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Can Asthma Go Away With Weight Loss

What Other Conditions Feel Like Exercise

10 Reasons Why I Can’t Lose Weight

Other conditions have symptoms similar to exercise-induced asthma. Some of these arent serious, while others need medical attention.

  • Being out of shape. If you havent exercised in a while, then getting a little bit of exercise can make you feel out of breath quite easily. This is different from exercise-induced asthma, however. If your symptoms go away quickly when you stop exercising, theyre more likely due to being out of shape than exercise-induced asthma. If youre just getting back into exercise, start slowly. Take time to warm up, and listen to your body. If you arent sure, talk to your doctor.
  • Chest pain /heart troubles. Chest pain can be a symptom of asthma. But it can also be a sign that you are having trouble with your heart. If you have chest pain when you exercise , talk to your doctor right away.
  • Exercise-induced laryngospasm. Sometimes, exercise can cause a temporary spasm of your vocal cords. This can feel like exercise-induced asthma, because you might experience difficulty breathing, coughing, and chest pain. But exercise-induced laryngospasm starts fast and goes away quickly when you stop exercising. It only affects air flowing into your lungs, not out of your lungs, often causing a strange noise to your in-breath. Asthma medicines like albuterol wont help with laryngospasm. This condition is usually diagnosed based on symptoms. But sometimes a provider may use a camera test to look at your vocal cords while you exercise.

How To Lose Weight When You Have Asthma

Summertime is a season of fun, sunshine, and adventures. For many adults, though, it is a time of increased stress because summer is also bathing suit time.

If you want to beat your summer anxiety and get into shape before you hit the beach, its essential to start losing weight right away. If you have asthma, you might believe youre just doomed to spend the summer wearing sweats. The truth is that there are some ways you can lose weight even when you have asthma. Youll have to be more careful than your friends, but it is possible to lose weight and feel great about yourself.

How Is It Diagnosed

Often, doctors can make a preliminary diagnosis of exercise-induced asthma based on what you tell them.

To confirm the diagnosis, you might be asked to run on a treadmill or exercise in the doctors office. Or you might be asked to breathe a medication designed to irritate the inflammatory cells in your lungs to simulate asthma.;

Either way, your lung function will be measured before and after the test. This is usually done by having you breathe into a plastic tube. Your lung function might also be measured before and after using albuterol, which is a prescription medication that opens up the airways.

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Weight Loss And Use Of Respiratory Medication

Obesity is not only associated with increased morbidity rates, but also with increased pharmaceutical costs. Narbro et al studied medication changes over six years in 510 surgically and 455 conventionally treated patients from the Swedish Obese Subjects intervention study, and reported that, compared to baseline, asthma medication costs were lower for the surgically treated group of patients. These observations have been confirmed in a recent study by Sikka et al of respiratory prescription drug claims in 64 asthma patients over a two-year period : it showed a 49% decrease in respiratory medication prescription fills.

Reddy et al studied the effects of bariatric surgery on asthma severity, defined as intensity of asthma therapy, in 2,562 patients reporting use of asthma medication at baseline. Among the 257 asthma patients who participated in a one-year follow-up survey, 13 of 28 patients had been weaned from long-term oral corticosteroid therapy; and the use of inhaled corticosteroids decreased from approximately 50% to 30%, suggesting that bariatric surgery decreases the medication requirements for control of asthma symptoms. Objective measures of asthma control were not included in the study. These findings are further supported by a study by Sultan et al looking at the outcome of bariatric surgery in individuals with a BMI < 35, as well as by a study by Ahroni et al.

How Do I Know If My Child Really Does Have Asthma

11 Gentle Yoga Moves to Ease Asthma

A doctor’s work-up will start with a medical history including symptoms and family history. A physical exam will also be done. Pulmonary function testing with spirometry can provide information about lung function and severity of the asthma. A chest X-ray may be ordered to help visualize the lungs. Allergy testing can be done to determine if allergies play a role in symptoms. Additional tests may be done to investigate other causes of symptoms.

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What Counts As Overweight

Your BMI can tell you if youre a healthy weight for your height. You can work out yours by using the NHS BMI healthy weight calculator.

For most adults a score of over 25 shows youre above a healthy weight range for your height.

But your BMI is only one indicator of your weight. You may be in the overweight range but still be fit and healthy. And its important not to worry too much if you work yours out and find yourself just over the healthy weight range for you.;;

Sleep Apnea And Cardiovascular Health

Sleep apnea affects a persons entire cardiovascular system in several ways. Each time a breathing lapse occurs, the bodys oxygen supply drops, triggering a fight or flight response. When this response occurs, blood pressure surges and heart rate increases, causing the sleeper to awaken and reopen their airway. This cycle repeats throughout the night. The cyclic rising and falling blood oxygen levels can cause inflammation, which in turn may lead to atherosclerosis which is associated with heart attacks, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Sleep apnea also elevates carbon dioxide and glucose levels in the blood, disrupts the part of the nervous system that controls heartbeat and blood flow, increases insulin resistance, and alters the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide. As a result, sleep apnea is associated with the following heart, lung, and metabolic problems, among others:

  • Hypertension
  • Atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias
  • Heart failure
  • Stroke and transient ischemic attacks
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Metabolic syndrome

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Does Plantar Fasciitis Go Away With Weight Loss

By and large, the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis will diminish and disappear with proper treatment and fascia support. The sooner treatment begins and the more consistent treatment is, the higher the success rate.

