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How To Help Someone Having An Asthma Attack

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How to help someone who is having an asthma attack #FirstAid #PowerOfKindness

If you notice a person is having an asthma attack, quick action is needed. The first thing you should do is assess the situation. If the asthmatic is in distress and is unable to care for themself you will need to help them to overcome their attack. This can be a scary situation for anyone but you must remain calm throughout the entire duration of the attack, no matter what may happen or how severe the attack may seem. If you stay calm this will help them to remain calm which is a key factor in getting an asthma attack under control. Panic will only make it harder for the person to get their breathing under control. Help the person get into a comfortable upright position and have them take slow, deep breaths the best they can. Ask the person if they have their asthma inhaler with them, if they are unable to talk you will need to look for the inhaler on your own. Give them one puff, with minute breaks in-between puffs until breathing improves. If the person does not have medication you will need to call 9-1-1 right away, and keep them as calm as possible until help arrives.

Always remember to remain calm, and to keep the person in question as calm as possible. Doing this will help to keep a scary situation from getting out of control.

If The Attack Is Severe

If you find that someone is having a severe episode or a severe asthma attack, you would want to get them to a doctor or an emergency room immediately. If it’s necessary, call 911. If someone is turning blue, it’s a sure sign that this asthma attack is seriously blocking the airways and not enough oxygen in entering the respiratory system. Another clear sign the the attack is more serious than normal is if the person is not able to speak clearly or have a cohesive conversation.

Asthma is extremely variable. We always look at how it affects the individual. Theres no statistical time frame for how long an asthma attack lasts. Some are milder ones that you can manage at home and others require treatment at the hospital.

What Is The Panchakarma Treatment For Asthma

According to Ayurveda, the accumulation of Vata and Kapha in the respiratory tract and the digestive system are responsible for breathing problems, including Asthma. Panchakarma therapies are very effective in cleansing the body toxins and removing doshas which clears up any obstruction in the respiratory channels.

Superlife World HealthCare provides the best Panchakarma treatment for Asthma. These therapies are conducted by well-trained staff under the supervision of Ayurvedic Doctor. Following therapies are recommended for asthma patients:

Dont commit a suicidal mistake of medicine for asthma over the counter. Self-medication can prove fatal. Asthma isnt to be ignored. Visiting a qualified medical practitioner is a must. And avoid reckless over-the-counter asthma medication as much as possible.

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Side Effects Of Asthma Medication

If you are worried about possible side effects from asthma medication, speak to your doctor. Do not stop or reduce doses of medication for your child without speaking with your doctor. Common side effects from inhaled asthma medication:


  • sore mouth and throat
  • fungal throat infections.

Using a spacer reduces the risk of these side effects. as does rinsing the mouth with water after using an inhaler.


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Asthma Symptoms In A Severe Allergic Reaction

Asthma  what it is and how to help if someone is having ...

People having a severe allergic reaction can also have asthma-like symptoms. If the person has an anaphylaxis action plan, follow the instructions. If they have known severe allergies and carry an adrenaline autoinjector , use that before using asthma reliever medication.In case of an emergency, call triple zero and ask for an ambulance.

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Make Changes To Your Diet

There is no specific diet for asthma patients but the exclusion and inclusion of a few elements in your diet can make a considerable change. Being overweight has been known to affect and trigger asthma symptoms. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. To reduce the inflammation around your airways, consider sources rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and beta-carotene. Omega 3 found in salmons, mackerels are also known to help with inflammation. If any particular food seems to make your symptoms much worse, make a note and avoid consuming it.

Using A Spacer With The Inhaler

If you or your child find it difficult to use an inhaler, your doctor may give you a spacer to use with it.

A spacer is a large metal or plastic container with a mouthpiece and a hole for the inhaler. When used with the inhaler it makes it easier to get the right amount of salbutamol into the lungs.

Spacers are especially useful for giving salbutamol to young children.

Your doctor, pharmacist or nurse can show you how to use a spacer with the inhaler.

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Are There Natural Remedies For Asthma Attacks

The typical treatment for an asthma attack is a quick-acting with . Sit upright and take slow, steady breaths. Try to stay calm. Follow the asthma action plan that youâve set up with your doctor. If your breathing doesnât get better or if youâre so short of breath that you canât talk, get medical help right away.

Some breathing exercises can help with symptoms of an asthma attack.

  • Pursed-lip breathing. This slows your breathing and helps hold your airways open longer so your lungs work better. With your closed, breathe in slowly through your nose. Then breathe out through your , with your lips pursed like youâre whistling, for twice as long.
  • Belly breathing. This technique uses the same steps as pursed-lip breathing. But as you breathe in, focus on the movement of your belly. Picture it filling with air like a balloon. It may help to keep your hands on your belly so you can concentrate on the air going in and out.

