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Best Climate For Asthma Sufferers

What Is The Best Climate For Respiratory Health

Climate changes aggravating impact on asthma sufferers

Heres a surprise for all of you there is no best climate for respiratory health.

Yes, you read that, right folks. There is not a specific climate that is better than another climate, regarding COPD and other lung conditions.

That being said, there may be a specific climate that is best for you. But that climate may not agree with someone else with COPD. What does this mean?

The best climate is highly individualized because everyone has different triggers.

For example, the person living in a warm climate may feel great most of the time. But when it becomes exceptionally humid, that can make their symptoms flare. And what about when a cold front comes in, bringing in unseasonably cold temperatures? Yes, that can also worsen symptoms as well!

People living in very cold temperatures may have worse COPD symptoms due to temperature extremes. But those living in moderate climates, where temperatures are stable throughout the year, tend to have less fluctuation in their symptoms.

So, what is the perfect climate? One that doesnt exacerbate your symptoms, of course!

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Where Is The Best State To Live In If You Have Asthma

The American Lung Association ranked Cheyenne, Wyoming, Farmington, New Mexico, and Casper, Wyoming, as the three cleanest cities for levels of particle pollution. If you find that air pollution is a major trigger for your asthma, you might find that your symptoms improve in a city with a high clean air ranking.

Weve Crafted A List Of The 5 Best And Worst Cities For People Who Suffer From Asthma To Live In

Some cities are more asthma-friendly than others, and when we say asthma-friendly we mean the amount of air pollution, asthma occurrence rates, healthcare, public smoking rules, and poverty level. Every year, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America rates U.S. cities as the best and worst for people who suffer from asthma to live in. Here are the results for 2018:

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What Raises Risk For Experiencing Thunderstorm Asthma

According to a new study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, a whopping 144 out of 228 people with seasonal allergies reported experiencing thunderstorm asthma thats 65 percent! And many of the asthma attacks set off by thunderstorms werent mild. Nearly half of people who had an attack sought emergency hospital treatment.

This is an excerpt from an article that appears on the Harvard Health Publishing website.

Develop A Close Relationship With Your Childs School


If your son or daughter is not homeschooled, keep a close relationship with the nurse, teachers, and staff at their school. Your child spends the majority of their time at school and taking the time to talk to their nurse and teachers can ensure that the school knows what to do in case of an emergency.

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Is Cold Air Good For Asthma

Cold air is bad for most people with asthma as it tends to irritate the bronchial tubes and trigger asthma symptoms.

If you have asthma, it may be best for you to stay indoors as much as possible during cold winter weather. Be sure to monitor indoor air quality and install HEPA filters in your ventilation systems. Watch for signs of mold and remove it as quickly as possible. Install dust mite-proof pillows and mattress covers in your bedding. Consider buying an air purifier or air cleaner to help remove pet dander and other allergens from your indoor air.

Modern homes have better windows and insulation. They are less drafty and conserve heat better. But that means bedding, furniture, carpets and curtains can hold on to moisture, encouraging dust mites to breed. Keep your home below 50% humidity and use dehumidifiers to help keep dust mites from breeding. When the weather allows, open your windows for one hour per day to reduce humidity in the house.

8229 Boone Blvd, Suite 260, Vienna, VA 22182

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What Can You Do

Most of us spend the better part of our days inside. Thatâs an area you can control. These steps can help you manage asthma even when changing locations isnât an option:

  • Take preventive meds for asthma as prescribed.
  • Have a rescue inhaler available.
  • Get a flu shot every year.
  • Stay clean wash your hands with soap and water, rather than alcohol-based sanitizers.
  • Avoid sick people if you can.

Keep an eye out for things like cleaners, anything with perfumes, dust, smoke, and mold, which can cause your asthma to flare.

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Avoid The Triggers You Can Control

Be aware of your usual triggers that might coincide with hot weather cigarette smoke, bushfires and pollen in particular. Air pollution and ozone levels can trigger asthma symptoms in some people with asthma.

Keep an eye on the weather alerts for high pollution or high ozone days. On days of high pollution or ozone, or when there is bushfire smoke, try to stay indoors with the doors and windows closed. Also try to do as little outdoor activity as possible, especially later in the day. If your asthma symptoms do start, act promptly to stop it turning into an asthma attack.

Tucson Ranks 4th Best In Us For People With Asthma

Allergy and asthma sufferers warned over early onset of spring | 9 News Australia


The dry heat of Southern Arizona has long drawn people with respiratory problems, and a new study ranks Tucson the fourth best city in the country for asthma sufferers.

The consumer advocacy group, NerdWallet, ranked the 50 most populous cities in the U.S. based on prevalence, the number of physicians and specialists, air quality and the cost of asthma care.

