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What Is The Best Herbal Medicine For Asthma

Breathe Easy With Breathe Easy Tea For Asthma

Top 6 Natural Remedies for Asthma | Wheezing Treatment

Ive already written about how much I like this tea .

I stumbled across it one day in my local grocery store. I think they were having a sale, so I figured Id give it a whirl. And Im glad I did.

Breathe Easy Tea is a combination of traditional Chinese medicine, including licorice root, peppermint and eucalyptus, meant to help relieve chest complaints.

I find a cup in the morning, especially if I take a few minutes to breathe in the steam, helps clear up any congestion. Ill also use it if Im feeling stuffy or tight chested.

And I know Im not alone the reviews from fellow asthmatics could not be more glowing.

But really, this is my favorite tea for asthma because it tastes good and is relaxing. I think my morning ritual alone, sitting quietly with a cup of tea, is a big help.

Common Names For Nigella Sativa

  • Black cumin
  • Black seed
  • Kalonji

Some preliminary research suggests that nigella sativa extract may offer some bronchodilatory support to help open the airways in those with asthma. A small study with 15 participants found that boiled extract of nigella sativa improved pulmonary function tests, including forced expiratory volume , peak expiratory flow , and maximal mid expiratory flow . Although, the bronchodilatory effect was not as effective as the drug theophylline that was used as a comparison. More research is needed to explore nigella sativa’s potential use for asthma, an effective dosage, or any adverse effects.

Natural Remedies For Asthma

Many things get credit for being natural asthma remedies. But because studies on complementary and alternative treatments for asthma have been limited, itâs not clear how safe and effective all of them are.

These natural remedies have been studied:

Acupuncture. This traditional Chinese treatment involves inserting thin needles into specific points on the body. While some people with asthma say acupuncture eases their symptoms, thereâs little proof that it works as an asthma treatment.

Biofeedback. Learning to control your heart rate may help you manage your asthma, but more studies are needed to confirm a benefit.

Herbs and natural dietary supplements. Many people use herbs, plants, and supplements, especially Chinese herbs, to treat asthma. Itâs not clear how well many of them work. More research is needed on supplements like magnesium and fish oil . But vitamins C, D, and E may help lower your risk of symptoms.

Asthma diet. If you have a food allergy, avoiding trigger foods may also help with some asthma symptoms.

Plant-based diet. Several studies have found benefits for people with asthma who follow the Mediterranean diet.It involves lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats like olive oil. You eat more fatty fish and poultry than red meat. Experts think this diet helps with asthma symptoms because it helps fight inflammation in your body. A similar eating plan called DASH may also improve asthma control.

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Alternative Therapy To Help Manage Asthma

At present, acupuncture is one of the most popular alternative therapies for asthma and is performed by competent practitioners.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of thin needles into the skin at specified locations to regulate the flow of energy that is believed to control psychophysical function.

Treatment And An Asthma Drug / Medications

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Medications used for asthma are usually divided into two categories: quick relief and long term control. A quick relief asthma drug is used to treat acute attacks where as long-term asthma drug is used in a step by step plan out lined by the doctor.

The newest asthma drug is omalizumab or xolair. This drug reduces mediator release which in turn promotes an allergic response. This asthma drug is recommended for moderate to severe asthma patients.

There are a number of asthma medications on the market for each case type. An asthma drug just like any other medication should not be taken without the supervision of a qualified doctor. Most asthma medications work by relaxing bronchospasm or reducing inflammation. When treating asthma usually inhaled medication is preferred over the tablet or a liquid asthma drug.

Inhaled medications act directly in the airway surface and muscle where the problems initiate. In old days adrenaline was used as an asthma drug adrenaline worked as a rapid onset in opening airways unfortunately, adrenaline has many other serious side effects.

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Traditional Herbal Medicine And Allergic Asthma

Editorial | Open Access

Bi-Fong Lin, Bor-Luen Chiang, Yan Ma, Jin-Yuarn Lin, Miaw-Ling Chen,”Traditional Herbal Medicine and Allergic Asthma”,Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine,vol. 2015,Article ID 510989,2pages,2015.

Do Natural Remedies For Asthma Symptoms Work

The internet has no shortage of home remedies for allergies, asthma and other illnesses. What there is a shortage of, however, is scientific evidence that backs up the effectiveness of many natural asthma treatments. Some of the most popular home remedies for asthma symptoms include:

Home remedies that some people have found luck with, but that still need more scientific research, include figs, warm water, lemon juice, mustard seed oil, onions, and garlic. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has found insufficient scientific evidence to recommend acupuncture, dietary herbs and supplements as viable treatments for asthma.

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Therapies To Help Manage Stress

Stress is a common asthma trigger. As well as talking therapies, there are quite a few different treatments to choose from to help you deal with stress and anxiety.


