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What Is In An Asthma Emergency Kit

Are You Suffering A Severe Asthma Attack

What to do if Someone is Having an Asthma Attack

In an emergency, you need to act fast. Heres a list of emergency contact numbers around the world:

  • In the UK, dial 999.
  • In the US, dial 911.
  • In Canada, dial 911.
  • In New Zealand, dial 111.
  • In South Africa, dial 10 177.

Note that 112 also works in any European Union country and the UK.

You can find a comprehensive list of worldwide emergency contact numbers here.

State Dentistry Board Regulations

Dental practices are licensed and governed by individual state dentistry boards and not the federal government. State standards often, but not always, specify required equipment, medications, and training primarily based on the level of sedation the dentist uses. Some states treat guidelines such as the;ADA Guidelines for Use of Sedation and General Anesthesia;or the;AAOMS Office Anesthesia Evaluation Manual;as absolute requirements that must be met in order for the dentist to be issued a sedation permit.

State requirements vary widely regarding the medical emergency drugs, equipment, and training necessary for general anesthesia. The general trend is that the more sedation used, the more likely the practitioner will need to have the medications, training, and equipment necessary to perform Advanced Cardiac Life Support and intubation.

To meet your states requirements for standard of care, its important to include each medication and piece of equipment that your training qualifies you to treat in your emergency medical kit. Consider if your state defers authority to another body for requirements, what level of sedation you practice, if you are a member of AAOMS, and if your accreditation requires you to have any specific equipment at hand. If in doubt, always contact your state dental board.

Asthma In Schools & Contents Of Emergency Asthma Kits

Asthma is an extremely common chronic and potentially life threatening condition that affects nearly 10% of children. On average, there are two children with asthma in every classroom in the UK and over 25,000 emergency hospital admissions for asthma amongst children in the UK every year and many more when you include adult asthmatics too.

When someone has Asthma; their airways go into spasm which causes tightness of the chest; the linings of the airways become inflamed and produce phlegm leading to severe difficulty in breathing.;Approximately 20 children of school age in England and Wales die every year from asthma and most deaths occur before the child reaches hospital. Schools are now permitted to have a spare inhaler available for emergencies.

Children should have their prescribed asthma inhaler with them at school. If they are able to manage their asthma themselves they should have their inhaler with them, and if not, it should be quickly and easily accessible to them.;However, 86% of children with asthma have at some time been without an inhaler at school having forgotten, lost or broken it, or the inhaler having run out or been out of date, therefore schools are able to hold emergency inhalers and spacers and should have these as part of their emergency asthma kit.;

An Emergency Asthma kit should contain the following:;

DO NOT take them outside for fresh air if it is cold ;as cold air makes symptoms worse.


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Best Asthma Kits Or Bags

Its easy to take care of your inhaler, however there are afew things to remember.

  • Inhalers can be damaged if not protected. A non-functionalinhaler is useless
  • Inhalers should be protected from extremetemperatures. Insulation will help.
  • The kits below, include a zippered closure and some of the options include insulation to protect from temperatures and physical damage. 2 of the options below also have extra space for a spacer.

    Although you might be tempted to use a zip lock bag, it wont be protected from physical damage or extreme temperatures. Lets review these asthma kit bags below.

    When To Take Your Child To Er

    School Trip Asthma Essentials Kits

    It can be upsetting and worrying to see your child struggling to breathe due to asthma.

    The key signs that you need to take your child to ER or call an ambulance include:

    • They are coughing and wheezing a lot
    • They are complaining that their chest hurts or feels tight; some children may also say their tummy hurts
    • Theyre getting no relief from their reliever inhaler
    • Theyre having difficulty breathing
    • Theyre unable to walk or talk easily.

    Try to keep your child as calm as possible and get them to sit up lying down will make things worse. If you are waiting for an ambulance to take you to hospital, get your child to use their reliever inhaler with their spacer. Take one puff every 30 to 60 seconds, up to a total of 10 puffs.

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    Emergency Kit Checklist For Kids And Families

    An emergency kit has all of the things that you and your family may need during an emergency in which you may have to stay inside for longer than usual or the electricity could go out. Making a family emergency kit can be fun for the family to do together. Heres how to have a family emergency kit treasure hunt:

  • You will need a large plastic bin or box to put things into.
  • Answer the following questions to guide your treasure hunt.
  • Check items off the list as you put them into your emergency kit box.
  • Place an updated copy of your checklist inside your large plastic bin or box once your kit is put together to know what is inside the kit and to know where you can always find your checklist.
  • An emergency kit is a collection of items that you may need in an emergency.

    Do you have a child in your house who has a disability or special needs?

