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Does Harry Styles Have Asthma

Harry Styles Fanfiction Reader And Harry Are On A Third Date After Meeting

Harry Styles has chest pains !! heart breaking :”(

Anonymous asked:

As if being in such an amazing location filled with beaches and shops and with amazing weather, although very humid, wasnt enough, you were now on your third date with Harry Styles. It was still hard for you to wrap your head around it all just seemed like a dream that was too good to be true. If that were the case you hoped youd never wake up.Today, the two of you were exploring some of the small towns nearby as today was an off-day for filming. You had a small role in the film that Harry was co-starring in so you werent working as much as he was, but youd been showing up to set just to support him and to get more chances to talk to him since he was so busy. But today, you were both free and you were loving the area, especially because you were with Harry.I feel like Monica from Friends. You looked over and couldnt help but let out a laugh when you saw what Harry was talking about. The humidity wasnt kind to your long hair, but at least you could put it up into a bun. Harrys wasnt quite long enough for that so it just kind of frizzed up, and you couldnt stop laughing as he tried to pat it down, a playful smirk on his face.

I really dont think thats gonna help, Harry, you managed to get out in between laughs as he finally gave up. Your heart raced when he smiled back at you and laughed.

Having trouble keeping up with your short legs? Harry joked as you playfully scowled and attempted to catch up to him.

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  • Fun Facts About Harry Styles

    Did you know that the singer Harry Styles had his first kiss when he was 11 years old?

    If Harry Styles is your favorite member of the British boy-band One Direction, read these top fifty facts about him and see how many you dont know.

    His full name is Harry Edward Styles. His is @Harry_Styles.

    Before One Direction, Harry used to be in a band called White Eskimo.

    Harry has a sister called Gemma.

    White Eskimo performed at a wedding in June 2010.

    Harry is the youngest member of One Direction.

    Harry Styles is 27 years old. He was born on .

    Harry was the one who came up with the bands name One Direction.

    Harry can speak French.

    He can play the kazoo.

    His X Factor audition song was Isnt She Lovely By Stevie Wonder.

    Juggling is one of Harrys hidden talents.

    Harrys favorite film genre is action/adventure.

    Harrys star sign is Aquarius.

    He likes to take long showers.

    Harry had his first kiss when he was 11.

    When Harry was younger his hair used to be straight.

    He once applied for a job as a lifeguard.

    Harry does not like mayonnaise.

    According to Harrys mother, he is very romantic.

    Harry said he would date a fan.

    Harry likes to take food of other peoples plates!

    The boys say Harry is the smartest in the group.

    Harry is the biggest game-cheater out of everyone in One Direction.

    Louis and Harry first met in the toilets at X Factor.

    Harry once ran through a train station with only his boxers on!

    He loves Zayns cheekbones!

    His mother is called Anne.

    Harry has soft hands!

    Who Is Harry Styles Wife

    Harry Styles is not married. But he has enthusiastically maintained his Casanova image, as evident in his involvement in several romantic relationships. In 2011, styles dated TV personality Caroline Flack, and the relationship was highly publicized due to the partners age difference. By then, he was 17 years, while Flack was 32. Unfortunately, they parted in 2012.

    After parting ways with Caroline, Harry had relationships with several other notable personalities. The singer linked with Emma Ostilly, Sarah-Louise Colivet, Lily Halpern, Rita Ora, and Cara Delevingne. In late 2012, Harry entered another highly publicized affair with Taylor Swift, but it didnt last as the two broke up in January 2013. He also dated Nadine Leopold and Kendall Jenner.

    In the years to come, Styles has managed to keep his personal life away from the limelight. But recently, other details of his dating life resurfaced, and fans and followers got to know who hes currently dating. He is dating none other than Olivia Wilde, who acknowledged him on after they were done working on a film project.

    They had just concluded filming Dont Worry Darling a month after rumours that they were dating were finally confirmed. Olivia acknowledged the crew and cast in the movie, and the man of her life was the last one, and the post was heartfelt.

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    Fighting Off Intrusive Thoughts: Part 1

    Saidia Today I debut my first article about something Ive been suffering from for the past 2 months Intrusive Thoughts and a low-level Anxiety Disorder.

    Since June 23rd Ive been plagued with continuous and disturbing thoughts, really disturbing and sickening thoughts, thoughts I cant tell you at this moment but I urge you to keep your imaginations as wide as the moon. It all started when I was told that I speak during my sleep and just like everyone else, at first I ignored it, but one night, in late June, the subject found its way back to the peak of my mind from the depths of the darkness laying deep down in my mind. I started telling myself while watching yet another disturbing TV series that I might say something similar to all the bad things said in the series by its characters, or do something theyre doing, and then my mind just went into a storm of questions.endless questions about all sorts of wrong things I can say or do, I asked all the questions, all the wrong questions and all the bad thoughts came into the front and center of my head.

