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Is Tumeric Good For Asthma

Clinical Studies Using Turmeric

5 Home made remedy for Asthma

Turmeric has been tested against various diseases in humans . In one study, the antimutagenic effects of turmeric were examined in 16 chronic smokers . Turmeric was given in doses of 1.5 g/day for 30 days, and this was found to significantly reduce the urinary excretion of mutagens in these smokers. In six nonsmokers, on the other hand, no change in urinary excretion of mutagens was noted. These results suggest that dietary turmeric is an effective antimutagen and may be useful in chemoprevention. In another study, the effect of turmeric was examined on patients with irritable bowel syndrome. When 1 or 2 tablets of a standardized turmeric extract were given daily for 8 weeks, the prevalence of irritable bowel syndrome was significantly decreased, as was the abdominal pain/discomfort score . Alcoholic extract of turmeric offered protection against BaP-induced increase in micronuclei in circulating lymphocytes of healthy individuals . In a subsequent study, the authors treated patients suffering from oral submucous fibrosis with turmeric extract for 3 months. The number of micronuclei from oral exfoliated cells of OSF patients before and after treatment with turmeric extract was recorded. They found that the number of micronuclei in oral exfoliated cells decreased substantially and was comparable with that of normal, healthy individuals .

Ginger Nutrition Usage And Recipes

In the last part of the article, you could read how ginger tea is healthy and for what problems it can help you. Now is the time to find out how you can prepare this healthy tea yourself.

But, before reading my ginger recipes, find out how to prepare Ginger for any recipe

How To Make Ginger Tea

This tea can be prepared in many ways, and one of them means that you first take root ginger, rinse it well and leave it to dry.

It would help if you then chopped it, which is usually done in the shape of the rings.

Put the chopped root in the water to a boil and then add the ginger and leave it to stand still 10 minutes and then you need to strain the tea and consume if desired.

If you want to sweeten your tea or to add another ingredient, for example, you can put honey or lemon.

Also, of course, you can always choose ginger tea in bags or measure, depending on your preference.

Here I share 2 How To Make Ginger Tea Recipes and explain various Ginger Tea Health Benefits.

How To Make Ginger Beer

Make your non-alcoholic beer that is both refreshing and hot enough that you can digest the most abundant meal without a drop of alcohol, and it is also an excellent detox drink.

Here is how you can make ginger beer.

This drink made from ginger with tap water of room temperature, without ice, and honey instead of sugar is also a healing potion for colds and the flu. It is best to drink it at the first sign of cols.

Ginger Bath For Toxin Elimination

Ginger With Hot Chocolate Recipe

Combining Ginger And Asthma As Part Of My Treatment Plan

Right now I would say no. If you decide this is something you want to do make sure you speak with your doctor.

No clinical trials have been designed to look at whether or not ginger might be a good adjunctive treatment. Just because we see basic science studies that appear to have a benefit, it does not mean we will see a benefit in clinical studies. Additionally, there could be side effects or interactions with medications that we do not yet know about.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health is currently funding studies on the safety and effectiveness of ginger as a health treatment and specifically looking at how its active components impact inflammation.

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Turmeric For Asthma: Worth A Try

Turmeric is a hot commodity in the supplement world, emerging as one of the most widely used herbs in recent years. It contains curcumin and other chemicals that are thought to reduce inflammation, making it a popular natural medicine for conditions such as osteoarthritis, Crohn disease, ulcerative colitis, and others. Asthma involves inflammation of the airways, so there has been recent interest in using turmeric for this condition. So, is it worth trying?

Unfortunately, probably not. Early studies show that it might reduce the need for rescue inhalers in kids. But adding turmeric to standard asthma therapy doesnât seem to improve lung function or reduce symptoms for most patients. It’s possible that these studies were too small to observe significant benefit. But for now, there’s no good evidence that turmeric benefits asthma patients.