Theres good evidence to say that yoga can help with stress and flexibility and could improve quality of life. Because of this theres a good chance it could benefit your asthma indirectly, bringing down stress levels which can bring on symptoms.

There have been some studies on yoga breathing too , which suggest it might be helpful for asthma symptoms. But more research is needed to confirm this, and at the moment asthma guidelines feel theres not enough to recommend it.

Top 10 Best Natural Remedies For Asthma: Final Thoughts

What are the best Herbal Remedies for Asthma?

Choosing the best natural remedies for asthma depends on an individual need and how you asses the information made available to you. If you are a morning person and cannot do without coffee, then use of coffee as a natural remedy for asthma will work best for you.

There are other people who do not prefer coffee in the morning but are regular yoga fans. Here, the best natural remedies for asthma would be Butyeko breathing or Belly breathing. This technique can go hand in hand with your yoga program and the best thing about this is that you will not feel as if you are overburdened with activities.

Patients should always choose what works for them based on need and availability.

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Natural Asthma Remedy Risks

As you consider the different types of natural asthma remedies, itâs very important to carefully balance your desire to breathe easier with the possible dangers of the treatments, which may be unknown. Keep these things in mind:

  • Never use any dietary supplement before checking with your doctor.
  • Some natural herbal products, such as bee pollen, may trigger an asthma attack if youâre allergic to the specific plant.
  • Never stop using your asthma drugs without your doctorâs knowledge. If you donât follow your treatment plan, the results can be very serious and even deadly.

If youâre not sure about the claims on a natural dietary supplement product label, call your doctor before taking it. They can check the product to let you know if it has any health benefits.

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Severity Of An Asthma Attack

Mild asthma is fairly common and usually can be addressed with natural remedies. Its good to know the symptoms of each stage though, so you know when to seek a doctors care.

  • Mild slight wheezing and difficulty breathing but adequate air intake. This can be intermittent or persistent .
  • Moderate conspicuous wheezing, respiratory distress at rest, use of abdominal muscles to breathe. These flare-ups can make regular activities and sleeping difficulty.
  • Severe obvious respiratory distress, blue skin , absent breath sounds.
  • Respiratory Failure severe respiratory distress, lethargy, confusion, sweating, low blood pressure.

If you or someone you know is having an asthma attack that resembles severe or respiratory failure, call 911 right away.

How Long Does Asthma Last

7 Natural Home Remedies for Asthma

Since asthma is incurable, its course varies among individuals. If properly treated, children may get relief from intermittent asthma, or the condition may subside to a certain degree.

The disease can either progress with age or become less frequent if caused by viral infections alone in childhood. Active asthma should not be left untreated in the hope that it will resolve on its own, as this may lead to severe complications.

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Include Ginger In Your Diet

Just like garlic, ginger has anti-inflammatory qualities too. A study conducted in 2013 showed that ginger supplements were able to ease symptoms of asthma. Having some ginger daily can help you get some relief. Add ginger to your tea during winters. You can also add ginger while cooking your food and reap its benefits.

Follow An Exercise Regimen

A regular dose of suitable exercise promotes aerobic fitness, alleviates asthma symptoms, and helps improve the overall quality of life in patients, but does not significantly improve lung function and airway hyper-responsiveness.

Asthma patients are recommended to perform light exercises, such as slow dancing and brisk walking, which do not put pressure on your lungs to trigger exercise-induced asthma.

Moreover, taking prescribed medicines before exercising and doing warm-up and limbering-down exercises may help avoid such a scenario.

Staying active may help reduce the severity and frequency of asthma episodes, but you must consult your doctor about appropriate exercises for your condition that will not trigger asthma.

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Top 9 Natural Allergy Relief Home Remedies

By Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CN

According to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America, one in five people, or an estimated 50 million Americans, suffer from some type of allergies. The chances are high that you or someone you know deals with ongoing allergies, whether seasonal allergies, food allergies or another type, and could use allergy relief at least from time to time.

Most people who struggle to find allergy relief go to the doctor to be treated and/or are routinely given pharmaceuticals ranging from acetaminophens to antihistamines, both of which may actually further aggravate the symptoms they were given for. If you prefer not to take prescriptions to keep your symptoms under a control, what can help allergies at home?

Home remedies for allergies including symptoms like congested sinuses, headaches, and watery or itchy eyes include using frankincense essential oil, eucalyptus oil and quercetin. Below youll learn about nine amazing, all-natural home remedies for allergies that can help provide fast allergy relief.

Best Herbal Medicines And Natural Herbs For Asthma

Natural remedies for asthma – Best Natural remedies for asthma

Herbal medicines have a lot of advantages over commercially manufactured drugs.