    This is the first time I open up about my Intrusive Thought Disorder, and after going through it for 2 months, after long nights of anxiety and hour-long searches on the internet to explore itI decided it was time to tell my story with Intrusive Thought Disorder, but more importantly how to Fight off this vicious cycle of events.

    Treacherous Can U Do A Asthmaticreader X Harry Where She Has

    My friend has asthma and when I said that Niall was using ...

    Anonymous asked:

    can u do a asthmatic!reader x harry where she has asthma and something triggers it and harry is freaking out bc hes never see her that vulnerable and been in that situation??

    Y/N gets an asthma attack in the middle of an argument with Harry.

    I cant believe you, he shook his head, laughing harshly. I cant fucking believe you right now.

    Not everything is about you, Harry, Y/N muttered, feeling dread crawl up inside of her chest and sit darkly.

    I ask you to do this one thing for me and suddenly Im a self absorbed prick

    Thats not what I said, she hissed.

    Its what you fucking meant, he replied snarkily, eyes narrowing and training a gaze on her which burned underneath her skin uncomfortably. I honestly dont know how to deal with you anymore. I give and you take.

    All you are is a fucking gold digger.

    The sentence is like a dart, hitting her right where it hurts. Hed known about how much absurd comments and the very idea of people thinking y/n was using Harry for his money and fame sickened her. It discredited her love, her feelings, her existence was made minuscule, an insignificant speck, just by those degrading comments. Now, instead of offering comfort, he was using those same comments against her.

    y/n sharply took in a breath, deciding to remain silent.

    I should have listened when they all said you were using me for my money.

    Youve done shit for me.

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    Does Harry Styles Have A Daughter

    For quite some time, rumours spread that Harry fathered a baby girl, leading his fans and audience curious about whether the talented singer was indeed a dad. But is Harry Styles a father? Yes, he is, if the revelation by Holly Grace Andrews, the alleged babysitter, is anything to go by. The beautiful princess is known as Darcy Anne Styles.

    Apparently, Harry was involved with a fan during the X Factor days, and the fling left the lady pregnant. However, she didnt want anything to do with the baby, so she dropped her off at the singers door. After the controversial incident, Styles requested Holly Andrews to take care of the baby girl, acting like her stepmother without having to get married to him. She accepted the offer.

    But now that Harry is a father, does anyone else in One Direction have a baby? Louis Tomlinson has a son called Freddie Reign, born in January 2016. Zayn and his partner, Gigi, were gifted a baby girl in September. Liam and his ex, Cheryl, welcomed a son named Bear Grey Payne to the world in 2017. It is only Niall Horan who is yet to welcome his bundle of joy to the world.

    Jon Bon Jovi: Hay Fever

    Lead singer of the popular band Bon Jovi, Jon Bon Jovi suffers from hay fever. Despite the name of the condition, it does not cause a fever at all. Hay fever usually causes frequent sneezing, watery eyes and swelling of the sinuses. Hay fever usually strikes during the heavy pollen season of Spring, but the condition can also be caused by allergens such as dust and hair.

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    Miley Cyrus: Fooling Everyone & Earning Millions Of Dollars

    Ifrane Gore, disgusting, raunchy and inappropriate are only few of the words used today to describe who was once called the princess of disney, Miley Cyrus.

    Miley went, some might say step by step, other say out of nowhere in becoming a sex-reliant, sex-selling singer with a rocknd roll style in the way she dresses, the way she sings and even the way she talks and behaves. It could be closer to an animal locked for so long under layers of falseness and suddenly having the full and utmost liberty to do whatever, buy whatever and sing whatever she wants. Realizing she is no longer bound either by law or parents to be that sweet little girl called Hannah Montana. But, Miley may have just won the odds in making it to the other side, that is the adults world. A step many child stars find very hard and very challenging to do, Lindsay Lohan and most recently Amanda Bynes suffered and are suffering from problems in dealing with stardom, fame, stress and the fear, the fear of losing it all or the fear that they will not find a project that will push theyre careers further up. Mileys latest two videos went well beyond 600 Million views making her latest look-changing more profitable for her and her brand since, well, since her peak back in 2008-2009. Soures confirm to TIWA that Cyrus is now earning as much as $80 Million a year from endorsements alone!! guess all that jumping and twerking is paying off nicely

    The One Where He Just Knows

    Harry using inhaler on stage Wembley 8th June

    Harry was absolutely certain there was something wrong with Y/N. Well, maybe not wrong, per se, but definitely something off about her, these past few weeks.

