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Can You Be A Firefighter With Asthma

I Have A Criminal Record Can I Still Apply And Join As A Firefighter

Paramedic Survives Severe Asthma Attack

In accordance with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, if you have a conviction or spent convictions and the nature of the offence is relevant to the job that you have applied for, we will seek to review the individual circumstances of the case and may decide to withdraw you from the process. You must disclose all previous convictions whether they are spent or unspent.

Are There Courses I Can Take To Improve My Chances Of Gaining A Position

The minimum education requirement is the Higher School Certificate or equivalent.

  • Higher School Certificate or
  • Certificate III in any discipline or
  • Trades qualified certificate or
  • 5 years service as a retained firefighter with FRNSW or
  • Higher educational qualification or equivalent.

Initial progression is on the basis of online assessments that consider cognitive ability, work safety, work reliability and emotional intelligence. These assessments are aligned to FRNSW values and provide an indication of how well you might fit the role and the organisation.

What Are Some Of The Disqualifying Factors

Lets start with the basic requirements. There are medical conditions categorized as either Category A or Category B in a firefighter medical exam.

Category B conditions are those that can be allowed if they pose no significant risk.

Category A conditions disqualify applicants from the process. When it comes to vision, there are a few Category A issues to be aware of. They are:

  • Far visual acuity that is less than 20/40 binocular after correction
  • Monochromatic vision that prohibits the use of imaging devices
  • Monocular vision that could impact depth perception
  • Any other eye condition that would stop candidates from safely performing their role.

But, there will be many people requiring glasses that dont fall into these categories. Instead, they can complete tasks with the right types of correction to their vision.

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Can You Outgrow Asthma

Can you really outgrow asthma? Many asthmatics and parents of asthma sufferers have asked this question. There have been many cases of individuals who were diagnosed with asthma as children and then saw their symptoms decrease and even disappear entirely as they reached young adulthood.

But did these individuals actually outgrow the condition or is there another answer for their seemingly miraculous recovery?

The simple answer is that, despite evidence to the contrary, it is not possible to outgrow asthma. Asthma is a chronic, lifelong condition. Even if symptoms seem to taper off, the underlying condition of the lungs that caused them still exists and it can still lead to an attack at any time. But that doesnt mean that all asthma sufferers have to give up hope.

So how do you explain those individuals who used to suffer from regular asthma attacks and then just stopped experiencing symptoms altogether? There could be several possible explanations.

The most likely is that they never actually had asthma to begin with. Because the symptoms of asthma can be closely related to those of other allergy-related conditions, it could be that what a doctor thought was asthma was really some other kind of allergy that spontaneously improved as the immune system matured.

Wishing you the best of health

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Overstretched Wildland Firefighters Risk Lung Heart Maladies

How much smoke do firefighters actually breathe in? I want ...

Home » Climate » Overstretched wildland firefighters risk lung, heart maladies

Paul Hessburg loves his legs. He says theyre of a mountain goat, toned and sturdy after years of 20-mile-a-day hikes, sometimes pushing 50 miles for a real challenge. He began his career as a wildland firefighter, and then worked for the U.S. Forest Service, where for the last 36 years hes studied what makes landscapes particularly vulnerable to fire.

All this has required years of camping and climbing through rough terrains for weeks on end, often under a blanket of smoke. Three summers back, he spent a month in Idahos Selway Bitterroot Wilderness when fires in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon made it cloudy down to the ground. N95 masks, recommended to help keep out tiny particles like those in wildfire smoke, were simply impractical during intense, huffing-and-puffing hikes required to monitor the landscape. And there was no respite at night, with Hessburg and his team camping amid smoke trapped in Idahos mountain valleys. They persevered, putting wet cloths over their mouths, making things a little more comfortable.

The next year Hessburg went hiking with his daughter in Lake Chelan, an annual family tradition. It was the first time I ever noticed that I had to stop and get some air as we were going along, he says, estimating that his pace was halved.

I used to think I was bulletproof, he says. Now I know I am not.

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Can You Be A Firefighter With Asthma

Yes, you can be afirefighter with asthma. In short, youdont have to give up your dream of being a firefighter with asthma if yourcondition is under control and you are generally free from symptoms.

In order to prove this you will have to pass different medical tests that demonstrate your ability to reach a certain level of competency with respiratory tests. This is to ensure that you will be able to handle the intense strain of firefighting.

All departments are unique and will have their own standardsand expectations. Its important tocheck the rules and regulations of the department you will be applying to.

In this guide, I want to look at this question a little closer. Why might some fire chiefs not want an asthmatic firefighter?

What respiratory conditions can disqualify you from becoming a firefighter and where might they be room for negotiation?

How can you improve your chances of getting hired on thedepartment during the hiring process?