Fisayo Ositelu, the head of consumer insights at NerdWallet, said Tucson performed particularly well for its air quality and cost of treating asthma. The average costs of the most common asthma medications were lower in Tucson.

Ositelu said the city also performed well in the area of air quality.

However, he pointed out that the city could move up in the rankings.

Compared to the other top cities, the number of primary care physicians and specialists were lower,” he said. “So Tucson can actually improve in that area.

Only Omaha, Neb., Nashville, Tenn., and Arlington, TX outperformed Tucson. Ositelu stressed that smaller cities tended to rank higher in the study because they have fewer cars and less air pollution.

Phoenix ranked the eighth worst city in the study.



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Indoor Air Quality Monitors For Your Home

You can also stay down to earth with air quality monitoring. AprilAire is partnering with Airthings, a global technology company that produces award-winning, best-selling Indoor Air Quality monitors for radon and other dangerous airborne contaminants that impact overall health and wellness. Find out more about the partnership here.


Wildfires can quickly and drastically change the landscape for wide swaths of land. So far in 2022, the United States has seen around 5.7 million acres of land impacted by wildfires, which is two million more than the 20-year average. And in years to come, experts say the wildfire forecast could become increasingly dire.

Worsening matters, the widespread deforestation caused by wildfires further contributes to climate change because the trees arent around to absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

The situation calls for action, and the U.S. Forest Service recently announced added resources for reforesting areas impacted by wildfires.

Forests are a powerful tool in the fight against climate change. Nurturing their natural regeneration and planting in areas with the most need is critical to mitigating the worst effects of climate change while also making those forests more resilient to the threats they face from catastrophic wildfire, historic drought, disease outbreaks and pest infestation.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, in a

Oransi Ej120 Air Purifier

The Oransi EJ120 Air Purifier is a real competitor for the iQair HealthPro Plus. It is the only other air purifier that currently specifies particle removal down into the range of ultra-fine particles. Unfortunately it stops short of specifying down into the range of particle sizes most easily absorbed into tne human blood stream.

It is also the only other air purifier to specify noise at each airflow and here it has some real advantages. At the top airflow both the iQair and Oansi are equally loud. In fact so loud that you will not be able to tolerate either for very long. However for an airflow of around 200 cfm the iQair HealthPro Plus produces a sound level of 54db whereas the Oransi EJ120 only 33db so the Oransi is only producing about 1/4 of the noise of the iQair HealthPro!


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Stay Indoors But Make Sure Indoors Is Healthy

Indoor humidity levels in the home can play an important role in family health, particularly when asthma and/or allergies are present. Higher levels of humidity in your home can provide an environment for two undesirable triggers dust mites and mould. There are a number of products on the market that can help to control indoor humidity including air-conditioners, dehumidifiers and heaters. You can find out more about how these products work in our Indoor Humidity factsheet.

Where To Go And What To Avoid


When seeking a COPD-friendly destination and the best weather for COPD, temperatures should be generally mild, whether leaning hot or cold.

Under the right temperature, a beach would be an excellent location as the salt-filled air can have a beneficial effect on the lungs. An ideal location would be one that is free of pollution, is open rather than being clustered and is generally free of pollen and other airborne particulates.

The west can serve as an ideal location for visiting and relocating and has been recommended by many physicians due to its decreased humidity.

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Best Us Cities To Live With Asthma

In this article we take a look at the 25best U.S. cities to live with asthma. Click to skip ahead and jump to the 10 best U.S. cities to live with asthma.

Navigating through life with asthma can be a life-long challenge in itself. Sometimes it becomes very important to constantly monitor your surroundings to detect any triggers. According to reports by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 19.2 million American adults suffer from asthma. That is almost 7.7% of adults of age over 18. Pieris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. , Opko Health , and Verona Pharma plc are some of the companies that are working on treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Also, the United States records around 10 deaths due to asthma each day. Such detrimental outcomes and severity of asthma can be prevented through efficient management of the patient’s surroundings. This makes it ever more important for the places you live in to be suitable for asthmatic patients, if you have been suffering from asthma or have had a prolonged history in it.

Copyright: nicoletaionescu / 123RF Stock Photo

Among the residents that suffer from asthma, approximately 6 million are children under the age of 18, as reported by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology . This means around 20 million adults suffer from the disease, and the mortality in adults is also considerably high. Asthma is also one of the underlying conditions that can put one at higher risks of contracting the coronavirus.

Healthy Air Environment For Your Home

If you or your children are living with asthma, you can use the statistics above to make an informed decision about the best area for you to live. But no matter if youre in one of the best or worst states to live with asthma, there are some steps you can take to ensure a healthy environment for your family.

Begin by looking out for unexpected asthma triggers that may be in your home, school, or workplace.

