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Are Hot Showers Good For Asthma

Are Vaccines Available To Prevent Pneumonia

Hot vs. Cold Shower Health Benefits

Yes, there are two types of vaccines specifically approved to prevent pneumonia caused by pneumococcal bacteria. Similar to a flu shot, these vaccines wont protect against all types of pneumonia, but if you do come down with pneumonia, its less likely to be as severe or potentially life-threatening especially for people who are at increased risk for pneumonia.

  • Bacterial pneumonia: Two pneumonia vaccines, Pneumovax23® and Prevnar13®, protect against the most common causes of bacterial pneumonia.
  • Pneumovax23® protects against 23 different types of pneumococcal bacteria. It is recommended for all adults 65 years of age and older and children over 2 years of age who are at increased risk for pneumonia.
  • Prevnar13® protects against 13 types of pneumonia bacteria. It is recommended for all adults 65 years of age and older and children under 2 years of age. Ask your healthcare provider about these vaccines.
  • Viral pneumonia: Get a flu vaccine once every year. Flu vaccines are prepared to protect against that years virus strain. Having the flu can make it easier to get bacterial pneumonia.
  • If you have children, ask their doctor about other vaccines they should get. Several childhood vaccines help prevent infections caused by the bacteria and viruses that can lead to pneumonia.

    Improved Circulation & Lymphatics:

    Cold showers or alternating shower temperatures between warm and cold has a powerful effect on circulation. When you expose yourself to cold temperatures your body constricts blood supply. When exposed to heat the vessels dilate and expand. Changing these temperatures and using cold water dramatically improves the tone of the blood vessel walls. This gives the body a greater adaptability in driving blood into areas that are needed .

    This also dramatically improves lymphatic flow. The lymph system carries away waste products from immune related activity. Lymphatic flow depends upon muscle contraction to move through the system. If lymphatic flow is slow or stagnant, it leads to pooling and lymphedema in the lower extremities.

    Cold showers lead to whole-body contractions which squeeze lymphatic flow through the system faster. This helps the body squeeze metabolic waste products and environmental toxins out of the skin. This helps you feel fresher and the skin and hair appear cleaner and younger.

    Research has indicated that taking cold showers releases endorphins and improves circulation throughout the body, including the brain. The net effect of this is that cold showers have been shown to help individuals suffering with depression, insomnia, anxiety and mental lethargy . It also opens up the lungs and enhances respiration and the bodies oxygen intake and utilization.

    Hot Showers Are Good For Muscle Relaxation

    Being in hot water effectively helps relieve body tension and can help soothe muscle fatigue.

    But, yes, beloved a hot shower does have some downsides.

    However, the good news is, you dont have to give them up completely. You just need to turn down the temperature a bit and take care of your skin afterward.

    The cons of hot showers include:

    • Hot showers can dry out and irritate your skin. Schaffer says the hot water causes damage to the keratin cells that are located on the most outer layer of our skin the epidermis. By disrupting these cells, it creates dry skin and prevents the cells from locking in moisture.
    • They can also make certain skin conditions worse. Higher temperatures make it easier for the skin to dry out and worsen conditions like eczema.
    • Hot showers can cause you to itch. Friedman says the heat can cause mast cells to release their contents in the skin and cause itching.
    • They can increase your blood pressure, too. If you have problems with high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, taking a shower thats too hot can make these conditions worse.

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    Other Sources Of Vocs At Home

    According to the EPAs indoor air quality report, some common sources of VOC indoors are:

    • paints, paint strippers and other solvents
    • wood preservatives
    • moth repellents and air fresheners
    • stored fuels and automotive products
    • dry-cleaned clothing

    Sounds like a lot, right? While the levels of VOCs indoors may usually not be very high, asthmatics or people suffering from other respiratory diseases are more sensitive, and are affected easily.

    Here are a few things you can do to reduce VOC levels at home:

    • Do not allow new furnishings into the home for a week or so. Let them de-gas in the garage first.
    • Do not sleep in freshly painted rooms. Open windows to allow for ventilation for a few days till the emissions from the paint subside.
    • Buy limited quantities of chemicals like paint- only as much as you need, so that you dont need to store them
    • Added Tip: Latex paints contain lesser VOCs than oil paints
    • Go for alternative pest control methods that dont use pesticides

    Hann Facial Steamer Professional Sinus Steam Inhaler Face Skin Moisturizer Facial Mask Sauna

    Asthma Hot
    • ⥠the direct impact on the pores and skin, or simply let the steam run as inside humidifier in any climate, make your pores and skin moisturizing all day!
    • ⥠along with facial sauna masks, and a sinus steam inhaler, it may be used to open a blocked nostril.
    • ⥠pure oil vapor is step by step sprayed into the air, and a considerable amount of water mist can calm down, cut back stress and regulate temper, in order to make the physique wholesome.
    • ⥠open pores to take away grime and oil,take away lifeless pores and skin cells to make pores and skin water, moisturizing lotion and different vitamins extra simply absorbed.
    • ⥠simple to function key management, clever automated shutdown operate, will grow to be an indispensable companion in your life,if used earlier than mattress, please take note of the protection of electrical energy.

