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Signs Your Asthma Is Acting Up

How Can I Prevent And Treat Asthma Symptoms

How does asthma work? – Christopher E. Gaw

There is no cure for asthma, but it can be managed. There are two steps to controlling asthma: taking medicines and avoiding or limiting asthma triggers.

To prevent asthma symptoms:

  • Avoid or limit contact with your asthma triggers andallergens. Use AAFAs Healthier Home Checklist to identify asthma triggers and allergens in your home and make your indoor environment healthier.
  • Get vaccinated. Respiratory infections like colds and the flu can worsen asthma. Get a flu vaccine every year. Keep your lungs healthy by getting other vaccinations as recommended.
  • Create an Asthma Action Plan with your doctor. Follow it when you have symptoms. If you are having trouble staying in the Green/Go Zone, your asthma may not be well-controlled. Talk with your doctor about your treatment plan.
  • Take your asthma medicines as directed. If your doctor prescribed a medicine to control your asthma, take it as directed. This may be as needed or every day. Follow your Asthma Action Plan.
  • Take care of your general health. It can be hard to take care of your health but doing so can help you better manage asthma. Try to get plenty of sleep and exercise. Eat healthy foods as much as possible, stay hydrated, and find ways to manage stress.

To treat sudden asthma symptoms:

Asthma Medicines: Control and Quick-Relief or a Combination

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Since then, it has happened so infrequently, it never showed up on my medical history until recently after I was prescribed meds for hypertension. Subscribe to The World’s 1 Natural Health Website.

Advice For Friends And Family

It’s important that your friends and family know how to help in an emergency.

It can be useful to make copies of your personal asthma action plan and share it with others who may need to know what to do when you have an attack.

You can photocopy your existing plan, or you could download a blank personal asthma action plan from Asthma UK and fill it in for anyone who might need a copy.

Or you could take a photo of your action plan on your phone, so you can show or send it to others easily.

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Why Have Your Asthma Symptoms Got Worse

Before your appointment, have a think about your symptoms and why you think theyve got worse. Itll help you and your GP to work out whats going on with your asthma.

Ask yourself these questions to help you:

Have I been taking my preventer inhaler every day?

Preventer medicines stop inflammation building up in your airways. But they can only do this if you take them every day.

If you stop taking them you wont have full protection. And your symptoms will come back.

Have you been taking yours every day? Or have you found it hard to get into a good routine?

Do I know the best way to take my inhalers?

Even if youve been taking an inhaler for years, its easy to slip into bad habits. If you havent been taking your inhaler correctly you will have been missing out on the full dose of asthma medicine.

Are you confident youre taking your inhalers in the right way? Watch our inhaler videos to see if youre doing it right. And ask your GP or asthma nurse to check it at your appointment.

Have I been around more of my usual asthma triggers?

Maybe youve caught a cold, or its pollen season and your hay fevers bad. Think about your usual triggers and if they might be affecting you more.

Have I come across a new trigger?

Have you been around an animal or pet? Did you start a new job, or go on holiday? Tell your doctor if youve spotted a new trigger. They can help you deal with it.

What else has been going on in my life lately?

Have I noticed hormonal changes?

Reasons For Poor Asthma Control

Quick Asthma Treatments  Diastolic Pharmaceuticals

Asthma is caused by a sudden tightening of airway passages and the overproduction of mucus in the lungs. It is characterized by the following symptoms:

Asthma control has three goals:

  • Avoiding an attack
  • Minimizing the severity of an attack
  • Preventing long-term damage to the lungs

When asthma is not well controlled, it is often because the prescribed treatment plan is not being closely followed.

It can also be because that plan needs to be adjusted or because you have been exposed to triggers you previously avoided.

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Diagnosing Asthma In A Young Child Can Be More Challenging Because:

  • Children under six years of age are not generally able to do a lung function test
  • Symptoms such as cough and wheeze are fairly common in very young children who do not have asthma

However, a diagnosis of asthma can be made in a young child. Your health-care provider will assess:

  • What symptoms does the child have?
  • When do the symptoms occur ?
  • Is there a history of allergies or asthma in the family?
  • Does the child have any signs of allergies
  • Do the symptoms improve when taking asthma medications?

For more information please Call us at Monday to Friday between 8:30am-4:30pm or email us your question anytime at

Medications are usually needed for asthma, even if its mild asthma. New asthma medications are continually being discovered and there are several effective asthma drugs in the market that help get asthma under control.

There are two types of asthma medications: controllers and relievers.

