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Does Asthma Increase Blood Pressure

Asthma Med And High Blood Pressure

HBP 010- How asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis cause High Blood Pressure

Hi all,

Has anyone had any raised blood pressure problems from asthma meds, I have read that LABAs can raise blood pressure. It would be good to know if anyone has a problem with this.


Hi, I have asthma and high blood pressure but I don’t think my high blood pressure comes from my asthma meds as I have a family history of inherited problems, and also took an anti-depressant for a while that raised my blood pressure.

hi i have had bp since being diagnosed with chest infction induced athma at christmas/new year. am on brown and blue inhalers nad now turquoise one, bp still high but dr says wants to sort breathing out then sort bp out, so just have to keep monitoring it at home every day and try keep chilled out! not easy””


Hi thanks for replying, My blood pressure has gone up recently, since having had very low blood pressure all my life, and is now on the edge of being high. I would like to take HRT, but I know the combination of asthma and HRT is not great. and I think elevated blood pressures will rule this out. I am thinking that maybe my asthma drugs have caused the raise in pressure, as I am on very high doses. I am looking to engage my gp in meaningful discussion about this subject, and want all the information I can get.



Iâm getting to âthat ageâ -like you? – although canât take HRT because of previous DVTâs caused by both âordinaryâ and progesterone only pill.

Itâs tough being a woman!

Take care.

Hi everyone,

Does Punarnava Increase Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension, also known as Rakta gata vata in Ayurveda is a chronic medical condition wherein long-term force of the blood against the artery walls is so high that it may eventually cause health problems, including heart disease. This condition is often caused due to excessive sodium intake, smoking, stress, obesity, physical inactivity, age, family history, lifestyle habits etc. and is characterized by symptoms like consistent headache, nose bleed, shortness of breath, flushing, dizziness, chest pain, and vision abnormalities.

An adequate blood pressure reading is 120/80 mm Hg where the upper number indicates the systolic pressure or the pressure in the arteries during the contraction of heart muscles i.e. when the heart beats and gets filled with blood and the lower number enumerates the diastolic pressure which is the pressure in the arteries when the heart is in a resting phase in between two beats. When the blood pressure is high, the blood moves through the arteries more strenuously. This in turn puts increased pressure on the delicate tissues in the arteries and damages the blood vessels.

Although most people prefer modern medications, there are also a handful of populations that resort to natural remedies to avoid long-term side effects and keep high blood pressure in check. One such potent ayurvedic herb is Punarnava.

What Is Punarnava?

Nutritional Content Of Punarnava

Benefits Of Punarnava Towards High Blood Pressure

Does Asthma Increase Blood Pressure

Q: Does asthma increase blood pressure?

A: Certain medicines used to treat asthma can raise blood pressure. Treating any disease is not without the risk of creating another problem. As a result some people end up taking drugs to combat the effect of another drug they have to take to keep a serious medical condition in control.

  • Oscar Vazquez MelendezPosted October 18, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    The question was if asthma increase BP not if the medications used could raise it. I would say that medication might but I not the expert. But, does the condition raise it?

  • asadullahPosted October 20, 2012 at 4:33 AM

    Respected Doctor, i am 52 years old i never took any any drug for the purpose of BP nowdays i am jobless sometime i become very much depressed so i feel headachi i consulted my family physician he reccommeded amlopidine 5 mg to alternately but i think i feel severe headache my last BP was 140/90 plz advice me for the medecation for controlling BP

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    Developmental Relationships Of Airway And Pulmonary Vascular Smooth Muscle

    The close relationship between the responses of airway and pulmonary vascularsmooth muscle cells in the pathological settings of bronchial asthma and PAH,respectively, begins during embryological development of the lung. Thus, pulmonaryvascular smooth muscle originates partly from migration of adjacent airwaysmooth muscle cells and from surrounding undifferentiated mesenchymal cells . As in remodelling, smooth muscle developmentand proliferation are controlled by the same or similar signalling molecules,including glycogen synthase kinase-3/-catenin and the Wnt family . Although the signals that stimulate their formation may bedistinct, airway and vascular smooth muscle cells are sufficiently alike toraise the question as to whether they can be differentiated from one another .

    Preventer Medication For Asthma

    Effects of Hypertension Medications on Asthma

    Preventer medication makes the airways less sensitive and reduces inflammation and swelling. It needs to be taken as prescribed, over the long term, to be most effective in reducing the risk and severity of any flare-ups.Most preventer medication for asthma is inhaled corticosteroid. Because the medication goes straight to your lungs where it is needed, the risk of side effects from taking inhaled steroids is very low.

    Most adults with asthma can achieve good control of their asthma symptoms with a low dose of inhaled corticosteroid.

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    Principal Causes Of High Blood Pressure

    The kinds of things that directly cause high blood pressure include chronic kidney problems, thyroid disease and sleep apnea. Women who take birth controls also typically experience a rise in their blood pressure rate.

    But perhaps the greatest cause of all when it comes to HBP is age. As people grow older, the human body gradually breaks down. During this gradual decline, other problems and ailments such as asthma may become intertwined with increased blood pressure, without really being linked.