    First, there were the morbid, swiftly changing moods. God, the moods. Their intensity and unpredictability battled those of wars. One moment shed be yelling, murmuring, hissing about something as small as the coldness in their bedroom was his fault . The next, shed be climbing all over him as they watched Netflix in silence, primly sitting on Harrys thighs before shifting in his lap so her legs were wrapped around his sides, stomach against his, and her chest practically smushing his face as she neared their physical proximity as much as humanly possible .

    Y/N had narrowed her eyes at Harry suspiciously if he so much as brushed against her, some mornings. The next second shed practically jump him, whining of how they hadnt had sex in forever, and she was dying. Harry had been walking on egg shells around her, careful and attentive, but not too attentive. At first he had thought maybe it was something in the water, but then everything just progressed even further. For fucks sake, hed resorted to googling how to deal with her switching moods on WikiHow.

    There were also the bizarre late night wake-up calls.

    Harry she sniffled again.

    Whats the matter, hm? Talk to me.

    I want.. I want a I want a gr-grilled cheese, she sobbed.

    Harry tried his best not to smile too widely at her misery. Thats all?


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    How To Sing With Asthma

    If you have trouble breathing throughout the day or especially when you exercise, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor to check for asthma.

    There is no painful test or anything of that sort which you must go through. Usually your doctor can tell you if you have some form of asthma after one simple breathing test.

    Rookie Blue: I Want To Be A Police Officer Again

    Ifrane Its becoming obvious to me, with each passing day, that Rookie Blue revived the Canadian series world. Well-written, energized, great cliff-hangers and amazing actors.

    Ive never imagined myself as one of those addicted series fanatics, but here I am. Being an avid-series follower means knowing, with time, what to watch and what to skip from the very first episode and I cant say the same thing about Rookie blue, because from the first time I watched that pilot, I was hooked and couldnt let it go. The series drives the audience through a journey of a child wanting to become a superhero. Now, aged 21, I want to be a cop again, off course I cant because cops in Morocco are not paid well, have really bad costumes and worse reputation. But lets avoid sparking any controversies or issues with our police department

    The important thing this article is trying to tell you, is go and watch this series now on ABC or watch it via a website such as Watch Series. I hope you do

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    The One Where She Doesnt Mind It At All

    Y/N has always been in favour of affection every now and then. Shes the one in the friend group usually being hugged in reunions or held during sleepovers, because she wants the love and extra attention. Luckily, Harrys the same and he is careful to give her all the attention she needs to make her feel loved and content within his strong hold.

    Y/N loves it when Harry pulls her close and wraps his arms around her soft middle, spooning her from behind. His warm chest is pressed against her back, their legs are intertwined. Harry nuzzles his face into her neck and peppers small kisses against the soft, delicate skin while she tries to push herself impossibly closer to him. If shes on her period and a groaning, hormonal wreck, hell rub her tummy and knead his quickly working fingers deep into the tension of her sore back all the while mumbling encouraging words and wincing at every cramp and ache pulsing through his girlfriend.

    Y/N loves it when Harry pulls her close, because hes constantly trying to make her feel as loved and wanted as she is. But, she figures, its just as important to make him feel important and loved as well.

    He sits quietly on the bed while she picks a comfortable, The Rolling Stones bandshirt for him, and some silky boxers. After handing the clothing to him, hed go and change while she waited for him, knowing he would break eventually. She just had to be there for him when he did.

    I thought this was cute?? give back to your manz/womanz, ladies!

    Gemma Styles On Talking Mental Health With Family & Favourite Celeb Guest On ‘good Influence’ Podcast

    Harry Styles promises 2018 tour for devastated fans who ...

    Gemma Styles chatted to us about being kind to yourself, discussing mental health within her family and the chances of having Harry Styles on her podcast, ‘Good Influence, with Gemma Styles’, one day!

    Gemma Styles dropped by to chat about a whole range of things including discussing mental health with family and her favourite ever celebrity guest on her recently launched podcast, Good Influence with Gemma Styles.

    Aside from being the nicest person ever, Gemma, 30, gave a fantastic and deep insight into some of the topics she chats about on the podcast- and it’s incredibly varied!

    Of course, we couldn’t help but ask if mental health is something she discusses with her brother, Harry Styles, who has been an enormous advocate in many different ways.

    For example, fans will know his tagline is ‘Treat People With Kindness’ and he recently told a soothing story for the CALM app which went down a storm.

    Gemma said: “I think within any family, mental health is one of those topics that the more you talk about it, the more normal it becomes to talk about it?”

    “So yes, aside from the fact that weve both spoken out publicly, it is a subject that has become easy to discuss in our family and Im really grateful for that.”

    We asked Gemma about some of the pressures young people can feel today about feeling the need to be an expert on all topics, all the time.

    Asking Gemma if she’s felt this, she said:

    “Its not the woke olympics. Youre one person, just try your best.”

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