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Can Humidifiers Make Asthma Worse

Risk Factors To Asthma

Humidity Can Cause an Asthma Attack

Also, there are risk factors associated with asthma. The following are some of the factors that will affect the severity or likelihood of developing asthma:

  • Family history. If one parent has asthma, the chance of having the same condition is up to six times higher than healthy counterparts. If both the parents have asthma, the risk level for their child doubles.
  • Smoking. Smokers are observed to have a higher risk of developing asthma and other life-threatening respiratory problems. Secondhand smoking is also a risk factor. This means you can still develop asthma if you dont smoke, but the people around you do.
  • Pollution exposure. A person exposed to high levels of pollution for long periods is more likely to develop asthma than those living with fresh air. Usually, this risk factor is observed in the workplace, where workers can be exposed to various chemicals and off-gassing. Your home can also be the culprit.
  • Obesity. Both adults and children who are obese/overweight have a heightened risk of asthma. Experts suggest that this could be due to the low-grade inflammation that the body experiences under excess weight. However, it could also be the medications prescribed to obese individuals due to other health problems.

Tips For Choose A Right Humidifier For Asthma

Now, there are a lot of humidifiers out there. But which is the right one for you? Our short guide will give you the key points to look out for before your purchase.

  • Temperature: When you choose your humidifier, you should pick one that includes warm mist. A cool mist humidifier wont be as effective at easing your symptoms.
  • Humidity control: Having a high or low humidity, or a humidity that is always changing, is also bad for people with asthma. You will want to find a humidifier that has humidity control.
  • Easy to clean: Theres no point spending more time than you need to cleaning your humidifier. If you put off cleaning, your humidifier can become a breeding ground for mold, viruses, and other bacteria.

If you cover these three things, it willprobably come down to looks and price. We cant help with thisyou need to seta budget and choose a humidifier that will fit with your décor. There areplenty to choose from, and plenty of colors. Check out some of our favoritesfrom the TaoTronicssite below.

  • Automatic humidity monitor
  • Easy to cleantop fill
  • Can be used with essential oils
  • Easy to cleantop refill

Warm Mist Vs Cool Mist Humidifiers

There are two primary categories of humidifiers. Warm mist humidifiers release warm mist or steam vapors into the air that you can see and feel. Often quieter than other types of humidifiers, these may be best at soothing sinuses and thinning out mucus secretions. Warm mist humidifiers are typically better for smaller areas. Since they release hot mist, however, it would be safer to keep these humidifiers away from children.

Cool mist humidifiers are quieter and easier to clean typically, but the easier cleaning also means they must be cleaned more frequently, and as mentioned above, cleaning the humidifier is crucial. Cold mist humidifiers work better in larger environments and this cooler mist is often considered more comfortable to breathe.

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Top Tips For Indoor Air Pollution

  • Open windows if you can or use extractor fans, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Itll help clear any indoor pollutants and prevent damp and mould.
  • Reduce dust mites as much as possible by regularly washing bedding or using anti-allergy covers. Read more on dust mites.
  • Avoid aerosols and sprays go for non-spray cleaning and personal products.
  • Avoid strong smells and chemicals look for mild or unscented products, and products low in VOCs .
  • Dont smoke. Cigarette smoke is a dangerous asthma trigger. And it can also make you and your child more sensitive to other indoor triggers.
  • Make sure any heaters, cookers and boilers are serviced regularly. Also make sure any new appliances are fitted properly with adequate ventilation.
  • What Air Purifiers Do Allergists Recommend

    Are Humidifiers Good for Asthma

    An allergist may be able to prescribe an air purifier for you, but which type of air purifier is right for you? There are many different types of air purifiers. Some are allergy specific, some can clean the entire room or house, and others are good at filtering out toxins in the environment. No matter what type you decide to use, itâs best that your doctor approves it.

    Allergists recommend a HEPA-rated air filtration device with a high quality carbon filter to remove harmful bacteria and small particles from your homeâs environment. This type of filter has to be changed or cleaned regularly. Why? The carbon particles canât always distinguish between good and bad particles, especially things like hair.

    You may also want to consider a UV air purifier. This type of purifier does not need to be cleaned as often, but it canât filter out some things like dust and pollen. UV light is very effective at killing bacteria or viruses in the air and on surfaces or objects. This option would be good for reducing the spread of colds and other illnesses in your home, especially if you have children. There are other options available too, such as ozone generators and electronic devices that make ozone.

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    What Are The Disadvantages Of Using A Humidifier

    Humidifiers are devices that add more moisture to the air. They can often make an entire room or home more humid, and many people use humidifiers when they are having respiratory issues. Unfortunately, a humidifier can also cause some problems in the home, with the extra moisture leading to mold growth and an excess of dust mites. Those who have hard water in their homes may encounter issues with dehydrated calcium being released into the air in their homes due to the humidifier. Inhaling too much moisture indoors over a prolonged period of time can also lead to inflammation in the lungs.