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    Sauna And Steam Rooms

    For starters, there are different types and styles of saunas. Saunas use infrared rays or a warm air temperature to heat the body. This type of sauna is typically made out of wood and looks like a wood box. Steam rooms, commonly confused with saunas, heat the body through a steam generator. The heat comes from the hot steam and creates a humidity of 100% within the steam. Steam rooms typically have tiled floors and glass walls, and are commonly found in gyms. The main difference between saunas and steam rooms is that one is dry and one is wet .4

    If you have asthma, it depends on your triggers whether or not you should use a sauna or steam room. If high humidity and heat trigger your asthma, a steam room would probably be best to avoid. Dry heat can also be a trigger therefore, a sauna might not be a great idea. If you are trying either of these for the first time, it may be wise to limit your time to test how your body and asthma react. Be sure to keep your inhaler nearby!

    How Do You Calm An Asthma Attack

    A reliever inhaler is the best treatment for an asthma attack, but in case one isnt on hand, sit upright and force yourself to take long, deep breaths. It improves lung function, wont irritate airways, and slows your breathing, preventing hyperventilation. If symptoms worsen, seek emergency medical help immediately.

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    Does Humidifier Help With Shortness Of Breath

    Humidifier does help in relieving shortness of breath but there are some conditions where you should not use a humidifier. These include sinusitis, asthma and cardiac failure. If you basically have a dry nose and mouth, then a humidifier can help make your breathing easier. It also helps to relieve coughing, sinus headaches and stuffy nose. Humidifier does help in breathing better..

    Complementary And Alternative Medicine

    How to Burn Fat by Taking Cold Showers – Cold Shower Weight Loss Therapy

    Alternative medicine practitioners may turn to any of several approaches to relieve wheezing or prevent spasms and constriction of the airways that lead to acute respiratory symptoms.

    Its important to note that most have little scientific evidence to support their use. If you decide to incorporate complementary medicine into your treatment plan, let your doctor know so they can track any side effects and prevent drug interactions.

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    Does Steam Help Asthma How To Use Steam Therapy To Soothe Your Breath

    Do you experience asthma symptoms like wheezing, clogged sinus, shortness of breath, tightening in the chest, and dry cough? Steam inhalation¹ may be an effective quick-fix solution for alleviating pain and pressure.

    Although most attention is focused on drugs used to control asthma, steam therapy is also increasingly getting recognized as an effective way of loosening up congestion in your airways and making it easier to breathe.

    So, whenever you experience asthma symptoms and need to clear your airways, you can take a hot, steamy shower at home, use a humidifier, or spend time in a steam room.

    Have you considered clinical trials for Asthma?

    We make it easy for you to participate in a clinical trial for Asthma, and get access to the latest treatments not yet widely available – and be a part of finding a cure.

    Inhaling Medications Is Gentler Than Taking Them Orally

    If children are experiencing obstruction and respiratory distress they may have to be prescribed medications which dilate the airways. They can be taken in tablet form or be inhaled using a jet nebuliser. For Dr Rohland the paediatrician there are clear advantages to using inhalation over taking tablets orally: In most cases inhalation of these types of medications is preferable to taking them orally because inhaling medications is gentler on the sick childs body. If medications are taken orally they get into the bloodstream via the gastrointestinal tract and act systemically, that is in the entire body, not just the lungs. With inhalation the medication goes only into the lungs, in other words exactly where the medication is needed.

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    How To Stop Your Asthma Waking You Long

    You may have been getting used to your usual night-time asthma symptoms but you dont have to. Here are some simple tips you can follow:

    • Using your inhaler every day and as prescribed by your doctor. This can help to build up protection in your airways and to keep your symptoms under control reducing your chances of waking up at night.
    • As mentioned before, if you notice your asthma symptoms get worse at night or when you wake up, consider getting an appointment to see your GP or Nurse to discuss it.

    Scientifically Proven Health Benefits Of Taking A Bath

    3 Surprising Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

    Bathing has a long and detailed history. Submerging ourselves in water, whether in a bathing receptacle or in a natural body of water is something we do for both personal hygiene, leisure and health. There is nothing more enjoyable than going for a swim in the ocean on a warm day or having a hot fragrant bath in the cooler months.

    Hydrotherapy has been practiced for centuries. Both the use of hot and cold water can have beneficial effects on the body. Boiling water can be sourced naturally from a hot spring and many places like New Zealand and Iceland have naturally occurring hot pools that people can utilize to take advantage of the mineral rich waters. Similarly, cryotherapy or taking ice baths, can help to alleviate muscle strain and many athletes including runners will submerge themselves in freezing waters to counteract the damage or strain induced by exercise.

    Regardless of the temperature, the benefits of taking a bath have been scientifically proven and can ensure optimal health of the mind and body.

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    Improved Muscle And Joint Health

    As mentioned above, hot showers can enhance blood flow, helping soothe stiff joints and tired muscles. Cold showers, meanwhile, can reduce inflammation and help numb pain.