What Asthma Treatment Options Are There

You have options to help manage your asthma. Your healthcare provider may prescribe medications to control symptoms. These include:

  • Anti-inflammatory medicines: These medicines reduce swelling and mucus production in your airways. They make it easier for air to enter and exit your lungs. Your healthcare provider may prescribe them to take every day to control or prevent your symptoms.
  • Bronchodilators: These medicines relax the muscles around your airways. The relaxed muscles let the airways move air. They also let mucus move more easily through the airways. These medicines relieve your symptoms when they happen.
  • Biologic therapies for asthma when symptoms persist despite being on proper inhaler therapy.

You can take asthma medicines in several different ways. You may breathe in the medicines using a metered-dose inhaler, nebulizer or other inhaler. Your healthcare provider may prescribe oral medications that you swallow.

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Early Warning Signs Vary But May Include: 3

  • Frequent cough, especially at night
  • Losing your breath easily or shortness of breath during the course of the day
  • Feeling very tired or weak when exercising
  • Wheezing or coughing after exercise
  • Feeling tired, easily upset, grouchy, or moody or being uncharacteristically irritable
  • Decreases or changes in your peak expiratory flow rate
  • Signs of a cold, upper respiratory infection, or allergies
  • Trouble sleeping

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, nor is it meant to apply to all our readers. These particular early signs tend to be the most common ones reported. Your own early warning signs will be unique to your individual asthma condition. If you are attuned to your own early warning signs, it can go a long way towards helping to maintain control over your asthma condition.

If you have early warning signs or symptoms, you may be able to prevent the exacerbation or poor control by taking more asthma medication. This should all be described in your own individualized Asthma Action Plan.4

While Waiting For Medical Help To Arrive:

Inhalers (Asthma Treatment & COPD Treatment) Explained!
  • Have person sit up with arms resting on a table .
  • Do not have person breathe into a bag.
  • Stay calm, reassure the person, and stay by his/her side.
  • Notify emergency contact if known.

After youve had a worsening of your asthma or an asthma attack, make an appointment with your health-care provider. There may be a need to adjust the doses of your medications. You can also discuss possible reasons why your asthma got out of control and find ways to prevent this in the future.

Different people have different asthma symptoms, which can change over time or depending on the situation. Common asthma signs and symptoms include:

  • Feeling short of breath
  • Chest tightness
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing

These symptoms can also be caused by other conditions. If you have these symptoms or if you think you might have asthma, see your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

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I Know People With Asthma Use Inhalers But What Does The Inhaler Do

Metered dose inhalers are portable, handheld devices that are like mini-aerosol cans. Sticking with the straw analogy, they help to unsqueeze the straw when the breathing tubes constrict during an asthma flare-up. The inhaler has a small plastic tube which releases the medicine in a mist that relaxes the airways so theyre not constricted. It is important to use a spacer when using an MDI. Without a spacer, much of the medication is swallowed and does not reach the lungs where it is needed. A spacer is a plastic tube that holds the mist in between the MDI and the childs mouth.

Some inhalers are dry powder inhalers, which dont spray out the medicine but, instead, deliver it in powder form. Kids who use this kind of inhaler must do more of the work, inhaling the powdered medicine quickly and forcefully .

Make Sure It’s Up To Date

Review the plan with your child’s doctor at least once every 6 months. If they are often in the yellow zone, check that they take their medicine the right way and use their inhaler correctly. They may need to get to a higher dose to get their asthma under control.

If your doctor switches your child to a new medicine or increases the dose, note it on the plan. Then, hand out a new copy to everyone who needs it.

Your action plan won’t “cure” your child’s asthma, but it can make a huge difference in how well they keep it under control. These simple rules can give you peace of mind when breathing problems flare.

Show Sources

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Previously Treating Diet Asthma With Bigelow Family

The good news is that fewer children more information on this page dying of asthma the diagnosis news is acting of symptoms up asthma it remains acting of symptoms up asthma of the leading causes of childhood hospitalizations, saidJay Kaplan, MD, FACEP, president of ACEP.

When it’s not, the Merck Manual is here to help you understand your treatment options. Have a question about Alpha-1 lung disease.

This type of teaching often requires significantly more time than most pharmacists can commit. Jesse has a Master of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley School of Journalism, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Rochester.

When my sister brought her to the doctor the doctor informed her that my niece has asthma. Over time, allergic symptoms generally improve. Allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma. This means they are light enough to stay airborne long enough to be inhaled.

How Do I Know If My Asthma Is Not Well

Rescue Inhalers vs. Long

A good way to know if your asthma is not well-controlled is by answering these questions:

  • Do you have asthma symptoms more than two times a week?
  • Do you take your quick-relief medicine more than two times a week?
  • Do you wake up from asthma more than two times a month?
  • Do you use oral corticosteroids more than two times a year?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, talk with your doctor.

If your asthma is not well-controlled, your daily activities may be limited. You may miss work or school. You may increase your chances of having complications from a respiratory infection. And you may be at greater risk for going to the emergency room, staying in the hospital, or even dying from asthma.

