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Arizona Allergy And Asthma Specialists

Victoria S Towers Msn Cnp Fnp

Creating an Asthma Action Plan – Mayo Clinic

Victoria Towers MSN, CNP, FNP-BC was born and raised in Arizona and is a proud alumni of the University of Arizona. She began her nursing career as a neonatal intensive care unit nurse at Mayo Clinic and has worked in several other specialties including telehealth, case management, and family practice.

Ms. Towers is currently a member of numerous state and national nursing organizations, and has several publications and presentations in the fields of primary care and telehealth. She has a strong interest in research and is currently pursuing her PhD in Nursing at the University of Arizona within the focus of data and systems science. She is excited to continue to use research to inform her clinical practice and provide patients with high-quality, Allergy and Asthma evidence-based care.

What Should You Expect At Adult & Pediatric Allergy Associates Pc

Our Phoenix allergy and asthma clinic is staffed by allergy specialists who have a thorough understanding of all types of allergens, and especially the Arizonan desert allegens. Unlike general practitioners, our asthma allergy specialists are much better qualified to identify and provide specialized treatment using the appropriate medicines. We handle both pediatric and adult cases of allergies and related infections like Sinusitis and asthma.

Three-Step Treatment Process to a Long-Lasting Allergy Solution Upon visiting one of our 5 Phoenix area allergy & asthma clinics, our medical experts, Dr Fadhia Habib-Khazen M.D. and Dr. Housam Alasaly, M.D. will take you through a three-step process during your first appointment.

  • Step 1 is a Comprehensive Clinic Consultation: The first step in our process is to spend 90 minutes to an hour with you. Our team of specialists will assess your case by asking multiple questions intended to help understand your situation. We are eager to discuss the details of your allergies to help us find a better solution for you. Furthermore, our doctors specialize in pediatric allergies so we can even help you with your young children. Plus our services are covered by the majority of insurance plans!
  • Allergy And Asthma Clinics: 4 Locations Near You

    Looking for asthma or allergy treatment near you? If you want to determine the exact cause of your allergy or asthma, and are ready to get the proper diagnosis, medication and treatments, please meet with one of our certified allergy and asthma specialists us at one of our nearby Arizona clinics located in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Our specialty trained and licensed allergists and immunologists are available for testing, diagnosis and treatments 6 days a week for an appointment at ANY of these locations: Phoenix, Glendale, Avondale and Anthem!

    Hours vary depending on office from 7am 6pm Monday Friday & Saturdays from 9am 1pm.

    5815 N Black Canyon Hwy, Suite 101 Phoenix, AZ 85015

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    Mesa Allergy Doctor Near Me

    Mesa 85212 FoodIntolerance Test Cost

    Get cost effective food intolerance testing in the Mesa area of 85212 when you visit the doctors at San Tan Allergy & Asthma.

    Doctor Who Treats AsthmaNear Mesa 85209

    For capable doctors who treat asthma near the 85209 area of Mesa, visit the physicians at San Tan Allergy & Asthma for quality asthma relief.

    Skin Allergy SpecialistNear Mesa 85202

    When you have skin allergies and you need an allergy specialist near you in Mesa 85202, visit the qualified doctors at San Tan Allergy & Asthma.

    Food SensitivityTesting Near Mesa 85206

    Find out the foods you are allergic to with food sensitivity testing near the 85206 area of Mesa at San Tan Allergy & Asthma.

    Childrens Asthma ClinicNear Mesa 85210

    Visit the childrens asthma clinic in the 85210 area of Mesa when you consult with the physicians at San Tan Allergy & Asthma.

    Full Allergy Test CostNear Mesa, Arizona

    For full, cost effective allergy testing near Mesa, Arizona, visit the qualified doctors at San Tan Allergy & Asthma to get you the relief you need.