    Are Humidifiers Good For Asthma

    The answer to this question is yes, they can be as long as steps are taken to ensure theyre used properly, filled with the right kind of water, and cleaned regularly.

    As long as those potential issues are addressed, a humidifier can lessen the severity of asthma symptoms and make breathing much easier for everybody.

    What are some other alternatives to help with asthma issues?Along with humidifiers , there are a number of other things that can do to help with your symptoms.Things such as Caffeinated tea, mustard oil, eucalyptus oil and Tumeric have been known to help asthma sufferers in various ways.

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    Keep Track Of Whether Your Asthma Symptoms Are Improving

    Asthma triggers vary from person to person, so what works for one person with asthma wont necessarily work for someone else. And, because asthma symptoms also vary over the year – depending on the weather and peoples changing environment – it is important to work out whether its the air purifier that has made a difference or another factor.

    To find out if the air filter is working for you, try keeping a symptom diary alongside your peak flow diary and note on there when you started using the device. Then youll be able to see if it has helped your asthma symptoms improve.

    Even if your asthma symptoms have got better, it doesnt necessarily mean that you can reduce or stop your asthma medication. Speak to your GP or asthma nurse at your next review if you have questions.

    Dr Andy Whittamore is a GP based in Hampshire, specialising in respiratory care. Hes Asthma UKs in-house GP, where he works on building relationships with key opinion leaders in respiratory care, identifying emerging issues in asthma, and providing the charity with clinical expertise.

    Is A Dehumidifier Good For Asthma

    How Does A Dehumidifier Help With Asthma? | Ebac Dehumidifiers

    Asthma is a frustrating, persistent condition in which a physical abnormality of the lungs results in sensitivity and occasional breathing difficulties. Environmental triggers and excessive bursts of cardio can cause the common symptoms of an asthma attack, such as a cough, wheezing, chest tightness, and breathlessness.

    Asthma is a chronic condition that is untreatable, however, doctors can help asthmatic patients manage the condition with education about the common triggers, advice on possible lifestyle changes, and medication. One of the lesser-known tools that can be used in the battle against asthma is a dehumidifier.

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    Is A Dehumidifier Right For Your Asthma

    Depending on where you live, a dehumidifier may be needed year-round, or just during a certain season. Removing some of the moisture from the air may improve your asthma symptoms, prevent mold growth, and discourage the increase of dust mites.

    Curious about other ways to manage the air within your home? Read about air purifiers and humidifiers.

    Editor’s note: A dehumidifier can remove mold spores from the air and prevent new mold from growing, but it will not remove existing mold.4,5 If you are regularly exposed to existing mold, talk to your doctor about how this may be affecting you.

    What Type Of Humidifier Is Best For Asthma

    You have a variety of options for boosting your homes humidity. They range from portable and inexpensive to permanent and pricier. What you choose depends on how severe the problem is, what degree of maintenance youre willing to uphold, and what your budget is. Lets talk about a good humidifier for asthma sufferers.

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    Can A Humidifier Help With Asthma

    April 17, 2020 By

    Asthma and allergy is a pretty common illness affecting millions of Americans and the world at large. According to records, about 30,000 people experience an asthma attack daily. Among this, about 5000 people do require emergency care.

    Asthma is a deadly illness that affects the path of air to the lungs. Asthma causes inflammation in the airways. It makes it sore and swollen. As a result, the airways become sensitive to irritations. The reaction of the airways causes them to shrink.

    This makes the air passage becomes narrow, making them unable to suck in enough air to the lungs. This makes the victim cough, wheeze, and experience difficulty breathing in addition to the tightness of the chest. These symptoms are common in the morning and night.

    Some circumstances trigger an asthma attack in people. Usually, the victim interprets the triggers as a real attack. The body, in reaction, triggers an asthma attack. At times when the attack is huge, the airway can close so much that essential body organs like the heart will not get enough oxygen. An asthma attack is so severe that about 4000 people die yearly.

    Interestingly, a humidifier can help with relieving the symptoms of an attack. This is because controlling the level of humidity indoors can help manage asthma. When you breathe in cool and dry air, it can trigger an adverse reaction in the lung nerves, causing inflammation.

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    Humidifiers Help Relieve Feline Asthma

    Youre probably aware that room humidifiers help soothe respiratory ailments. You might enjoy having a cool air humidifier in your room to keep the atmosphere comfortable while you sleep. However, you may not know that these devices can also benefit your furry friend. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, having one of these units around your home could help with your cats asthma.