First of all, these are readily available in the community at a very affordable price. And secondly, these are as effective as other expensive preparations and work without any side effects.

Presently, there are numerous herbal medicines that have been manufactured to take the forms of capsules, syrups, or tablets.

But nonetheless, the functions of the herbal medicines are preserved and may even be better in their natural form.

Remember that herbal medicines for asthma, if taken excessively, can also cause adverse effects in our bodies so moderation in the use of these herbal medicines is encouraged.

Also, care that you should only try these natural herbs or medicinal herbs for asthma after consulting with your doctor.

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Top 10 Herbs To Treat Asthma

We are going to discuss some herbs, which have excellent properties to treat asthma. It has been found that allopathic medicines have severe side effects on health, whereas ayurveda triggers good health without any side effects. In ayurveda, it is believed that there are three energies vata, pitta and kapha, which are liable for a healthy body. Imbalance in any of these three energies results in a disease.

List of herbs that are beneficial for treatment of asthma:

: DR. Vikram Chauhan, MD AYURVEDA is an expert Ayurvedic practitioner based in Chandigarh, India and doing his practice in Mohali, India. He is spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda Ancient healing treatment, not only in India but also abroad. He is the CEO and Founder of Planet Ayurveda Products, Planet Ayurveda Clinic and Krishna Herbal Company. Read More at:

Emergency Asthma Treatment At Home In Case Of An Attack

  • Do not lie down
  • Sit up straight and try to calm down
  • Take a puff from a reliever every 30 to 60 seconds
  • Breathe in through the nose and out through pursed lips
  • Breathe in through nose with hands placed on the belly and exhale
  • Try sipping warm back tea or coffee
  • Try to inhale the vapour of eucalyptus essential oil from a diffuser

Try the natural home remedies for asthma and witness your symptoms get diminished. Try to maintain an asthma diary. Write down about your symptoms when you experience them, foods that seem to trigger the symptoms, where you were and what you were doing before your asthma flared up, how often you have to use your inhaler, if at all, and other such details. It will help you and your doctor to get a better insight and control your asthmatic symptoms more effectively.

Disclaimer: The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the readers situation.

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What Happens During Asthma Attacks

Asthma attacks may start as minor but if not managed effectively, can turn dangerous. During an asthma attack, the airways become swollen and constricted more than usual. Breathing properly becomes quite tough. Some signs of an asthma attack are:

  • Wheezing while breathing in and out
  • Extremely rapid breathing

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Benefits Of Inhaled Asthma Medicines

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How can inhaled medicines help asthma lifetics? One important benefit is that they help you save money in the long run and keep you away from the hospital.

This is good news for asthma lifetics considering that the health-related costs of asthma life are great. The disease results in less income due to less productivity from lost days at work.

Bronchodilators are used to treat asthma life flare-ups and acute attacks and help prevent exercise-induced asthma life. They are often used only when you feel it is needed or when you have symptoms less than once or twice a week. In moderate or severe attacks, they can be used more often but no more than 3 or 4 times a day.

To treat moderate to severe persistent asthma life, inhaled steroids are usually prescribed. Since they dont act immediately, they must be taken regularly every day. They wont prevent attacks if you take them only during flare-ups. When used daily, studies show that these controllers improve lung function, reduce symptoms, reduce the frequency and severity of attacks, and improve the quality of life.

Generally, inhaled medicines have fewer side effects than their oral counterparts. Common side effects include a fast heart beat, muscular shaking and nervousness. These side effects are transient and usually disappear with continued use. There is no need to stop your medicine.

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Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps relieve inflammation by balancing body pH. It also contains various nutrients that support the respiratory system. Thus, ACV is a popular anecdotal remedy for asthma symptoms. However, there is no scientific evidence to substantiate its effects.

How to use:

Dilute a few drops of ACV in a glass of water and consume.

Asthma And Buteyko Breathing Method

The Buteyko breathing technique is a system of exercises that focuses on nose breathing, taking smaller, slower breaths, and avoiding deep breaths. It is based on the idea that people with asthma and other related conditions over-breathe and release too much carbon dioxide from the body.

Some studies have shown that for some people, the Buteyko breathing technique can reduce asthma symptoms and the use of reliever medication. The improvements shown take time, and require daily exercises over weeks or months. It is advisable to remain on your medication and speak to your doctor if you are thinking of trying Buteyko.

Tai chi and qi gong have both been reported by people with asthma to be of some benefit in relieving their symptoms. The strongest benefit these therapies offer for people with asthma is aerobic training which helps with lung function, quality of life and an improvement in asthma symptoms.

Although breathing exercises may help reduce asthma symptoms overall for some people, they are not a substitute for reliever medication when you have worsening symptoms. Always carry your reliever medication with you, and use it when you need it.

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