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Is Smoking Weed Good For Asthma

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Is Smoking Weed With Asthma a Good Idea?

Joanna Zeiger: There just isnt a lot known right now about how cannabis affects eczema. That is why we are doing the Allergy & Asthma Network PEACE survey to learn more!

It would be beneficial to speak to a doctor who specializes in cannabis to help direct you to products that could potentially help you without causing adverse effects.

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What Does The Research Say About Smoking Weed For Asthma

At first glance, smoking weed and asthma may not seem like a good match. But in recent years, the use of medical marijuana has gained more acceptance. Some of the chemical compounds in marijuana have been found to have therapeutic benefits. For example, it has been found to decrease pain, anxiety, and nausea.

Research is mixed on whether the possible benefits of cannabis for people with asthma outweigh the risks. It does appear that potential benefits may depend on the way cannabis is used and how often. For instance, research published in the Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy indicated that marijuana may have a bronchodilator effect, opening the airways.

Additional research published in Nature, also indicated the same results and found the chemicals in marijuana may have a potent dilating effect on the airways, which could ease asthma symptoms. But the same research also found that some people with asthma may experience increased bronchospasm when smoking weed for asthma, which could make symptoms worse.

As expected, men that smoked cigarettes had decreased lung function. The study also indicated that moderate marijuana users slightly improved their lung function test. The study did caution that the potential effects of heavy use on lung function are less clear, but findings suggest it may cause a decline in lung function.

How To Use Marijuana For Asthma

We have established that smoking marijuana is not a great idea when you have asthma.

Taking CBD oil for asthma sublingually is not harmful, but it is too slow to be an effective response to an asthma attack.

The marijuana needs to be delivered directly into the lungs to have quick action during an asthma attack. It is due to this need for speed that asthmatic people use inhalers. Vaping is the best delivery method for medical marijuana, where asthma is concerned.

It eliminates the dangers associated with smoking while at the same time, delivering the cannabis directly to the lungs.

Vaping is different from smoking because the vape juice has already been extracted from the marijuana plant, and the toxins that destroy lungs have been eliminated. The vaping process uses enough heat to get the active ingredients into the vapor.

To effectively vape your marijuana, familiarize yourself with the right temperature at which you should use your product. Youll figure out the heat if you know the part of hemp from which your juice has been extracted. Products extracted from hemp flowers vape at a different temperature from those derived from other parts of the plant.

The different temperature also means that vaporizers for asthma suffers should enable the user to set them at different temperatures depending on which product they are using.

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So Why Do People With Respiratory Issues Use Weed

It may seem far-fetched to imagine a doctor telling their asthmatic patients to use weed, but thats exactly what Janice Knox does. Shes spent 32 years working as a board-certified anesthesiologist before she began studying the impact of cannabis on illness, and now, she incorporates cannabis into her consultations with patients at her familys American Cannabinoid Clinics in Oregon, where her husband and two daughters all physicians also practice.

Knox says endocannabinoid receptors called CB1 and CB2 work in the lungs to modulate immune responses to inflammation. People have been treating the symptoms of asthma for years, but in the case of cannabis in the lungs, its a CB1, CB2 receptor on those bronchioles, Knox tells Allure. And if we know its chronic inflammation, we know which part of the cannabis is going to work best on those receptors its going to be the THC and the CBD as an anti-inflammatory.

Asthma And Cannabis : Study Offers Closer Look At Risks And Benefits To People With Asthma

Smoking Weed With Asthma: What Experts Need You to Know ...

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As cannabis use becomes legal in more states, many people are seeking it out for medical use. Medical cannabis can be used to treat symptoms of pain, insomnia and anxiety.

Researchers say cannabis use is poorly studied in allergy and asthma patients. Last year, Allergy & Asthma Network partnered with Canna Research Foundation to conduct a national survey of adults with asthma and cannabis use.

The Allergy & Asthma Network Pain, Exercise and Cannabis Experience survey results were recently published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.

The survey involved 489 adults recruited by Allergy & Asthma Network. Researchers learned that 18% used cannabis. The majority of participants were female and Caucasian .

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Underlying Inflammation Is A Hallmark Of Asthma

For instance, they understand that asthmatics have some degree of underlying airway inflammation that makes their airways hypersensitive when exposed to asthma triggers, causing asthma attacks. They also know that asthma attacks are completely reversible with either time or treatment.2,3

The inflammation present in most asthmatics is eosinophilic inflammation, and this is very responsive to corticosteroids. This is why most asthmatics respond well to inhaled corticosteroids and are able to obtain ideal asthma control.2,3

A Better Way For Asthma Sufferers To Use Marijuana

Based on the information above, it may seem as if there is some merit in using marijuana to help treat asthma. Still, it would be very unwise to light up a joint or take a hit from a bong if you have asthma. In fact, whether youre inhaling marijuana or tobacco, the resulting combustion is not good for your lungs asthmatic or otherwise.

