortunately whis was short-lived. After various bad reviews and complaints about the products, they were discontinued.

In conclusion, there seems to be a general consensus on the majority of experiences. Smoking usually does not go well with kratom, although of course that is only anecdotal and some may believe the opposite to be true. Similarly, weed could be a sedative for one who wants to take a nap after consuming kratom. While these seem to be the experience of many, it is always worth bearing in mind that everybodys body differs and ones experience may not follow the one reported by most people. So as usual, consume responsibly.

This article was written strictly for informative purposes only. Please consult a doctor before use.

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As cannabis use becomes legal in more states, many people are seeking it out for medical use. Medical cannabis can be used to treat symptoms of pain, insomnia and anxiety.

The Allergy & Asthma Network Pain, Exercise and Cannabis Experience survey results were recently published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.

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Final Thoughts Can You Actually Smoke Weed If You Have Asthma

If your symptoms are mild and you dont experience frequent asthma attacks, especially during or after smoking weed, then yes, you could probably still smoke cannabis. However, bear in mind that even though your symptoms are okay now, asthma is unpredictable and may change the way it manifests over time.

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Choose Vaporizing Over Smoking

Cannabis has the potential to alleviate symptomsexperienced by asthma patients regardless of the method of consumption.However, this does not mean all of these methods are equal in efficiency. Italso does not mean that using any of the least asthma-friendly ones is entirelyharmless. Key elements to consider are:

  • Optimal safety
  • Potential for instant relief
  • Controllable dosage andefficiency

Smoking cannabis is not recommended, as depending on the severity of your condition, it may escalate an existing asthma-related crisis, or even trigger one. Edibles, on the other hand, because of certain variables such as the time they may take to release their effects, can be used as a long-term treatment, but would not be reliable enough in the case of an attack. This is why for emergency treatments, vaporizing is definitely the best option for cannabis and asthma. Not only is the release of cannabinoids in the body close to optimal, the risks for the lungs are at an absolute minimum.

Of course, smoking cannabis is not harmful to theaverage, healthy human body. But, as an asthma sufferer, you need to watch outfor anything that can irritate or negatively impact your respiratory system.

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So Why Do People With Respiratory Issues Use Weed

It may seem far-fetched to imagine a doctor telling their asthmatic patients to use weed, but thats exactly what Janice Knox does. Shes spent 32 years working as a board-certified anesthesiologist before she began studying the impact of cannabis on illness, and now, she incorporates cannabis into her consultations with patients at her familys American Cannabinoid Clinics in Oregon, where her husband and two daughters all physicians also practice.

Knox says endocannabinoid receptors called CB1 and CB2 work in the lungs to modulate immune responses to inflammation. People have been treating the symptoms of asthma for years, but in the case of cannabis in the lungs, its a CB1, CB2 receptor on those bronchioles, Knox tells Allure. And if we know its chronic inflammation, we know which part of the cannabis is going to work best on those receptors its going to be the THC and the CBD as an anti-inflammatory.

Best Methods Of Marijuana Treatment To Use To Treat Asthma

Does Cannabis Help with Asthma?

Cannabis for asthma has the potential to ease many symptoms patients experience, regardless of which method they use. However, this doesnt mean all the methods of consumption are equal in efficiency. Furthermore, it doesnt mean theyre all entirely harmless either. Important things to consider when deciding on your method of marijuana treatment use for your asthma are:

  • Potential for immediate relief
  • Optimal safety
  • Controllable efficiency and dosage

While smoking medical weed is still an option, it does depend on how severe your asthma is, since smoking could trigger an asthma attack or escalate one. Because of this, you may want to consider other methods of use.

For instance, you can consume edibles, also called medibles, for long-term asthma treatment since they have certain variables, like the time they take to produce effects. They may not be appropriate for providing instant relief during an attack. A good option for emergency treatments could be vaporizing. Vaporizing releases cannabinoids in your body quickly while reducing any risk to your lungs.

To the healthy human body, smoking medical marijuana isnt harmful. But when suffering from asthma, you have to watch out for anything that can compromise your respiratory system.

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What Are The Different Ways People Can Consume Cannabis As A Medical Treatment

Joanna Zeiger: The most common: smoking, vaping, tinctures, oils, topicals and edibles. How you take cannabis can have a different impact. The amount of time until you feel effects of the cannabis can also differ depending on how you administer cannabis.

Smoking and vaping are not recommended for lung health due to reported adverse effects. Inhaling does lead to very fast onset of action, which may be beneficial for people who have severe acute pain but should be avoided in those with asthma.

Edibles take much longer to work up to 45-70 minutes but the lasting effects are much longer than inhalation and can last for hours. This is ideal to aid sleep.

Topicals work differently altogether and their effectiveness depends on the type of injury or pain you are trying to treat. Thats why defining your goal for cannabis use will help dictate your treatment options.

How To Use Marijuana For Asthma

We have established that smoking marijuana is not a great idea when you have asthma.

Taking CBD oil for asthma sublingually is not harmful, but it is too slow to be an effective response to an asthma attack.

The marijuana needs to be delivered directly into the lungs to have quick action during an asthma attack. It is due to this need for speed that asthmatic people use inhalers. Vaping is the best delivery method for medical marijuana, where asthma is concerned.

It eliminates the dangers associated with smoking while at the same time, delivering the cannabis directly to the lungs.

Vaping is different from smoking because the vape juice has already been extracted from the marijuana plant, and the toxins that destroy lungs have been eliminated. The vaping process uses enough heat to get the active ingredients into the vapor.

To effectively vape your marijuana, familiarize yourself with the right temperature at which you should use your product. Youll figure out the heat if you know the part of hemp from which your juice has been extracted. Products extracted from hemp flowers vape at a different temperature from those derived from other parts of the plant.