Then you can use these Healthy Air tips to turn your home into a sanctuary from the outdoor air that may exacerbate asthma symptoms and attacks. We hope you can use these tools to take control of your environment to make a safe, healthy home for you and your family.

Breathe the Fullness of LifeLets clear the air.

Its estimated that air pollution is responsible for more than 6.5 million deaths annually. Unhealthy air causes issues in every area of the world, and one of the most important parts of fighting this trend is to accurately monitor and report air quality levels in a timely manner. Pollutants like smog and wildfire smoke are easy to see, but sometimes airborne dangers arent so easy to detect on the local or regional levels. In those situations, some air quality monitoring organizations are taking measurements using a higher vantage pointsatellites.

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Ideal Temperature For Asthma Suffers

Doctors tend to agree that breathing super cold, humid, or very hot air is terrible for people that suffer from asthma. The best temperature to keep your air conditioning set to is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. When you are sleeping, the temperatures should be turned down to 65 degrees for optimal ease of breathing.

When the air is too cold, viruses can thrive which can also trigger asthmatic symptoms. Cold air can also restrict the airways making it more difficult to breathe and cause wheezing, coughing tightness, and shortness of breath. When the air is too humid and hot, mold and dust mites can be plentiful which ruins the air quality and make it difficult to breathe. Mold can also trigger illnesses that can make people with asthma very sick and possibly lead to death.

Understanding Your Personal Weather Triggers

Daikin Australia & Sensitive Choice: The best air-conditioner for asthma sufferers

Both my mum and me have asthma, and the weather affects us in completely different ways. My mums asthma is not good when its cold and windy mine is triggered when its warm and air quality is less good. Charlotte, Asthma + Lung UK volunteer.

The key thing is getting to know what your weather triggers are, says Dr Andy. Talk to your doctor so you can add them to your asthma action plan. And try keeping a symptom diary too – you may notice youre more likely to react to the weather when theres other things going on too, like hay fever, colds and viruses, or bad pollution.

If you know weather is a trigger, especially changing weather, then have your reliever inhaler with you at all times and stick to your routine of taking your preventer inhaler to cut your risk of symptoms.

Next review due December 2023

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Fall And Spring Allergens

Pollen is challenging for people with asthma and allergies. When pollen counts go up, many people may have a more severe asthma attack. Because of the potential for this environmental trigger, even cities with low levels of air pollution may pose a hazard for those living with asthma.

The AAFA ranks allergy capitals those areas that pose the greatest challenge to allergy and asthma sufferers by looking at pollen counts, allergy medicine usage, and the availability of allergy medical specialists. So the foundation looks not just at the natural environment, but how people living in these areas actually manage the condition.

Jackson, Mississippi, and Memphis, Tennessee, are ranked first and second most challenging for both fall allergies and spring allergies. McAllen, Texas, is third for fall allergies, and Syracuse, New York, for spring allergies. But the individual rankings may make little difference: The top five cities for allergy challenges were the same for both spring and fall, just in a slightly different order.

To find out what allergy conditions are like in your area right now, visit Pollen.com and enter your ZIP code.

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Can Cold Air Cause An Asthma Attack

If your asthma is severe and cold air is a trigger, then you are at risk for an asthma attack in cold weather. Consult your Asthma Action Plan to manage asthma in cold weather. You should always seek medical attention if symptoms worsen.

To keep cold air from causing an asthma flare:

  • Keep your mouth and nose shielded with a scarf to warm the air before you breathe it in.
  • Use a short-acting albuterol inhaler at the first sign of symptoms to keep asthma from worsening.
  • Stay inside as often as you can. Breathing warmer air will help open up your airways. Just make sure youre inside a place with no indoor allergens and irritants.
  • If you experience symptoms frequently in cold weather, talk with your doctor about a long-term treatment plan.
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    Controlling Your Asthma Symptoms

    Of course, you could be living in one of the “best” cities for asthma and still have the nation’s worst asthma symptoms. Location matters less than how well you’re controlling your condition, experts say.

    Start at home. Even if you have no power over the weather, smog, or the pollen count outside your house, you do have some control over the allergens and irritants inside it. And what’s inside might have a bigger impact on your asthma symptoms.

    “People spend an average of 22 hours a day indoors,” says Bernstein. That makes for a lot of exposure to potential asthma triggers in a confined space. Allergy-proofing your home and removing irritants — like perfumes and cleaning agents — could really help.

    You also need to work with your doctor to get control of your condition. If you have allergic asthma, that means allergy testing. It’s the only way to find out precisely what is causing your problems. You’ll also need to use your medications exactly as prescribed.

    While it’s good to be aware of how the local conditions in your city could affect asthma symptoms, where you live shouldn’t dictate how you feel.

    “As long as you have good control of your asthma, you really can live in any city in the world and still be symptom-free,” says Waldron.

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