Even second-hand smoke can set off an asthma attack, so it shouldnt be hard to understand why smoking for asthma is a bad idea. In some circles, vaporizers are marketed as being a safer and more convenient method of using cannabis. While it may be true that there is less irritation on the lungs , there is zero evidence suggesting that vaping marijuana for asthma is safe.

Edibles, on the other hand, could potentially be a suitable option . Edibles are metabolized in the digestive system and usually take at least 30 minutes to take effect. While users often enjoy longer and stronger highs from an edible, it can be more difficult to gauge how strong the effects are going to be.

All in all, we reiterate the notion that smoking weed with asthma is a thoroughly bad idea. If you have asthma and want to consume cannabis, something like an oil extract or an edible may be a better idea. Still, it is important to remember that ALL cannabis use is done under your own discretion, and/or with the guidance of your medical marijuana doctor.

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Get Cannabis For Asthma

For more news and information on using medical marijuana for asthma, choosing your perfect strain and getting started with an effective cannabis treatment plan, search for a medical marijuana dispensary or doctor today. Join Marijuana Doctors today to get started finding qualified physicians in your area.

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What You Need To Know About Smoking Weed With Asthma


More states are legalizing the use of medical marijuana. Some states are going beyond just medical use and legalizing weed for recreational use. But is using marijuana safe for people with chronic diseases, such as asthma and can it help the condition? The answer may depend on the form of marijuana used, dose and the frequency.

Before deciding if smoking weed with asthma is the right choice for you, its helpful to learn a little more about marijuana. Marijuana is often referred to by different names, such as pot, weed, and grass. Regardless of what you call it, marijuana is derived from the cannabis plant. Cannabis contains various cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are compounds that bind to specific receptors in the central nervous system.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is probably the most well-known cannabinoid and is primarily responsible for the high or psychoactive effects. But other lesser known cannabinoids that are non-psychoactive may also have a therapeutic effect. Many factors influence the effects of marijuana including the types of cannabis used, the dosage and a persons experience using the drug.

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What Are The Asthma

Marijuana smoke is generally unfiltered. Smokers inhale marijuana more deeply than tobacco smoke. As a result, more tar ends up in the lungs.1 Marijuana smoke damages the lining of the airway and increases airway inflammation, which can trigger asthma symptoms.8

Compared with nonsmokers, marijuana smokers are more likely to have , cough on most days, phlegm, wheezing, and chest sounds.1 Their breathing symptoms are very similar to tobacco smokers.

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Cardia Study Suggests Improved Lung Functioning Among Mild Cannabis Users

A long-term study supported by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute looked at roughly 5,000 black and white males and females aged 18-30 over the span of 29 years. It was called the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults study, and involved testing the lung function of volunteers, beginning in 1985.

It was praised as a well-conducted study and included marijuana and tobacco cigarette smokers. The cannabis users smoked up to three times a month on average, while the tobacco users smoked an average of eight cigarettes a day.

The tobacco smokers showed an expected drop in lung function, but marijuana smoke appeared to have unexpectedly positive effects.

However, it is crucial to note that the improvement in lung function was NOT seen among heavy marijuana users. Those who smoked cannabis 20+ times a month, for example, showed FEV1 levels similar to those found in non-users.

Dr. Stefan Kertesz, one of the lead organizers of the study, suggested that typical amounts of marijuana use among Americans are occasional or low levels. From the standpoint of being a scientist, these data suggest that low and moderate range use of marijuana do not do long-term harm .

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What Do People Need To Know About Starting Cannabis As A Medical Treatment For Asthma Or Allergies

Joanna Zeiger: I always tell people the first thing to do is figure out what it is you want to treat. For those with chronic illnesses, it would be optimal to have a discussion with a physician knowledgeable in cannabis.

Seek medical advice when starting any type of treatment. What are the symptoms you want to address? Is it nausea? Insomnia? Pain? The type of condition you are treating will help dictate which type of cannabis you need and how you consume it.

Once you start using cannabis, keep a log of any change in your symptoms to determine whether cannabis is providing effective relief or possibly adverse effects.

If a specific cannabis product doesnt work, it may not be a failure of cannabis it may not be the right product for you and your condition. Again, consulting with a physician knowledgeable about cannabis is important.

How Weed Can Help Asthma

Is Smoking Weed With Asthma a Good Idea?

Research suggests that in many cases, yes, weed can help asthma. Marijuana has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and inflammation directly contributes to bronchospasm. In the 1920s, physicians were well-aware of weeds therapeutic effects and used to prescribe it as a cough treatment for asthma sufferers. Research has shown that people who smoke weed develop a higher lung capacity than those who do not. However, chronic heavy use of smoked marijuana may have the opposite effect.

