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Is Phoenix Bad For Asthma

What Are The Main Industries In Phoenix

Childhood Asthma: A Guide for Families and Caregivers

Some of Phoenixs industrial manufacturing units include aircraft parts, electronic equipment, agricultural chemicals, radios, air-conditioning equipment and leather goods.

Tourism normally plays a vital role in the local economy but like so many other destinations, Arizona saw a lot fewer tourists in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 20 Worst Places To Live With Copd In The Us

If youre one of the 30 million Americans living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , youll be only too well aware of the challenges of the condition. Every day, 10 people die of the disease. Tragically, most of those deaths are preventable. Adequate health care, education on how to manage the disease, clean air, and healthy housing can all go a long way to reducing premature death. While were all aware of how smoking and certain genetic factors can exacerbate COPD occurrences, not everyone is as keenly aware of how environmental factors add to the risk. And were not just talking air quality. As notes, poverty, lack of health insurance, pollen, smoking laws, and access to specialists can all play a significant part in the outcome of the disease. People living in cities with high unemployment and poverty rates are generally considered higher risk than those who live in affluent areas with good health care facilities, better housing, and greater access to specialists. And of course, areas with high pollution and smog levels are generally no-go zones for anyone who wants to live free of COPD complications. While some cities are leading the way in clean air and low pollution, others are falling behind the pack with catastrophic consequences for the nations health. If you or a member of your family have COPD, these are the 20 worst places to live with COPD in the US.

Asthma Capitals: Full Report With Asthma Outcomes And Risk Factors

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted daily life in most of 2020. The pandemic influenced some changes in health outcomes and risk factors like pollen exposure, medicine use, and emergency room visits. In 2020, fewer people experienced pollen allergies due to COVID-19 restrictions, recommendations to stay indoors, and other preventative measures like mask wearing. As a result, use of long-term asthma medicines were also down along with fewer people heading to hospital emergency rooms for asthma.

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Safe Ways To Make Your Home Smell Fresh

Air fresheners arent a necessity, but its still nice to have your home smelling nice.

. The easiest way is to just open up a window every now and again to get a breath of fresh air . One solution we like is by sprinkling baking soda on your carpet, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then vacuum. This will give your home a nice fresh smell.

Looking for other ways to make your Phoenix-area homes air allergy and asthma friendly? Invest in a whole-home air cleaner to capture harmful, hard-to-see particles in your home. Ask one of our air quality experts to learn more.

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Is Phoenix Az An Excellent Location To Live If You Have Allergies

As Arizona battles COVID

The desert is frequently a location individuals think about relocating closer to when they deal withallergies The thinking exists are less pollen-releasing plants, indicating much less chance of allergies, such as hay high temperature creating troubles. The trouble is, for lots of locals in Phoenix Az, the reverse is in fact real

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Top 5 Worst Cities For Asthma Sufferers

These cities were ranked based on their air quality, the proportion of residents with asthma and the number of asthma-related medical incidents.

#5: Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville has a higher prevalence of asthma than any other city in the United States. Additionally, it is ranked fourth in the nation in long-term asthma control medication use.

#4: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is eleventh in the nation in asthma prevalence, but it is sixth in the nation in asthma-related deaths. This city is also ranked fifth in the nation in poverty, which affects how well the general population is able to treat and control asthma symptoms.

#3: Dayton, Ohio

Dayton was found to be the worst city in Ohio, and the entire Midwestern United States, for people with asthma. The city is fourth in the nation in asthma-related emergency room visits. Additionally, it is ranked third in both quick-relief and long-term asthma control medication use.

#2: Richmond, Virginia

Richmond was ranked first in the nation for asthma-related deaths and sixth in asthma-related emergency room visits. Richmond has the second-highest poverty level and third-highest pollen levels out of the cities in the AFAA report.

#1: Springfield, Massachusetts

How To Deal With Asthma And Fall Allergies

If pollen is a trigger for your asthma, then the fall is likely to be a challenging season for you, especially if you also have allergic rhinitis . If this is the case, you’re in good company: Around 80% of adults and children who have asthma also have hay fever, as compared to 15% to 40% of the general population.

With pollen from ragweed and other allergens on the rise, you may be at an increased risk of asthma attacks in the autumn. You can mitigate this risk by preparing for the season by taking antihistamines and being especially strict about adhering to your asthma management strategies.

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Why Are Allergies So Bad In Arizona

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Why are allergies so bad in Arizona?

Arizona is honored with a year-round expanding period, which implies that there are constantly some plants generating plant pollen. Also, dirt, air contamination, as well as mold and mildew are all typical irritants that can damage your body.

When are allergies the most awful in Arizona?

Its not unusual to see irritants like plant pollen on a monthly basis due to the fact that theres constantly something expanding someplace in Arizona. Toxic irritants like dirt as well as air pollution likewise are existing throughout the year. In city Phoenix az, allergic reaction signs and symptoms are usually most extreme in the springtime as trees, plants as well as turf return to life.