    One 2017 study investigated the effect of hot and cold therapies on knee osteoarthritis. The researchers divided 96 participants into three groups. A control group received only standard osteoarthritis treatment. The two other groups received standard osteoarthritis treatment along with either heat therapy or cold therapy.

    The heat therapy group applied heat to the affected knee twice daily for 3 weeks, while the cold therapy group applied cold to the affected knee twice daily for 3 weeks.

    At the end of the study, both groups showed a mild reduction in pain and a mild improvement in knee function. However, these effects were not significantly stronger than those the control group experienced.

    Which Complementary Treatments For Asthma Have Evidence To Show They Work

    When it comes to natural and complementary treatment approaches for asthma with high-quality evidence to back up their use, exercise stands out as the intervention with the most data behind it. Although, per the American Lung Association, exercise can sometimes trigger asthma symptoms , research has shown regular exercise when done safely can help improve asthma control, too.

    If we look at exercise training, theres strong evidence that it improves cardiovascular fitness, and that it improves quality of life, says David G. Hill, MD, the director of clinical research at Waterbury Pulmonary Associates in Connecticut and a member of the American Lung Associations national board of directors.

    A Scientific Reports found that for mild to moderate asthma, a 24-week exercise plan involving aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes three times a week, plus strength-training and stretching, helped improve asthma control and reduced shortness of breath.

    In another Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, researchers found exercise helped improve asthma control when compared with breathing exercises among people with moderate to severe asthma.

    On days when the air quality outdoors is unhealthy, its best not to break a sweat outside, the American Lung Association says.

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    It Can Damage The Skin Cells

    There are three separate layers in your skin, and when you take the hot shower, it affects most of the layer of the skin which is called the epidermis

    Taking hot showers can damage the skin, and it can be harmful to your keratinocytes.

    These cells are the ones that make up this layer of skin.

    Also, this exists in keeping your skin moist but when you take a hot shower, it damages the epidermis.

    Also, it can worsen the condition of your skin.

    Pollen And Mold Spores

    Asthma Triggers in the Home

    People with asthma who are allergic to pollen and mold spores could experience symptoms anytime when trees, grass and weed pollens are blooming. Tree, grass and weed pollens all are present at various times during the summer.

    • Tree pollen: February through June
    • Grass pollen: May to early July
    • Weed pollens : early August through first frost

    Oak, elm, maple and birch are among the most common tree allergens in the United States. It often overlaps with the spread of grass pollen. Tree and grass pollens spread during dry, breezy conditions. There are many different kinds of grasses that produce pollen. The most common that can cause grass allergies are:

    Ragweed is a potent allergen. It thrives in warm temperatures, reduced humidity and breezy conditions.

    Outdoor mold spores are fungi with seeds. When inhaled, they can cause allergy symptoms. Mold spores travel through the air, often at night in dry, foggy or windy weather conditions. They may also spread when its humid outside. Mold spores peak in June and linger through the summer. They decline at first frost.

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    Cold Showers Boost Immunity:

    Cold showers also boost the immune system by activating two important virus fighting cytokines. A German study indicated that gamma interferon and interleukin-4 are elevated and work more synergistically after the body was exposed to cold. People who take cold showers on a regular basis have been shown to have a lower chance of developing cancer, colds, flus, hemorrhoids and varicose veins .

    Taking cold showers on a regular basis also helps your body adapt to extreme temperatures better. Sudden weather changes are one of the more challenging environmental stresses we have to deal with on a regular basis. This is why so many people get colds & flus when the temperature drops. People who take cold showers are more adaptable and their body responds to this stress more effectively.

    What Are Some Common Asthma Triggers

    According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, some of the most common asthma triggers include:

    • Dust, cockroach waste, pet dander, indoor and outdoor mold, and pollen.
    • Air pollutants, such as smoke, perfumes, diesel particles, sulfur dioxide, high ozone levels, and fumes from paint, cleaning products, and gas stoves.
    • Changes in the weather, especially in temperature and humidity.
    • Aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can trigger asthma in up to 5% of adult asthma patients.
    • Activities that affect breathing, such as exercising, laughing, crying, or yelling
    • Stress and anxiety

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    Are Hot Showers Good For Asthma

    Some people with asthma find hot showers very soothing since warm air is said to help clear the mucus in your airways, making it easier to breathe.

    However, some others find heat makes asthma get worse so it is important to know that what works for some may not work for others.

    So, if you try it and your symptoms get worse then try looking for another way to get some relief from the symptoms.

    How Long For Steam Shower For Relief Of Chest Congestion

    Healthy Living: How to Cool Down When Youâre Always Hot

    Though it may be known as a home remedy, it is hardly a wives tale.A hot steamy shower will indeed relieve symptoms of chest congestion. Whether its a steamy shower at home, a sit in the steam room at the gym or putting your head under a towel over a vaporizer, many mothers, doctors and even alternative medicine practitioners agree that steam will help relax your breathing and promote expectoration .

    If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

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