Unfortunately, getting active and losing weight while experiencing heel pain adds a few unique challenges to an already challenging task.

Asthma And Weight Gain

Ozempic 6 month update – everything to know from a patient on weight loss, nausea, dosage

Most people know about the usual weight-gain suspects eating too much unhealthy food or spending too much time on the couch, for instance. But for people with asthma, there’s an additional factor their medication. Weight gain can be an unfortunate side effect of oral steroids, taken in pill or inhaler form to treat asthma.

There is a proven link between weight gain and oral steroids, says Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, registered dietitian and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. The reason? Steroids simply increase your appetite, says Dr. Gerbstadt, adding that steroids raise blood glucose levels and cause other metabolic changes that not only put the patient at risk of gaining weight, but perhaps even developing diabetes.

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Can Losing Weight Cure Sleep Apnea

Treating sleep apnea, like treating many diseases, starts with lifestyle and behavioral modifications. For most OSA sufferers, this includes working toward a healthy body weight. Weight loss reduces fatty deposits in the neck and tongue which can contribute to restricted airflow. This also reduces abdominal fat, which in turn increases lung volume and improves airway traction, making the airway less likely to collapse during sleep.

Losing weight can also significantly reduce many OSA related symptoms, such as daytime sleepiness. Irritability and other neuropsychiatric dysfunctions markedly improve as well. There is an overall improvement in cardiovascular health, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and in particular quality of life. Weight loss of just 10-15% can reduce the severity of OSA by 50% in moderately obese patients. Unfortunately, while weight loss can provide meaningful improvements in OSA, it usually does not lead to a complete cure, and many sleep apnea patients need additional therapies.

Asthma Isnt An Excuse Not To Work Out

  • Warm up and cool down before exercising. This will help you lungs get acclimated to the air.
  • Avoid working out during cold weather. If you do, cover your mouth and nose.
  • Avoid working out when you have a cold or viral infection.
  • Always use your inhaler or prescribed medication before you work out.

You shouldnt use EIB as an excuse not to work out and get exercise. Its likely possible as long as you work with your doctor, find a regimen that works for you and take any medication as necessary, said EXPERT.;Dr. Navitha Ramesh is a pulmonologist at Geisinger Wyoming Valley. To schedule an appointment, call 800-275-6401.

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Nonsurgical Weight Loss And Asthma Control

In a pivotal clinical trial, Stenius-Aarniala et al recruited 38 obese asthmatics into an open, randomized parallel group study investigating the effects of a supervised weight reduction program, which included an eight-week, very low-energy diet, on lung function, symptoms, and health status. At the end of the intervention period, the participants in the treatment group had lost a mean 14.5% of their pretreatment weight , and 0.3% for the controls . After the eight-week dieting period, significant improvement was observed in individuals in the intervention group in FEV1, forced vital capacity , dyspnoea, use of rescue medication, and number of exacerbations, compared to the controls. The study by Stenius-Aarniala, therefore, indicates that weight loss in obese patients with asthma leads to improved asthma control. In a further study from the same group, Hakala et al measured peak-flow variability, morning PEF and FEV1, mid-expiratory flow, airway resistance , and functional residual capacity in 14 obese patients with asthma before and after an eight-week, very low calorie diet . Based on the reported observations, the authors suggested that obese patients with asthma might benefit from weight loss by an improvement in pulmonary mechanics and better control of airway obstruction.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor

What to Do in Case of an Emergency Due to Bronchial Asthma ...
  • I have trouble breathing when I exercise? Do I have EIB?
  • How does EIB differ from regular asthma?
  • Is it safe for me to exercise? What kinds of exercise can I do?
  • Are there medicines I can take to prevent and treat my symptoms?
  • How long do I have to take the medicines and what are the side effects?
  • Are there other lifestyle changes I can make to relieve my symptoms?
  • Will I always have EIB or can it go away?

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What Does Asthma Remission Look Likeand Can You Flare After Being In Remission

According to the NIH study, the small number of people who see their asthma completely clear up never experience asthma symptoms again, nor do they need required inhaled treatments. Other adults simply see their asthma symptoms become more and more infrequent, Dr. Li says. “The diagnosis may ‘stay’ with the patient as they are at risk of a recurrence of the symptoms, but they may not need daily controller therapy if their symptoms are intermittent or are mild,” she explains.

