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Does Baby Powder Cause Asthma

Can Babies Have Asthma

Does Talcum Powder cause cancer? | Talcum Powder | Lung Cancer | TAMIL
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We dont always know why a baby develops asthma but some causes can be:

  • Family history of asthma, allergies or eczema
  • Premature birth
  • A viral infection , especially when the baby is less than 6 months old
  • A mother who smokes during pregnancy

As many as 80% of children that will have asthma develop signs and symptoms before the age of 5.

How Is Asthma Diagnosed In Older Children

Asthma is typically diagnosed with a medical exam and a test that measures the airflow in and out of the lungs. Your child may have one asthma symptom, or several of them. You may think its just a cold or bronchitis. If the symptoms come back, thats a clue your child might have asthma. In addition, symptoms may worsen when your child is around asthma triggers, such as irritants in the air or allergens like pollen, pet dander and dust mites.

Tell your childs pediatrician if anyone in your family has asthma, allergies or atopic dermatitis. These conditions often run in families if they run in yours, its more likely your child will have them.

You may be referred to an allergist who may perform skin or blood tests to see whether your child has any allergies that can trigger asthma symptoms. These tests can be done at any age. You can help your childs doctor by completing a childhood asthma control test prior to your visit.

How Do You Get Cancer From Talcum Powder

In an interview, he told Drugwatch that research convincingly shows that when a woman applies talcum powder to her genital area, small particles migrate up the vaginal canal and travel to the ovaries. The particles can remain there for years, causing chronic inflammation that leads to cancer, he said.

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Is Translucent Powder The Same As Setting Powder

Case in point: finishing powders vs. setting powders. It is often translucent and is used to blur pores, soften texture, and even give an overall glow to the skin. Basically, finishing powder is for looks whereas setting powders help you get more hours out of your concealer, foundation, and other face makeup.

Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Lawsuit Claims And Settlements

Does talcum powder cause ovarian cancer?

Thousands of talcum powder lawsuits have been filed claiming that using Johnson & Johnson talc products led to serious health issues. While the company, one of the leading suppliers of this product, says that Johnson & Johnson talcum powder is completely safe, courts have found otherwise. Nearly 14,000 people have filed J& J talc claims so far, with many seeking a talcum powder settlement after having been diagnosed with mesothelioma or ovarian cancer.

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How Is Asthma Treatment Different For Older Children

Sometimes when asthma is suspected, the doctor will put your child on a trial of asthma medication to see if it helps. If your child gets better while taking the medicine, it can be a signal that your childs symptoms are due to asthma. The medication will depend on how severe your childs symptoms are and how often they occur.

The goal of treatment for children include:

  • Managing the childs environment to avoid triggers
  • Treating the airway inflammation and bronchospasm with medication
  • Keeping asthma in control so activity does not need to be limited
  • Teaching the child about asthma, their medications and how to be as healthy as possible in a way they can understand

When administering medication to your child, make sure to follow the instructions given to you by your doctor and on the package insert.

Talcosis Due To Abundant Use Of Cosmetic Talcum Powder

To the Editor:

A 36-yr-old, nonsmoking, Hindustan female presented with complaints of dyspnoea without coughing which had persisted for several months. The complaints started after a bout of pneumonia a few months previously. Her medical history was unremarkable. She did not suffer from asthma, nor did asthma run in the family. She worked at an administrative office. Physical examination showed no abnormalities in particular, the auscultation of the lungs was normal. A screening laboratory examination, including complete blood count, renal function and liver function tests, was normal. A chest radiograph showed nodular lesions in both lungs .


Radiodiagnostic imaging. a) A chest radiograph showing multiple nodular lesions in both lungs. b) A high-resolution computed tomography scan showing a diffuse nodular image in both lungs. Interlobular septa and pleura were normal.


Based on the patient’s history and the clinical, radiological, histological and mineralogical findings, and by the exclusion of other plausible causes, the diagnosis of talc induced interstitial lung disease was made based on abundant use of cosmetic talcum powder. At 1-yr follow-up the patient had discontinued her bathing ritual the complaints had decreased and pulmonary function had increased. The chest radiograph did not show an improvement and the nodular lesions in both lungs remained unchanged.

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How Do You Know If Food Is One Of Your Asthma Triggers

If you think certain foods trigger your asthma symptoms or your childs symptoms, talk to your GP or asthma nurse as soon as possible. This is important because an asthma attack triggered by an allergic reaction to food can be worse, particularly for children.

Your GP or asthma nurse can help you work out if youre allergic or sensitive to certain foods. They can:

  • refer you for an allergy test to confirm or rule out any food allergies, usually a skin prick test
  • help you identify foods youre sensitive to that dont show up in allergy tests by supporting you to keep a food and symptom diary, which you can review at your appointment
  • support you in excluding certain foods or food groups for a while, and reintroducing them safely to see which foods trigger asthma symptoms
  • confirm or rule out anything else which could be making your asthma worse, such as acid reflux
  • update your asthma action plan with new food triggers, and any action you need to take if your asthma symptoms are triggered by food.