    Later on in life, women who opt for menopausal hormone treatments can once again, just like when they were on birth control pills, experience a rise in blood pressure.


    Why Asthma Management Is Important

    Medication is essential to manage asthma well. Good asthma care also involves treating other conditions that can affect asthma, such as hay fever.

    A healthy lifestyle can help you stay in control of your asthma symptoms and feel well.With good asthma management, you can lead a normal, active life. Following your personal written asthma action plan, developed with your doctor, is the best way to keep your asthma under control.

    An action plan provides simple instructions for routinely managing your asthma, plus advice on what to do if your asthma symptoms flare up.The main aims of asthma treatment are to:

    • keep symptoms under control
    • keep lungs as healthy as possible
    • stop asthma from interfering with school or work
    • help you or your child enjoy a full and active life.

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    Asthma Uk Community Forum

    Hello to everyone, Has anyone had an increase in blood pressure and headaches after taking Fostair? I was prescribed it in the summer . Saw my GP recently and she did my blood pressure and it is much, much higher than normal. It’s being monitored, but wondered if anyone else has found this?

    Many thanks – and hope those of you struggling feel better soon.

    I really hope you find an inhaler that suits you – good luck & get well soon.

    Ps The Asthma UK helpline has wonderful nurses who can help you with names of alternative inhalers, plus any other worries you have. We are not alone in having reactions to inhalers, despite my previous doctor making me feel like I am the only person in the world who did.

    Genes Previously Associated With Asthma And Hypertension

    TAWA TAWA LEAVES BENEFITS | Blood Pressure, Oral Ulcer, Dengue Fever, Increase Platelet, Asthma

    Although the phenomenon of comorbidity of asthma and hypertension has long been known, only a few works discussing genes potentially involved in both diseases or related pathophysiological processes have been published before 2018. We have found six publications which discussed ten genes in total potentially relevant to both asthma and hypertension and summarized the results of our literature search in Table . These studies were mostly focused on genes and their functions and did not aim to discover the mechanisms of comorbidity between the two diseases.

    Table 1 Genes potentially involved in the pathophysiology of asthma and hypertension, according to literature published before 2018.

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    Asthma Attack Prevention Is Key

    So, one of the keys to managing asthma is to prevent an asthma attack.

    Here are some ways you can prevent an asthma attack:

    • Get rid of mold that may be in your home. Mold is a popular asthma trigger.
    • Avoid secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke can cause an asthma attack.
    • Avoid using cleaners with harsh chemicals. Fumes from harsh chemical cleaners may trigger an asthma attack.
    • Use a cool mist humidifier in your home. These gadgets are designed to release mist into the air, making the air feel fresh and cool.
    • Use hypoallergenic items in your home, such as organic bedding, pollen-free plants and HEPA vacuum cleaners.
    • Use HEPA filters in your home. These filters are designed to trap irritants like smoke and dust so they are not released back into the air.
    • Avoid colds, flus and viruses. Viral infections can trigger asthma symptoms by harming your lungs.

    Some patients have stated that even though summer usually isnt an issue with asthma when the pollen count is higher in some areas, asthma symptoms can be more severe. Not everyone has the same symptoms when an asthma attack is coming on. Tightness in the chest, minor headaches, tingling sensation in the throat, the feeling of swollen glands and many more.

    Attack Triggers

    Asthma attacks can come on quickly and dont always happen the same for everyone. Some have even reported that there are many things that can trigger an asthma attack. Some common triggers include:

    Control Over Asthma and Diabetes

    Read more about:

    How Can You Reverse Autoimmune Diseases

    The secret to a healthier immune system is healthy nutrition thats in favor of supplying support to the immune system.

    A healthier immune system is critical to a healthful body.

    If youre on the lookout for proven methods to stop or improve autoimmune diseases at this time, there are different avenues to look at.

    Lots of people with autoimmune diseases will be acquainted with brain fog.

    They develop when your body attacks healthy cells rather than antigens.

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    What Is An Asthma Action Plan

    An asthma action plan is created by you and your doctor to help manage your asthma. It includes information about what you must do to stay healthy, and what to do when your asthma is unstable and you need help.There is no standard asthma action plan, as everyones asthma is different. Your plan needs to be developed to deal with your own triggers, signs and symptoms, and medication. It might be based on symptoms, peak-flow readings or both. However, symptom-based plans are more common.

    Action plans are available in many different formats, you can also upload it to the Asthma Buddy mobile website.

    Contents Of An Asthma Action Plan

    Pin on Health

    An asthma action plan includes:

    • how to care for your day-to-day asthma
    • key things that tell you when your asthma is getting worse or a flare-up is developing, and the steps you should take to manage it
    • symptoms that are serious enough to need urgent medical help .

    Review your asthma action plan with your doctor every 6 months, or after a severe asthma flare-up.