Is Arizona a bad location for allergies? Among the factors you relocated to Arizona couldve been to avoid your allergies from out eastern. While Arizona does not have a wealth of tree as well as turf plant pollen, it has lots of ragweed as well as dirt, 2 extremely typical irritants.

Is Arizona great for allergic reaction victims?

Stray the desert Phoenix az, Arizona, for instance, made use of to be a leading location suggestion for those that had bad allergies, claimed Stanley Fineman, a specialist in Atlanta, Georgia. The trouble is that individuals paid attention, relocated there, as well as They brought the plants with them, he claimed.

Asthma And Cities: Should I Move

Universe Sandbox 2| Black Hole Solar System & 19 stars

Understandably, many people living in cities and suffering with asthma are desperate to get out. They want to move, convinced that life in another part of the country will resolve their asthma symptoms. However, asthma experts generally advise against the idea.

Why? For one, it often doesn’t work. Asthma is such a complex disease — affected by so many different factors — that it’s hard to predict how a person will do in a new location, Waldron says.

Another thing to keep in mind: people who have allergies are prone to developing new allergies. So after all the bother of moving, you could just wind up trading your old ragweed allergy in Boston for a brand new oak tree allergy in Palm Bay, Fla.

Be very cautious when considering a move because of your asthma symptoms. Remember, there’s no best city for asthma. If you’re determined, Bernstein recommends that you try living in the new location for a few months before permanently uprooting yourself.

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Does Exposure To Wildfire Smoke Put You At Higher Risk Of Getting Covid

The combination of the COVID-19 virus and wildfire smoke are a potentially dangerous combination. A has found evidence that exposure to high levels of fine particle pollution in wildfire smoke can put you at risk for COVID-19. It also could put you at higher risk for hospitalization and death from COVID-19.

Scientists say its possible that wildfire smoke particles can carry the virus. When there are more particles in the air, there is a greater chance the virus can get deep into your airways and lungs. In addition, people may spend more time indoors during wildfires, potentially increasing exposure to the virus in indoor environments.

On its website, CDC says wildfire smoke can harm the lungs and make you more prone to lung infections, including COVID-19.

What Is The Air Quality In Phoenix Now

Phoenix is the capital and most populous city in Arizona. In 2019 it had an estimated population of almost 1.7 million people.

With numbers such as these, it comes as no surprise that it is the fifth most populous city in the entire US and the only state capital with a population in excess of 1 million.

It is located at the confluence of the Gila and Salt Rivers and was first recognised as a city in 1889. Despite its hot desert-like climate, Phoenix had developed an excellent canal and irrigation system which enabled agricultural-based industries to flourish.

In early 2021, Phoenix was enjoying a period of Good quality air with a US AQI reading of just 36. This classification is in line with the recommendation from the World Health Organisation . The recorded level of the pollutants was as follows: PM2.5 – 5 µg/m³, PM10 – 18.9 µg/m³ and ozone – 89 µg/m³. The numbers are stated in micrograms per cubic metre.

With a level as low as this, doors and windows can be opened to allow some fresh air inside and all types of outdoor activity can be enjoyed without fear.

Phoenixs air quality on average is rated an air quality index score of less than 50, or good. Despite Phoenix’s clean air quality on annual and monthly averages, the city still experiences a number of unhealthy ozone and PM2.5 days. From 2016 to 2018, there was a weighted average of 46.5 days of unhealthy air.1 These pollution days resulted in Phoenix failing air pollution attainment for ozone and PM2.5.

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Regional Trends And Asthma Belts

This report also examines regional trends found in the two Asthma Belts the Ohio Valley area and the Northeast Mid-Atlantic region and the impact of human activity and climate change in the west.

Northeast Mid-Atlantic Asthma Belt

This cluster extends from Massachusetts to North Carolina. Poverty, air pollution, and access to specialists are key risk factors for these cities. This is likely due to more industrial and urban populations. Asthma rates tend to be higher, especially among children, in urban locations.

This years top Asthma Capital is Allentown, Pennsylvania, the mid-way point in the Northeast Mid-Atlantic Asthma Belt. Allentowns placement in the top spot is largely due to high rates of asthma-related emergency room visits. Compared to previous years, Allentown’s asthma emergency room rate has been increasing steadily.

Ohio Valley Asthma Belt

Three Ohio cities are in the top 20 of our report Cleveland, Dayton, and Columbus. Nearby, Detroit, Michigan, and Louisville, Kentucky, appear in this Asthma Belt. With so much of this region facing poor outcomes, asthma appears to be a widespread concern. Poverty, air pollution, and high numbers of medicine use are the key risk factors that have placed these cities at the top of our report.

Asthma in the West

Whats The Difference Between Symptoms Related To Wildfire Smoke Exposure And Covid

Asthma Capitals: Poor Air Quality and Asthma Outcomes ...

Smoke exposure and COVID-19 symptoms can overlap. For example, dry cough, sore throat and difficulty breathing are symptoms of both.

