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What Is Good To Take For Asthma

A Word About Summer Breaks From Asthma Medicines

Is Safe To Take Asthma Medicine During Pregnancy? | Best Pulmonology Doctor – Manipal Hospital

Asthma is a chronic yet variable disease everyones asthma is different. Asthma attacks or flare-ups are more common the spring and fall so children with asthma need to take their asthma medicines year round â even in the summer . Control or preventive medicines keep airways from swelling due to exposure to allergens, irritants or respiratory illnesses but they can take weeks to be fully effective again. Stopping controller medicines in the summer allows the airways to lose their protective armor against triggers. It can take weeks before the protection is gone but it also can take up to 3 months of daily use to get that protection back.

Because children returning to school are more likely to be exposed to the flu and colds, it creates a much greater risk that their asthma will flare up resulting in extra visits to a providers office or the ER and missed school days. Remember, summer break doesnt apply to asthma medicines.

2Biologics for Asthma: Attacking the Source of the disease, not the symptoms, American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Can Medicine Alone Help My Asthma

Not usually. Although medicines help a lot, they may not be able to do the job alone. You have to avoid the things that cause or trigger your asthma symptoms as much as you can. Asthma triggers can be found outside or inside your home, school, or workplace.

Improving the indoor air quality in your home is an important part of asthma control. Your indoor air can be more polluted than outside air. Our interactive Healthy Home can show you ways to improve the indoor air quality of your home. A healthier home can reduce your exposure to allergens and irritants.

Asthma Uk Community Forum

I have seasonal asthma which is worse when summer is hot and pollen is high. Im interested to know if sauna or steam rooms help? My local gym has both and someone has recommended I try them.

With most things in life it depends!

Some asthmatics say it really helps, others find they are a trigger! Personally I find that I usually feel tight whilst inside but a lot better once a leave , however I very rarely use them.

Sorry to not be more helpful but best thing to do it try it out. Leave your pump outside jic, and go in. If you find it really triggers you, leave, have your pump and never go back. If you find it helps then its worth doing. Good luck and fingers crossed!

Absolutely not for me, for either. But thats because it makes my chest worse. I expect for others it does help though.

Do you have to pay extra for them? If not then I agree with Emma to try! If you do then maybe try at home I really cant do steam rooms but I also find inhaling with steam and even a hot steamy shower difficult. If those are an issue for you too, then maybe steer clear of trying the steam room if you have to fork out for it

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Do I Have To Wear Face Masks On Public Transportation

Masks are still required for travel on all public transportation even if you are fully vaccinated.

As of Aug. 27, 2021, the updated mask guidance from CDC says that masks are still required on planes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation. This includes traveling into, within, or out of the United States and in U.S. transportation hubs such as airports and stations.

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What You Need To Know About Asthma

How to Cure Asthma Naturally at Home?

Asthma is a common chronic respiratory illness that starts in the lung airways as a result of inflammation and swelling. As these airways become constricted, they get filled with mucus, making it difficult to breathe properly.

Asthma is categorized into several different types.

For example, a person may have allergic asthma, which involves an overactive immune system that causes respiratory problems upon being exposed to the allergen. Common allergens are responsible for causing asthma include dust mite, mold, cold, germ-ridden dirt, pollen, and pet dander.

According to various estimates, Asthmatics make for roughly 8% of the U.S. general population. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 10 Americans are diagnosed with asthma every day.

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Controller And Reliever Medicines Work Together

There are two main kinds of asthma medicines: preventer medicine and rescue medicine. Each medicine is important, and each medicine does a different thing for your lungs.For most people with asthma, the doctor will prescribe both kinds of medicine:

  • Asthma preventer medicine : You take your preventer medicine every day, even if you have no symptoms, to make sure your airways stay clear and to prevent redness, mucus and swelling.
  • Asthma Rescue medicine: Most people with asthma will be given a reliever inhaler. These are usually blue.

    You use a reliever inhaler to treat your symptoms when they occur. They should relieve your symptoms within a few minutes.

  • Some people think they can skip the preventer medicine and only use the rescue medicine. This is dangerous. If you’ve been prescribed a preventer medicine, use it. The rescue medicine by itself will not control your asthma over the long term. To make sure you get all your medicine into your lungs, be sure you know how to use your inhalation device.

    What About Medicines For Blood Pressure

    Beta-blockers, used to control blood pressure and heart disease, can make asthma worse. This group of drugs includes propranolol, atenolol and metoprolol. If you have started taking a beta-blocker and your asthma gets worse, tell your doctor.

    ACE inhibitors are another type of medicine given to treat blood pressure, heart disease and, sometimes, diabetes. Drugs such as captopril, enalapril and lisinopril are included in this group. These medicines appear to be safe for people who have asthma. However, some people develop a cough when taking ACE inhibitors. If you start coughing while youre taking an ACE inhibitor, remember that the cough might not be caused by your asthma. If the cough is caused by the ACE inhibitor, it will usually go away a week or so after you stop taking the medicine. If you develop other problems that make your asthma worse, call your doctor to see if you should stop taking your ACE inhibitor.