    • Books, games, puzzles, or other fun things to do
    • A favorite stuffed animal or blanket
    • Paper and pencil/markers/crayons
    • Identification to be carried by each child in case your family members become separated
    Consider these items in addition to the basic kit, if appropriate:
    • A well-stocked diaper bag for stashing dirty diapers and clothes)
    • Ready-to-feed infant formula in single serving cans or bottles
    • Disposable cups
    • 1-2 boxes of nursing pads
    • Burp rags or smaller blanket
    • Pacifiers
    • Infant pain reliever with Acetaminophen
    • Bulb syringe
    • Extra emergency blankets
    • Receiving blankets
    • Thermos
    • Small camp stove for boiling water for sanitizing

    What Should An Emergency Medical Kit Include

    Dr. Malamed is a dentist anesthesiologist and Emeritus Professor of Dentistry at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC in Los Angeles, where he taught from 1973 to 2013 and has authored more than 160 scientific papers and 17 chapters in various medical and dental textbooks in the areas of physical evaluation, emergency medicine, local anesthesia, sedation and general anesthesia.

    When determining what belongs in a dental emergency medical kit, Dr. Malamed recommends asking three questions:

    • Based on my emergency response training certification level, what do I need in order to offer the highest level of medical emergency care possible?
    • How do I pass an inspection ?
    • How do I protect myself in a lawsuit?

    Answers will vary based on your practice type and location, but it is always important to follow best practices to choose the drugs and equipment necessary to satisfy all three questions.

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    What To Take With You When Going To Hospital With Asthma

    If youre at home when you have an asthma emergency and need to go to hospital, it would ideally help if you could take a few things with you. These include:

    • Your asthma inhalers
    • Your spacer, if you use one
    • Any other medications you currently take, for your asthma and other conditions
    • A copy of your asthma action plan this will help medics see your asthma triggers, your peak flow and other relevant

    Taking these items with you will help the medics to treat you. However, they are not essential, so dont worry if youre not able to take them with you.

    Stay Prepared With An Asthma Emergency Kit Bag

    Medical Emergency: Asthma Attack

    For more details on our asthma action kit bag, feel free to get in touch with the friendly team at LFA First Response today. Likewise, if you find your asthma emergency kit bag or other first aid kits need a top-up, we also stock first aid kit refills online. We can help to accommodate any custom orders or needs that you may have.

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    Emergency Asthma Kit With 5 Re

    • Fully stocked with contents to assist in the event of a child’s asthma attack
    • Helps to prevent a child having unnecessary and traumatic trips to hospital and potentially save lives
    • Comes housed in a durable clear case
    • Suitable for use in schools

    Kit contents: 5 x Re-usable spacers with one-way valve compatible with Ventolin Salbutamol Inhaler and tamper proof studs for quick identification when the kit box has been opened.

    Goods must be returned by the Purchaser at the purchaser’s expense and should be adequately insured during the return journey. The purchaser will receive a refund of all monies paid for the Goods except for return postal charges within 30 days of cancellation less a 20% restocking charge. If the purchaser fails to return the Goods following cancellation, the Safety First Aid Group shall be entitled to deduct the cost of recovering the Goods from the purchaser.Goods to be returned must clearly show the order number obtained from the Safety First Aid Group on the package.

    Where returned Goods are found to be damaged due to the purchasers fault the purchaser will be liable for the cost of remedying such damage.Goods will not be accepted for return for credit unless previously agreed and must be received in the original packaging in a resalable condition.Goods accepted by arrangement will be subject to a 20% re-stocking charge.

    Non-stock items and pharmaceuticals may not be returned for credit.

    Delivery:Dispatching your Goods:Delivery Methods & Times:

    Best Asthma Kit Bag 3 Options For Inhalers & Spacers

    If you were recently diagnosed with asthma, you might berequired to carry an inhaler and spacer. Its an inconvenience but you mustfollow doctors orders.

    This means packing your asthma kit and taking it with you towork or to school. Could you throw it in your backpack? Sure, but its not awise decision because it could be damaged or lost.

    Using an asthma kit or bag is a great way to keep your medicineorganized and ready to use. If you experience an asthma attack, you dont wantto spend time rummaging through your bag.

    I when I was diagnosed with allergies, I found a similar kitto carry my epi-pen. In the sections below, well discuss why an asthma kit orbag is best for people who need to travel with their medicine.

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    Emergency Asthma Treatment In A&e

    Asthma attack treatment in hospitals is designed to meet your individual needs and requirements. The exact treatment youll have will depend on your symptoms and how youve been assessed.

    If youre suffering from severe asthma, youre likely to be given an oxygen mask, nebuliser and steroids to try to calm the attack. Bronchodilator drugs will be given through a nebuliser to help open up your airways. The nebuliser converts the medication into a fine spray, so you can breathe it in via a mask. Its an effective way to deliver the dose of medication that you need.

    Steroids can be provided as tablets or in liquid form, or you may have a canula put into the back of your hand so that steroids can be injected directly into a vein. The steroids will help to reduce the inflammation in your lungs and airways.

    Return And Refund Policy

    Asthma Emergency Kit

    Thank you for shopping at NSW First Aid.

    If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, were here to help.


    You have 7 days to notify us that you intend to return your purchase and provide us with the reason for the return. Returns will not be accepted without a Return Authorisation number issued by NSW First Aid. Notification can be by phone, email or in person.

    Your item needs to have the receipt or proof of purchase and must be accompanied by your Return Authorisation number.