If patients still want to try turmeric for asthma, make sure they understand that they should not use it in place of standard treatments. And let them know that turmeric might have some safety concerns or may interact with medications they are already taking. For more details on safety or possible drug interactions, check out our recently .

Do Natural Remedies For Asthma Symptoms Work

14 Ways to Use Turmeric for Asthma Relief Naturally

The internet has no shortage of home remedies for allergies, asthma and other illnesses. What there is a shortage of, however, is scientific evidence that backs up the effectiveness of many natural asthma treatments. Some of the most popular home remedies for asthma symptoms include:

Home remedies that some people have found luck with, but that still need more scientific research, include figs, warm water, lemon juice, mustard seed oil, onions, and garlic. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has found insufficient scientific evidence to recommend acupuncture, dietary herbs and supplements as viable treatments for asthma.

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Flow Cytometric Analysis Of Immune Cells In The Spleen

Splenocyte cell suspensions were resuspended in PBS blocking buffer containing 1% BSA and 5% FCS and incubated for 15 min at 4°C with Fc block CD16/CD32 antibodies to prevent non-antigen-specific binding. Cells were subsequently stained with antibodies against CD69-APC, CD4-PerCP Cy5.5, CXCR3-PE, T1ST2-FITC, ROR-APC, CD25-Alexa Fluor® 488, FoxP3-PE Cy7, CD196-PE, and Fixable Viability Dye-eFluor® 780 or matching isotype controls for 30 min at 4°C. Cells were fixed using fixation buffer or permeabilized for intracellular staining using the intracellular staining buffer set according to the manufacturer’s protocol. Flow cytometry was performed using FACS Canto II , and results were analyzed using Flowjo Software V. 10.6.2 . We used fluorescence minus one to differentiate between negative and positive staining cell populations .

Premium Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea

Longjing tea, sometimes called by its literal translated name Dragon Well tea, is a variety of pan-roasted green tea from the area of Longjing Village in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. It is produced mostly by hand and renowned for its high quality, earning it the China Famous Tea title

Whats your favorite tea for fighting asthma symptoms? Let me know in the comments below.

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Lets Get To The Root Of Itis Turmeric Good For Asthma

Entirely, Turmeric extract Curcumin Plus appears like a wonderful alternative for anybody thinking about a turmeric supplement. Its not the most inexpensive supplement on the market, however for being non-GMO, made in the United States, and also having organic turmeric, I would certainly say it is well worth it.Is Turmeric Good for Asthma?

Preventing Signs Of Aging

Home Remedies for Cough Variant Asthma | How to get rid of asthma | Asthma Treatment | Asthma Cough

There are numerous theories on exactly what causes aging, and one of the most popular has to do with telomere length. Telomeres are protective little caps at the end of double-stranded molecules of DNA called chromosomes. Every time a cell divides, the telomeres get shorter. At the point they get too short, the cell can no longer divide, and it becomes inactive and dies. Telomere shortening is a sign of aging and has also been associated with a number of health risks.

Research has also shown that curcumin in turmeric can help prevent telomere shortening and can lead to longer telomeres in normal cells, creating an anti-aging effect.

How to use it: Consume 2-3 capsules of a curcumin supplement per day.

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Treating Sprains And Strains

One obvious turmeric health benefit is pain relief because it has because of its anti-inflammatory properties. A topical turmeric paste has been used since ancient times as a natural treatment for strains and sprains. The anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric can also decrease swelling caused by these injuries.

How to use it: Apply topical turmeric paste to the painful area and hold it in place with either cheesecloth or plastic food wrap. See how to make the paste under turmeric health benefit #1.

Foods That Are Good For Your Lungs

We are facing a global pandemic since the beginning of this year 2020 and have realized the importance of a healthy lifestyle and immunity power. You might as well be aware of the fact that this coronavirus attacks the lungs and makes it vulnerable. This brings us to the importance of healthy lungs.

Healthy Lungs play a vital role in helping our bodies function well. Lungs are our support system for breathing. As per the World Health Organization , more than 235 million people are suffering from asthma. We all know the benefits of pranayama and yoga for better functioning of the lungs.

