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Allergy And Asthma Center Franklin Tn

Why Choose Asthma Sinus And Allergy Program At Vanderbilt

“Allergy Testing” / Dr. Jeffery Franklin
  • A team approach

    We are a multi-specialty clinic treating complex allergy and immunology conditions. If you have asthma, allergies or sinus problems, you’ll find complete care including testing, treatment and management all in one place.

  • Depth of expertise

    Our team is a part of one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers. Our emphasis on research and advanced care means you’ll have access to the most sophisticated testing and treatments that you won’t find in general community allergy clinics.

  • Personalized care

    Our team works together to tailor treatment for your unique needs. We take a holistic approach to your symptoms and health to provide an accurate diagnosis and to structure the treatment thats right for you. Our Nashville allergy clinic includes ear-nose-throat surgeons for consultation if your condition could be helped with surgery.

  • Top specialists

    As part of the Vanderbilt Lung Institute, we offer advanced expertise and care for asthma, including bronchial thermoplasty. We provide hope for patients with genetic and rare immune conditions. Our drug allergy clinic pharmacists custom-make testing materials for each patient. These just some of the services other allergy clinics in Tennessee do not offer.

  • Clinical trials

    As the only academic medical center in Tennessee, we offer the latest knowledge and technology for diagnoses and treatment. You may have access to clinical trials investigating new types of care before they are available at most other clinics.

Vanderbilt Asthma Sinus And Allergy Program Opens New Location In Franklin

The Vanderbilt Asthma, Sinus and Allergy Program has opened the doors to a new location in Franklin, Tennessee, to bring convenient care to patients.

The Franklin location of the Vanderbilt Asthma, Sinus and Allergy Program began offering services on Monday, June 19. The new offices are located at 919 Murfreesboro Rd., in the same building as the Vanderbilt Health and Williamson Medical Center Walk-in Clinic.

VASAP is a multi-specialty program dedicated to treating airway disease such as asthma as well as the testing and treatment of a variety of sinus and allergy-related ailments. VASAP physicians treat approximately 30,000 patient visits each year.

David Hagaman, M.D., and Dana Wirth, NP, will offer allergy skin tests, pulmonary testing, allergy injections and biological injection therapy at the Franklin location.

The Vanderbilt Asthma, Sinus and Allergy Program has been around since 1999, and over the years we have seen a tremendous number of patients from Williamson County, Hagaman, medical director of VASAP outreach, said. Asthma and allergies are diseases that require long-term management, and we wanted to make treatment more convenient for our patients with this new clinic. Weve been working on opening this clinic for a long time, and we are excited to see it happening.

Hagaman and Wirth will see patients Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Fridays from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. To make an appointment with VASAP, call 615-936-2727.

We Can Help With All Type Of Allergies

Cool Springs Allergy Associates offers complete allergy and asthma care to pediatric, adolescent and adult patients in the Middle Tennessee and Clarksville communities. We treat asthma, allergic rhinitis , sinusitis, COPD, food allergy, drug allergy, stinging insect allergy, skin allergy, headaches to include sinus and migraines, chronic or recurrent cough, nasal and chest congestion.

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What Are Allergies

One of the marvels of the human body is that it can defend itself against harmful invaders such as viruses or bacteria. But sometimes the defenses are too aggressive, and harmless substances such as dust, mold or pollen are mistakenly identified as dangerous. The immune system then rallies its defenses, launching a host of complex chemical weapons to attack and destroy the supposed enemy. In the process, some unpleasant and, in extreme cases, life-threatening symptoms may be experienced by the allergy-prone individual. Read More> >

What Is Asthma

The Allergy, Asthma &  Sinus Center

Asthma is a chronic lung disease in which the lining of the airways become inflamed and swollen and muscle spasms restrict the flow of air to the lungs. It is a relatively common condition and the incidence of the disease has grown in recent years. Currently, it is estimated that 12 million Americans – including more than four million children – have asthma. Read More> > >

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