    We aim to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase and are willing to discuss your concerns, no matter what they are or how they occurred. We do however, reserve the right to refuse a refund for what we consider to be inappropriate reasons.


    Once we receive your item, we will inspect it and notify you that we have received your returned item. We will notify you on the status of your refund as soon as possible.

    To be eligible for a return, your item must be complete, unused and in the same condition that you received it. Your item must be in the original packaging.

    If your refund is approved, we will initiate a refund using the same method you used for payment. You will receive the credit within 7 days, depending on your bank or card issuers policies.


    You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are nonrefundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund.

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    Indoor Air Quality & Why It Matters

    Many of the allergens that cause an allergic reaction can be found in our own homes .;House dust mites, for example, are tiny creatures, just a quarter of a millimetre long. House dust mite allergy is very common and associated with asthma, eczema and perennial allergic rhinitis. Mites are found in carpets, soft furnishing and clothing but a significant amount of exposure to house dust mite allergens happens in bed.; You can take measures to avoid house dust mite, which will help, but will not entirely remove dust mite allergens.

    Mould is another culprit.; It is the spores from the mould that can trigger allergic symptoms such as runny/itchy nose, itchy eyes, eczema and, most importantly, asthma. There are ways to avoid moulds ventilation is key to help stop moulds flourishing in a damp environment.

    What Should Be In Your Asthma Kit Bag

    When I carry my allergy bag, I include antihistamines, myepi-pen, and phone numbers of who to call in an emergency.; Its similar to what you need in an asthmakit.

    The essential items are your inhaler and spacer, however,there are additional things that will be helpful in an emergency. ;For kids, additional supporting informationcan help people that look after them at school or at a friends house.

    • Antihistamines
    • General instructions for medical responders incase of an emergency.

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    Dr Daniel Haas Dds Phd Frcd

    Professor and Dean at the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry

    Dr. Daniel Haas, DDS, PhD, FRCD, is Professor and Dean at the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry. He holds the Arthur Zwingenberger Decanal Chair and has a cross-appointment with the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine. He was the 2004 recipient of the International Association for Dental Research Distinguished Scientist Award for Pharmacology/Therapeutics/Toxicology. He received the W.W. Wood Award for Excellence in Dental Education in 2005. He received the 2007 Heidbrink award from the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology for outstanding contributions to anesthesia in dentistry, and the 2010 Leonard Monheim award from the American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists for outstanding contributions to anesthesiology benefiting the dental profession, being the first Canadian to win either of these last 2 awards. He has lectured internationally on the subjects of pharmacology, anesthesia, and medical emergencies in dentistry.

    Signs That You Need To Use Asthma First Aid

    Crank-a-Watt supplies emergency power for nebulizers (asthma attack breathing machines).

    If you are experiencing any of the following signs, start asthma first aid. Do not wait until asthma is severe.;

    Mild to moderate asthma signs :

    • minor difficulty breathing
    • able to talk in full sentences
    • able to walk or move around
    • may have a cough or wheeze.

    Severe asthma signs for an ambulance and commence asthma first aid):

    • obvious difficulty breathing
    • cannot speak a full sentence in one breath
    • tugging of the skin between ribs or at base of neck
    • may have cough or wheeze
    • reliever medication not lasting as long as usual.

    Life-threatening asthma signs for an ambulance and commence asthma first aid):

    • finds it very difficult to breathe
    • unable to speak one to two words per breath
    • confused or exhausted
    • is getting little or no relief from their reliever inhaler
    • may no longer have wheeze or cough.

    In asthma emergencies, follow your Asthma Action Plan.

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    Why Traveling With Asthma Inhaler And Spacer Is Important

    An asthma attack can occur anywhere. It can happen after atough workout or after being exposed to air pollution.

    Spring pollen season it difficult for many people who haveallergy induced asthma. Pets and dust can also trigger an asthma attack. If youretraveling somewhere other than the office or school, you might wind up in an unexpectedplace, such as a hotel room where someone was smoking.

    You never know when an asthma attack will happen, sopreparation is key to ensure your safety.

    Know The Four Steps Of Asthma First Aid

    Its important for everyone in the community to know the four steps of asthma first aid.:

  • Sit the person upright.
  • Give four puffs of blue reliever puffer. Make sure you shake the puffer, put one puff into a spacer at a time and get the person to take four;breaths of each puff through the spacer.;Remember: shake, one puff, four breaths.;If you dont have a spacer, simply give the person four puffs of their reliever directly in to their mouth. Repeat this until the person has taken four puffs.;
  • Wait four minutes. If there is no improvement, give four more separate puffs as in step 2.;Remember: shake, one puff, four breaths.
  • If there is still no improvement, call triple zero for an ambulance. Tell the operator that someone is having an asthma emergency. Keep giving the person four separate puffs of reliever medication, taking four breaths for each puff, every four minutes until the ambulance arrives.
  • If you are not sure if someone is having an asthma attack, you can still use blue reliever medication because it is unlikely to cause harm.

    • the person is not breathing
    • their asthma suddenly becomes worse
    • the person is having an asthma attack and theres no blue reliever medication available.;;

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