Do You Have Any Guidelines To Help Prepare For The Interview

Yes. You can download a copy of the Preparing for Interview Guide . The guide will give you a greater understanding of the interview process and how best to prepare.

Applicants will face questions from four different two-person panels to ensure divergent opinions determine the best candidates for the role regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexuality.

You will be asked to draw on your past experiences to provide responses to behavioural based questions that algin to the capabilities required of a firefighter.

Included in the interview stage is a group activity. You will be placed into teams of four and presented with a scenario that as a team you will need to resolve. The exercise will assess your effectiveness at working within a team.

You should not assume that if you reach this stage the interview is simply a formality. It is a critical part of the selection process and is subject to rigorous assessment.

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Can Firefighters Have Pierced Ears

Most fire departments only have a problem with visible piercings. Piercings under your turnout gear do not pose a safety hazard and will not be exposed to the public hence, they are usually allowed. So, if you are a firefighter who wants to get a piercing, just avoid getting one on the eyebrows, nose, or tongue.

Be Strategic When Planning Your Travel

What do you struggle with? (Kind July Conversations, Part 4 of 5)

Consider if youre more likely to encounter certain triggers if you journey to certain places. You may want to choose your destination with your triggers in mind.

If your symptoms are triggered by mold spores, avoid vacationing in damp, rainy regions and stay away from older, potentially musty buildings.

If your symptoms are triggered by air pollution, dont go to major urban areas where air quality is generally lower. You may also want to avoid regions with high pollen counts in the spring and fall.

Being strategic about your destination can boost your health and happiness during your trip.

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What Medications Can Be Used To Treat Asthma

There are two main medications used to treat asthma. A rescue inhaler is used for an asthma attack. ALL patients with asthma should have a rescue inhaler with them at all times. Some people also need to use a controller inhaler to help with swelling in the airway. It is very important to use the controller inhaler every day.

Can You Become A Fireman With A Criminal Record

Many people are worried that a past brush with the law could have an impact on their career as a Firefighter. However, having a criminal record will not necessarily bar you from becoming a firefighter. If you have a criminal record, and unspent convictions, you will have to declare this during the application process.

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Can A Felon Become A Firefighter In Arizona

  • Can firefighters have pierced ears?
  • There is no federal or state law prohibiting felons from becoming a firefighter. Additionally, they may not have had a felony conviction related to a firefighter position, such as arson, burglary, larceny, or murder. While these may not be an automatic ban from employment, it does complicate the application process.

    What Are 10 Job Duties Performed By The Firefighters

    Can u be a firefighter with asthma  Health News


    • Drive firetrucks and other emergency vehicles.
    • Put out fires using water hoses, fire extinguishers, and water pumps.
    • Find and rescue victims in burning buildings or in other emergency situations.
    • Treat sick or injured people.
    • Prepare written reports on emergency incidents.
    • Clean and maintain equipment.

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    How Are Firefighters Affected By Smoke

    • Reactions 0 reactions

    One of my friends is a retired firefighter, and her lungs are being really cranky . It made me wonder- what has her job done to her lungs all these years? Running into a burning building can’t be the best thing for anyone’s lungs, right? Was she inhaling irritants on her job? I’m talking about chemicals or tiny particles that irritate our lungs, not irritating people! We all have those on the job. Haha!

    Irritants are tiny particles that can trigger an asthma attack. Examples of this are air pollution, tobacco and fire smoke, perfumes, scented candles, and cleaning products.1

    Allergens are things people are allergic to that can also trigger an asthma attack. Things like cats and dogs, trees, flowers, grass, pollen, etc.1

    Who Do I Contact If I Experience Technical Issues

    The online assessments must be completed on a computer with an internet connection and a mouse.

    Internet Explorer is not supported, please ensure you have access to another browser .

    For further detail on system requirements and browser settings, please .

    If you experience issues related to your online assessment please contact Revelian online support or on 1300 137 937.

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    Can You Be A Fireman If You Have Asthma

    What if I have asthma? Asthma does not necessarily prevent you from becoming a firefighter. However, firefighters are exposed to smoke and other toxicants as part of their job, which are irritating to the lungs and upper respiratory tract and can exacerbate the symptoms of wheezing in firefighters with asthma.

    What Is The Difference Between An On

    New federal firefighters swear-in, vow to protect

    The roles are the same in nature. A Wholetime Firefighter is a primary occupation. An On-Call Firefighter will support our service in a secondary role and have primary employment.

    To be an On-Call Firefighter, you will be required to live within the stipulated turn-around time from the station to be able to respond to emergencies. We welcome applications with proposals to support our service whether from home or a work address, whereby you will be expected to provide a certain amount of availability each week.