    What Are The Common Triggers That Cause Asthma In Arizona

    Allergy Doctors &  Asthma Specialists

    Asthma can be induced, or aggravated, by an array of triggers. Here are the top 10 triggers that we often see in patients:

  • Allergies: Allergens such as pollen, dust mites, and animal dander are the main trigger for 60-70% of asthmatics.
  • Respiratory infections: Respiratory illness and infections commonly trigger asthma symptoms.
  • Exercise: Many people with chronic asthma suffer flare-ups during exercise, which typically present 5 to 20 minutes following exercise.
  • Cold air: Cold, dry air can trigger asthma symptoms or worsen exercise induced asthma. Mouth-breathing can worsen these symptoms.
  • Weather changes: Thunderstorms and high humidity are also linked to asthma symptoms.
  • Pollutants: Including tobacco smoke, wood smoke, outdoor pollution, mold, and more can trigger an asthma attack.
  • Strong odors/scents: Including perfumes, chemical-laden cleaners and air fresheners.
  • Stress and emotions: Strong emotions resulting in rapid breathing can induce asthma attacks.
  • Gastric reflux: Though it is unknown why, asthma and acid reflux often occur together, and reflux can worsen symptoms.
  • Food: Food and food additives also trigger asthma attacks.
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    About The Arizona Allergy And Asthma Society

    The Arizona Allergy and Asthma Society is a non-profit organization comprised of board-certified and board-eligible Allergy/Immunology specialists in Arizona. The purpose of the society is to provide a format for education and sharing of scientific information among its members as well as serving as a resource for allergy information to the Arizona public. The AAAS accomplishes these goals in part through its annual physician educational meeting, the publication of Allergy and the Environment, An Arizona Handbook, and maintaining this website. View Member Directory

    Asthma Allergy And Immunology Specialists Serving Scottsdale And Phoenix

    Are you looking for an allergist or immunologist in the North Scottsdale area? Trust our friendly and experienced team for treatment of Allergy, Asthma, Hives, Sinus, Rash, Sinusitus, and other immune system disorders. Combining knowledge with compassion, we diagnosis and treat adults and children of all ages. We are dedicated to helping patients gain control of their lives with excellent treatment and care. Telemedicine visits are available for sick visits, regular check ups, and new patients. Call our Scottsdale asthma and allergy clinic today at 480-500-1902.

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    Allergy Injections Without Prior Appointment

    Allergy Injections are administered without an appointment at the following times:

    • Tuesday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
    • Closed from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
  • Wednesday, 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
  • Thursday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • Closed from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
  • There are a lot of factors that impact your allergies and overall breathing. We use Facebook to share the content that Dr. Millhollon writes here on our website in hopes of educating and equipping patients and anyone suffering from allergic or asthmatic conditions with information to fight back against their symptoms and experience relief. If thats something you are interested in, please Like us on Facebook.

    How We Are Different:

    AAAI-Our Experience

    Our allergy and asthma specialty medical team TRULY care about our patients! Its not only important that we spend time with our patients but also that we we create a customized but practical treatment plan using our patients unique situationand for even the most complex allergic issues. We have 5 allergy & asthma clinics in the Phoenix Metro areatoday

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    From The Program Directors

    We of the Allergy Divisions of Mayo Clinic in Arizona and Phoenix Childrens Hospital would like to invite you to consider our program for what may be the most important part of your post-graduate training experience.

    Our committed staff, diverse patient populations, strong institutional support, and track record of clinical excellence ensure exposure to the full breadth and depth of diseases cared for by allergists/immunologists.

    Ample time is allowed for patient exams and for staffing limited time is spent on activities that dont directly enhance the educational experience.

    We are supported by a full array of other specialists, subspecialists, and multi-disciplinary clinics. Fellows and staff work together in a very supportive, collegial manner and there are multiple academic, social, and support services available to all.

    There are many opportunities for clinical and basic research at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. The internationally renowned Hirohito Kita, M.D., leads a basic and translational research lab with a focus on allergic and immune mechanisms of diseases with unparalleled expertise in eosinophil disorders.

    There are others in the Allergy Division at both Mayo Clinic and Phoenix Childrens hospital who do research in the following areas: food allergies eosinophilic gastrointestinal diseases airway diseases drug allergies skin diseases.

    Allergy and Immunology Fellowship Program DirectorDivision of Allergy and Immunology, Mayo Clinic, Arizona

    Top Rated Mesa Allergy And Asthma Doctors

    When you are being treated at San Tan Allergy and Asthma, Dr. Shimamoto and Dr. Jain bring empathy and professionalism to their field. A member of the American College of Allergy & Immunology, and a Phoenix Top Doc for over ten years, Dr. Shimamoto strives to provide excellent patient care for everyone with the help of our excellent Physician Assistants. A former President of the Arizona Allergy Society, Dr. Jain and his associates are qualified to give you the best allergy and asthma care in Mesa.