Make Them A Hot Drink

How to help someone having an Asthma Attack? #Lifesaver

A hot drink, like a cup of coffee or tea, can help to open the airways, providing some short-term relief, and giving you time to seek medical assistance.

If you or someone that you know has experienced symptoms of asthma or has been diagnosed and needs further help, you can learn more by contacting Allergy and Asthma Center, P.C.

The Allergy and Asthma Center, P.C. is committed to offering a friendly and relaxed approach to treating asthma patients of all ages, from all walks of life. Firmly believing that all patients’ needs are unique and that everyone deserves a fully personalized consultation and treatment plan. Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable staff today at 920-969-1768, for more information and help.

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What To Do If You Are With Someone Having An Asthma Attack

It can be very frightening to watch someone having an asthma attack. They may be wheezing, or struggling for breath and panicking that they cannot get enough air. In severe attacks, their lips and ear lobes may go blue. People describe an asthma attack as if they were breathing through a straw, or even in some cases as if suffocating, choking or drowning. They described struggling or fighting for air. One young man said it felt as though hed lost half his lungs, as though the air is only going down half way and hes only getting half the air that he needs.

If you are with someone who is having an attack, especially children, you need to stay calm, hard as it might be, because panic makes the breathing even harder. You need to reassure them that everything will be fine and then try to find their inhaler if they have one, and help them sit upright in a comfortable position.

Asthma is a condition that is caused by an allergic reaction in the lungs, this is often a substance such as dust, traffic fumes or animal hair. The muscles that surround the wind pipes in the lungs go into spasm and constrict which makes breathing difficult.


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Asthma What It Is And How To Help If Someone Is Having An Asthma Attack

by Emma Hammett | Aug 27, 2021 | Essential First Aid, First Aid Advice |

We all know people who have asthma. However, very few of us would know what to do if someone close by started to have a serious asthma attack and was struggling to breathe. Read on to find out what asthma is, what may trigger it and how to help someone having an asthma attack.

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How To Cure Asthma Permanently At Home With Natural Remedies

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that causes inflammation and narrowing of the bronchial tubes. Very common symptoms of asthma are shortness of breath, hearing a wheezing or whistling sound in the chest, or cough for a long time. 26 million people have asthma in the USA, out of which 7 million asthma patients are children. Asthma is a genetic disease that runs from one generation to another generation.

50 % of patients suffer because their family had this disease at some point in time in their lives, and the rest are suffering because of environmental effects. There are treatments that can cure this disease. You can cure Asthma at home with natural remedies without medicine and live a healthy and active life.

Asthma affects on airways system of the body

  • Airway obstruction: Airways are tubes that carry air to the lungs, and it gets inflamed if a person has Asthma. The airways tube can swell because of inflammation, and it reacts strongly to a certain inhaled substance. When the airway responds, the muscle got tight and caused less airflow into the lungs.
  • Inflammation: If you have asthma your bronchial tubes are red and swollen because of inflammation. Inflammation can cause long-term Asthma and that leads to damage to your lungs. One way to manage asthma is to control inflammation.
  • Airway Irritability: Asthma patient tends to have very sensitive airways. They narrow down and overreact to pollen, animal dander, dust, or fumes.
  • Of : Listening To The Child

    Learn how to help someone having an asthma attack. # ...
  • 1Pay attention to any mention of breathing trouble. An older child or a child who has had previous asthma attacks may be able to feel an attack coming on. If a child tells you directly that she cant breathe or is having trouble breathing, dont ignore it! During milder phases of an asthma attack, the child may wheeze, although in the severe stages this may or may not be present.
  • 2Take complaints of chest pain seriously. A child having an asthma attack may also report chest pain or a tight feeling in the chest. Chest pain is common during asthma attacks because as air gets trapped in narrowed airways, the pressure in the chest can rise. Because the airway is constricted, you might also notice decreased breath sounds.
  • 3Recognize childrens limitations. A young child or one whos never had an attack before may not know how to describe or report shortness of breath or chest pain. Instead, she might panic and describe symptoms vaguely: I feel strange or sick. Watch asthmatic children closely for observable clues of an attack, like shallow breathing or wheezing. Dont assume that a child is not having an asthma attack just because she doesnt report breathing trouble or chest pain.
  • Infant 3060 breaths/min
  • Preschooler 2234
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    Effective Ways To Treat Asthma At Home

    In people with asthma, the airways become narrow and produce a lot of mucus. It triggers difficulty in breathing, wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. Several factors can increase the risk of suffering from asthma. Some of the risk factors include having a blood relative with asthma, smoking, being overweight, and passive smoking. For some people, asthma doesnt pose many problems. However, there are others who suffer from asthma attacks.