    Humidifier Or Dehumidifier For Bronchitis

    If you were to ask which one among these two is recommended for bronchitis the answer is both of them. Each has their own set of advantages that makes them a good option. When a humidifier adds moisture to the air continually, it will help those people who can make use of some soothing in their bronchial tubes. It will aid to calm down allergy or bronchitis symptoms until the virus leaves the body. It will also help in releasing the buildup of discolored mucous and relive congestion.A dehumidifier on the other hand keeps allergens away which can trigger or aggravate bronchitis and its symptoms. For this reason, both dehumidifier and humidifier can be of great service to prevent and treat bronchitis.

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    Are Air Conditioners Good For Asthma

    Air conditioners are nice. They keep the air cool and refreshing. They can reduce humidity and airborne triggers. The combination of these effects can improve asthma control. They can make breathing easier. But, they may also trigger asthma if not properly maintained.

    So, the best A/C units will have “CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® filters.” These are capable of filtering 98% of airborne allergens. Turn it on. Use the recirculate setting. You’ll feel more comfortable. Your lungs will be happier.

    Ways Humidity Affects Asthma

    Bacteria-Breeding Humidifiers

    Allergens, chemicals and strong scents are common triggers for the almost 25 million Americans with asthma. But high humidity can be just as troublesome.

    People with asthma have inflamed airways that are sensitive to things that may not bother other people. Thats why humidity, and all that comes with it, can be a problem for people with asthma.1 Here are some reasons why.

    1. Humid air feels harder to breathe in. Some believe moist air is heavier and harder to breathe. Heat and humidity usually occur together. So when the air is harder to breathe, your body temperature can go up, causing you to sweat. This can lead to dehydration, which can make you breathe faster. All of this combined can trigger asthma symptoms.

    Consider spending time outdoors in the mornings or evenings when heat and humidity levels tend to be lower. This can be especially important if you exercise outdoors.

    2. Humidity can mean extreme temperatures. Since humidity usually is highest in the summer, extreme heat can aggravate your airways, just like extreme cold air can. Asthmatic lungs tend to be more sensitive to extreme temperatures.2

    Sudden changes in temperature can affect your lungs too. If youve ever left a dry, cold air-conditioned building to go outside into hot, humid air, you know the change in air and temperature can be quite a shock. If you have asthma, the sudden change can actually cause an asthma attack.

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    Do Your Homework To Get The Right Air Filter Or Purifier Device For You

    Before you buy a device:

    • check what type of allergens it captures will it get rid of your individual asthma triggers?
    • check that the air purifier is ozone-free some purifiers give out low levels of ozone which can make asthma symptoms worse
    • think about the noise level youd be happy with as they vary
    • ask the company if they can offer you a trial period before you buy
    • clean and replace all filters when necessary.

    Humidifiers, dehumidifiers and air ionisers

    Some people with asthma tell us that humidifiers and dehumidifiers help with their asthma symptoms, but once again only if used alongside other methods. There isn’t much research evidence about how effective they are.

    Air ionisers are slightly different to air purifiers – they give out electrostatic charges to clean the air. However, there’s no evidence that they improve asthma symptoms. Asthma UK doesn’t recommend using an ioniser because some research shows that they increase night time cough in children.

    How Is A Dehumidifier Good For Asthma

    As Dr. Jessica Shepherd, Chief Medical Officer of Verywell Health, told Live Science, dehumidifiers are not recommended as the only tool to manage asthma, but in certain cases, they can be useful. “Dehumidifiers should not be used to manage asthma, however, yes, they can ease asthma symptoms,” she says.

    As Shepherd explains, dehumidifiers are only useful if high humidity is a factor that is aggravating your asthma.

    So far, the scientific evidence on the benefits of dehumidifiers for asthma shows that Shepherd’s assessment is pretty spot on: while they can help, they are certainly not all that useful during periods of “normal” humidity levels.

    A 2013 double-blind study from the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews on the effects of mechanical dehumidifiers on asthmatic patients showed that dehumidifiers made no noticeable impact on asthma control.

    However, as the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America notes, high temperatures and thicker air can negatively affect your breathing, which can, in turn, lead to lung irritation and breathing problems. As Shepherd adds, “Heat and humidity create changes in the air which will increase the demand for oxygen. It is also important to monitor the humidity level, especially in the home, with a hygrometer as humidity levels that are over 45% encourage mold, bacteria, and dust mites growth – all of which are common asthma triggers.”

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    Air Purifiers And Humidifiers Health Benefits

    Both air purifiers and humidifiers improve breathable air quality and can help an individual live a more fulfilling life. Optimal humidity levels can help people with asthma, whereas cutting down the number of airborne irritants like dust mite particles and odor-causing chemical substances can improve health by keeping respiratory issues at bay.

    Humidifiers can help symptoms feel less severe, particularly when your nasal passages are dry and irritated. But continuous use without maintenance can actually worsen conditions because allergens usually thrive in a moist environment

    Air purifiers do not add any moisture to the air hence they have no effect on conditions that are triggered by dry throat or nose. If the air is excessively dry, a humidifier can help.


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