So what more can we do to make our lungs healthier and stronger, making it immune to the virus and other diseases? What are the odds of having a few food items as an answer? We would like to break it to you that certain foods help your lungs grow stronger! These include garlic, turmeric, ginger, fish, walnut, citrus fruits, onion, and apple. There are many more on the list but for now, we will study how exactly do they help in making the lungs function better and make it healthier. Lets go through them and find out how!

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How Does It Work

The exact pathophysiology or mechanism is not exactly known but may lessen allergic responses by decreasing IgE levels, or through anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Further, ginger may have direct activity on smooth airway muscles as studies have demonstrated ginger, in both human and animal models, to have broncho relaxation properties. Finally, ginger has also been shown in animal models to protect against hyper-responsive airways in a methacholine challenge.

Health Benefits Of Taking Steam Bath

4 Amazing Turmeric Properties

Steam bath can make you healthier. Here are 7 benefits of taking steam bath you need to know.

Steam is being used to healthcare product for a long term. Most of the times when you get cold or cough, you take steam which reduces your infection and gives you relief. In the same way steam bath also has many benefits which we are going to discuss today. Steam baths are often taken in steam rooms that are enclosed spaced that are heated with steam. The temperature differs depending on the place but it is usually kept somewhere at the temperature of 110 degree F. Even through steam baths are not very common in our country, you can get a steam bath at various places including gyms, spa and clubs. Steam bath for one person can also be created at your home if you wish. Let us know the benefits of taking steam bath.

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Include Ginger In Your Diet

Just like garlic, ginger has anti-inflammatory qualities too. A study conducted in 2013 showed that ginger supplements were able to ease symptoms of asthma. Having some ginger daily can help you get some relief. Add ginger to your tea during winters. You can also add ginger while cooking your food and reap its benefits.

It Reverses Steroid Resistance

Corticosteroids are often recommended in the treatment of COPD.

However, individuals tend to develop resistance to them. An enzyme known as histone deacetylase-2 plays an important role in inflammation.

This enzyme manipulates the activity of nuclear factor kappa B which in turn controls inflammation.

Steroids affect histone deacetylase in order to control inflammation but the activity of these enzymes is altered due to oxidative stress in COPD.

This renders steroid ineffective. Curcumin works like an antioxidant and reverses this resistance.

Studies show that curcumin increases the activity of histone deacetylase-2 enzyme which was impaired by cigarette smoke and improves steroid sensitivity.

Additionally, curcumin has a number of benefits over steroids. To know more about that check out: Why Turmeric Beats Many Steroidal Medications Hands Down

A clinical trial was conducted to assess the safety and efficacy of curcumin as an add-on therapy for bronchial asthma.

Two groups were made where one received only standard therapy and the other received standard therapy and curcumin for 30 days. Curcumin capsules were efficacious in reducing airway obstruction and were well tolerated.

What does this mean?Curcumin reverses the resistance to steroid treatment in COPD patients.

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What Opens Up Your Airways

Gently tapping on the back or chest and breathing deeply can help the steam work even better. Warm and hot drinks can help to loosen up the airways and relieve congestion. Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, so adding a teaspoon of honey to a hot drink may further improve a person’s symptoms.

Botanicals Herbs And Supplements

Turmeric – Home Remedy for Cough, Cold & Seasonal Allergies

ASHMI, a combination of three herbal extracts ), is used in China for antiasthma intervention , and in oriental cultures and Vietnam, the seaweed is used .

  • Gamma linolenic acid as a dietary fatty acid without any side effects can modulate the endogenous inflammatory mediators .

  • Ephedra has bronchodilator effects, but it has some side effects such as significantly increasing blood pressure and heart rate, arrhythmias, and problems with blood glucose. This has been removed from the market by the Food and Drug Administration , but some forms are available.

  • Licorice, stinging nettle, gingko, and anise have not shown efficacy, and side effects of these should be evaluated .