    San Tan Allergy & Asthma

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    How Do You Treat Asthma

    Our asthma doctors, Dr Habib-Khazen or Dr Alasaly, will prescribe treatments with a multi-tiered approach, including:

    • Quick-relief medicationsSuch as Albuterol and Levoalbuterol to quickly open airways and reduce wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath following triggers. Important: Quick relief medications do not build immunity against allergies or asthma. -that is accomplished through: allergy injections, Anti-Ige treatments and vaccines
    • Asthma control medicationsIncluding inhaled and oral corticosteroids, bronchodilators, and leukotriene modifiers which treat inflammation.
    • Allergy injections To build immunity against allergen triggers.
    • Anti-IgE treatmentIncluding Xolair for those 12 and over with severe asthma, to block antibodies that cause allergic reactions and stop allergy-induced asthma attacks before they begin.
    • VaccinesSuch as the flu and pneumococcal vaccines, to protect against respiratory disease and infections that can induce or worsen asthma symptoms.

    Alexander J Nicholson Md

    Now Accepting Telemedicine Visits

    Dr. Nicholson is a physician at the Arizona Asthma and Allergy Institute. He is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He received his medical degree from Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon. Following medical school, he completed a residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Hawaii and subsequent fellowship training in Allergy & Immunology at the University of Arizona. Dr. Nicholson enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and three daughters and has a special interest in classic cars.

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    The Premier Allergists In The Phoenix Area

    Established in 1969, Allergy Asthma Clinic is Arizonas first and foremost medical practice dedicated solely to the diagnosis and treatment of asthma, allergy, and immunodeficiency. Serving the Phoenix area for over fifty years, our award-winning team of physicians and nurses works closely with each patient to provide the most up-to-date diagnostics and individualized treatments. Our doctors and staff are not only at the top of their medical field but are also committed to improving the lives of those who suffer from allergies and asthma. All of our allergy specialists are board-certified and involved in the education of medical students and residents. This commitment has helped us become one of the nations leading centers for the diagnosis and treatment of asthma, allergy and immunodeficiency.When Should You See an Allergist?

    Ronald K Jorgensen Md

    An owner-physician of the Arizona Asthma and Allergy Institute. He is board certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology and by the American Board of Internal Medicine. After graduating from the University of Utah Medical School, he completed a residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Utah Medical Center. Following residency, he completed a fellowship in Allergy and Immunology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He enjoys community service, skiing, and fishing.

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    Allergy Asthma & Immunology Specialists Located In Scottsdale Az & Gilbert Aznow Offering Telehealth Visits

    About Us

    Welcome to Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates, LTD

    Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates, LTD, provides exceptional care from specialists with advanced training who treat each person with respect. The team of allergy, asthma, and immunology specialists, nurse practitioners, and the entire professional staff welcome patients at their two locations in Scottsdale and another in Gilbert, Arizona.

    The team at Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates, LTD, is proud to announce that theyre the first allergy practice in Arizona to offer oral immunotherapy. Patients with food allergies finally have hope of an effective treatment instead of the hassle of eliminating food from their diet.

    When patients enter the oral immunotherapy program at Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates, LTD, they receive customized treatment and specialized services. Established patients have 24/7 access to a food allergy nurse and board-certified allergist.

    Patients can come to Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates, LTD, for comprehensive and personalized care for all types of allergies. The team provides allergy testing and treatment for food allergies, hay fever, insect allergy, latex allergy, or drug allergy.

    The team offers top-notch care for common conditions such as asthma, nasal congestion, eczema, and hives. They also specialize in complex and rare problems, including hereditary angioedema and immune deficiency.


    Stock Inhaler Program Updates

    Welcome to Arcadia Allergy & Asthma

    Stakeholders, researchers at the University of Arizona , and Arizona state- and county- health departments across Arizona have worked for the past 10 years creating the Stock Inhaler for Schools Program. The program was designed and implemented after HB 2208, Stock Inhalers for Schools was passed by the Arizona State Legislature and a subsequent regulation by the State Board of Education. Please contact for more information regarding this program in Arizona.

    Please contact for more information regarding this program in Arizona.

    Managing Student Asthma in School During COVID-19

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