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    Analysis Of Evidence Types Supporting Gene

    To investigate the contribution of various evidence types to the detection of shared genes, we labeled every gene with the kind of relationship, linking it with asthma or hypertension, and analyzed the distribution of labels among six modules. Figure shows that the distribution of labels over the network does not seem to be random, and the representations of different evidence type labels among modules are not equal. The majority of shared genes had an association established via text mining by HuGE Phenopedia v2.1 and were supported by at least two independent studies. Moreover, associations of 125 of them were established via text mining only and constituted essential parts of modules 14. Although frequent co-occurrence in texts does not seem to be the most confident evidence of association, we could not exclude it from consideration without losing 206 of shared genes.

    Figure 2

    Evidence sources supporting gene associations with asthma and hypertension. In this figure, we used node style similar to Fig. in. Here, nodes represent genes associated with both asthma and hypertension, edges correspond gene interactions . Genes are colored according to evidence sources from which associations came from. The size of each node is proportional to the number of evidence sources supporting its association with asthma and hypertension. All 330 genes associated with asthma and hypertension annotated with evidence types supporting associations are listed in Supplementary Table .

    Common Pathological Features In Asthma And Pah

    Both asthma and PAH exhibit three major pathological features: inflammation,smooth muscle constriction, and smooth muscle cell proliferation.

    Inflammation has long been acknowledged as a cardinal feature of the asthmaticresponse , , ,and has been gaining increasing recognition as a significant component ofclinical and experimental PAH phenotypes . In both diseases there is increased resistance in, and narrowingof, airways and pulmonary arteries, respectively, due to airway and pulmonaryvasoconstriction , smoothmuscle constriction, and thickening of the walls caused by smooth muscle andother cell proliferation known as remodelling. Muscularisation and remodellingof smaller pulmonary arteries are essential pathological lesions in PAH , . Asthmatic airway inflammation causes tissue injury and relatedstructural changes that may lead to airway remodelling, as described in humansand in experimental models in mice and rats . Remodellingincludes an increase in airway wall thickness, fibrosis, smooth muscle massand vascularity, as well as abnormalities in extracellular matrix composition , . Recent reviews have addressed the molecular mechanisms, consequencesand significance of airway remodelling, along with its lack of responsivenessto current pharmacological therapy , .

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    How Is Pulmonary Hypertension Treated

    At this time there is no cure for PH, but the last 25 years have seen significant advances in treatment options for people living with the disease including 14 FDA-approved targeted medications for two forms of PH. Patients may also be treated with oxygen therapy.

    For patients with a form of the disease caused by blood clots in the lungs, a highly specialized operation that removes blockages from arteries in the lungs may be an option.

    If pulmonary hypertension is caused by certain medical conditions, heart disease or lung disease, additional treatments will focus on the underlying illness.

    Chronic Lung Diseases Including Copd Asthma Interstitial Lung Disease Cystic Fibrosis And Pulmonary Hypertension

    HBP 002- Common Causes of High Blood Pressure

    Chronic lung diseases can make you more likely to get severely ill from COVID-19. These diseases may include:

    • Asthma, if its moderate to severe
    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , including emphysema and chronic bronchitis
    • Having damaged or scarred lung tissue such as interstitial lung disease
    • Cystic fibrosis, with or without lung or other solid organ transplant
    • Pulmonary hypertension

    Get more information:

    Having HIV can make you more likely to get severely ill from COVID-19.

    Get more information:

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    What About Medicines For Blood Pressure

    Beta-blockers, used to control blood pressure and heart disease, can make asthma worse. This group of drugs includes propranolol, atenolol and metoprolol. If you have started taking a beta-blocker and your asthma gets worse, tell your doctor.

    ACE inhibitors are another type of medicine given to treat blood pressure, heart disease and, sometimes, diabetes. Drugs such as captopril, enalapril and lisinopril are included in this group. These medicines appear to be safe for people who have asthma. However, some people develop a cough when taking ACE inhibitors. If you start coughing while youre taking an ACE inhibitor, remember that the cough might not be caused by your asthma. If the cough is caused by the ACE inhibitor, it will usually go away a week or so after you stop taking the medicine. If you develop other problems that make your asthma worse, call your doctor to see if you should stop taking your ACE inhibitor.

    Asthma Medicine To Blame For High Blood Pressure

    • May 24, 2013

    Dear Dr. Roach I use Advair every day, two times a day, and I now have high blood pressure. I have heard there is a connection between the two. What can be done about it? Will this be a long-term problem? Thanks. E.G.

    Answer Advair is a combination inhaled medication for asthma. It consists of two medicines: the inhaled steroid fluticasone, and the long-acting bronchodilator salmeterol a bronchodilator helps to open constricted airways . The steroid fluticasone, like cortisone or prednisone, can have many side effects, including high blood pressure. However, the amount that is absorbed from the airways when it is taken as an inhaler is very small, and high blood pressure is only a rare side effectwith Advair.

    Bronchodilators like albuterol and salmeterol can affect the heart. The most common and noticeable effect is a racing heartbeat. People tend to get used to this effect after using the medicine for a week or two. Again, there is usually not enough absorbed to cause high blood pressure.

    In people with both asthma and high blood pressure, I tend to make sure of the asthma treatment first, then find a treatment for the high blood pressure. Its possible you dont need both components of the Advair you might speak to your doctor about trying just the fluticasone inhaler, as many people do well without the bronchodilator.Some people certainly need both.

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