  • Boswellia serrata extract has anti-inflammatory effects due to the triterpene compounds . The mechanism of anti-inflammatory properties of boswellic acids is inhibition of proteases , lipoxygenases , and NF-kB .

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    How Is Turmeric Good For Allergies

  • It Can Help Treat Asthma Allergies Curcumin, the polyphenolic phytochemical in turmeric, can modulate your immune system and prevent the release of histamine from your mast cells .
  • It Can Help Treat Allergic Rhinitis Curcumin can help alleviate nasal congestion, sneezing, and congestion, and other symptoms of allergic rhinitis. In a study done on 241 patients with perennial allergic rhinitis, curcumin was found to improve nasal airflow in a period of two months .
  • It Helps Reduce Itching
  • A mice study showed topical curcumin to be an excellent anti-itching agent. It could reduce itching triggered by histamine release. Curcumin blocked TRPV1 in the sensory neurons of mice. TRPV1 receptors are responsible for the painful and burning sensations .

    Both topical applications and oral intake of turmeric can keep your skin healthy. The spice has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It helps manage a number of skin conditions, including acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, alopecia, and vitiligo .

    Here are the ways you can use turmeric to help treat allergies.

    In Vivo Studies With Turmeric

    In Vivo Effect of Turmeric against Development of Various Diseases/Disorders.

    In various models, turmeric has been reported to exhibit activity against the development of skin cancer , breast cancer , oral cancer , and stomach cancer . It prevents carcinogenesis at various steps, including inhibiting mutation , detoxifying carcinogens , decreasing cell proliferation, and inducing apoptosis of tumor cells . Turmeric extract prevents animal tumors induced by Daltons lymphoma . In this study, mice were injected with Daltons lymphoma cells intraperitoneally and treated with turmeric extract for 10 days. After 30 days, the authors found up to 80% decrease in tumor formation in comparison with nontreated mice . They also observed that up to 75% of animals survived after 30 days and 50% after 60 days of treatment . In a 7,12-dimethylbenzanthracene -induced hamster buccal pouch model of carcinogenesis, dietary turmeric decreased tumor burden and multiplicity and enhanced the latency period in parallel. The mechanisms of anticarcinogenesis were mediated through inhibition of DMBA-induced expression of the ras oncogene product, induction of p21 and its downstream targets, mitogen-activated protein kinases, and reduction of proliferating cell nuclear antigen and Bcl-2 expression. Turmeric also enhanced apoptosis , decreased inflammation , and induced aberrant expression of known differentiation markers, that is, cytokeratins .

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    First Aid And Wound Care

    Even bleeding from less-serious cuts, nosebleeds, and abrasions can be difficult to stop at times. Compression wraps, ice, and elevating a wound can help, but not always. One turmeric use can be the ceasing of bleeding cuts. I once got a letter from a chef who told me that he loved to cook with turmeric, and had discovered its remarkable ability to stop bleeding. Please keep in mind that you should still seek medical help if the wound is a serious health risk.

    How to use it: Applying turmeric powder directly on cuts causes blood to clot almost instantly.

    Oral Administration Of Lgg Tp And Lgg

    Turmeric Milk Drinks Good Beauty Health Stock Photo (Edit ...

    The EMKA lung function system was applied to detect airway hyperresponsiveness . The baseline resistance in PBS-PBS was similar between the experimental groups . Methacholine concentration-dependently increased airway resistance and was significantly enhanced in the HDM-PBS group compared to PBS-PBS group. Lastly, 1.56 mg/mL of methacholine caused a significant difference between PBS-PBS and HDM-PBS groups . The airway hyperresponsiveness of the mice receiving either 20 mg/kg TP or 105 cfu/mouse of LGG was significantly decreased at 25 mg/mL of methacholine , while the synbiotic seems to be the most effective and started to alleviate hyperresponsivity from lower concentration of methacholine . A consistent decrease was observed in the HDM-CS group although the values did not reach statistical significance .

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