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    Increasing Your Treatment Dose

    Your GP will probably try you on an add-on treatment before increasing the dose in your usual preventer medicine. This is so you can continue on a low dose of steroid medicine and avoid side effects.

    They may consider trying a different inhaler device that may be easier for you to use, before increasing the dose.

    If youre still having symptoms, even though youre taking add-on treatments or have tried a new inhaler device, your GP may consider increasing the dose of your preventer. They would start with an increase from a low to a medium dose.

    Whenever your medicines change you should have another appointment with your GP or asthma nurse within four to eight weeks, either in the surgery or over the phone, to see if the change is working well for you.

    Ask your GP or asthma nurse to update your asthma action plan with any changes to your medicines.

    Managing Your Asthma During The Pandemic

    What is Good Asthma Control?
    • Keep taking your controller medication daily or as prescribed. This will help cut your risk of an asthma attack being triggered by any respiratory virus, including COVID-19.
    • Carry your reliever inhaler with you every day, in case your asthma symptoms flare up.
    • Monitor your asthma symptoms closely and follow your Asthma Action Plan to help you recognize and manage asthma symptoms, and know when to seek advice from your healthcare provider or emergency help.
    • If you must travel, pack all asthma medications in your carry-on luggage so it is easily accessible. Pack extra asthma medication in case your travel plans change or are delayed. Be sure to check travel advice and advisories from the Government of Canadas website.
    • Take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest and fluids, and eat good nutritious food.
    • Ensure that you speak with your healthcare provider about recommended vaccinations. Getting both the influenza vaccination and pneumococcal disease vaccinationare important steps people with asthma can take to help stay healthy.
    • Reach out to Asthma Canadas Asthma & Allergy HelpLinecall-back service to connect with a Certified Respiratory Educator if you have questions about managing your asthma. Call 1-866-787-4050 or email

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    Is Cbd Good For Asthma

    While many patients find relief from their asthma symptoms using the treatments outlined above, some struggle with finding a successful management plan and dealing with the side effects of traditional medications. In recent years, scientists have revisited history and began studying CBD as an alternative or additional option for asthma patients. Theyve found that three promising traits may make CBD a powerful treatment for asthma.

    First, CBD has been identified as a bronchodilator. This means that it dilates the respiratory air passages and allows for increased airflow to the lungs, relieving one of the major symptoms of an asthma attack. Since the 1970s, several studies of cannabinoids have revealed bronchodilatory effects, indicating that CBD may help to alleviate core asthma symptoms.

    CBD has also been studied extensively as an anti-inflammatory compound. For many patients, asthma is characterized by chronic inflammation in the respiratory system, affecting the air passages within the lungs even when theyre not experiencing an active asthma attack. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD have been explored for a wide variety of conditions, ranging from arthritis to fibromyalgia. While most studies on its anti-inflammatory potential for asthma have been conducted on animal subjects, they indicate promising potential for treatment in humans as well.

    Top 10 Herbs For Treating Asthma

    Asthma is a respiratory disorder characterized by episodic constrictions and inflammation of the bronchial tubes. It can be acute or chronic, and both children and adults can have this problem.

    Some 26 million Americans suffer from asthma, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

    Asthma attacks occur when there is an obstruction in the flow of air in the lungs. Common triggers are allergies, air pollution, cold air, humidity, respiratory infections, strong emotions, stress, physical activity, sulfites and preservatives in food, and certain medications.

    The exact cause of this disorder is not known, but a number of factors increase your chance of developing asthma, such as genetics, an existing allergic condition, obesity and excessive smoking.

    Common symptoms of asthma include wheezing , coughing, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing. The severity of symptoms ranges from minor to serious and even life threatening.

    You can control the symptoms with lifestyle changes, dietary changes, medicines as well as herbs. In fact, many herbs can help treat and prevent asthma attacks.

    Here are the top 10 herbs for treating asthma.


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    Why Is It Important To Get The Vaccine If You Have Asthma

    To protect yourself from coronavirus infection and to lower your risk of severe symptoms if you do become infected, its important for people with asthma to get the COVID-19 vaccine when eligible. It is important for everyone to receive a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as they are eligible, as this is the best path towards preventing severe illness, Dr. Stukus says.

    Vaccination also protects others by helping build herd immunity, which controls the spread of the virus. Vaccinating everyone is the pathway toward ending the pandemic, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.

    How To Clean A Nebulizer Machine

    Asthma during pregnancy in Telugu Is it safe to take ...