Baby Powder And Ovarian Cancer

Does talcum powder cause cancer? | Talcum Powder | Lung Cancer | ENGLISH

The risks of ovarian cancer caused by baby powder use are less clear. Scientists first began investigating a possible link between talc use and cancer when they found talc particles in womens ovarian tumors.

In 1982, the public paid more attention to the possible connection between talc powder and cancer when scientists suggested they had found some evidence linking genital talc use and ovarian cancer.

The lead author of that study, Daniel Cramer, told Johnson & Johnson to put a warning label on its products. He also served as an expert witness in trials where women have sued the health and beauty company. Many studies since have looked at the relationship between use of the powder and ovarian cancer.

In one 2018 review of dozens of papers on this research, scientists found at best a weak association between genital use of talc and ovarian cancer.

The more baby powder that is used, the stronger its link with ovarian cancer. But, overall, genital talc powder use is only weakly associated with ovarian cancer. So genital use of talc cannot be considered a cause of ovarian cancer. And there are many risk factors possibly affecting a womans chance of getting ovarian cancer.

These risk factors include:

  • long-term use of hormone therapy

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Will My Child Outgrow Asthma

Asthma is rarely outgrown it often persists into adulthood. However, some parents see the symptoms of asthma go away as their child grows. This could be the result of the childs lungs growing larger or the immune system adapting over time. However, sensitivity to allergens as an asthma symptom trigger may still remain. And for many, symptoms often reappear years later.

Are Baby Powders Harmful To Infants

Babies are prone to inhaling the baby powder that is used on their skin, especially if it has been made from talc. Talcum powder consists of very fine particles which can be inhaled and cause irritation to the babys delicate lungs. You will have to be especially careful if your baby has any kind of respiratory illness like asthma since, with baby talcum powder, some danger may be possible. As compared to talcum, the cornstarch-based powder has slightly larger particles and hence find it difficult to get airborne. This reduces the chances of inhalation and has excellent absorption qualities too.

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What Should You Use Instead Of A Baby Powder

If you are looking for a safe alternative to baby powder, here are a few options you can try and choose the one that suits your baby. Instead of using talcum or corn starch for your baby, You can also use essential oils like lavender or chamomile for babies over three months as both have anti-inflammatory properties. Discontinue use immediately if you notice any rashes.

When you are armed with authentic information about the safety of baby powder for your little one, you can rarely go wrong. Choose baby products smartly, especially those to be applied to the skin or ingested. So, three cheers to dry baby bottoms!

Set Them Up While Feeding

Asthma Attack Causes, Allergy, Triggers

Babies with reflux tend to experience more severe symptoms when they lay on their backs. This is more so when they are feeding, or have a full stomach. Because of this, its vital to have them sit up as much as possible during this process.

To sit your little one up while feeding them a bottle, hold them sitting up. Then, tilt their head back slightly to feed them. You can also pick up a bottle with an angle to make it easier to feed them in this position.

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Smoking Cigarettes Around The Baby

We all know that smoking a cigarette in the same room as a baby can cause asthma, ear infections, and increases the risk of things like strep throat, but it can also make a baby gasp for air.

Even if your little one doesnt have asthma, they might still have difficulty breathing in a room full of cigarette smoke. If you cant go outside to smoke, go to another room when smoking cigarettes. Its also advised that you wear a different shirt when smoking.

Consider keeping a smoking hoody or baggy t-shirt in the room that you smoke in. You can easily slip it on over your clothes, smoke, and then take it off again when youre done. If you smoke indoors, an air filter is a necessity.

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When To Call The Doctor

Most parents wonder when they should call the doctor if they see their baby gasp for air. The answer is always. There are so many different conditions that can make your baby gasp for air that its always better to be safe than sorry.

Every condition that makes your baby gasp for air requires a medical diagnosis. Pay attention when you see your baby gasp for air and what they are doing. If they ever turn blue, and any other details, you can tell your doctor during your appointment.

When you see your baby gasp for air, it can be alarming. The first time I saw my grandson do this, it was scary. It turned out that it was normal for him because he was a preemie, and on a ventilator, which made him squeak. Hes fine now.

Other children, even preemies, might not be so lucky. It could be sleep apnea or something more serious. That is why its essential to contact your pediatrician as soon as possible.

Medical Disclaimer. All content and media on is created and published online for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice.