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    What If I Have A Neurodiverse Condition

    Neurodiversity is the concept that all humans vary in terms of our neurocognitive ability. Everyone has talents and things they struggle with. However, for some people the variation between those strengths and weaknesses is more pronounced, which can bring talent but can also be disabling.

    Neurodiverse/neurodivergent people tend to find some things very easy and other things incredibly hard. This usually leads to an inconsistent performance at school or work.

    Neurodiversity can be a competitive advantage when the individuals are in the right environment, making use of their strengths, instead of constantly trying to overcome challenges. To achieve this we must create inclusive spaces to work and learn that reduce disabling factors and amplify diverse abilities. Taken from the Genius within

    Our Service is committed to working with the workforce and support in any way that it can. Reasonable adjustments can be made throughout the recruitment journey. Should you start an application, please reach out to the Recruitment hub via

    A common adjustment may need to be made for those who have dyslexia. As such we are able to put appropriate measures in place to support you through the selection process. At the different stages of the process we will ask you to contact us to confirm what, if any, support you require.

    What Medical Grounds Could I Fail On

    Individual applications are considered on a case by case basis in line with the specific requirements of the role. The Equality Act 2010 requires that reasonable adjustments are considered when an applicant identifies that they have a disability. The service’s medical adviser will discuss any medical conditions with an applicants prior to making a final decision. Please see the medical-related questions below for further information.

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    Important Things To Remember About Inhalers

  • Only use the dose that your doctor tells you to use.
  • This inhaler should not be used more than every 4-6 hours.
  • If you are using your rescue inhaler more than 2 days a week or you feel like it isnt helping, please call your medical provider.
  • Make sure your inhaler is not expired .
  • There is a counter on the red part of the inhaler that will tell you how many sprays you have left. When there are only 20 sprays left, it is time to ask for a refill. Throw your inhaler away when the counter says zero.
  • If you are using your rescue inhaler more than 2 days a week or you feel like it isnt helping, please call your doctor.
  • Make sure your inhaler is not expired .
  • There is a counter on the blue part of the inhaler that will tell you how many sprays you have left. When there are only 20 sprays left, it is time to ask for a refill. Throw your inhaler away when the counter says zero.
  • Can I Be A Cop If I Have High Blood Pressure

    Asthma Firefighter Uk

    Specifically, any candidate who takes medication for the control of blood pressure is not acceptable to the police service and should be disqualified. If any condition of the heart has been found that warrants further investigation in the opinion of the examining physician, an electrocardiogram test may be required.

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    How To Become A Firefighter In Florida

    Whether you live in Florida or are planning to move there, this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

    The path to becoming a firefighter in Florida is similar to other states, except with a few differences. You will have to meet a set of minimum requirements, pass tests and written exams, become an EMT, go through the application process, pass recruit training, and make it through the probationary period.

    That might sound like a lot, but we are going to break it down for you!

    So, why Florida?

    Well, Florida actually has one of the highest employment rates for firefighters by state. Its also loved for its weather and, in general, is one of the nicest states to live and retire.

    With that said, lets go over with the minimum requirements for becoming a firefighter in Florida.

    I Think I Am Colour Blind Is This An Issue

    You should have an appropriate level of colour perception. Individuals with either normal colour vision or slightly abnormal green colour vision are suitable for appointment to the fire service. The recommended test procedure uses the Ishihara test as the initial screen, with an additional assessment, if you fail the screening, to determine the severity and type of colour vision deficiency.

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    Are There Any Career Opportunities Once I Join Sfrs

    We have a Careers Pathway which enables employees to develop themselves and get to where they want to get to in their careers. Our service consists of operational and non-operational roles, and it is possible to cross over. This is entirely led by individuals and guided by their career aspirations. Our structured pathways approach is designed to help employees in their career development.

    Can You Prevent Asthma

    How Bad Do You Want It? (Firefighter)

    You need to know hoGw to prevent or minimize future asthma attacks.

    • If your asthma attacks are triggered by an allergic reaction, avoid your triggers as much as possible.
    • Keep taking your asthma medicines after you are discharged. This is extremely important. Although the symptoms of an acute asthma attack go away after appropriate treatment, asthma itself never goes away.

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    Where And When Does The Recruit Training Program Take Place And How

    The Recruit Training Program will take place at the FRNSW Emergency Services Academy in Orchard Hills NSW.

    The new facility is a modern, state-of-the-art training campus for a modern, state-of-the-art firefighting and emergency service.

    This facility will help shape the careers of future generations of firefighters whose journey with FRNSW will see them engage in firefighting plus so much more:

    • prevention education and training at a local, state, national and international level to build resilient communities reducing both the likelihood and impact of emergencies
    • all manner of rescues incidents
    • hazardous materials incidents


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