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Where To Learn More

Your doctor, pharmacist, or Certified Respiratory Educator can:

  • Explain how each of your asthma medications work
  • Discuss any concerns about potential side effects
  • Show you how to use your medication inhalation advice

Ontario residents can reach our Certified Respiratory Educators through our toll-free Lung Health Information Line at 1-888-344-LUNG .

Lifestyle Changes To Help Severe Asthma

As well as medication, there are lifestyle changes you can make that can help.

  • Maintain a healthy weight and exercise routine. If youre taking long-term high doses of oral corticosteroids, they can increase appetite and cause weight gain. It can be difficult to manage your weight with severe asthma, as your symptoms may make exercise more difficult, and you may lack energy and motivation if youre feeling unwell. But even by making small changes to your diet and activity levels, you can make a difference.
  • Quit smoking. is a major risk factor for asthma attacks, as well as being associated with numerous other health problems. If you smoke and have asthma, you should try to quit. Seek help from your doctor, nurse or a smoking cessation group to help make the change.
  • Do breathing exercises. Regularly practising breathing exercises can be beneficial as they help to improve lung capacity, strength and health. There are various methods suitable for asthmatics, some of which are taught by experts or physiotherapists, and theyre easy to learn and practice at home.
  • Reduce your stress levels. To reduce stress which can be a key trigger for asthma incorporating yoga, meditation or mindfulness practice into your lifestyle may be helpful.

Useful treatment tools

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How To Tell If Your Asthma Is Well Controlled

Proper asthma control is key to staying healthy with asthma and preventing possibly life-threatening asthma attacks. Everyone with asthma should be able to achieve good asthma control. If you are having trouble staying symptom-free or have any of the signs of poor asthma control listed below, we highly recommend speaking with your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

You can take thisshort quizto help determine if your asthma is under control.

Asthma Signs & Symptoms


People with asthma experience symptoms due to inflammation in the airways. They might only occur when you encounter an asthma trigger. Common symptoms that can lead to a diagnosis of asthma include:

  • Persistent or recurring coughing: which often occurs at night or early in the morning, although it can happen at any time. Coughing is a major feature of asthma, especially in children and can sometimes be the only sign of asthma.
  • Wheezing: is difficulty breathing accompanied by a whistling sound coming from your airways
  • Shortness of breath: gives you the feeling that you cant get enough air into your lungs, and may even find it difficult to eat, sleep or speak
  • Chest tightness: an unpleasant sensation of heaviness or pressure in the chest that can make it hard to breathe
  • Increased mucus production: is characterized by high levels of thick fluid or phlegm accumulating in your airways
  • Difficulty breathing while exercising: having trouble breathing while performing physical activities can be a sign of asthma
  • Losing Sleep: Being unable to sleep through the night because of breathing troubles

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Can Asthma Be Prevented

Asthma cant be prevented entirely, but there are some practical ways to reduce the risk of an asthma attack and live well with asthma.

  • Get vaccinated for influenza: flu and other respiratory viruses are common triggers for asthma.
  • Manage any allergies: asthma and allergies are closely linked, so treating allergic rhinitis and avoiding or managing any allergy triggers will help with your asthma.
  • Live smoke-free: quit smoking if you smoke, and avoid any second-hand smoke .
  • Eat well: a balanced diet helps you to maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight or obese makes asthma harder to manage.
  • Care for yourself: mental health and asthma are linked, so let a trusted friend or your doctor know if you have been feeling sad or anxious, or dont enjoy things as much as before.
  • See your doctor regularly: asthma needs to be regularly assessed and managed, and your medication needs may change over time. Ensure your asthma action plan is up to date by checking in with your doctor regularly.

If You Suspect You Might Have Asthma Definitely Head To The Doctor

Your doctor will probably give you a physical exam first to examine the general state of your health. After that, theyll likely put you through some lung function tests, such as a spirometry, which checks how much air you can exhale after taking a deep breath as well as how fast you can expel air, according to the Mayo Clinic. Or they may do a peak flow test, which measures how hard you can breathe out. If you cant exhale enough air or breathe out quickly, it may be a sign your lungs arent working well, which could point to asthma, Dr. Benzaquen says.

There are other exams they can use, too, like exposing you to methacholine, a known asthma trigger, to see if your airways narrow, or allergy testing, since allergies and asthma are so often connected.

If you are diagnosed with asthma, itll be within one of four categories, according to the Mayo Clinic. Mild intermittent asthma means you have minimal asthma symptoms for up to two days a week and up to two nights a month, while mild persistent asthma means youre experiencing symptoms more frequently than twice a week, but not more than once on any given day. Moderate persistent asthma ups the ante: Youre dealing with symptoms once a day and more than one night a week. Finally, severe persistent asthma involves constant symptoms most days and frequently at night too.

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