    Are you tired of having to latch on to your inhaler and your asthma medications? Do not let them go just yet. Make a few changes to your lifestyle see your symptoms ease up a lot.

    10 Home Remedies for Asthma are:

    Natural Remedies For Asthma

    Many things get credit for being natural asthma remedies. But because studies on complementary and alternative treatments for asthma have been limited, itâs not clear how safe and effective all of them are.

    These natural remedies have been studied:

    . This traditional Chinese treatment involves inserting thin needles into specific points on the body. While some people with say acupuncture eases their symptoms, thereâs little proof that it works as an asthma treatment.

    Biofeedback. Learning to control your heart rate may help you manage your asthma, but more studies are needed to confirm a benefit.

    Herbs and natural dietary supplements. Many people use herbs, plants, and , especially Chinese herbs, to treat asthma. Itâs not clear how well many of them work. More research is needed on supplements like and fish oil . But vitamins C, D, and E may help lower your risk of symptoms.

    Asthma diet. If you have a food allergy, avoiding trigger foods may also help with some asthma symptoms.

    Plant-based diet. Several studies have found benefits for people with asthma who follow the Mediterranean diet.It involves lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats like olive oil. You eat more fatty and poultry than red meat. Experts think this diet helps with asthma symptoms because it helps fight in your body. A similar eating plan called DASH may also improve asthma control.

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    How To Cure Asthma Without An Inhaler

    We are wondering just how to heal asthma permanently without an inhaler? We Have attracted you to some home treatments for asthma that cure Asthma without an Inhaler. Asthma is a chronic illness that consists of the airways of the lungs. These bronchial tubes or airways allow air to enter and out of their lungs.

    When you have asthma, your airways are almost always inflamed, they become more bloated, and the muscles around nerves may elongate when something causes the symptoms. This makes it challenging for air to enter and out of their lungs.

    Infection is a type of respiratory disorder that occurs because of the bronchis response within somebodys lungs. The bronchial airways and sacs begin filling with mucous and secretion, making breathing difficult for the victim.

    Asthma attacks may vary from moderate to severe. The strikes Are usually triggered by several environmental factors such as cigarette smoke and animal dander. A present respiratory disease like chilly may also actuate them.

    One of the most frequent methods of therapy for asthma attacks would be an inhaler. Are you thinking about how to take care of asthma with no inhaler? There are specific things which can assist you in curing asthma strike without an inhaler.

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    Humidifiers And Air Filters

    How to Treat an Asthma Attack – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

    Wheezing can be triggered and exacerbated by low humidity and airborne particles that cause constriction of the bronchioles. A humidifier adds moisture to the air, particularly during winter months, and can aid with sleep by reducing mouth and nasal dryness .

    Some humidifiers are equipped with HEPA filters that can remove pollen, dust, and other irritants from the air. Alternatively, you can buy a separate multifilter air purifier equipped with both a HEPA filter and an activated charcoal filter.

    Choose an air purifier thats the appropriate size for the room it will be used in and has a fine particle rating of 2.5 , meaning it can remove some of the finest airborne particles.

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    The Steps For Helping Someone Who Is Having An Asthma Attack

    These situations can be frightening, so take a deep breath, stay calm, and use these following steps to help you and the person suffering from an attack:

    • Encourage them to stay calm, which will also help you to remain calm. Panicking will only make the situation far worse.
    • If its cold outside, DO NOT take them out for a breath of fresh air. This will only make the symptoms worse. But if it is good weather and warm, then a change of environment might make them feel better.
    • Make sure the person is sitting and with the correct posture. Being slumped over will only make it worse.
    • Loosen any tight clothes that might constrict their breathing.
    • Walk them through taking several slow and steady breaths.
    • If they have an inhaler, now would be the time to use it.
    • If they dont have an inhaler or if the inhaler is failing to bring relief, feel free to call 911. These medical professionals are trained to properly handle emergency situations.
    • If the attack is happening due to an allergic reaction, use an EpiPen in the proper way if the person has access to one.

    Tell The Person That They Need Help

    If you see a stranger having an asthma attack, dont assume they want your help.Quickly introduce yourself, and offer assistance.If they do not want your help, dont be offended.Ask what you can do for them if they do.Say something like, Hello, my name is Tom.You might be having some trouble.I would like to help.Can I help you?Before touching the person, ask permission.Is it okay if I hold your arm?

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