    Properly cleaning a nebulizer is an essential part of owning and using one. Seventy percent of nebulizers used by children with cystic fibrosis are contaminated with microorganisms, according to a study in the BMC Pulmonary Medicine journal. Regular cleanings help keep dirt and bacteria out of the nebulizer, which can be harmful if inhaled. To properly clean a nebulizer, follow these steps:

  • Wash the nebulizer cup and mask or mouthpiece after each use with warm, soapy water.
  • Air dry these components before using them again.
  • To disinfect a nebulizer, which should be done every three days or so, follow these steps:

  • First, prepare the disinfectant solution that came with your nebulizer, or mix one part vinegar with three parts water.
  • Then, soak the equipment in the solution for about 30 minutes. You do not need to clean the tubing that connects the compressor to the air compressor.
  • Thoroughly wash the parts that were soaking in disinfectant with warm soap and water.
  • Air dry completely before using it again.
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    Buy Essential Oils For Breathing Problems

    Kshrey deals in different kinds of natural products such as attars, essential oils, absolute oils, carrier oils, fragrance oils etc. We strive to keep the ancient philosophy alive, where natures gifts such as plants and its parts were being utilized for various health concerns. Today, We are globally acclaimed for our highest quality of pure and natural essential oils made by traditional extraction techniques. We produce a number of essential oils such as lavender, lemongrass, ginger, thyme, peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, and many more by procuring raw material grown in its natural habitat. Above mentioned, natural oils are considered as the best essential oils for Asthma.

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    Other Tips For Exercising With Asthma

    In addition to choosing less strenuous activities, you can also follow these tips to reduce your asthma symptoms:

    • Use an inhaler before exercise. Your doctor can prescribe a rescue inhaler as a pre-exercise treatment. These inhaled medications will relax the airways, making it easier to breathe during physical activity.
    • Take medication for long-term control. If a pre-exercise inhaler doesnt manage your symptoms, you may be given another medication. This could include oral drugs or additional inhalers that decrease airway inflammation.
    • Warm up and cool down. Always warm up before exercise to let your body adjust. When youre done, gradually stop the activity.
    • Wear a mask or scarf. Cover your nose and mouth when its cold outside. The dryness of cool air can tighten your airways.
    • Limit your exposure to pollen and pollution. If youre allergic to pollen, exercise inside when pollen levels are high. Stay in areas with minimal air pollution.
    • Avoid sports with continuous activity. Basketball, soccer, and long-distance running can be hard on the lungs if your asthma is poorly controlled. Avoid sports that are done in the cold, like cross-country skiing and hockey.

    Most importantly, take breaks as necessary.

    You should also ask your doctor what you should do if you have an asthma attack while exercising. By having a plan in place, you can workout with confidence.

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    Holding Chambers / Spacers

    Ask your provider about getting a holding chamber or spacer and use it each time you use your MDI inhaler. Spacers /holding chambers give inhaled medicine a chance to slow down so you can breathe it in while reducing how much of the medicines droplets land on the back of your throat or tongue, making sure it goes directly and deeply into your lungs. Chambers or spacers should NOT be used with dry powder inhalers or inhalers that look like an MDI but they automatically dispense the medicine when you inhale â ex. RespiClick®. Always rinse your mouth out and gargle with fresh clean water after youve used your ICS inhaler and dont swallow until you do rinse.

    Medical Research On Marijuana For Asthma

    What is Asthma? | Operation Ouch | Nugget

    Did you know that the ancient Egyptians used cannabis to treat various conditions, including possibly asthma? Legendary French writer, Marcel Proust used cannabis to manage his asthmatic symptoms so much so that he referred to his joints as anti-asthma cigarettes. In the 1920s, when it was still legal in many states, physicians often prescribed cannabis concoctions as a cough medication.

    Then, prohibition kicked in and the tobacco industry swelled to an extraordinary level. Once the link between cigarettes and lung cancer was uncovered, all forms of smoking were labeled as extremely dangerous.

    In the modern era, studies on the benefits of marijuana for asthma sufferers are virtually non-existent. We do know, however, that some molecular variations of THC can produce a bronchodilatory effect. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease, and cannabis is known for its anti-inflammatory effects.

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    Final Thoughts On The Discussion Of Marijuana Treatment For Asthma

    Some have argued in the past that marijuana is an effective treatment for asthma because it has anti-inflammatory properties and could help open the bronchial tubes. While there is evidence out there to support both of these notions, much more research is required in order to make the claim that marijuana can treat asthma or improve an asthmatic condition.

    Much more research is required in order to make the claim that marijuana can treat asthma or improve an asthmatic condition.

    And of course, we certainly dont recommend smoking in any form if you have asthma. And while vaporizing cannabis may result in less coughing, there is still virtually no data on its long-term respiratory health effects.

    All things considered, edibles and oils are arguably the best way to consume cannabis if you have asthma. They make take a little longer to work, but theyre almost certainly not as harmful to the lungs as smoke inhalation.


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