The best way to treat asthma with weed

In most cases, vaporizing or vaping weed is the best delivery method to relieve an asthma attack. Smoking and vaping weed both go to work immediately, helping to relax and open the constricted airways. Because you are inhaling vapor instead of smoke, vaping is easier on the lungs. Some people do find effective asthma relief from smoking weed and feel that the benefits outweigh any irritation. However, if vaporizing is an option, its likely the better of the two. Edible marijuana does hold potential as a long-term asthma treatment. But if you are in the midst of an attack, edibles wont help much since they take much longer to kick in.

Whether you smoke or vape cannabis to alleviate your asthma, you may experience a dry throat and/or coughing. Keep water on hand to help manage these potential side effects. Opting for calming strains of weed may also help to soothe the panicked feeling that naturally accompanies being unable to breathe.

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Optimise Your Vaporizing Experience

Once you have found the vaporizer of your dreams, and you have mastered the vaporizing rhythm that suits you best, very little remains in your way. Yet, even the smallest things can become obstacles!

Avoid the most basic consequences vaporizing can have on your respiratory system by always having the necessary elements to counter them:

  • Itchy/dry throat: always have a big bottle of water nearby and take sips regularly .
  • Go easy on your lungs: start vaporizing at a lower temperature such as 180°C . Work your way up if needed, but do not exceed 220°C . A flow of air that is too warm is not recommended for your lungs.
  • Inhalation of plant matter: ensure your vaporizers accessories include mesh filters to prevent bits from travelling to your lungs, especially if you suffer from hay fever, a common sister disease of asthma.
  • Regarding hay fever: do not rub your eyes after you have handled cannabis flowers
  • Keep your vaping equipment as clean as possible using alcohol and lint-free cloths

How Does Medical Cannabis Affect Asthma

In this article, well explain the correlation between medical marijuana and asthma. Can it serve as a form of relief? Or will it worsen the condition?

  • Traditional asthma treatments vs. cannabis
  • Asthmatics, of course, are very familiar with the plight of constricted lungs. Dizziness, shortness of breath, wheezing, and similar sensations are common experiences, and asthma attacks can be dangerous if youre not careful.

    Along with all that, if youre an asthmatic who enjoys smoking marijuana, life can be a bit more complicated. Youre torn between enjoying your beloved herb and avoiding the aggravation you may put your lungs through. Its nice to not have to deal with smoke or in your lungs, but the relief that can come with sparking up makes it quite a tempting prospect.

    That then begs the question: can you use medical marijuana as an asthmatic? Will it help your condition or will it only make it worse? This article should answer these questions.

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    Other Measures Of Lung Function

    Very few studies have examined more sophisticated measurements of lung physiology. Aldington et al. found a very small increase in plethysmographic TLC of 0.14l in cannabis users in a convenience sample from the Greater Wellington region, New Zealand, which was supported by similar findings by Hancox et al., who reported an increase of just 0.03l with an increase of 0.01l in functional residual capacity and RV. Tilles et al. also found that marijuana smokers had a TLC of 108±15% of predicted, which was significantly raised. Increased RV may indicate early signs of small airway dysfunction and air-trapping however, it is not a very specific measure of small airway disease. Conversely, results from Tashkin et al., showed no significant changes in multiple measures of small airway function between chronic cannabis smokers and non-smoking controls.

    Three studies also reported an association of chronic cannabis smoking with increased airway resistance ,, and four studies found reduced specific airway conductance .,,, There was no association of these changes with change in lung volume. Central airway secretions or inflammation or oedema would be a potential explanation.

    Treat The Real Issues

    Safest Way Smoking Weed For Injured,Asthma Or Cigarette Lungs *MUST WATCH COUGHS UP A LUNG**

    All of our experts agree that if you have asthma, particularly if its severe or uncontrolled, then you should avoid smoking pot or using marijuana in any form.

    If youre considering smoking marijuana to help with a medical condition, like asthma or anxiety , you should instead get proper treatment for that condition specifically, Dr. Gerber says.

    That may mean changing to a daily or different asthma medication and getting therapy and/or medication to control anxiety.

    The bottom line is that no one wantslung damage, but because asthma already causes lung damage, people with asthma need to be even more careful with what they put in their lungs.

    What Does Asthma Feel Like?

    15 Home Remedies for Asthma

    Can Marijuana Affect Blood Pressure?

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    Should People Who Use Or Smoke Cannabis Talk With Their Doctor About It

    The researchers conducting the PEACE survey also sought to determine whether doctors and patients openly discussed cannabis use during visits.

    In the PEACE survey, 37.5% of patients wanted to discuss cannabis use with their doctor. About 41% of doctors asked their patients either verbally or on an intake form about cannabis use.

    Dr. Zeiger says doctors and patients need to be better educated on cannabis use and its potential health benefits and risks. More research is needed to learn more about cannabis use and its impact on asthma, allergies, eczema and urticaria.

    Patients should not be afraid to discuss cannabis with their doctors, Dr. Zeiger says. Patients want to be sure there wont be any adverse effects of using cannabis with any other medications. And doctors need to know the benefits and adverse effects.


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