And sometimes, even in those who have technically experienced asthma remission, symptoms may reappear, according to a 2003 paper published in Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine. The paper also shares that some adults can start to experience asthmatic symptoms even if they haven’t suffered from any since childhood.

Overall though, little is known about who is likely to see remission and who will likely need to stay on an asthma treatment for the rest of their life, so it’s a good idea to keep in contact with an asthma specialist and talk at length with them before quitting any treatments. according to Dr. Li. “My best advice is to see a specialist and understand what type of asthma ,” she says. “From there, with appropriate therapy and follow-up, that person’s asthma action plan tailored.”

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Can Asthma Reappear In Adults After Disappearing Years Ago

Asthma is usually diagnosed in childhood. In many patients; however, the symptoms will disappear or are significantly reduced after puberty. After age 20, symptoms may begin to reappear.

Researchers have tracked this tendency for reappearing asthma and found that people with childhood asthma tend to experience reappearing symptoms through their 30s and 40s at various levels of severity.

Regardless of whether your asthma is active, you should continue to avoid your known triggers and keep your rescue medications or prescriptions up-to-date and handy in case you need them.

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Connections Challenges And Safe Strategies

Losing weight can help you gain better control of your asthma and reduce the severity of attacks, as well as lower your risk of a host of other health concerns. The obvious catch here, though, is that asthma challenges your breathing, making physical activity for weight loss all the more challengingespecially if your asthma is exercise-induced. You may face other difficulties with weight loss as well.

Obstacles aside, achieving a healthy weight is a possible undertaking, as well as a worthwhile onenot only for your overall health, but for the management of your asthma symptoms.

The first step should be talking with your healthcare provider about a reasonable goal and what can help you reach it safely.

Tips For Avoiding Weight Gain

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY TO LOSE WEIGHT (how i’ve lost 30 pounds in 3 months!)

To prevent weight gain, people with asthma should first and foremost eat less, says Gerbstadt. Cutting back is important, she says, but understands that its easier said than done. Most people are not used to going hungry.

Try these other ideas for preventing weight gain when you have asthma:

  • Eat lots of veggies. Crunchy, water-filled vegetables such as celery or carrots are an excellent choice.
  • Include whole grains in your diet. People worry about carbs, but if all you ate were brown rice and whole grain bread, you could eat a lot without worry about weight gain, says Gerbstadt.
  • Find good flavorings. If you need to use dips or other flavorings to jazz up veggies, try salsa or low-fat marinara sauce. Other good options include hummus and yogurt.
  • Drink plenty of water. A lot of people mistake thirst for hunger, says Gerbstadt. Drink room temperature water, which is more filling than ice water. Other good options for hydration are herbal or green tea or warm broth, which can help make you feel full, says Gerbstadt.
  • Cut down on fat. Air-popped popcorn or baked potatoes with yogurt instead of chips are great snack choices, says Gerbstadt. Use herbs and spices to flavor food instead of cream or butter.
  • Relearn portion sizes. Find out what foods and in what amounts you should be eating and stick to those recommendations.
  • Dont forget to move. Walk. Do jumping jacks when youre watching TV and commercials are on it all adds up, says Gerbstadt.

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Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome And Sleep Apnea

OSA frequently coexists in people with obesity hypoventilation syndrome . In OHS, excess weight puts pressure against a persons chest wall, compressing their lungs, and therefore interfering with their ability to take deep, well-paced breaths. Up to 90% of people with OHS also have sleep apnea, but not everyone with OSA has OHS. OHS risk is correlated to BMI, with prevalence rising to almost 50% in those whose BMI is greater than 50.

Like sleep apnea, OHS can cause high blood pressure and heart failure, and it can decrease oxygen while elevating carbon dioxide levels in the blood. Patients afflicted with both of these conditions have a significant risk of cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, OSA patients with severe OHS have an increased risk of death.

Asthma May Also Cause Poor Appetite

Although itâs much less common, some asthma patients have poor appetite.

Loss of appetite âis usually a signal that the asthma is not well controlled, not adequately treated,â McCoy says. If patients are not breathing well, their lungs can become hyper-inflated, she says. âThey get full faster since their diaphragms under the lungs are pushing down on the stomach and it may not feel comfortable to their breathing to over-fill themselves.â

Some patients with uncontrolled and under-treated asthma are so breathless that they have a hard time eating their meals. âThe best thing to do for that is small, frequent meals,â Gleeksman says. âIf it just takes that much energy to eat — and for some people, it really does — the best thing they can do is to eat smaller amounts throughout the day.â

Asthma can also leave some people too fatigued to cook, Gleeksman says. âThey know the energy that itâs going to take them, not only to eat, but to prepare food. It almost ends up being a negative feedback mechanism, where they know how exhausted theyâre going to be from thinking about getting out, preparing, cooking and then eating food. They donât want to do it at all.â

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