The different temperature also means that vaporizers for asthma suffers should enable the user to set them at different temperatures depending on which product they are using.

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Patients With Asthma Say Most Doctors Dont Ask About Cannabis Use


Among individuals with asthma and allergies who use cannabis, more than half said they arent willing to discuss their use of cannabis with their doctor and their doctor doesnt ask, according to recent research at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, held virtually this year.

In an online survey of respondents with asthma and allergies in the Allergy & Asthma Network, 88 of 489 reported cannabis use. Of these respondents, 37.5% said they wanted to discuss their cannabis use with their doctor, 51.1% said they would not want to, and 11.4% reported they were unsure. In addition, 40.9% of respondents said their doctor inquired about cannabis use, while 51.1% said their doctor did not bring up cannabis use at all, either through a verbal discussion or on an intake form.

To date, there has not been much research on use of cannabis among patients with allergies and asthma, Joanna S. Zeiger, MS, PhD, of the Canna Research Foundation in Boulder, Colo., said in her presentation. This is a group with whom route of administration could have broad adverse effects. Smoking or vaping cannabis in this population could lead to increased symptoms of cough and wheeze, as well as increased use of asthma medications and exacerbations of their disease.

Reported effects of cannabis use

Weed And Asthma: The Risks

Can you smoke weed if you have asthma, NISHIOHMIYA

Theres no doubt that smoking in any form does negatively impact your health when done over the long term. Smoking causes throat irritation due to constant tissue inflammation. Over time, this can impair lung function. Asthma sufferers certainly dont need any further lung impairment.

But recreational marijuana use and medical use are different.

Recreational users smoke more often and many marijuana smokers also use tobacco. Tobacco can worsen respiratory symptoms associated with smoking: cough, wheezing and mucus production.

Regular marijuana smoking has been shown to increase the risk of bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease . Yet its unclear whether smoking marijuana increases the risk of developing lung cancer.

Secondhand smoke, from tobacco or cannabis, can be harmful.

Kids in homes with cannabis smoke were almost twice as likely to have adverse health compared to homes without indoor smoke of any kind.

A few short-term studies have been done, but very few have studied the problem long-term. In this study, over 2500 people were followed for 13 years. Cannabis smoking was found to be a risk factor for bronchial asthma.

Because very little research has been done to date, the American Lung Association considers smoking marijuana as a health risk for people with asthma. Medicinal marijuana may help relieve asthma, but smoking is likely to make it worse.

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Will There Be Any Risks Involved

While the use of cannabis certainly seems to be an effective choice to treat asthma symptoms, it is still important to pay attention to all the risks involved in using this option. For instance, many studies show that when you take inhaler-delivered THC in excess, you may end up dealing with bronchoconstriction. In a study, only 3 out of 5 asthma patients experienced bronchodilation after receiving 5-20mg of THC. It implies that even if you are using weed to treat your asthma, you need to be very careful about how much you take.

Many studies have already confirmed that you do not increase your risk of developing lung cancer after smoking marijuana, but there is evidence that excessive smoking may well be associated with an increased risk of developing bronchitis, which involves the mucous membranes of the airway becoming inflamed. Your asthma symptoms may become worse and you notice serious complications if you develop bronchitis.

Nevertheless, there are other ways to use cannabis without having to worry too much about the risks. Instead of inhaling, you can ingest marijuana through alternative methods, such as edible preparations or vaporizers. Keep in mind that you do not always need to smoke weed to enjoy its therapeutic benefits.

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What Are The Natural Compounds Found In Cannabis

  • THC tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the compound in cannabis that is psychoactive and gives the high sensation. Its consumed by smoking and in oils, edibles, tinctures and capsules.
  • CBD cannabidiol. CBD is the cannabinoid that is associated with anti-inflammatory and immune modulating properties, and is not psychoactive, so it does not typically provide a high sensation. Its sold as gels, gummies, oils, supplements and extracts.

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How Does Marijuana Affect Asthma

Experiments in the 1970s showed that smoking marijuana opens up the airways. In contrast, tobacco smoke causes the airways to narrow.3 In one study, eight people with asthma did methacholine and exercise challenge tests.4 After the challenges, they were treated with a short-acting beta-agonist, marijuana, placebo marijuana, and saline. Treatment with marijuana or the short-acting beta-agonist opens up the airways immediately.

This finding led to some studies on marijuana and lung function. Nevertheless, neither of the major guidelines recommendor even mentionmarijuana as a treatment for asthma.5,6 In most of the United States, marijuana use is illegal or restricted to certain medical conditions. The list of approved medical conditions varies from state to state.7

Can You Smoke Kratom Interactions With Other Smoking Products

How Dangerous Is Smoking With Asthma?

What happens when someone consumes kratom together with cigarettes? What about weed? Are these combinations safe? Do they enhance the experience, detract from it, or is the effect neutral? We have researched the experiences of people who have written about their experiences, and compiled a short summary of what seems to be the consensus opinion, as well as other less common experiences:

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Final Thoughts On Snorting Marijuana

As the legal and medical use of marijuana is changing rapidly, new cannabis products appear on the market that aim to provide a variety of consumption methods for marijuana users. Great examples are THC or CBD nasal sprays.

These new cannabis products may be a good way for medical marijuana consumers to administer proper doses of weed discreetly, as well as relieve a stuffy nose. But it should be done in moderation, as this method of cannabis consumption can cause rebound congestion.

No matter whether you want to get on board with the THC nasal spray users or not, make sure that, if you do decide to try these weed products, you always start with a low dose. And most importantly, make sure that weed is legal where you live before purchasing cannabis products, otherwise you might have a problem with local law enforcement and maybe even face charges.

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