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The Effects Of Talcum Powder

Talcum powder has been linked to several illnesses and adverse effects. The most common talcum powder side effects are:

  • Respiratory problems in infants

Some commercial brands that include a talcum powder alternative include:

  • Burts Bees Baby Dusting Powder
  • Honeybee Gardens Deodorant Powder
  • The Honest Company Organic Powder
  • Natures Baby Dusting Powder

Can Talc Cause Lung Cancer

Does My Baby Have Asthma? Symptoms. Signs, Nebulizer, and More

Yes, talc and lung cancer can be connected. Cases usually stem from an occupational hazard: Workers who mine talc are the ones who are most at risk. Talc is not inherently dangerous, however the contaminant is the asbestos it can contain. When miners, construction workers, or consumers breathe in asbestos, whether its in the air in a mine or in talcum powder, lung disease, lung cancer, or mesothelioma can be the result.

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A Case Study Published In 2011 Reveals More Dangers Of Talcum Powder Usage

A healthy, 24 year old woman kept searching for answers when she was having difficulty breathing and a recurring unproductive cough. After several biopsies, an assortment of tests and scans, and a lengthy patient history was given, the womans doctor finally discovered that the source of the womans lung problems was her talcum powder usage 10 years prior when she used baby powder as a teenager. A case study published in 2011 shows how talc fibers can create nodules in the lungs and cause respiratory problems even decades after stopping talc usage.

Talcum powder has been linked to ovarian cancer in women, and for anyone who has used talcum powder, it is possible they could have developed talcosis, talc induced interstitial lung disease, from inhaling talc fibers. The disorder is difficult to treat because for most people, talcum powder dusting would fall outside of their medical history and therefore is often excluded from the determination process of diagnosing lung issues. Talc fibers dont break down, they can sit in the lungs or ovaries for years acting as an irritant which then leads to bigger health problems.


Learn And Avoid Your Triggers

Pay attention to when and where you have symptoms like wheezing and coughing. If you can pinpoint the things that cause your asthma flare-ups, you might be able to avoid them.

Common triggers include cold air, exercise, allergens you breath in, like pollen and pet dander, and colds or bronchitis. .

Strong odors also can cause asthma attacks, so it may help to steer clear of things like perfume, hair spray, talcum powder, and cigarette smoke. If you’re a smoker, kick the habit — ask your doctor how they can help you quit. If anyone else in your home lights up, ask them to quit, too. Even if they only smoke outside, they will still bring the smell and chemicals inside on their clothes and hair.

While food and drinks are not common asthma triggers, some may contain compounds called sulfites — like beer, wine, potatoes, dried fruit, and shrimp — that can make asthma worse for some people. So can some medicines, like aspirin and other pain relievers, or prescription drugs such as some common high blood pressure meds . If you take these drugs and think they’re affecting your asthma, ask your doctor if there are other options you can try.

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Pay Attention To The Air

Cold, dry air can irritate the lungs. When you go outside on wintery days, cover your nose and mouth with a scarf. If you cough or wheeze when you exercise in the cold, go to the gym or try an indoor workout class, instead.

During allergy season, keep track of pollen levels, and stay indoors when they are highest. You can keep tabs on your local air quality year-round at web sites like On days when ozone or pollution levels are unhealthy for people with lung diseases, it’s smart to spend as little time outdoors as possible.

Baby Powder And Asbestos

Does Talc Cause Ovarian Cancer?

If you’re concerned about baby powder being linked to cancer, let’s break down the news: More than 13,000 people have sued Johnson & Johnson saying the product caused their cancer. Some of them were diagnosed with mesothelioma, a rare cancer tied to asbestos exposure. According to Reuters, the company concealed the fact its talcum powder sometimes contained small levels of asbestos between 1971 and the early 2000s. Talcum powder is made of talc, a naturally occurring mineral used in many consumer products, including makeup, because of its ability to absorb moisture. It’s found in underground deposits that often also contain asbestos, a known carcinogen, making contamination possible.

A representative from Johnson & Johnson confirmed to that the talc used in Johnson’s Baby Powder does not contain asbestos.

“Thousands of tests over decades repeatedly confirm this,” says Susan Nicholson, M.D., vice president, womens health, Johnson & Johnson. “Not only do we and our suppliers routinely test to ensure our talc does not contain asbestos our talc has also been tested and confirmed to be asbestos-free by a range of independent laboratories and universities, including the FDA, Harvard School of Public Health, and Mount Sinai Hospital.”

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Is Talc Safe For Use

Experts have been divided about the dangers of talcum powder. Is talcum powder safe? The answer is unclear. One study found that 75% of ovarian cancer tumors contained talc particles. Talc is also believed to dry out mucous membranes the dangers of inhaling talcum powder include a higher risk of pneumonia, asthma, and respiratory failure. Other scientists say that there is no definitive link between talc and cancer. Regardless, one thing can be agreed upon: All humans should avoid exposure to asbestos. Since talc can potentially contain asbestos, its best to avoid its use. Luckily, this is pretty easy to do. There are many cornstarch-based alternatives to baby powders, and in makeup and cosmetics, talc is used in trace amounts, so its less likely to be dangerous.


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