COVID-19 symptoms may be accompanied by fever or chills, muscle or body aches and diarrhea. Visit our COVID-19 Information Centerfor a complete list of symptoms and more information about the coronavirus.

8229 Boone Blvd, Suite 260, Vienna, VA 22182

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Can The Quality Of Phoenixs Air Be Improved

They are already committed to reducing ozone and dust particulate pollution. Transit, light rail, cycle paths, and pedestrian-friendly areas reduce vehicle emissions and promote land use planning and urban designs for a more sustainable and vehicle-free environment.

They already have what is considered to be a pioneering dust control program for the city of Phoenix. It includes asphalt treatment for roads, hard shoulders, alleys and city-owned parking lots as well as anti-trespass laws to establish dust control methods for underdeveloped land or vacant lots.

Is The Desert Much Better For Allergies

Does Desert Climate Quit Seasonal Allergies? This is mainly a misconception, with an aspect of fact to it. It made use of to be rather typical recommendations for allergy-sufferers to transfer to the desert. With their warm, completely dry environments, deserts are devoid of a great deal of the normal suspects that create seasonal allergies like ragweed as well as turf.

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Ranking Cities For People Who Live With Asthma

Because of the connection between the environment and asthma, some organizations attempt to rank certain cities or regions as being favorable or not for those living with asthma. For example, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America looked at the largest 100 urban centers in the U.S. to create a list of the most challenging cities to live in with asthma. The AFAA examined 13 separate factors, including occurrence of asthma, healthcare visits, and environmental factors.

The most recent list is from 2015. In that list, the AAFA noted that these were the five most challenging cities for people with asthma:

  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • San Jose, California
  • Abilene, Texas

However, the AAFAs list is limited because it only looked at the 100 largest cities. In general, dense, urban centers can be challenging for some people with asthma due to higher levels of air pollution from traffic and other sources.

Whats more, your individual experience of asthma wont be exactly like that of someone else living in your neighborhood, let alone another part of the country. In order to assess how living in a particular community might affect you, it may be more helpful to look at common triggers and how each city ranks for each one.

Arizona Is In In The Top 15 Of States For Asthma

New Phoenix Sky Train at Sky Harbor Airport in PHX

A report released by the University of Arizona identified Arizona as being in the top 15 states where asthma has been reported and almost 10% of Arizona adults have been told that they may have asthma.A large reason why the state is in the top 15, ,is because so many people moved to the desert hoping to avoid developing asthma.

This meant that people and their children who were more likely to develop asthma moved to the desert because they likely thought our desert climate would be better prevention for asthma and allergies than it is! Unfortunately, there are just as many allergens in AZ, so people were lulled into a false sense of security.

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The Worst States And Regions For People With Allergies And Asthma

Ohio and Massachusetts were found to have the most cities that ranked in the top 20 worst places to live with asthma, but asthma triggers do not necessarily follow state lines. When compiling data for the 2018 report, the AAFA found two specific regions that seemed to have worse-than-average environmental conditions for people living with asthma. These regions are specifically outlined by the AAFA as asthma belts because they each have a high proportion of asthma capitals:

  • Ohio-Lake Erie Asthma BeltThis region is home to 8 of the 20 worst cities for asthma sufferers, including Louisville, Kentucky Detroit, Michigan and the six Ohio cities that ranked on the list.
  • Northeast Mid-Atlantic Asthma BeltThe AAFA theorizes that poverty, air quality and access to specialists may factor into why many cities in this region are potentially hazardous for people with asthma. The region is home to 9 of the top 20 worst cities for asthma sufferers, including Springfield, Massachusetts Richmond, Virginia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

For a comprehensive list of the worst cities for asthma sufferers, read the full AAFA 2018 report.

Controlling Your Asthma Symptoms

Of course, you could be living in one of the “best” cities for asthma and still have the nation’s worst asthma symptoms. Location matters less than how well you’re controlling your condition, experts say.

Start at home. Even if you have no power over the weather, smog, or the pollen count outside your house, you do have some control over the allergens and irritants inside it. And what’s inside might have a bigger impact on your asthma symptoms.

“People spend an average of 22 hours a day indoors,” says Bernstein. That makes for a lot of exposure to potential asthma triggers in a confined space. Allergy-proofing your home and removing irritants — like perfumes and cleaning agents — could really help.

You also need to work with your doctor to get control of your condition. If you have allergic asthma, that means allergy testing. It’s the only way to find out precisely what is causing your problems. You’ll also need to use your medications exactly as prescribed.

While it’s good to be aware of how the local conditions in your city could affect asthma symptoms, where you live shouldn’t dictate how you feel.

“As long as you have good control of your asthma, you really can live in any city in the world and still be symptom-free,” says Waldron.

Jonathan A. Bernstein, MD, allergist professor of medicine, department of internal medicine, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Cascya Charlot, MD, medical director, Allergy and Asthma Care of Brooklyn, N.Y.

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